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Der Goldene Handschuh - vanaf 20-6 in de bioscoop - gaat over seriemoordenaar Fritz, die in de jaren 70 meerdere oudere vrouwen oppikte en vervolgens vermoordde. Onze ☆☆☆1/2.

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Men in Black: International – Die Aliens sind zurück // Die Men in Black sind zurück mit einem komplett neuen Team. Sie schaffen es die Spannung zu halten, wenn auch nicht auf dem Niveau wie die anderen Filme.

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Their Little Secret, Mark Billingham | AustCrimeFiction "Don’t you just love it when the suspicions you had whilst reading a series prior do turn out to be spot on? - Mandatory reading"

The Adventure Belt is a great alternative to baby reins for bigger toddlers and young children. Don't believe me? Read on. travel

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Let us Meet (2017)

Genre: Romance


Country bumpkin Lee Soo Ji wants to marry the best modern boy in Gyeongseong (Seoul). One day she stumbles across a flyer for a couple matching event hosted by the Gyeongseong Marriage Bureau, a matchmaking company. Debt ridden Cha Joo Oh is the owner of the company who tries to help Soo Ji find her perfect match.

Cast & Crew:

Jo Bo Ah as Lee Soo Ji

Son Ho Jun as Cha Joo Oh

Supporting cast - Baek Soo Jang, Choi Da In, Song Yong Jae, Jo Jae Ryong, Jeon Bae Soo, Choi Byung Mo, Jung Yi Rang, Kwon Soo Hyun, Kang Hee,

Director - Kang Min Kyung

Screenwriter - Kim Eun Sung


This drama special is set in a time where the world was changing at a quick pace, the chosen music does a good job representing the fusion between the past and more modern world. There were some nice tracks included in the drama special such as Henry’s Real Love and Kdrama favourite Bruno Mars’ Marry You.


This drama special is set in a time that is starting to get more coverage in dramas, in the late 1930’s, so you can imagine the backdrop is a little dark. While the drama itself mostly focuses on the romantic side of things the treatment of different classes and what the Japanese were doing to the people, especially the Joseon women is a part of the story. But mostly it is an adorable and fun story of two people meeting, misjudging one another and eventually falling in love.

This special has a pretty great cast, Son Ho Jun, Jo Bo Ah and plenty of other familiar faces. The leads have pretty good chemistry together so they are quite believable and enjoyable to watch. I really like the personalities of the main characters, especially Soo Ji and her boss who are a lot of fun. Son Ho Jun is peak Son Ho Jun, man is he such a dreamboat, my judgement may be clouded by the pretty.

The costuming and decor are nice, I especially enjoyed the scenes by the lake. My only complaint would be that they overdid it a little with Soo Ji’s poor girl make up, making her wander around with a “dirty face” to show she was a lower class.

Some of the shenanigans that happen throughout the drama special are quite unbelievable but then you think back to the introductory slide and remember, “this drama is based on imagination”. So you make yourself stop questioning and enjoy the ride as the adorable couple slowly realise they like each other. Overall, I really enjoyed this drama special and am glad I watched it.

Rating: 8.5/10

Watch it: KBS World Youtube


If interested I have made a review of Good Omens. Enjoy and let me know what you think. :)




Signs of a foreboding evil brings the Phantom Stranger to Arkham, to try and assuage the mind of Tenzin Wyatt. Wyatt manifests a tulpa of rage which converges on Jason Blood’s home, as does Klarion, both seeking retribution. Blood however, has already left for Nepal to find himself.

Jason Blood meditates on his past at the Temple of the Green Dragon Society, who have their own apocalyptic agenda. The Phantom Stranger, aware of doomsday portents, attempts to convince Blood to return to Gotham City. When Blood refuses, Stranger tries to appeal to his enraged other half instead. Back in Gotham, Klarion has enlisted the help of Harry in his plans for vengeance against Etrigan.

Klarion inducts two members into his “gang” to help him exact his revenge on Etrigan. Jason Blood continues to meditate on his ambiguous past, while the Green Dragon Society welcomes a celestial visitor to Earth as the prophetic, “Destroyer.”

Lobo flies through the skies on his spacehog, very peeved that he was transported to earth against his will. Unfortunately, two fighter jets come across Lobo in military airspace, and they don’t make thing any easier for the Czarnian. They fire on him, blowing him out of the sky. He’s thrown from his hog by the explosion from the missiles, but isn unharmed. Lobo calls his hog and it catches him, and he turns around and faces the jets. They try to attack again, but he shoots them both out of the air. He leaves the scene, and comes the Temple of the Green Dragon Society. The Green Dragon Society welcomes him, calling him the ‘destroyer’.

Meanwhile, Klarion, Harry Matthews, Tenzin Wyatt, and C'th enter a local bar in Gotham City, scaring everyone away. Klarion forges a new Rod of Power for C'th, who accepts it. The villain explains his origins, where he came from, how he was a king, and how he lost everything.

