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"Though there’s nothing unattractive about the sage green stroller, since being offered the opportunity to review it I’ve become aware of the same design in plum – and it's lovely!"

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Avui traiem la pols de les flautes i les panderetes per parlar de Eluveitie “Ategnatos” -->

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New review! Look out, world, I’m here to disrupt the status quo of diversity-less film reviewers. Jordan Peele’s Us is REALLY GOOD.

Para a primeira análise do site escolhemos o Huawei P30 Pro, a mais alta tecnologia em suas mãos. Venham conferir pois está muito legal. :)

Unblinded by Nostalgia’s EASTER SPECIAL!!!

The Story

The story is about a young cat who is trying to save his village from the Gorilla and Rat clans.

The story is very simple and it seems like the game was aimed at younger audiences. Many fans say that in this game’s defence. But there is one fatal flaw which kills this clam. The content. In most countries, this game has been given a 12 rating because of the amount of bad language used and the game can get very dark and violent.
Usually, when you defeat an enemy in any game, it evaporates. But in this game, they don’t. With dead bodies all over the place, and the game has a bit of blood in it. So the game isn’t really suitable for younger players.

The story isn’t interesting in the least, with long and boring dialogue scenes which goes on for ever and ever, even the most youngest players will find the game boring. Even the pop culture references (which are very few and far between) are not funny!

The Characters

The characters are one note, cardboard cutouts! They are given no development whatsoever and makes the game even less enjoyable to play.

The Gameplay

With a lacklustre story and forgettable characters, you would think that the creators focused all their efforts onto the gameplay right? Hahaha…no. No they didn’t.

The game works fine during the first few stages making it seem like an average game, but then you get to the frog stages and everything goes downhill.
The game has a difficulty spike, lags frequently and it even crashed three times while I was playing! Making the game impossible to enjoy.

The puzzles are also impossible without a walkthrough. With you slashing into random places to continue, making even the most experienced of players pissed off!

I put in over 13 hours into this game and stopped because of the amount of lag the game had and I was worried that it would break my Wii U console! With three crashes (more than I have ever seen while playing on a Wii U game) and I heard from other reviewers that their game crashed even more times, so it wasn’t a coincidence.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this remake that no one asked for is terrible! The story is bland, the characters are forgettable and the gameplay goes downhill less then halfway through the game. Even though it is a cheap release (the USA version doesn’t even have a blue case!), don’t buy it as a joke.

I also played the PS2 Version at my cousin’s house and completely forgot about it till I saw this remake. I can see why…

The Story 1/5
The Characters 0/5
The Gameplay 1.5/5

Overall 1/5

Justice League vs. the Fatal Five

Some thoughts…
I legit started tearing up when we first see Superman.  There’s a good five minutes of setting the plot up with the future characters, but it doesn’t really hit you that this is the old show brought back to life until we see the trinity again.  It also helps that they’ve got a slight remix of the classic soundtrack.
I wish the rest of the original 7 were in this, but I know that getting everyone back into the studio is hard, so I devoured all the crumbs they gave us and cherished them.  That said, I love that this is bringing in recent characters and giving them a spotlight, and putting them into the old Timmverse canon.  My one gripe along this thought is that Supergirl should have been with the Legion of Superheroes, given the fact she travels to the future in JLU and decides to stay with them.  It would have been a nice touch.
The villains were pretty forgettable, but the evil plan was actually pretty diabolical, and the solution was heartbreaking.  Trying not to spoil it too much, but I thought the plotline was very well done and hit all the moments it was trying to hit.
Best part of the movie was definitely the spotlight on Jessica Cruz, and Diane Guerrero helped bring that character to life.  We all been knew she had the range (if you’re not watching Doom Patrol, I’mma need you to go watch that after this movie), but I was not expecting to be as emotionally invested in this character as I was.  This is coming from a guy who has only a passing interest in the GL corps (John Stewart is what’s up), but the movie makes me want to pick up Green Lanterns asap (which thanks to the recent comics additions, I can totally do).
Trinity are in fine form in this, Wonder Woman has some awesome moments and really all of them have great lines, I cannot stress enough how good the writing was.  Mr. Terrific and Miss Martian are secondary characters, but they have enough to do that they hold their own amongst the others.
In all, I really loved this movie.  It’s a bit short, but I didn’t feel it needed more time to get what it needed to do done.  If this is the quality of movies DC animation is gonna be churning out, I will most definitely be watching them (for reference, the last good animated movie from DC IN MY OPINION was Flashpoint Paradox).  Please support this movie by watching it on the DCUniverse app, or go buy it on digital or blu-ray.  The voice cast have said before that the fans have the power to bring back the classic Justice League, and supporting this movie is a step towards that resurrection (we did it with Young Justice, we can do it again!).

