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Retraining, in this context, had conveyed the latest information to the workforce, thus embracing change.

Wrath of Automation: House Committee Katie Porter & Jamie Dimon Spat, A Taste of Things to Come! Watch it on YouTube:

I’m testing. I’m not testing. I’m testing—yes, no, yes, no, we don’t know(/why). I better get a straight answer soon, else I’m gonna go ballistic!!!

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Jamie got his wings today! The penny seems to have dropped and we went over rather than through them 😄 sprinter to jumper

We all have a , which is our My story: I had to lose everything I was scared to lose to find my path to success. I am proud of this story because it shows I am strong, smart, and strategic was vital What does your story say about you?

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Writing Victories - Apr 19, 2019

⭐ Only 22,000 words left to edit in SMtS!

⭐ Nailed revisions on one of the chapters I hadn’t even realized needed to be edited so heavily (it’s SO much better now and even sets up some things for the sequel)  

⭐ Posted a revision of my query for critique! (no actual critique so far, just one very nice positive comment…but please, internet, tell me what’s bad about my query so I can fix it)

⭐ Even if I don’t get critique…I have some ideas on how to tweak it so I personally like it a bit more

⭐ Brainstormed some fresh new ideas to torture my characters for the sequel! 


@babyboomerbeastfitness got me out of breath already 😲 #fitness #retraining #DeeWorksFacepaintsToo #letsgoyall #DeeWorks #getfit #myfitlife @djdmix975 Let’s Go Ya’ll!!!!!™

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#squats x3 ways today. Back (190lb 3x5), front (100lb 3x12), back with narrow stance and raised heels (80lb 3x15). By the end my quads were shaking but I loved it all. I’m so happy my programming is back to #squat four days a week! .

I’m trying to find the happy place with my body as far as what I like when I look in the mirror. My body comp has and is changing, that’s for sure, but it has yet to be discovered if I’m okay with it. Paitence and time. Just like #retraining #horses with #behavioral issues. This will not happen over night, next week or possibly even the end of this month. Maybe in three months, I’ll have an answer? Either way, I’m just going to grind it out every day and eat some steak. .

#sociallyawkwardSam #dressagelifter #hybridaf #byebyevikings #backtoketo #amistrongorjustfat (at Johnson Fitness Center)

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Andy (playing Una): I’ve retrained my daily to this awesome power called life-tapping darts.

Rhi (playing Hanako): You’re never going to use obedient servant again and Hanako’s just going to assume it’s because you’re too scarred by what happened last time.

Una: She can think whatever she wants, doesn’t make her right.