Meanwhile, the Green Dragon Society explains why they summoned Lobo, and how they did it. He asks to see the leader, Guru Chud, but one of the members says that it will be useless. Lobo, annoyed, belts the man, and the others take him to their leader. They find their leader, who is quite dead. Lobo picks him up, and recognizes him. They ask how he could know Chud, since he isn’t from earth, and Lobo reveals the sad truth to them. That Guru Chud was an Antarean, not human, and that he was one of the best religious conmen ever. They tell Lobo how Chud told them that Lobo would come and 'purify’ the earth, destroying it. Deciding that he already doesn’t like earth anyway, and that it would be a fitting memorial to Chud, he decides to do it. They tell him that the best way would be to drop an atom bomb on a major fault line, and Lobo agrees. Jason Blood eavesdrops from around the corner, and realizes that they’re talking about destroying the world. He confronts Lobo, and tells the bounty hunter that he can’t let him do it. Jason calls them all insane, and Lobo gets annoyed, and punches Jason once, knocking him out.

Jason gets up, and remembering that there is piezo-electricity everywhere, he taps into it, and blasts Lobo in the back. Lobo turns on him, and grips Jason’s face in his hand, until Jason falls unconscious. Before he goes under, he recites the poem, and disappears, standing in his place is the demon Etrigan. Etrigan blasts hellfire into Lobo’s face, and begins rejoicing over his freedom. Lobo, angry and confused, gets up, but Etrigan belts him in the face. Lobo takes out his hook and chain, and smacks Etrigan with it. Lobo swings it again, this time at Etrigan’s feet, but the demon leaps into the air, and avoids the blow. He blasts Lobo into the wall, and pours it on, not letting up for a moment. Etrigan stops, and Lobo falls to the floor. He hits Lobo in the back of head, letting him fall to the floor again. He then liquifies the floor under Lobo, and solidifies it again, trapping Lobo in the floor, so that only his head is visible. Meanwhile, Mark Phillips climbs to the top of one of the mountains near the temple, and he firmly plants an American flag there.

Etrigan laughs at Lobo, and pinches the Czarnian’s nose. Lobo’s space hog flies in, and blows open the floor, freeing Lobo. Etrigan jumps onto the vehicle and flies off, where he careens through the mountaintop, annihilating Mark, the flag, and the top of the mountain. Lobo recalls his bike, and it turns, throwing Etrigan off. Etrigan grabs the end and hangs on, but slams into an oncoming rock.

Lobo stands triumphantly over the limp, unconscious form of Etrigan declaring that he’s the unbeaten champion of the known universe. He turns to leave and starts mounting his spacehog muttering about his plans to blow up earth. Etrigan gets up, and furiously slams into Lobo’s back. The two fly off of the temple, and plummet towards the snow covered ground below. Lobo starts insulting Etrigan, and receives a fist to his face. They finally hit the side of mountain, and continue rolling and bouncing before finally coming to a halt at the bottom. As the Green Dragon Society watches from the balcony of heir temple, Lobo’s head pops out of the snow, but is quickly pulled back under by Etrigan.

In Gotham City, Glenda Mark and Randu Singh sit inside Glenda’s apartment trying to figure out where Jason Blood is, and what his motives are for shunning his friends. They are both surprised by a visit from Klarion, Harry Matthews, C'th, and Tenzin Wyatt. Klarion threatens that unless Randu tells them where Etrigan is, Teekl will hurt Glenda. Randu senses Etrigan’s presence, but swears that he doesn’t know where the demon is. Accepting this, the witch-boy and the others leave Teekl with Glenda and Randu, letting them know that they’ll try again later.

Meanwhile, the Green Dragon Society enjoy the show, watching Etrigan and Lobo brutalize each other. Etrigan punches Lobo into the air, where he flies up to eye-level with the men on the balcony. He falls back down, and does the same to Etrigan. The demon knocks Lobo back across the snowy plain, but the bounty hunter refuses to submit. He kicks Etrigan in the face, drawing blood. Etrigan angrily punches Lobo back down into the snow, and the annoyed Czarnian wonders where the demon’s weak spot is. The two continue beating on each other, each punching the other in the face repeatedly. Both finally knock each other down, and they lie in the snow, exhausted. Lobo asks if Etrigan wants to take five, and Etrigan asks if he’s yielding. Lobo rebuffs this, but says that he has a job to do, and once he finishes it, then they can fight more later. Lobo tells the demon of his plan to drop the atom bomb on the fault line in Meggido, and Etrigan agrees to help.

Randu contacts Etrigan again, and recalls him to Gotham. Lobo takes this to mean that Etrigan knows where they can find an atom bomb in the city, so he happily follows the demon’s lead. Back in Gotham, Klarion steals a vehicle form the Spott Family, and he, his gang, Glenda and Randu all pile in. Etrigan and Lobo ride Lobo’s space hog back to Gotham, and Lobo asks if destroying the earth will inconvenience Etrigan, since he lives there. Etrigan replies that his home is Hell, and he says that he doesn’t know what’ll happen to it if earth dies, but he does know that they all deserve it, and that if they’re going to die, it might as we’ll be by his hand. Lobo says that he likes Etrigan, and the demon’s rhymes. He tries rhyming, but Etrigan tells him to keep practicing.