"IT" is a H"IT"

Overall: 4.5/5 | Acting: 5/5 | Music: 4/5 | Cinematography: 5/5 | Plot: 4/5

The monster in It doesn’t hide under the bed. It lives in the sewers.
It’s 1988 in Derry, Maine, a small town plagued by the recent disappearances of children. It opens with a cherub-faced Georgie Denbrough (Jackson Robert Scott) running after the paper boat his big brother, Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) made for him, in the streets of his neighborhood during a storm. The boat, carried by the rushing rainwater, falls into a sewer. Georgie crawls to the edge of the drain and finds the boat in the hands of Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgård). 

Spoiler! Georgie doesn’t make it home. In fact, viewers see blood gushing out of his shoulder as he attempts to wiggle away from Pennywise, who has just bitten his entire arm off. His tiny body, cocooned by his bright yellow raincoat (which serves as a symbol for the carefreeness of youth), disappears into the sewer along with Pennywise. This one pivotal scene not only causes his brother to seek revenge on Pennywise, but also embodies the entirety of It

Photo source: Teaser Trailer

It is a perfect concoction consisting of horror, suspense, and cinematic elements hinting towards an overarching theme that appears in the original novel written by Stephen King: “Being a kid is learning how to live and being an adult is learning how to die.”

Bill, still haunted by the death of his brother, decides to uncover the mystery shrouding the town of Derry. Joined by Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis), Stanley Uris (Wyatt Oleff), Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer), Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor), Richie Tozier (Finn Wolfhard), and Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs), Bill and his group of misfit teenagers (the self-proclaimed “the Losers’ Club”) band together at the start of summer vacation in 1989 in attempt to defeat not only schoolyard bullies, the Bowers Gang, but also Pennywise.

There’s a certain charm to It. It’s definitely not the shark-like rows of teeth belonging to Pennywise, but rather, the personalization of the movie. Perhaps it’s the never-ending homages to the late 80’s, such as New Kids on the Block, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5, and many more, or the small-town vibe Derry emits. It’s most likely the bond between the rag-tag group of losers you’re guaranteed to be rooting for by the end of the movie. Even with the horrific child-eating entity removed from the plot, It would be a strong coming-of-age film documenting the ups and downs of growing up, all thanks to the well-developed relationships between characters and amazing casting.

Photo source: Teaser Trailer

What makes the Losers’ Club stick together so tightly is the fear and unhappiness in their lives. All of them have either absent or abusive parents. They all suffer from their own personal demons, which is why it’s so easy for Pennywise, a creature who lives and feeds on fear of children, to target them. Thankfully, over the course of the film, the gang eventually comes to realise that they aren’t afraid of Pennywise but of their own personal complications. They come back stronger than ever and… well, you’ll have to watch to find out what happens.

Heartwarming, heartbreaking, and poignant, It is a must-see for horror movie fanatics with a fondness for what lies beyond the gore. Littered with jump scares, blood, suspenseful music, and more blood, the 135-minute long film will be sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Annie Xie

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삶의 의미, 『쓰여지지 않은 역사 - 인물로 본 사회운동사』


