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🌟 NEW : Aladdin by Amanda Tutin 🌟 "On Friday, we attended the launch night performance of Enchanted Entertainment’s pantomime production, Aladdin, at the Tyne Theatre & Opera House and what an opening show it was..." Read it now @

Dark Ambient Review: Birds of Naukan If mind-numbing Xmas music is sending you a bit loopy, have a listen to Creation VI and Ugasanie's Birds of Naukan; swap the bustle for the tundra.

Done right, a performance review is one of the best opportunities to encourage and support high performers and constructively improve your middle- and lower-tier workers. Kathryn Minshew

Day 2: Wonderful thanks to today on the SIX STEPS TO HAPPINESS by "This is a fabulous story and one that I was easily able to sit and read in a single afternoon."

Νέες ταινίες | Ραντεβού στο Belle Époque του Νικολά Μπεντός | Ο Ντανιέλ Οτέιγ ενδίδει στη νοσταλγία, δια χειρός του μαγικού ρεαλισμού του Νικολά Μπεντός

The holiday season doesn't mean the healthy gamer gets time off so we took the Cyrus Soundbuds to task #healthygamer#earbuds

The holiday season doesn't mean the healthy gamer gets time off so we took the Cyrus Soundbuds to task #healthygamer#earbuds

A Bjonsmom "Gifts are meant to be shared. If you believe some people have special “gifts” of insight you will enjoy this personal anecdote. I had a feeling of anticipation from the first word"

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Bitter Tears?

The most bitter Tears run down my Face,

My Smile bright and yet pained,

I look at the People that helped me grow,

Knowing well Someday it would all go,

But at least we all laughed and cried,

And helped each other through bitter times,

At least i can see the Day light,

At least i survived it all,

Because when it all comes to an End,

I know those People were my Friends,

And their lead wont lead me astray,

Leading me to the brightest Day.

My Tears and Pain might be bitter,

But no longer will they stay forever,

They flow rapidly and fast,

Reminding how the Past wont last,

But will make your Future clear,

So Maybe i should thank my Peers,

And maybe i should embrace my Tears.


Direttamente dal film d'animazione dello studio Ghibli Porco Rosso ecco che il Savoia prende vita in scala 1/72 con questo piccolo model kit della Fine Molds. Diamogli un occhiata insieme… by L'Impero delle Tenebre

Sonic Forces review

So it is time to give my review on Sonic Forces and tell you what I think.

I will be using the PS4 version for this review.

Sega and Sonic Team have given us a new game. Is it Good? Let’s find out.

Let’s talk about the story. I will be using the Sonic Forces theater to get a recap on the story


The game starts off, with Dr. Eggman being fed up losing to that blue blur, Sonic. This has led to him to make his latest creation that will put a stop to Sonic, and friends once and for all.


Eggman has his forces in the city where he now has control, Sonic gets the news from Tails and meets up with them. Being able to stop his robots from causing any more damage.

Sonic then sets his sights to attack Eggman, when he is blocked by Shadow


Sonic is confused as to why Shadow would defend Eggman, follows up with Zavok, Metal Sonic, and Chaos making a return to fight Him as well.

Keep reading
LE 50 MIGLIORI CANZONI DEL 2019 by g a z e m o i l ., a playlist on Spotify

di Viviana Bonura

Più difficile dell’esprimere preferenze tra dischi è esprimere preferenze tra canzoni. Tuttavia, crediamo che bisogna dare il giusto merito anche alle migliori tracce dell’anno e valga la pena sforzarsi. Ad aprire la nostra List Week delle classifiche musicali di fine anno ci sono proprio le 50 migliori canzoni del 2019, raccolte in una playlist pronta da ascoltare curata da gazemoil. Alcune fanno parte dei dischi migliori, altre si distinguono in dischi non particolarmente belli o addirittura sgradevoli, altre ancora sono singoli senza un loro contesto. 