Meanwhile, Klarion drives the Spott bus to a nearby military base, and inside the bus, C'th tells Harry and Glenda that they will belong to him once they defeat Etrigan. The bus crashes through the gates of the base, and soldiers begin firing on it. Etrigan and Lobo arrive in Gotham and head to the military base as well, both planning on double-crossing each other when the time comes. Klarion stops the bus, and gets out. He hypnotizes the leading general, and makes him believe that Klarion is his nephew. The general has his men lay down their arms, and they get everyone else out of the bus. Etrigan and Lobo attack the base, and Etrigan leaps off of the bike, and lands on an incoming missile, using a spell on it and changing its direction. He directs it at the base, and jumps off, back onto Lobo’s bike, and the missile hits the tanks and guns firing at them, exploding all of it.

The two find the nuclear hangar, and Etrigan allows Lobo to go in first. Lobo goes in, and Etrigan kicks Lobo in the butt, sending him flying into the hangar. He closet door and locks Lobo inside, and leaves. No sooner has Lobo gotten off of the floor, then Klarion’s rage tulpa leaps out of the shadows and attacks him. He kicks it off of him, and Klarion and C'th realize that he isn’t Etrigan. Realizing that his rod needs to be fed, C'th decides to kill Lobo anyway, blasting him in the chest with it.

Lobo belts C'th for blasting him with his Rod of Power, declaring that “No one puts the frazzle on the Main Man”. He jumps at C'th again, but is stopped by a blast in the back from Klarion. Klarion tries to hypnotize Lobo, who acts like it worked. They leave, and he ducks around another corner, easily losing them. Meanwhile, Etrigan finds the h-bomb room, and is delighted by the thought that he’ll steal the bomb while Lobo deals with Klarion and the others. However, he is abruptly pulled from his thoughts by Klarion’s Rage Tupla, which brutally attacks Etrigan from behind. One of General Whitehead’s troops reports unauthorized entry in the missile silo, but Whitehead, still under Klarion’s spell, doesn’t do anything. In the Spott bus, Randu senses that Etrigan is near, and he also senses the Rage Tupla, and he realizes that the two are fighting. Glenda asks if there’s any way to snap Tenzin Waytt, who is also in the bus with them out of his catatonic state, and Harry replies that he goes crazy when you mention Etrigan, but that’s it. Tension suddenly grows angry, and another Rage Tupla forms from his anger and it bursts out of the bus and heads into the base.

Etrigan continues his battle with the rage Tulpa in the missile silo, and Etrigan pushes the tulpa backwards where he is impaled on several missiles. Etrigan burns the tulpa’s corpse, killing it, and the tulpa’s body turns to dust. C'th and Klarion find Etrigan, and the demon proves to be no match for their combined might. Etrigan tears a control panel out of the floor and throws it at C'th, and it hits the lizard man squarely in the stomach. Etrigan picks Klarion up by the hair, but the boy blasts him in the eyes, temporarily blinding him. The second Rage Tupla barges through the doorway, and it too attacks Etrigan. Meanwhile, Lobo finds an unconscious guard, and he picks up the man’s walkman. I Am the Law by Anthrax is playing, and Lobo decides that he likes it. He continues listening as he walks down the hall, and he sees the shadow of Teekl’s human female form. Lobo finds her dancing, and he dances with her. suddenly, she cuts him in the back with her claws, and he beats her down.

In the silo, the tulpa continues pounding on Etrigan, who finally musters the strength to punch it off of him. C'th and Klarion both begin blasting Etrigan again, and they finally succeed in knocking the demon out cold. He comes to, but the tulpa holds him firmly while Klarion recites the poem to imprison Etrigan again. It works, and Jason Blood appears in the demon’s place. Elsewhere, Teekl reverts back to her cat form, and Lobo hurls her against the wall, sending her unconscious. Lobo finds the doors to another missile silo, and he blows them open. He finds the Phantom Stranger inside, and the Stranger pleads with Lobo to reconsider his decision to blow up the earth. Lobo grabs a bomb and loads it on one of the carrier jeeps, and leaves. Meanwhile, Klarion has Jason tied to the pipes on the wall, where he’s been torturing Blood. C'th notes that he’s kept his part of the bargain, and now Klarion will keep his. C'th leaves, and Klarion sends the Rage Tulpa away.

C'th goes outside, and takes Glenda from the bus, throwing her over his shoulder and walking off to a more secluded part of the base. Lobo sees this, butt thinks that if he rescues her, she’ll probably turn into another vampire or something. However, he notices that C'th is capturing her, and he attacked Lobo earlier, and the Czarnian also notes Glenda’s butt. Taking both things into consideration, he decides to help her. C'th starts coming on to Glenda, but Lobo slams C'th into one of the tanks, and then he drags him over to one of the other tanks, where he jams the villain’s head into the barrel of next tank’s gun. Lobo fires the tank’s gun, successfully blowing C'th’s head off, killing him. He returns to look for Glenda, but finds that she’s gone. Randu and Harry leave the bus, and Glenda races through the halls of the base, searching for Jason.