대동, 1993

 - 박노해의 시를 가사로 한 ‘민들레처럼'이라는 노래를 좋아한다. 가사 중에 '특별하지 않을 지라도, 결코 빛나지 않을 지라도’ 라는 부분의 울림 때문이다. 그런데 시나 노래에서는 아름다운 이 가사가 역사라는 시선에서 볼 때 아름답기보다는 처참한 것이라는 것을 알게 되는 데에는 나이가 필요했던 것 같다. 한국의 5, 60년대 상황은 아니 더 넓게 잡아 대한제국이 식민지로 몰락한 이후 꽤 오랜 기간 민족과 민중 혹은 바로 자기 자신의 해방을 위해 싸우겠다는 선택은 결코 쉽지 않은 것이었다. 역사가 5, 60년대를 평가할 때 대중은 전쟁의 상흔 속에서 죽음과 같은 상태에 머물렀으며, 이런 상태가 해소될 때 그 방향은 경제적 성장 외길로 달려나갔다고 설명한다. 이 역사의 흐름 속에서 혁명 운동이란 존재했으나 존재했다고 말하기 어려울 정도로 미미한 영향력만을 가졌을 뿐이다. 설상가상으로 미미한 역할 밖에 못하면서도 그 댓가는 죽음인 시대였다. 이 불균형, 이것을 참을 수 있을까? 목숨을 바칠 결의를 갖지만, 그것이 가질 의의란 언제가 꽃 필 땅에서 조금씩 자갈을 고르는 정도라면, 그 결의를 유지할 수 있을까? 그리고 그 삶의 선택을 쉽게 '아름답다'고만 할 수 있을까?

 - 이 책 『쓰여지지 않은 역사 - 인물로 본 사회운동사』는 식민지 시기부터 박정희 말기까지 민족과 민중 해방을 위해, 사회주의라는 해법을 선택한 이들의 삶에 대한 기록이다. 다만 반제, 반독재 투쟁에서 산화해간 한국의 혁명가들을 북한의 관점에 따라 일방적으로 살펴보고, 해석하는 심한 당파성을 보이는 책이기도 하다. 혁명운동사를 정리하면서 80년대를 기점으로부터 잿더미에서 다시 시작된, 무에서 유를 창출한 것으로 이야기하는 한국의 연구서들과 달리, 이 책에서는 남한에서의 혁명 운동은 식민지 시기부터 시작된 민족 해방, 민중 해방 운동과 밀접하게 연결되어 계승되었다는 북한의 입장이 깊게 투영되어 있다. 그러나 이런 낯선 관점이 기존 연구에 주는 환기 효과는 충분한 의미를 가질 것이다.  

 - 시작은 권영벽, 우리에게는 아주 낯선 이름인데, 동북항일연군 소속으로 식민지 최대의 반제 통일전선 조직인  '조국광복회’ 조직 활동을 하고, 북한이 가장 큰 식민지 전투의 성과로 보는 보천보 전투에 참가했다가 무려 8년에 걸친 투옥 생활 끝에 45년에 일제에 의해 사형당한 인물이다.

 - 다음으로는 김삼룡, 경성콤그룹을 중심으로 일제시대 사회주의 운동을 하다, 해방후 남로당 중앙위원으로 활동하다가 50년 체포되어, 전쟁 발발과 함께 사형집행된 사회주의 독립운동가. 특히 남로당에 충성하면서도 박헌영 노선에는 부정적이었던 점이 부각되고 있다.

 - 다음 역시 우리에게는 낯선 성시백. 일제시대 공산주의 청년회 활동을 하다 상해로 넘어가 중국공산당 소속으로 지하공작을 하다가 해방 이후 공산당 북조선 조직위원회 활동을 하다가 이후 정치공작원으로 서울에 정착하여 근로민중당 창당을 지원하다가 50년 체포되어 마찬가지로 전쟁 발발과 함께 사형 집행.

 - 다음은 방준표. 일제시대 통영청년동맹에서 활동하가 이후 전평에서 노동 운동가가 되었으나, 미군정에 체포되었다가 석방, 46년 총파업과 관련하여 수배되자 월북하여 모스코바 공산대학에서 공부한 이후 6.25 남침과 함께 내려왔다가 이후 전북지역에서 빨치산 투쟁을 벌이다 54년 덕유산에서 전사. 특히 한국에서 낭만적 빨치산의 상징으로 되어 있는 이현상과는 달리, 철저하게 원리원칙에 따른 투쟁 노선을 견지했다는 점이 평가받고 있다.

