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Delighted to get this feedback about my book on Linkedin ... "A huge achievement Helen and well deserved. It is a very compelling and thought provoking book. It certainly strikes a chord for me."

There is a looming threat to many of our jobs from and a lack of thoughtful . Let’s think about a better by considering worker , our political preferences, and an workforce now.

are starting to invest in their future workforce: through current employee training and , apprenticeship programs and reskilling initiatives or by supporting organizations that are helping close the and opportunity gaps

It's a head game you cannot win Consistently without For no matter what the I get it! Ask me how Penny

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He’s a munchkin, every time the camera came out he turned to block my face! Don’t blame him though, look how pretty he is!!

Life As It Is! Live life in the present moment and don't allow the mind chatter to distract you. Being in your brings . 🙏

Today marks a particular busy start to the year, the 40 Week Boat Building Class of August 2018 have returned from their Christmas break and are busy setting up in the main workshop.

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Fancy ? If it’s something you’re considering Faith McMath outlines all you need to know in this article..

and for and will be in full swing by 2030. Akin to the move from agrarian work during the Industrial Revolution. Are you ready? What questions does need to ask?

Ieri ho terminato il annuale per la rianimazione cardio polmonare dedicata ai laici! Un intervento immediato fa la differenza tra la e la ogni minuto che passa - 10% di probabilità di sopravvivere 🤗

⁩ speaking about the critical needs of & working with young people AND working with publishers services as they & make themselves fit for the future

. meets the hallmarks of a successful training program. Here's what was discussed at State of the Region

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