She finds Klarion torturing him with his spells, and she beats Klarion over the head with a piece of metal debris. She hugs Jason’s limp form, and begs Jason not to die.

Glenda Mark stands before the tortured, bleeding, and unconscious form of Jason Blood tied to the wall of the missile room. She kisses Jason and confesses her love for him, but he his unconscious ears hear none of it. Realizing that there in only one way to save Jason, Glenda begrudgingly recites the poem needed to release the Demon Etrigan. Etrigan easily breaks out of his bonds, and kisses Glenda as thanks for releasing him. Glenda pushes Etrigan away, disgusted with him, but Etrigan only laughs.

The Demon remembers the situation, after they defeated Klarion’s gang, Lobo drove off with an h-bomb, headed for Meggido, Israel. Etrigan lists off the vile things he’ll do to Lobo before dropping the bomb himself, and teleports away in search of Lobo, leaving Glenda with the unconscious form of Klarion. But just then, Randu, Harry, and the Phantom Stranger arrive. The three see Klarion’s body, and Glenda explains that she had to attack him to save Jason. Glenda gives them the skinny on the bomb, and Phantom Stranger reveals to them how the bomb is so powerful, and how it will effect earth.

Meanwhile, Lobo speeds through the skies on his space hog, with the bomb in tow. Etrigan teleports, and lands on top of Lobo. As the space hog spirals out of control, the two begin grappling while falling through the air. Back at the base, the Stranger explains that every 26,000 years, earth completes its orbit, but halfway through the cycle, the earth vibrates at a higher frequency then normal. He says that Lobo will drop the bomb on a fault line in Meggido essentially destroying the planet. None of them see the recovered Klarion sneak away to another part of the facility. Klarion finds Teekl’s mangled body, but the cat wakes up and heals, returning to normal. Elsewhere, Etrigan and Lobo continue to duke it out in the air while plummeting towards Meggido rather quickly. Lobo finally manages to throw Etrigan off of his hog, and dives off of it, falling after Etrigan. Meanwhile, the Stranger explains that the bomb will be more than enough to cause a massive earthquake, which will cause a chain reaction, resulting in the earth’s destruction. Back at the base, Klarion and Teekl wander around outside, and find C'th’s power rod. They use it against several soldiers that find them.

Back at Meggido, Etrigan and Lobo fight with each other as they approach the ground. Nearby military bases see them, and begin firing at them as they fall. Stray bullets from the army’s guns snap the ropes holding the bomb to Lobo’s hog. As the pair fight, they see the bomb fall past them. Meanwhile, the Stranger finishes his account of what will happen to the earth if the bomb does blow up on Meggido. Randu suddenly gets a pain in his head, and it alerts him to the spell that Klarion is casting on Etrigan and Lobo outside. Phantom Stranger tells Harry to throw his magic in with Klarion’s. Puzzled, Harry agrees, and begins using his magic along with Klarion. In Meggido, Lobo decides to leave, and his hog catches him out of the air. Etrigan does the same, and teleports himself away. But before either of them can leave the scene, they both notice Klarion’s magic beginning to take effect. The magic works, and a shield is created around Meggido. Inside the shield, the bomb explodes. Lobo and Etrigan are both blasted in separate directions and Lobo is throw safely back into space. With the bomb safely contained, and no innocent lives lost, the throwback at the base wait to see if it worked. After a moment, the Stranger informs them that it worked. As they begin to celebrate, Glenda remembers that Jason, or rather, Etrigan, was in the vicinity of the blast. The Stranger tells her that even power of the Demon could not have survived without diminished or unaltered. The Stranger tells her that though she may have lost Jason, his sacrifice for the world will be remembered. With that, he leaves.

The military raid the base later,only o find the comatose Tenzin Wyatt. Klarion and Teekl drive back to Gotham City, but Teekl teleports them to a theme park. At the temple of the Green Dragon Society, the other members throw Guru Chud’s corpse off of their mountain, and they promptly disband the Green Dragon Society and leave.


It is a bit strange to read Alan Grant during your childhood and discovering these comics when you are already an adult. It’s like the guy had two very different sides (or perhaps I should re-read those Batman comics again). In any case, you add up Lobo to the mix and this has to be FUN.

Lobo usually has problems fitting other comics. When he does, he suddenly loses a part of himself, here he fits perfectly (maybe because Grant is already familiar with writing him).

Semeiks draws a beautiful Etrigan as well (and his Lobo looks like the real thing).

I give this story a score of 8

BOOKSMART is perfect.

Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut is absolutely and 100% perfection. The beauty lies not just in the fact this is one of the first (if not the first) fully female directed, produced, and written blockbuster comedies ever.