 - 다음 박정호, 일제시대 신흥무관학교 출신으로 독립운동에 참여하고, 이후 조선공산당 활동으로 체포. 상해에서 민족해방운동에 참여하다가 해방후 북조선 노동당에서 경리부장으로 있다가 53년 남쪽으로 내려와 자수하고, 목재소를 운영. 그 후에 지속적으로 남한의 혁신정당운동을 지원하다가 간첩 혐의로 체포되어 59년 사형집행.

 - 최백근, 일제시대 동맹휴학 사건으로 체포되었다 해방후 장안파 공산당, 이후 근로민중당 참가. 4.19 혁명 이후 사회당 조직부장으로 '민족자주통일(민자통)’ 사무국장을 거침. 5.16 쿠테타 이후 혁신계 인사 일제 검거에 따라 체포되어 사형. 

 - 김종태, 일제시대 반일독서회 활동, 해방 이후 건준에서 청년간부로 일하다, 46년 10월 인민항쟁 관련자로 수배를 받았다. 이후 교사 생활을 하다가 56년 청맥전선이라는 혁신계 인사들의 조직을 구성, 4.19 이후 경북노동연합회 지도고문이자 한국전쟁 기간 피살된 민간인 유족회 고문 활동. 이후 한국 혁명 운동사에서 가장 문제적 사건이었던 '통일혁명당 창당준비위원회'를 64년에 건설, 68년 통혁당 사건으로 체포되어, 69년 사형.

 - 도예종, 일제시대 출생해 일본에서 공부를 하고, 해방 후 남로당 활동. 교사 생활을 하다가 60년 민주민족청년동맹 경북간사장을 거쳐 64년 '인민혁명당’ 중앙상무위원회 위원장으로 체포되어 3년 선고, 이후 74년 '인혁당 재건위’ 사건으로 체포되어 1년 뒤 사형.

 - 마지막 이재문, 4.19 이후 <민족일보> 기자로서 통일민주청년동맹 참가, 64년 인혁당 사건으로 구속되었으나 집행유예. 76년 남조선민족해방전선 준비위원회 결성. 79년 남민전사건으로 체포되어 80년 사형 확정되었고, 이후 수감 생활 도중 81년 옥중에서 사망.

 - 식민지 시기 변절하지 않고 끝까지 일제와 투쟁했던 것이 임시정부쪽 인사들과 사회주의 운동 세력이었고, 임시 정부 인사들이 해방 이후 수모를 당하며 지리멸렬 흩어지게 되었지만 그래도 생존할 수 있었던 반면, 사회주의 진영 특히 외부에 의한 강제적 선택으로 인해 자본주의 국가가 되어야 하는 남한에 남은 사회주의 진영은 지속적인 탄압의 대상이 되었다. 그리고 이승만에 맞서서, 그리고 박정희에 맞서서 반제-반독재 투쟁을 했던 주도적인 인물들 역시 이들 사회주의의 세례를 받은 이들이었다. 또한 경남 지역을 중심으로 형성된 해방 이후 세대의 혁명 운동 세력들 역시 부산대 이종률 교수처럼 일제 시대부터 활동한 사회주의 이론가의 영향권 하에 있었다는 것을 보아도 혁명 전통이 존재했음은 발견할 수 있다. 하지만 처음 쓴 것과 같이 이들이 실제로 얼마나 다양한 대중적 저항에 기여했는가는 여전히 의심스럽다. 심지어 어떤 활동 조차 펼치지 못한 상태에서 억울하게 처형당한 이들이 있음도 부정하기 어렵다.