*Il criterio seguito è n.1 canzone per progetto musicale (estratte da album, mixtape, ep e qualsiasi altro tipo di release. Inclusi sia singoli promozionali sia indipendenti e non-singoli. Esclusi singoli non usciti durante l’anno in questione anche se successivamente inseriti in progetti musicali che rientrano nelle tempistiche) in ordine sparso. 

iPhone 11 vs iPhone X - and Why I Didn't Buy the iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 vs iPhone X - and Why I Didn’t Buy the iPhone 11 Pro

I’ll start off be talking briefly about my experience with the iPhone X.

Just over two years since Apple launched it’s flagship phone, featuring a new design, new construction and heavily updated hardware, the makers of all things sexy (that man can legally pay money for anyway) have released the iPhone 11.

While the iPhone 11 may not be distinctly different to any of its predecessors, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max certainly are - just flip them over and take a look at the back - you’ll know what i mean.

External image

Having got my hands on my iPhone X at launch in 2017, my excitement was quickly culled by a screen issue. Well, basically, it didn’t work - apart from flashing and showing me a few colourful lines, i couldn’t really use it.

A trip to the Apple Store, and an amusing comment about Samsung having supplied the screens for the X, i left with a new replacement.

Two weeks later, i was back at the Apple Store with exactly the same problem! I started November 2017 with an iPhone 7, and entered December on my third(!) iPhone X.

This third handset served me well, and didn’t really miss a beat until the summer of this year - then the problem began…

First, Face ID failed. It took me a couple of days to realise that every time i opened my phone, i had to use the passcode.

I made an appointment with apple, and they diagnosed a problem with the Face ID sensor - this despite the fact that Animoji’s still worked flawlessly! This was something no-one could really explain, and owing to the €585 repair cost from Apple, the nice employee there whispered that i could get €500 cash back for my iPhone X and then i could use the money to buy a different handset - the iPhone XR.

Now, i had done my homework before making this trip to the Genius Bar. I know, at worst, the Face ID sensor would cost around €90, and i’m no stranger to taking apart iPhones (I have daughters who like to break the screens on the things), so i thought i would repair it myself.

One hour, and €24 later, i had installed the new Face ID sensor, which by the way also contains the front camera and proximity sensor (the part which automatically adjusts the brightness, and plays voice messages through the ear piece when you lift the phone to your head). The problem still remained. Everything worked as it should - just no Face ID.

I decided to leave things as they were - there was no way i was paying Apples repair cost - they would probably have done the exact same thing i just did, with the same result!

Going back two months ago, the shit really started to hit the fan as far as my phone was concerned!

I noticed apps were complaining about not being able to use location services. Sure enough, when i opened maps i had no location. My family couldn’t find me anymore on apples stalking service either! GPS dead now too?

Then, sure enough, the next problem occurred. And then the next. And then the next.

At the point where it (or I) finally gave up, my as new on the outside, but completly rotten on the inside, boasted the following list of ailments:

  • Face ID sensor failure

  • Proximity sensor failure

  • GPS failure

  • Battery in ‘service’ condition

  • It rattled (?)

  • Battery from full would run down to 3% in a matter of minutes, then stay at 3% for several hours

  • SIM card not recognised / Searching for network

  • Screen hanged or shudder while animating

  • Gyroscopic senor failure (this is a guess, but when you picked the phone up and tilted it in any way it would swith off)

Eventually, 10 days ago, my iPhone X decided enough is enough, and refused to switch on for any longer than flashing the Apple logo at me for a second or two.

So, with all this in mind, a had to pull the trigger and get a new iPhone - but which of the iPhone 11 range would be best suited to me?

Being a photographer of course, the new tripple lens system of the 11 Pro really appealed. However, the standard Pro has the same size as the X, and i wanted more real-estate under my thumbs. So, the Pro Max was clearly the way to go right? Wrong. Here’s why. In one sentence. 4 characters…


Yes, four-hundred-and-fifty-euros is what Apple deems a necessary bounty over the price of the standard iPhone 11. Why? Well, that’s the big question! The short answer: A bigger, better screen, bigger battery (of course, it’s a bigger phone) and the tripple lens rear camera.