Originally posted by aliciavikander

Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein are more than brilliant. They are so brilliant, the dialogue feels like a documentary on Gen Z. Their connection, their friendship, the comedic situations they inevitably find themselves in (because..high school) is so great, I had to see it not once, not twice, but three times. What is particularly brilliant for me about these two actresses is that they may fit the classical ‘outcast’ personality type and identity, yet they are the valedictorian and saludatorian and Feldstein’s character is the Class President. Moreover, the cast is a great set of Gen Z people who, by the way, never make fun of any of the queer characters.

Originally posted by movie-gifs

The queerness of any of the characters in this film never takes over the narrative. Their queerness is, of course, a navigating factor for their actions (as any high school’s sexuality would be): queerness doesn’t take a backseat. However, no one gets HIV, no one dies of AIDS, no one is bullied or beat up for their queerness. And sure, those stories are important and sure this may be a little unrealistic – even in California. But I think the point here is that this reality could exist for queer people. This reality could be. Isn’t that one of the things art’s supposed to do for us? Show us what could be?

Originally posted by tyronepowerbottom

Wilde’s direction is honestly un-matched. This film is bound for cult-status in the sense that its use of uncharacteristic formal direction is beautiful and totally not for show alone. There is magical realism all in and woven throughout the film but it’s hilarious and it doesn’t navigate the story. On the contrary, it complexifies the story; it helps us better understand the characters, their lives, and their experiences.

Fave scene: uber driver van watching porn. That’s all I’ll say if you haven’t seen it, you will still be happy; if you have, you know you busted a gut. GO SEE THIS FILM NOW. 

Originally posted by madeforgardens

EUPHORIA is a must-see GenZ drama

HBO has put a lot of marketing into capturing the Gen Z crowd with EUPHORIA. The Zendaya-led cast is inclusive (sort-of?) and ultimately a beautiful tale of addiction.

Originally posted by nicolesrows

For starters, Zendaya has never – I repeat never – been this good on screen. Her addiction feels real, her highs feel uncomfortably realistic, and her lows hit with a thousand bombs. She’s always been a beautiful actress, but I don’t know until this show that she’s proven to me that she’s a good one. In this show, she’s both and more. Her character is something with whom we immediately empathize—her sardonic tone, her clever wit, and her awkward friendliness. I can’t wait to see where she takes us and how.

The show’s creator, Sam Levinson, is a recovering addict but he is not Gen Z. The kind of life and empathy he brings to the Gen Z characters that make up this show is something I haven’t seen before from an inherently conservative disdain that television has for this generation. This to say that the show is realistic and it paints a holistic picture of the characters in the world without making them jokes or stereotypes.

Originally posted by rue-bennetts

However, where the script fails for me is in the character of Jules, a trans* girl who befriends Zendaya’s character. I hope we see Jules grow more; but as it stands, we see a stereotype of trans* experience: search for sexual fulfillment in dark motel rooms with creepy old men and relentless bullying by peers. Levinson’s impetus, of course, to portray this reality for many trans* teens is commendable, though, I often wonder if art ought to complexify the sadness surrounding queer and trans* subjects. Only time will tell if Jules is more than a stereotype. For now, I love her confidence, her love for her father, and her insistence to be noticed and taken seriously.

Originally posted by nicolesrows

If you need another reason to watch the show, the show is breaking barriers in its portrayal of male nudity, which at least in the first episode far outweighs female nudity, a notable subversion of the status quo when it comes to premium television shows. So, if you want to see penises, watch Euphoria. 

The show is must-see television. I can’t stress how excellent Zendaya is, how empathetic the characters already are, and how beautiful the direction has been.

Originally posted by the-pretty-poisons

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet: A Mini-Review

HELLO FRIENDS I just finished watching “Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet” on Netflix and thought it was really super.

The first half contained mostly slice-of-life eps, but the second is full of EXCITING TWISTS AND TURNS. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I love anime full of big ideas about the Earth and humanity’s future, like this one. Bits of it reminded me of Blue Submarine no. 6, which is another classic I recommend checking out (proud owner of the ANCIENT and POSSIBLY NO LONGER FUNCTIONAL VHS TAPES here).

Sadly, the proposed second season of Gargantia was cancelled (though apparently there’s still an OAV or two I need to watch, and the novels to read), but I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS: the major plotlines of S1 are all tied up nicely by the final episode. Huzzah!

Also, if you like chipmunks, Gargantia will be relevant to your interests.

A solid 9.2/10 from me!
Arturelia Review: Inuyasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler
New Anime Review!

#review #anime #show #Arturelia #InuyashatheMovie My Anime Rating System: 1/10 Don’t watch this anime 2/10 Awful, I wouldn’t even bother wasting my time watching this anime 3/10 Bad, not a good anime, it’s really bad 4/10 Not good at all, I would rather see something better 5/10 Meh, it bored me after watching it through the begining to end 6/10 Okay, it wasn’t the best, but had some good ideas in there. 7/10 Good, it’s a good show. (However, most of the time, a 7 can either be that I thought it was a good show, and had good elements, but it’s not something I’ll come back to again, depending on what the show is, or how it went. Most of the time, it will be a show that I’ll watch once) 8/10 Great, it’s a great show with alot of stuff in it that will make you continue to watch it, even if it has some issues in story or plot, it’s still worth watching, even if there’s no flaws, just depends on what it is 9/10 Awesome, it’s really awesome, so much epicness in this anime 10/10 Excelente, 100%, watch this anime, you will love it Bonus Rating System - If an anime is Good and Great, at the same time (or at least getting up there) 7.5/10 and so on. It can also be a boost of how much I liked this anime and because it’s really good or brilliant. Not to mention, the F***Up rating for an anime that is like….Wha?