 - 어쩌면 전혀 승리할 수 없는 것이 예견되는 상황에서도 죽음으로 달려가는 길을 선택하는 삶. 누군가에게는 이것이 바보같은 일일 수도 있고, 때로는 역량을 보존해야 할 역사적 책무를 외면하는 맹동주의적인 태도일 수도 있다. 하지만 어떤 광기 속에서도 끝까지 저항했던 사람이 있었다는, 언젠가 기록을 통해 발견할 누군가를 위해 삶을 선택하는 방법도 있을 수 있을 것이다. 아니 그런 먼 이야기가 아니라, 자신의 삶, 그 삶의 해방을 위해서도 그 길을 선택하지 않을 수 없는 사람도 있을 수 있을 것이다. 볼리비아로 달려간 게바라의 삶을 우리가 어리석다고만 할 수 있을까? 게바라의 이야기처럼 “인간은 꿈의 세계에서” 내려오는 존재인데 말이다.

One of the Crappiest Shark Movies EVER


Roboshark is one of the worst movies ive ever seen. It has too many “plot twists” and is super cliché. Even though it is the best SyFy shark movie (so far), it leaves the audience wondering if the directors and filmmakers even know what theyre doing.

It starts off with the typical ‘no one wants to give this girl a chance’ scenario. The main character wants to be a reporter, but coworkers and others make fun of her for being a 'crazy weather girl’. Even though she has insider info on the attacks, no one believes her. So what is she to do? Steal the news van of course! (As if we didnt see it coming🙄) This is only the first super cliche scenes.

From the Navy failing miserably at capturing or killing a beast to a rebellious teenage daughter way too into her phone, to finding out the robot shark was sent from aliens, it basically copies EVERY SINGLE FAMOUS MOVIE.

The girl suddenly realizes the shark follows her on twitter. Yup, thats right. An alien robot shark follows her on Twitter. They DM for a bit and she finds out he’s actually nice and only attacks because he wants to go home.

This movie is seriously just do dumb. It honestly amazes me that they haven’t been sued for copying other movie’s plots.

Lastly, the graphics. It has shitty graphics that look like they were a high school’s animation class project. It was made in 2015 for fuck’s sake! Tremors has better graphics and sound effects!

All in all, i definitely dont recommend this movie. 1 out of 10 stars.

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli (★★★✩)

contemporary romance | 336 pages | Balzer + Bray | April 11, 2017 | goodreads | amazon

Seventeen-year-old Molly Peskin-Suso knows all about unrequited love—she’s lived through it twenty-six times. She crushes hard and crushes often, but always in secret. Because no matter how many times her twin sister, Cassie, tells her to woman up, Molly can’t stomach the idea of rejection. So she’s careful. Fat girls always have to be careful.

Then a cute new girl enters Cassie’s orbit, and for the first time ever, Molly’s cynical twin is a lovesick mess. Meanwhile, Molly’s totally not dying of loneliness—except for the part where she is. Luckily, Cassie’s new girlfriend comes with a cute hipster-boy sidekick. Will is funny and flirtatious and just might be perfect crush material. Maybe more than crush material. And if Molly can win him over, she’ll get her first kiss and she’ll get her twin back.

There’s only one problem: Molly’s coworker Reid. He’s an awkward Tolkien superfan with a season pass to the Ren Faire, and there’s absolutely no way Molly could fall for him. Right?

“Because when you spend so much time just intensely wanting something, and then you actually get the thing? It’s magic.“

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Primordial Bring Big Punches In "Exile Amongst The Ruins"

Metal is best served when it’s big and angry, which is exactly what Primordial delivers in their new album. Filled with atmosphere and thrill, Primordial bring big punches in Exile Amongst The Ruins.

The best part of Exile Amongst The Ruins is that it’s a very dynamic album. Primordial isn’t afraid to change things up mid-song, evident from first track ’Nail Their Tongues.’ The nine minute begins deceptively quietly with a reverberating guitar, before a giant riff comes blistering in. Every moment for nine minutes is full of energy, and the thrill of the song only increases as it grows. Primordial does well, with an album filled with songs over five minutes long, at keeping the interest alive. Closing track ’Last Call’ is similar to the opening track in that it has quiet parts, though they are interspersed throughout. It ends huge, however, making certain the album ends on a high.