External image

My reasons for wanting the Pro Max were the camera system and the big-assed screen. However, there are two points of contention here for me where it makes it really difficult to justify the extra money:

1. The Pro Max features the tripple lens camera. BUT, the sparkly new toy of the ultrawide lens is available on the standard 11 at the cost of the telephoto lens of it’s predecessor. The wide angle lens is the toy i wanted most, and the standard wide angle lens of the 11 is stablised and has up to 5x digital zoom - which in fairness is only really usable up to 2x - which is perfectly acceptable in most use cases.

2. The 11 is built around the chassis of the iPhone XR - which makes it, and therefore it’s screen bigger that that of the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s not that easy for me to understand why apple did this - they must of had a bunch of unused X and XR chassis hanging around in storage somewhere.

Of course, the 11 Pro Max is better, but just how much better? Here’s a little, to-the-point-comparision to help you decide:

The Pro Max (both Pro’s) has more RAM 6GB vs 4GB

The Pro Max has a better screen: 6.5’’ vs 6.1’’, 1242x2688 463dpi vs 828x1792 324dpi resolution and Retina vs LCD (as far as screen sizes go….it’s a bigger phone! The 11 Pro for reference has a 5.8’’ 463dpi retina display with 1125x2436 resolution.)

The 11 has the Aluminium/Glass construction, similar to that of the iPhone XR vs Stainless Steel / Glass akin to the rest of the X series - is this really a big concern?

Both Pro handsets have the tripple camera system - which we already covered.

The 11 Pro Max has 3400mAh battery - again, like the screen, it’s a bigger phone, and that bigger screen needs more power - so this makes sense - and is it really an issue. The extra juice equates to about 3 hours more contiuous use over the 11 standard.

The forces swinging in favour of the 11 Standard vs the 11 Pro Max

  • Massive price saving - on contract up to €15 per month.

  • Same A13 processor as the Pro’s.

  • Same 12mp f2.2 front facing camera with up to 120fps (in 1080p) video

  • Lighter weight compared to the Pros

  • Same 4k 60fps capability with the rear camera array.

  • Waterproof - just like the Pro’s, allbeit up to two meters and not 4.

  • Same sound system as the Pro’s.

  • Range of colours available (not that important to most).

All in all, my decision to pull the trigger on the 11 over the 11 Pro Max was influenced by not being able to justify the higher cost against the better quality screen, which most users won’t notice anyway, and the extra camera, which the majority of users wouldn’t miss either. Plus, i don’t think i have any pants or jackets with pockets big enough for the Pro Max, which would mean i’d need to buy one of those silly round-the-neck-pouch-thingies!

Living with the iPhone 11

Well, it’s been a good start!

There are, needless to say, some really noticable improvements in this phone when comparted to my iPhone X - apart from the obvious fact that it works!

The A13 processor is markedly faster than the A11 of the X. Lightning fast in fact. This has, so far, been most noticable for me when using Face ID. You look at the phone and it opens in the exact instant your face is in front of it. 4GB of RAM, compared to 3GB in X certainly play a role here too.

External image

The screen is clear, sharp and blacks are nicer than on the X dispite only having an IPS LCD here - i really see no real disadvantage of not having the OLED of the X - it really is a pleasant experience. The larger screen of the 11 is really nice to have in a phone that is only 20g heavier. A 3110mAh battery means extra play-time when compared to the 2617mAh cell in the X. And the final, really noticable thing is the front camera. Snapping a selfie for the Mrs, it really is noticable there is an addition 5mp in the front camera!

So, what about the camera?

This is where things get fun.

Enter the camera app, and you’re by default in the standard wide angle mode. Hit the 1x button to jump to ultra wide angle, and, fuuuuuuck! How does that happen! I love having a really wide, border fish-eye lens on a DSLR - and this thing is just as much fun!

