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"Retail in 2019: Store evolution, tech adoption and what it will take to win" by at

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priorities: Past and future investment in is highest of all industries—outstripping even healthcare—plus retail has been the second largest investor in over the last 12 months. From: by

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With the ever growing landscape, the traditional sector has slipped down way below its true . Here’s an overview of the 5 this sector is facing and how can it reinvent itself:

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Weekend? #Saturday is just another day.
“Most of say you want to be successful but you don’t want it bad. You just kinda want it. Most of you don’t want success as much as you want to sleep…”

#dontstop #mma #heavybag #punchingbag #kicking #notjust #fashiontech #menssanaincorporesano #believeinyourself #freedom #technology #wearables #wearabletech #retailtech #bethebestyou (at Mayfair, London City)

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