There isn’t a dull moment on Exile Amongst The Ruins, but sometimes you’re left just wanting a bit more. Being that most tracks clock in over seven minutes long, Primordial does everything they can to make sure they capture your attention at every moment, but at times it feels they jut don’t go far enough. ’To Hell Or The Hangman’ has lots of drive, but it stays pretty much the same from start to finish, while ’Where Lie The Gods,’ in contrast is massive and epic, constantly changing and bearing evil down on you with several defined parts. Even title track ’Exile Amongst The Gods’ feels like it goes on for just a bit too long, with not enough change to really take it above and beyond. No songs are weak, but could have benefitted with a little more.

Primordial bring big punches in Exile Amongst The Ruins, offering a pretty dynamic and epic metal album. The length of the songs often serve as an issue, but no song is weak. Every moment is packed with anger and energy, and you feel every riff and blast beat hit you hard.

Favorite Tracks: Where Lie The Gods, Nail Their Tongues

Least Favorite Track: To Hell Or The Hangman

Rating: 75 / 100

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The Seven Deadly Sins Review Chapter 256: The New Legend Dies!... That was Quick!

Ok due to not having my laptop with me for a few weeks and my mini I mac appears to only copy a certain amount from my last review giving that I only saw part of my last review when I first posted it, so I needed to double check and edit my last one a bit before doing this one now making me more behind on my reviews. But anyway, my thoughts on chapter 256.

Pointless Summary: The scene Starts with Arthur walking through debris from his last attack, while Merlin is narrating recap from the last chapter. Hawk asks her (while bearhugged by Escanor) if the Holy Sword Excalibur will be enough to beat Meliodas and his new demon buddies, Merlin does not answer at first until next page shows Meliodas and Zeldris unharmed saying “reality I not that kind”. Arthur questions the brothers on how they are still alive, which gets when their masters arrive appearing unharmed as well with Chandler saying how his attack don’t do squat.

Arthur questions this (who can blame him given last chapter he was kicking demon butt) as Chandler response they where just checking what that Excalibur is made of. Cusack continues saying how they had nothing to do testing the sword was nice break from the monotony (I need to remember this word) so he thanks Arthur for that. However this is cut short as Chandler tell him his moustache has been cut one side, which he freaks out about rambling on how it’s the best in the demon realm while Arthur looks on in dispair.

Cath tells Arthur his magic still hasn’t awakened yet if not everything would be all for nothing, however Arthur recklessly charges in saying as long as he has Excalibur he can’t lose. Though quickly gets overwhelmed by just the powerful arua the demons are giving of (along with really scary looking monster shadowy figures), meanwhile Merlin hear Cath saying Arthur is going to die.

Things get bad for Arthur as Excalibur suddenly get to heavy to lift, desperate to lift it up he injures himself. Cusack points out two mistakes our hero has made:

1.            His lack of strength. While the soul of his predecessors lend him strength his body needs the fortitude of flesh and mind to utilise such great power, proof that despite training he is still nowhere near the level otherwise his body wouldn’t have been strained as it is. Mocking Arthur that he has brought his own ruin.

2.            He messing with the wrong demons! While their have been many demons that have feared human heroes they were only the average ones (a.k.a the weak ones), while the 4 that stand before him are the highest order of demons (a.k.a the elite) that humans have no chance of beating them. To proof this he points out even the souls of the sword are trembling in fear.

Now that they are done talking, Cusack talks to Arthur how they are going to dispose of him. At first tells him back in the old any human who disrespected the elites and the royal get chopped up and fed to the Indura beats, but saying the sight isn’t worthy of his beloved students zeldris’s eyes he is just going to crush Arthur’s heart.

Suddenly Merlin comes out of nowhere and uses some ice magic to freeze Cusack and the surrounding demons as Chandler & Zeldris recognise her. Merlin compliments Arthur staying alive and thanks Cath for sending his thoughts she can come here to save Arthur. Eliodas demands that Merlin returns the Commandment of Faith to him now, but Merlin holding Arthur (in a much too clingy position if you ask me) tells him just as he is trying to become the Demon King to save Elizabeth his friends and loved are trying to to save him and he should not forget that before dispearing and the ice shatters.