The Ruins Of Beverast - Rain Upon The Impure

With this album, from back in 2006, The Ruins Of Beverast have taken Wolves In The Throne Room and/or Weakling combined with Lurker Of Chalice inspiration to create an atmospheric, eerie, ambient, gothic, black metal masterpiece.

Rain Upon The Impure is the soundtrack to a slow and painful, tortured demise in the pit of an ancient, dilapidated castle. Deep, deep down below the earth, where you can not move for chains hold you down, there is very little to no light, no one can hear you scream, there is no salvation. The only real lights you can see are the candles used for the rituals. The rituals held just far enough away that the candles cast no light near you. Rituals whose origins you know not and whose customs disgust and revolt.

The sounds alone are enough to drive you crazy, absolutely insane, but the sights, oh the sights are much, much worse. Human flesh ripped into or torn apart by human hands, blood gushed into gold chalices and then poured over other, alive humans who are also chained down in positions unimaginable. Every orafice, every cut, a place for copulation. But these naked, masked men, or what you thought were men, have no penises but horns. Massive ebony horns.

The choir sings but there is no salvation. There is no god. Let the blood rain down upon you. Let it rain.



June Ipsy glam bag Unboxing and Review

Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly

Book Description:

Isabelle should be blissfully happy – she’s about to win the handsome prince. Except Isabelle isn’t the beautiful girl who lost the glass slipper and captured the prince’s heart. She’s the ugly stepsister who’s cut off her toes to fit into Cinderella’s shoe … which is now filling with blood.

When the prince discovers Isabelle’s deception, she is turned away in shame. It’s no more than she deserves: she is a plain girl in a world that values beauty; a feisty girl in a world that wants her to be pliant.

Isabelle has tried to fit in. To live up to her mother’s expectations. To be like her stepsister. To be sweet. To be pretty. One by one, she has cut away pieces of herself in order to survive a world that doesn’t appreciate a girl like her. And that has made her mean, jealous, and hollow.

Until she gets a chance to alter her destiny and prove what ugly stepsisters have always known: it takes more than heartache to break a girl. 

My Review:


There were a lot of things happening in this book, but they just weren’t coming together for me. Maybe they did by the end, but I wasn’t entertained enough to get there.

I am not that particular about world building. I will go along for the ride with very little info for quite awhile if the rest of the story seems worthwhile. But this felt confusing and I never felt grounded in the story because I know nothing about when or how or why this is all taking place.

I appreciated the added twist of involving Fates and Chance and Death, etc. I thought I would enjoy it, because Chance was the most vibrant and interesting character to me. However, again, without a world to ground all this in it all kind of felt haphazard and random. I never felt like I had a good handle on what was going on with the Fates and stuff. I enjoyed some of their chapters but I also felt like I was completely removed from Isabelle’s story whenever they showed up.

Ultimately I didn’t connect with the characters because everything was written in a very distancing way with an omniscient narrator. I understand it was supposed to feel fairytale-esque, but there wasn’t anything really happening. There wasn’t much dialogue, the characters internal monologues felt almost ridiculously formal and stilted, and I felt like the narrator was talking down to me a lot of the time. So….yeah that was not enjoyable for me.

I enjoy books that are also able to convey a strong message. Reach out to people, encourage, or teach things. But it doesn’t need to feel like a sermon to get there. In fact, the best “message” books DON’T feel that way. You get the meaning and purpose by experiencing things and growing with the characters. Not by being beaten over the head with the book’s intended message or moral. Even when I agree with a point, I don’t necessarily want to spend hours of my free time having it reiterated to me like I’m not very smart and might miss it.

This could have made a decent middle grade or lower YA fairytale retelling if the preaching was toned down some, and some of the more graphic and horrifying things were removed. They seemed to be jammed in just for shock value anyway, or to make it seem like a grittier read. It felt gratuitous and unnecessary.

I’m very disappointed, because I was excited about this one. I pre-ordered it and I expected to love it. But I just couldn’t force myself through it anymore. I may have been able to overlook most of the flaws, but they stuck out to me because ultimately I was just very bored. When I put the book down I had no desire to pick it up again.