Even though the screen is of a lesser resolution and pixel-density when compared to the iPhone X, images and videos just look so much better. This is potentially down to the new, faster A13 Processor combining with the new IPS LCD.

Portrait mode looks great and focuses better and faster than before. Although the filters on offer in portrait mode still leave something to be desired! One really cool feature of portrait mode, is now you can adjust the aperture when editing the shot afterwards, this adjusts how blurred the background is, which is pretty cool!

We also now have the ability to shoot 4k video at 60fps, which means when using the clips in editing software you can slow these down to 24-30fps and have slow motion which remains crystal clear and natively in 4k resolution!

As mentioned, the iPhone 11 packs 2 cameras, but unlike the X the 2x Optical telephone lens has given way to an ultra wide angle lens.

External image

External image

The specs:

26mm f1.8 Wide Angle, 6 element lens with 100% focus coverage and on-board image stabilisation. Focus areas as before can be selected in the camera app. This lens uses Apples new Deep Fusion engine. There’s no setting for this, and it only works with the ‘Photo Capture Outside the Frame’ turned off - more on this soon!

13mm f2.4 Ultra Wide Angle, 5 element lens with 120 degree field of view. Focusing on this lens is Phase Detection auto-focus. Which essential means you can’t, and don’t need to select your focus area. Selecting areas of the screen while in Ultra Wide will of course set your exposure levels as always in iOS.

Night Mode

Night mode is only available when using the default wide-angle lens. It effectively lengthens the shutter speed depending on what the phone decides the available light is. It really does work well, but i suspect there is some serious ISO hocus pocus going on behind the scenes, which could have a negative effect on what you can achieve in this mode.

External image

So, be warned, Night Mode is cool, but your phone is slowing down it’s shutter speed, and it can shoot at 10 seconds depending on the light - so you need to keep still. The on board stabilisation of the wide angle lens will help you out to a degree - but anything over 2 seconds (which is shown in the moon logo on the top of the screen, and you’re gonna need some kind of tripod.).

Ready for something clever? And confusing?

Deep Fusion. Yeah we mentioned that already. Some kind of Apple hocus pocus going on in the background that only those in cahoots with the dark arts will understand. It makes pictures with the default lens look sexier - and that’s about it. We don’t need to know any more.


The camera has one final cool-assed feature…

When shooting in a 4:3 or similar ratio, the phone will effectively take an image of everything outside of the ratio up to the maximum ratio available. This means, you can come back later and expand the crop of an image to add the parts that were outside the frame of the original shot. Neat. Watch out though - this feature only works when it’s activated in the camera settings in the settings menu. Aaaaand when it is active, then Deep Fusion is no longer active! I said it was confusing right?!

Missing 3d touch?

Yup! It’s gone. Did you ever used to test your strength by pressing the bathroom weighing scales as hard as you could? Well, that experience with the iPhone has finally been taking away from us. Is it an issue? Well, we used to long press things to get them to move or provide an expanded menu so i’m not really seeing the issue. Many have complained, but many also complained when the headphone jack disappeared. No-one died right?


Well, it’s early days, and as you’ve seen by my two lazy-arsed pictures taken with the phone to demonstrate the wide-angle lens, i’ve not done much shooting with it. But i’m excited to. The ultra wide angle lens looks a lot of fun!

For users of the iPhone X, upgrading to the 11 is a must! For XR/XS users, if you don’t care too much for taking pictures then stay maybe stay where you are. The speed advantages of the new processor are really cool if you’re into gaming, but otherwise, sit it out - in September you’ll most likely be able to get the 11 at a bargain price.

If you’ve money to throw away, then get the normal iPhone 11 and send me the €450! Of course, if you’re a rapper, then your trousers will most likely have pockets large enough to accommodate the 11 Pro Max’s girth!

Get the iPhone 11 here!

Warriors: A Vision of Shadows: The Raging Storm by Erin Hunter.