Back at the Boar Hut Diane States the obvious that Merlin has disappeared from nowhere in a worried manner, while Hawk asks the question if she succeed in rescuing Arthur. Then suddenly she’s back landing on Hawk with Arthur, shocking the sins as she asks Elizabeth to heal Arthur while Hawk comments on Cath’s injury. However, scene cuts to Cusack and as his eye glows so does Arthur’s and as Cusack is moving his arms to do self-stabbing in the chest, so does Arthur but he is holding Excalibur. This shocks everyone as Arthur is failing down with Merlin crying out in despair ending the chapter.

The Good: Okay for one I am glad the Demons weren’t completely outclassed by Arthur’s new-found strength and were just testing out what Excalibur can do, as they are pretty much the only threat left in the series except for the Demon King and maybe the Goddess clan in future depending on where Nakaba Suzuki takes the series. I’m also happy that Arthur has still got ways to go before fully being able to use the full extent of Excalibur, as it would feel really forced that he suddenly gets on par with the high demons. Nice to see more traits from our new Demons in the series mainly from Cusack, with how he reacts to his prized moustache from being half cut and then rambling on that it was the best in the demon realm it was priceless I couldn’t stop laughing first time I read it.

The Highlight of course is the final pages of Arthur being stab and Merlin panicking, as this is the first time I have ever seen her so worried given this character is usually in control of the situation no matter how terrified her allies are finally in a position she can’t control. We also finally get a hint of some of Cusack’s abilities as it seems he can control your movements if he has looked you in the eye (that’s even more powerful than a basic sharingan before it got too op)

The Artwork continues to be stellar, my favourite is the double page with the master duo showing off their powerful presence showing dark figure and terrifying monsters very good use of black and white art manga is known for. Other panels I like are the two demon brothers standing side by side, the double page of Arthur stabbing him self and the final one with Merlin’s look of despair as Arthur falls as you can feel the emotions of a character for most part of the series remains calm and collected finally breaking down.

The Bad: Unfortunately, I have a bit to complain about as well. While I’m glad Arthur is not overpowered enough to defeat the 4 most powerful demons, I am not happy to learn that Excalibur true power isn’t enough to take on the most powerful demons and only common demons are truly terrified of the sword and its wielders. Which is disappointing as I was hoping the series would give something for the human characters to compete on par with the higher demons that wasn’t Ban’s immortally from the Fountain of Youth from the Fairy Clan or Escanor’s Sunshine that’s actually an Archangels Power, but that’s sadly not the case.

I also did not like that Merlin could teleport to Arthur’s location just because she can read Cath’s thoughts when he thinks Arthur is in danger, as it pretty much a plot device to move things along. It also makes it feel like the pervious arc where the Sins were heading to Camelot to rescue Arthur pointless, if Merlin can just teleport there and back if she can connect to Cath’s thoughts. Also, the position Merlin was holding on to Arthur when she was rescuing him felt a bit fanservice to me with the way it was drawn, but I could just be nit-picking here.

Overall Thoughts and Hopes:

I give this chapter a 6.9/10. While it has great artwork and some good character moments, it’s still disappointing to learn that Arthur will never be on par with the stronger demons with Excalibur and Merlin is starting to get very broken with her convenient abilities. If I didn’t know what would happen next chapter I’d say Elizabeth would of healed and saved Arthur next chapter then he get a current update of the Situation with Meliodas and the upcoming Holy War, but I will save that for the next review.

Batman: The Enemy Within

You say you’re all about “justice.” Justice is a joke! Tell me what’s “just” about my life. I lost half of it in an asylym, to a sickness I couldn’t control.

(image from Telltale Games)

Telltale-style adventures ask more of their players than just about any other type of game. We’ve all seen videos of players making arbitary or even random decisions. They’re funny, but I also think that the miss the point of the genre, to a certain extent. These adventure games ask you to behave in a consistent manner, to really step into the character’s shoes. They have no mechanism to enforce this, of course. And that sort of unwritten rule isn’t for every player.

Maybe it’s a little peculiar, then, that Batman: The Enemy Within’s greatest strength is adding one more unwritten rule. To really enjoy the game, you have to play with full awareness of the dramatic irony in the story.