1 star 

What/If - 2019

so, i watched this last week and gave myself a few days to think about it a bit more before i decided to write about it and to be honest, i still think it’s shite.  i also don’t want to get into a habit of reviewing shows because there’s too much detail to include.

this is one of those cheap, foreign fruit juices that you can’t quite put your finger on.  what the fuck is this, because it’s actually not bad.  i recognise this flavour, but what it is - apple, mango?  fuck knows.  then by the time you’ve reached the bottom, you’ve come to your senses.  you spent £3 on a cheap, RedBull-sized can with fuck all in it, except a shit tone of cheap, fake sugar and lot of cancerous chemicals that convinced you ever so slightly that you may have actually enjoyed this if it were the actual drink it had you thinking it was.  know what i mean?

anyway.  the story in itself is a slow-burner.  you have to watch the entire thing to understand where it’s going, just in case you think it’s shite and want to turn it off.  it has you curious (not gripped, curious) to see what happens in the next episode.  although it is slow in pace, the story does try its best to pull you in as immediately as the end of the first episode and although a lot of shows nowadays have great ideas at first, they end up stalling and using filler content through a few episodes to help reach the ‘big’ season conclusion, this one does well to have little and each episode is written well.  

the story revolves around and explores the lives of main three characters, mostly.  lisa (Jane Levy), a scientist at the helm of a startup company looking for investors, her husband sean (Blake Jenner) with a bit of a dodgy past and the multi-billionaire anne (Renee Zellwegger) who fucks their lives up - in a nutshell.  there are a few other characters who take center stage for a brief period.  lisa’s brother and his boyfriend.  sean’s best mate and his wife, who’s having an affair with her psycho bit on the side and lisa’s best mate.  
like i said, filler content sprinkled about each episode that takes the intensity away from the main story, taking a stab at “opening up the world” to much wider content and side story, but at times can feel tiring and irrelevant

it’s not the worst i’ve ever seen and it’s kinda decent.
just don’t expect to be blown away by something unique.



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So, I read... Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston [Book Review]

I got to admit that at first, I thought I wasn’t going to like it. And I guess I still don’t like some things from the beginning? However, I was gladly surprised by the novel. At first I thought this was another story written by a straight white woman essentializing, fetishizing and fantasizing about gays; which kind of made me realize that I’m an asshole, as the author is not straight and I didn’t even took my time to research about the author. There’s room for growth in this blog, so I learnt my lesson. That being said, I don’t mean that straight people cannot write stories with LGBTQ+ characters or stories which main plot is about LGBTQ+ people; it’s just that sometimes it feels like a ‘token’ character for inclusion or that (mainly) gay men are cool just because they’re gay. I think that Becky Albertalli did a wonderful job when writing Simon vs The Homo-Sapiens Agenda, which makes sense as she worked as a child psychologist. Anyways. Did I like it? I has some issues with it, but I ended up loving it.

Red, White and Royal Blue is about the son of the first female president of the US, Alex Claremont-Diaz. For a reason that is not really that important, Alex hates Henry, the Prince of England. And guess what? Henry hates Alex too. After being a drunk mess, Alex and Henry got into a really small fight, but they end up screwing the royal wedding cake. Of course, such a scandal ends up in the news, and in order to keep everything great, they have to spend time together to make people think they’re actually like best friends. It’s not really a spoiler, as it is on the back of the book, but they go from being a drunk mess (well, actually Alex was the only one drunk) to be a cute mess.

I’ll start saying what I didn’t like because I want to end this review in a positive note, as I truly recommend the book. Also, most of what I didn’t enjoy have to with tropes that I personally don’t enjoy more than the quality of the book, so if you actually love what I don’t like it’s completely okay.

I know that it’s the trigger for the story to happen, and that’s why I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy the book, but I couldn’t like the fact that it was a foes-to-lovers story. It might be because I hate this trope, but I found the rivalry between to be kind of forced and very unnecessary. Their ‘hatred’ towards each other was only important on the first pages, so it didn’t work for me. I would’ve preferred if it was more like they met each other for the first time, or after years of a small talk they had, and start to know each other and ended up liking each other. However, that’s just a personal preference, so if you liked their rivalry, great for you.

Another thing that I didn’t enjoy that much was the ‘you have no friends’ stuff that was happening, especially because [SPOILER ALERT I GUESS] they told Alex that his sister and Nora could not be his only friends, but at the end of the book the only additions to this group are Henry and his sister. Don’t misunderstand me, this group of friends is amazing, I truly loved them. But I didn’t think it was necessary to say that over and over when it wasn’t going to be a great deal.

This is just a stupid complain that I have, but the first pages are super weird when it comes to the terms they use. First of all, for a while I felt that Alex and Henry were treated just as sexual body parts? Does that make sense? It was when the rivalry was still relevant. The first 50 pages (I think) were all about Alex’s ass and Henry’s penis. If you’re reading it for the first time, pay attention to that, because it’s so weird that it’s almost funny? Almost, though. And the other thing that called my attention was that, when they were not even friends yet, the terms used by the characters in order to refer to Alex and Henry’s ‘forced’ friendship (when it was still a plan) were related to couples. And I guess the author did this to ´foreshadow’ their relationship, but we already knew that that was going to happen, so I don’t really see the point on doing that.