About Tigerstar’s reign and wanting to hunt on the land that Shadowclan gave Skyclan, no one supporting Skyclan, Skyclan leaving, and trying to get Skyclan back.

We love Shadowkit. 

Chicken Emoji Review


Pretty standered boi…face looks a bit small and where are his wings?? He looks to realistic to not have wings 5/10 give him wings


The head is…really small for his body. Other then that he’s cute 6/10 reminds me of hei hei


The thick lines make the tail look off…and his head is a bit awkward 4/10 tail looks like a hair comb


A pretty cute bean. Would give pats 8/10


This….looks very off…the colours seem weird and….his wing looks to far back and seems awkward. The tail is off as well… 1/10 could be better


This… a babie….tail could be a bit longer and less sharp. Maybe round out the wing slightly. 9/10


What…..what is this….why are they so blurry and wonky????

0/10 they need help :(


Love this simple style so much!! 10/10 They a babie


A better version of the twitter bean 10/10 love their face


Handsome boi!! Love the colours and detail!! Feet are a tiny bit wonky and the head could be just a tiny bit bigger 7/10 love him

Aveda Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo

I like this Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo by Aveda because it is lightly moisturizing. It cleanses my hair deeply and gives them their natural wave. It foams very well and a little goes a long way. After washing, my hair felt a little dry but I managed to comb it easily. I loved that over time, my hair doesn’t feel that dry after all. This shampoo makes my hair silky too. The texture is a little sponge like and brown. I like the scent of this product too. It has a scent of mud and flower. I like the product compared to some other shampoos because it doesn’t cause any build up in my hair. I’d definitely recommend this to everyone. #ad #FreeSample


The Flash S6E9 Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3 Reaction and Review

Constantine leads the search for Oliver’s soul, and Barry must face his prophesied sacrifice in Part 3 of Crisis on Infinite Earths on The Flash!

My Thoughts on Crisis: on Infinite Earths Thus Far… (May Contain Spoilers!) | 12.11.19

Okay, so this (maybe) last crossover has five parts and I have watched the first three. Part 1 was okay with a mix of sad, but predictable. In this part of the crossover had The Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman and only two from Legends of Tomorrow. There were some easter eggs/cameos of the OG DC superheros but it wasn’t that exciting when it only lasted a few seconds. So a doppelgänger of Harrison Wells was briefly an Indiana Jones-like character named Nash who is now Pariah, and John Diggle’s wife, Lyla is now Harbinger. In last year’s crossover, Elseworlds, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow tells The Monitor that he would sacrifice himself and let Barry/The Flash and Kara/Supergirl live. Then in part 1 of Crisis, Barry tells Oliver that Barry is going to die during Crisis. Oliver gets mad and confronts The Monitor. Fast forward and you see the whole team fighting these dementor-looking creatures and The Monitor vanishes everyone except for The Green Arrow. The Green Arrow fights those creatures on his own and he eventually dies. His death was predictable because the actor, Stephen Amell had confirmed that he would leave the Arrowverse and that the show, “Arrow” would end after “Crisis.” Oliver Queen would be missed.

Then in parts two AND three, which premiered last night, things got a little better. The Anti-Monitor comes into play. His goal is to destroy all the earths so he can rewrite them into the book. The Monitor brings Lex Luthor back to life and decides to help him during the crisis. Then you see Kara and Kate visiting Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Bruce is seen in a metal/iron suit and tells Kate that his superhero days are over. Then there are other Supermen, such as the Clark Kent from the series, “Smallville” from the early 2000’s, who makes a cameo and on another earth, a doppelgänger of Ray Palmer (from Legends) is Clark Kent/Superman. Of course, the OG of The Flash comes back after when we last saw him in “Elseworlds.” This part was kind of pointless because we see the OG of The Flash stuck on a treadmill and that if there wasn’t positive energy running this machine that the treadmill is hooked up to, that earth would be destroyed. So Pariah recruits Black Lightning to help save everyone in Crisis. The OG Flash decides to sacrifice himself and gets back onto the treadmill. The ending of part three had me shook! With the Anti-Monitor in Lyla/Harbinger’s body, he fights The Monitor and then he wipes out Earth-1. All the earths are gone except for the current earth. Pariah then sends the heroes to the Vanishing Point. The Anti-Monitor responds by wiping out the very last standing earth. The very last scene with Lex Luthor coming out of Superman’s (doppelgänger of Ray Palmer) in the Vanishing Point with the remaining heroes.

