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Top retailers have collectively donated $100 million worth of brand new surplus stock to the not-for-profit organisation Good360 - in support of families in need across the country.

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By Norm Feuti, in daily comic strip Retails.

Online retailer Golf4Her ( has opened their first brick and mortar location in downtown Denville, New Jersey with an exciting twist.

“It’s a new retail world which requires new solutions for our customers,” explains Christina Thompson, Founder/CEO of Golf4Her. Following a trend that has been upending traditional retail shopping, as evidenced by both Nordstrom and Bonobos, (which offer shopping without racks and racks of clothing in-store), the new Golf4Her location will provide customers a streamlined way to shop that appeals to a woman’s busy, modern lifestyle.

Launched in 2010, changed the way women shopped for top-quality golf apparel online. Now they’re changing the way women shop for golf wear again. Their new store will allow customers to touch the merchandise, try on numerous styles, and find the perfect fit, all things they could not do when purchasing online. “Many women like to actually feel the incredible fabrics, and online shoppers know that sizing can be inconsistent between designers,” Thompson adds.

Featuring dozens of top names in the golf industry such as Nancy Lopez Golf, Adidas and Puma, Golf4Her offers samples to try on in sizes 00 to 3X. Instead of endless racks of merchandise inside the store, customers select what styles and sizes they want, and a Staff Stylist will arrange for the clothing to be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer’s home or office. Golf4Her also carries a selection of accessories like golf bags, gloves, and ball markers that customers can take with them.

The Golf4Her store is bright, white and modern with a feminine look. One of the partner brands available in the store is Swing Control. “We’re excited to introduce more women to the brand and gain loyal fans,” shared Josh Mark of Swing Control. “Both Christina and I want women golfers to look and feel their best, both on and off the course,” Mark adds. “Denville is such a lively shopping community, full of restaurants and retailers. We are confident that our beautiful new Golf4Her store will fit right in,” states Thompson.

About Golf4Her
Golf4Her is a premier retail destination for women’s golf and lifestyle apparel. By partnering with the golf industry’s top designers, Golf4Her brings women an exciting collection of hard-to-find golf fashions in the latest styles, newest fabrics, and hottest trends. Golf4Her carries styles that blend fashion and sport with lifestyle, giving women a fresh new look on and off the course. For more information visit:

Store Phone: (848) 209-0076
Store Address: 54 Diamond Spring Road, Denville, NJ 07834

Dear Fridge buyer

Complaints are important to businesses. If they aren’t told of an issue then how can the rectify it? Some complaints are silly, like the shade of blue of a poster or maybe the fact you don’t sell X because of Y. Some are important! Maybe someone was rude, maybe you were hurt, maybe someone broke something- either way, feedback comes in many forms but I never thought I’d see the day when I would get a two page long email complaining about one fateful day this (we will call him Mr Blind) customer entered our store with the undying, passionate desire to purchase both a microwave and a fridge.

As a member of staff, I have no issue with a customer asking me the location of something, no matter how ovious. “Where is this?” Well it’s right behind you, oops! We move on, and go about our day. Not Mr Blind- oh no. Starting off his email as dramatically as I am writing this blog. What an exciting adventure Mr Blind is embarking on, in pursuit of his new appliances! But WOE is he: “There is no signage indicating the location of these products!” (Mr Blind, page 1, 2018) He cries. On the contrary, Mr Blind, we have signs indicating the location of our products. In fact, due to the size and space of oh worthy “Fridges” we have THREE signs stating their location!

Not to mention the fact that these products vary from anything to 60cm tall to 200cm tall! Being taller than … literally everything… in this store including our staff, shelves and other products!

SPOILER: You can see our refrigerating appliances from every location on the shop floor, including the main entrance- with no obstructions. The signage for said units happens to be taller than even the fridges, and is probably about 12ft long.

What did you need? Big flashing light? A callot on the intercom?

“This Is a Customer announcement, Mr Blind, you can find the fridges approximately 12 meters forward and immediately to your left.”

If not a sign, then maybe staff?

Now a delayed response from staff would be an understandable complaint, sometimes it’s busy and there’s a queue (welcome to Britain, sir)! But as humans, even if waiting your place in said queue, “Could you please direct me towards the fridges?” Is but a simple request. Of course, the floor manager stands but a few feet away from the fridges, but maybe the overwhelming intimidation of this apparent 30 year waiting list for a queue obstructed your view of our units.

I believe there’s a phrase for this, can’t see the forest for the trees?

You eventually found the microwaves hiding (the little scallywags!) in the section surrounded by kitchen paraphinalia, disguised as a kitchen appliance, and despite trolleys being readily available for your convenience so that you did not have to carry your heavy …25 litre microwave, to the desk (located next to the department your precious microwaves are hiding in), you chose to anyway, as if there was some kind of microwave troll who’s job it is to carry it for you.

Even with a queue, if your request was to carry a heavy object to the desk and to your car, it is a task that can be carried out by staff dedicated to the task of doing so.

There’s my response, and I hope it rivals the number of story arcs and plot twists that your complaint provided me with. I especially liked the part where you questioned where you should pay. The 15 ft long “please pay here” sign gives you a clue.

“Will I buy a fridge? Where are they? Where do I pay?” (Mr Blind, page 2, 2018).

If you must know, sir, they’re up my ass.



Protect your Product Information

It is easy to manage your product information, & import and export files in Excel with Catsy. Product Information Management has become a critical technology investment for both IT and business executives. This is a more friendly tool widely used by E-commerce managers, marketers and product managers enabling them to manage all the information in one place.


Cebu’s first INTEGRATED family entertainment COMPLEX - Belmont One celebrates its groundbreaking ceremony today at Calajoan Cebu South Road, Minglanilla, Cebu.

In its 3.5 hectare prime location, Belmont One provides a variety of amenities such as hotels, restaurants, retail and shopping centers, and a world-class THEME park with exciting rides, food stalls, and game booths. “This will be the first integrated family entertainment COMPLEX in the Visayas and Mindanao,” says Chester Lim, president of Belmont One.

Also, introducing Anjo World, Cebu’s first and only world-class THEME park within Belmont One, featuring different themed zones based on the different continents of the world- Europe, Asia, America, Africa, all in one setting. Anjo World showcases different rides and attractions with park snacks and treats.

Anjo World features all-time favorite rides such as a 160 feet Ferris wheel, a spinning roller coaster, a grand carousel, bumper cars, bumper boats and many more. From thrill rides such as the tower drop and the viking, family rides, kiddie rides such as teacups and frog jump to arcade games, Snow World and more. Anjo World caters not only to kids but to kids-at-heart as well.

Belmont One will be able to generate 500 new jobs and new income revenue streams for the municipality of Minglanilla while providing a nearer entertainment destination for nearby residents. “Over a million of residents in Minglanilla and its surrounding municipalities will be able to enjoy the convenience of shopping and entertainment, saving time and fuel,” adds Lim.

Belmont One is set to officially open in the last quarter of 2018.


A lady came over to our registers explains that she wouldn’t be able to make it to the movie and wanted a refund. However one of the conditions of the coupon was that it was non-refundable. After apologising and explaining that to her she flipped out and demanded both proof and the manager.

When the manager comes he repeats to her what we’ve already said and apologises to her again.

As she leaves she starts fuming and begging to ramble about how rude the customer service is and that we need to learn how to read.


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As a cashier myself, i can assure you that We do not get angry or judge you for not putting away your change/bags/receipt/etc fast enough. Most of us just move off of muscle memory, so when we hold the next item out for you to take while you’re still putting stuff away, we aren’t trying to be impatient. It’s just a natural thing we do.