And the last thing that I couldn’t stand of the book, for at least the first half of the book, was Alex himself. He was too much of an asshole, in my opinion. I know he’s the protagonist, but he made everything about himself. That’s even stated in the book, so I guess that was the point of it. Now, I hate the ´bad boy changed by the good girl’ trope, but this is completely different. At the end of the book I genuinely liked Alex, but because I could see him grow because of Henry’s influence. He was never a bad boy, just annoying. So, I truly appreciated that.

Now to why I liked this book. Yay!

I was pleasantly surprised by the portrayal of bisexuality in this book. I thought that it was going to be the usual ‘and I suddenly discovered that I actually never liked women’. I know that it’s something that could happen in real life, but in media it tends to happen that bisexuality does not exist at all. You can just go from straight to gay. Because apparently the only letter in LGBTQ+ is the B. Speaking about that, I must admit that I said out loud ‘Yass. Bitch. Work.’ when I read ‘the B is not silent’. Not because of the impact in terms of narrative, but because it’s inherently political and related to our own reality. Also, Nora kind of acknowledges that realizing about your own sexual orientation just happens, and it’s not that you wake up at 3 AM with lights in your eyes while a storm is outside your window and a spirit comes to tell you ‘hunty, you gay’. Sorry if this seems confusing, but I had this picture in my head and I needed to write it.

Although some sex scenes were a bit confusing (which might be because English is not my first language), I was really pleased with the portrayal of safe sex as something important, even if it was just a glimpse of it. And I’m not only talking about condoms, but also the inclusion of lube as something important. I know that in 2019 is way easier to take care of yourself and your sexual partner when it comes to STI’s, it’s still important to keep acknowledging the significance of safe sex. Also, I loved that the author portrayed their sexuality as very versatile. I think that media tends to create a binary relationship, in which one has to be a top and the other one a bottom, when in reality that’s not necessarily how it works.

Even though I loved the film ‘Love, Simon’, one of my issues with the movie was that, in my opinion, it gave a little bit the message that being an asshole is okay if you’re suffering. So I was really moved by Alex when he stated that it was unfair for his sister and Nora to be treated as objects in order to cover the main couple. That’s what I mean by the ‘growth of Alex’, he realizes that it’s knot okay, and not only because he feels uncomfortable not being himself publicly.

I know it’s a touchy subject, so I appreciate the inclusion of the problematization and treatment of sexual harassment. I like that the author states that it’s not something about sexuality, but rather about having power over another human. I would like to know more about this situation, maybe in a spin-off or something like that.

I truly recommend you this book, in case you haven’t read it. Consider that it has various sex scenes, in case you want to recommend it to a child or someone who’s sensitive about this, or more conservative or whatever. However, please consider that this is not only a cute story. Is very political about issues regarding the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a great book to read this pride month, as I think it ends making you feel hopeful about the world.  The world can change, but we need to fight for it. No one is going to give us our rights if we don’t fight for them. As the author says in the acknowledgements ‘Keep fighting, keep making history, keep looking after one another’.

Story: (3.5/5)

As stated before, I wasn’t a fan of the premise. I do think is way better than I thought it was going to be, but the rivalry was unnecessary for me. And not only that, it didn’t work for me. However, it is a really cute and uplifting story, and I really enjoyed reading the book, so I only have problems with the beginning of the story.

Style: (3.5/5)

At the beginning I felt like the characters were not fully developed. By that I mean the narrator had to state ‘[character] is [adjective]’, instead of showing it. This is a bit dumb, but I also didn’t like the use of couple terms at the beginning. However, I do think the narrator is very good at being at Alex’s perspective. You know what he’s thinking, what he resents, even when he’s not talking. That also makes me think that it might be an unreliable narrator, which is great.

Narrative: (4.5/5)

It’s really easy to keep up with the reading. The emails make it more likable, in the sense that the way it tells you the story is not only through narrative, which feels kind of like a break. I love that, which might or might not be related to the references. What I didn’t like was a specific paragraph that I found unnecessary, and that at some points I found myself skipping some parts that I didn’t find engaging.

Characters: (4/5)

I love the wide variety of character. I felt that each of them was unique in many ways, so it was great. It might be because of the narrative, but I felt that the only character that was detached from his own reality was Alex. There’s a moment in which it is stated that he ‘genuinely care[d] about people’, but I didn’t start to feel that it was true until the end, so I don’t necessarily think it was well developed. I think the author had the idea of the Alex at the end but didn’t realize he wasn’t like that at the beginning. Again, I give it the benefit of the doubt because I want to believe that it was an unreliable narrator, but I don’t really know.

Overall: (3.8/5) Yes. I’ll give it 4 stars in Goodreads.

Fun facts:

-          History, Huh?

-          I think it’s the longest review I’ve ever written.

- is the worst email I’ve ever seen.

-          I shared one of my favorite quotes a few days ago, in case you want to share it too.

-          When June was talking about Drag Race I couldn’t help myself and I wrote ‘I’m so into voguing right now’.

-          I didn’t took a picture of the book because… I read it on my kindle.

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Marvel’s Avengers A-Day Official Trailer Reaction and Review #E32019

The official trailer for Marvel’s Avengers A-Day premiered at E3!