“Crisis” has been pretty good so far. I am so ready to see this crossover will end!

Now unfortunately, it looks like we won’t get to see parts 4 and 5 until January 15th of next year! What. The. Eff?!

larentlovechild  asked:

hi! i just wanted to respond to my shufflemancy reading (e.t.a.s). reading what you wrote filled my heart with this warmth. im 17 but im moving out of my home due to not being able to live with my mom anymore & im literally going to be my own adult. ive been feeling this sense of what you said really, optimism. hope. and i havent felt that way in awhile. im also cutting off or reparing relationships that happened in this last decade that affected me and its really helping me grow. much love❤

Hi !

I’m so glad my reading resonated with you :)

Moving out can be quite a chaotic yet freeing transition and I wish you all the best hun - I love how the title of the song for you was Safe European Home !

I’m glad that you are experiencing this growth, babes! Proud of you 🌟 I’m wishing you all the best in your endeavours !

5/5⭐Virág Emília - Tündérfogó

A Hétvilág trilógia utolsó részében befejeződik az a történetszál, mely a második kötetben, a Boszorkányszelídítőben kezdődött. Berzence és a Belizár, a lidércúr, közösen igyekeztek megtalálni az áruló lidércet, aki ellopta a lidérckirály koronáját. Az ezért folytatott csapában Berzence egy rövid időre meghalt, azonban Belizár lidércet csinált Berzencéből, így túlélte.

A harmadik könyv innen indul, pontosabban Berzence ballépésével, amikor felébreszti a többszáz éves tündért, Aport, mivel úgy gondolja, ő képes lehet kiszedni Berzencéből a lidércet. Mert ugye Berzence utálja, hogy a „dög”, ahogy ő hívja, benne él. Berzencéhez hűen azonban ez egy elég gyengén átgondolt terv, ami persze egy csomó, előre nem látható következménnyel jár.

Mint például azzal, hogy Apor, a folyó tündére, sokkal nagyobb hatalommal rendelkezik, mint bármelyik boszorkány… És ezt az erőt rögtön arra használja, hogy megbűvölje Emesét. Emese egyébként a trilógia első könyvében szerepelt, ő volt az, aki mindig látta Hollust, a boszorkányt, az álmaiban, illetve aki Sára barátnője volt. A bájolás hatására Emese szerelmes lesz Aporba, és észre sem veszi párját Hollust. Akit ez annyira felbosszant, hogy rontást tesz Aporra, így a Duna tündére a víztől eltávolodva elveszíti erejét. Ennek a rontásnak a felbontására aztán Apor Berzencéhez fordul, és azt ígéri, a segítségéért cserébe kiszedi belőle a lidércet.

Ezután kalamajkák hosszú sora következik; és mumusokkal, call centeres mesterséges intelligencia-szerű szoftverekkel, sárkányokkal és lidércekkel is találkozhatunk, valamint Józsi és Béla lovag is újra megjelenik. A történet azonban nem építkezne népmesei hagyományokra, ha nem boldog vége lenne: Berzence megtanulja a leckét, melyet a lidércség tanít neki, és a jó győzedelmeskedik.

Virág Emília ebben a könyvben is hihetetlenül kreatívan és meggyőzően elegyíti a népmesei motívumokat és a modern fantasy-k elemeit. Nem tudom megunni ezt a sorozatot! 


I thought about it, and I’m going to take a small break this week!