Here’s an example: early on in the story you’re asked, as Bruce Wayne, to infiltrate a clandestine criminal syndicate. Along the way, you find that someone else has been roped in, one John Doe. In the first game, John helped you escape Arkham Asylum. You know from that experience that he’s highly suggestible, and you learn from your time with the organization that he is likely getting manipulated and used. You, Mr. Superhero, have to save him, right?

Now, what if I tell you that John Doe has pallid white skin and green hair?

As with a lot of media set in the early part of Batman’s career, we know who these characters are. We know how it’s all going to end. That knowledge adds to the steadily increasing tensions in the Enemy Within, right up to the climax of Doe and Wayne’s relationship at the end of Episode 4.

The voice acting is a highlight, and Anthony Ingruber does a particularly brilliant job of playing John Doe. His performance is just as good as Mark Hamill’s or Heath Ledger’s, and in some ways he becomes the glue that holds the game together.

I sense a lot of Telltale fatigue among gamers right now, and that’s understandable. The Walking Dead: Season 2 was a disappointment, and Game of Thrones was just flat-out bad. And I wrote in my review of the first Batman that as much as I liked the characters and writing, the actual mechanical parts of the game were really clunky.

For the Enemy Within, Telltale made the decision to throw out most of the old mechanics, and instead focus on the characters, the choices, and the relationships. That design change sits at the heart of the huge experential improvement between Batman and the Enemy Within. You will need to trust, you will need to lie, you will need to decide what and who to hold close. Can John Doe be saved? Will you help Selina Kyle, even if it hurts others? And, without spoiling anything, it all comes to a head with your very final choice. All of the reviews of Episode 5 have mentioned how chilling and difficult that decision was, and I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that it’s the single best moment in any Telltale game they’ve made so far. I think the way it’s written slams the door on a Season 3, but I’m at peace with that, given how good the story here is.

I felt a little sick when I finished Batman: The Enemy Within. I’m not sure that I made the world better for any of these characters. That last choice landed like a punch to the gut. If you’re willing to play by Telltale’s rules, to embrace the dramatic irony and really roleplay the Batman character, then you have a gem here just as good as Tales from the Borderlands or the Wolf Among Us.

The Vaccines Deliver Feel Good Indie Rock On "Combat Sports"

There’s nothing like an upbeat indie rock album that has a tinge of sadness in it to help lift your spirits. The sound always has a way of looking optimistically at a bad situation and eliciting a feeling of understanding with you. The Vaccines deliver feel good indie rock on Combat Sports to help you find that optimism if you’re feeling down.

Combat Sports runs through a variety of emotions, but it starts fairly somberly. ’Put It On A T-Shirt’ kicks things off safely with a classic indie rock sound, which is kept consistent in ’I Can’t Quit.’ These songs, while nothing special overall, provide that perfect “sad but looking on the bright side” atmosphere that gives it its charm. ’Your Love Is My Favourite Band’ adds some warmer, poppier textures into the mix to add some more life into the sound, lifting up the album a bit more.

As the album goes on, The Vaccines seem to find more hope and come closer to what they’re searching for. ’Young American’ seems to serve as the turning point, the highly intimate track sounding almost desperate as it longs for the feeling of belonging to someone else: “So you can show me what my mouth is for / Suffocate me in between your thighs / And take me swimming, naked, in your eyes.” ’Nightclub’ immediately kicks back in with a lot more energy and life breathed into it, the chaos of the words pairing nicely with the raucousness of the track. The album closes anthemically with ’Rolling Stones,’ celebrating the past and, unlike the start of the album, sounds like it looks forward to the future rather than being apprehensive of it.

The Vaccines deliver feel good indie rock on Combat Sports, telling a story with the album’s progression. It starts off longing and trying to search for hope in a dark situation, but eventually stops worrying and begins to let go of the past and prepare for the future. It’s a relatively standard album in terms of sound, but what it does storywise is fantastic.

Favorite Track: Nightclub, Young American

Least Favorite Track: Maybe (Luck Of The Draw)

Rating:  72 / 100

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