I will still probably try to read and review NM and X-Force #3 some time this weekend…but I just felt kind of disappointed in the Hellions team roster release and I think I’m going to take a small break this week and catch up on other things I need to do…

I’m not continuing Fallen Angels…I planned to stick with it until Bling! at least popped up…but then I saw the preview and just realized how tired I was of every issue being pissed off about Laura’s characterization.

It’s sad, because I was initially really positive about this event and direction; but I just feel like more and more it’s much of the same thing we’ve seen the past few years at the X-Office.

I have just been really disappointed in the direction the X-Men have taken in the last few years, and while I do think HoX/PoX is a step up from the previous recent events…. I just don’t feel as impressed by it the way a lot of other fans do.

So I just think I need a break.

So no review will probably be up for the next two or three days….

The things we lost

A Charlotte review

So! Were we go to another review! This time I will talk about this beautiful anime. I’ve noticed that this anime is not very popular which makes me sad. It has such a powerful message and themes that I really feel the need to recommend this anime to everyone!

First, you must know that Charlotte comes from the same author as Angles beats! which is actually a very popular anime in my point of view. Still, what makes Charlotte an unforgettable view? Let’s start 


Originally posted by guiltybeat

Powers of a comet- When it comes to the theme, I won’t say this the most original theme ever. Teens having super powers is a quite seen anime narrative. Still, the way this anime takes cares of this matter is that makes it unique 

First, these power are like a illness that happens in adolescence ( cuz it suck ahah), so these powers will eventually go away. More than that, these powers, with a mysterious origin had been subject of research, and so these adolescents become “lab rats” just like Nao’s brother, which shows a much more darker reality: those powers aren’t a bless, they are much more like a curse. Just as Tomori said at episode 2: 

“Scientist use us like a pile. When they don’t need us anymore, they trow us away”

Go gonna miss it when you are lost- One of the main themes of Charlotte’s narrative is Yuu’s development as a character. At the beginning of the series, Yuu is a perverted boy who loves to cheat and lie. We often makes diabolic plans and manipulates people is a quite messy way until he meets Tomori.

When Yuu loses his sanity after Ayumi’s death, he started to value the things he didn’t value before: Ayumi’s sweet rice omelets taste horrible as Yuu cries out of happiness for eating it once again


Originally posted by yuuji116xx

Gonna carry that weight - One of the most interesting thing about this series is that the protagonist isn’t an all might character that doesn’t fear anything. Yuu is an incredible fragil character, with no strong will, what so ever. When confronted with the responsibility that his power carries he panics and douts his capacity, even clamming himself that he a fool that “only cares about himself” 

In my opinion, this character is a way more realistic portrait of human nature and will. Getting to understand a character and see it change from a egocentric character into someone who truly values others and gives him life for them, is a truly interesting ride 

Bond by music  - I have to admit that the fact that Nao changed Yuu without him even noticing is something that I truly admire in this series. The relationship between these two characters feels so natural…like they have know each other for decades. More than that, the dynamic between these characters is extraordinary.

Bonded by music, Yuu and Nao almost feel like they were connected even after they crossed paths. They make each other know themselves better, they wake up some deep feelings and memories in each other’s hearts. It’s a incredible powerful bond that keeps Yuu moving, that makes him risk is life to go on a incredibly dangerous journey to earn her love 


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The joy to make others happy-  One of the most beautiful scenes of the series in my opinion is when Yuu meets Zhiend’s vocalist and she goes with him into the hospital to visit Nao’s bother. As she sings, Nao’s brother calms down and even recognizes Nao afterwards as Yuu cried out of happiness…for someone happiness marks the change in Yuu’s life, personality… he is now able to feel joy from seeing someone he loves happy

To conclude, Charlotte is a very good anime: I would give it a 8,5 in 10 points since it’s really funny, the characters are all interesting and well built and the history itself will surprise you like you never expected: with Charlotte you can’t get bored and will leave a special feeling inside your heart…

Which type of feeling… You need to find out 


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