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The growing trend of people working flexibly or to be self-employed, dubbed 'the flat white economy' is influencing the way retail and food spaces are transforming to become multi-functional areas. Read more

Another couple of these will be heading across the country soon. Thanks to for using us to design and supply their sales boards for their stockists to show off some epic tools . .

Working again with BOXPARK BOXPARK marked the opening of its biggest location to date with an incredible launch weekend. Rinse FM took over the massive 20,000 sq.ft

snowy afternoon here. inside finishing up a client review set for a retail store i am designing in new york. interior elevations showing on the screen

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Hip Hop Decor - Millennium Tiles 300x900mm (12x36) Digital Ceramic OCT Matt Wall Tiles - Hip Hop Decor 1 - Hip Hop Decor 2 - Hip Hop Decor 3


First of all a store owner or visual merchandaiser should know the importance and meaning of a correct window display! The most important thing you have to understand is that a window display is the business card for a store, it is the main advertisement. It has to represent the values of the brand and must be consistent and attractive to your customers.

The mistakes that people commit are probably the result of unknowing the main rules of VM!

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#1. Too much is too much!

The first and gravest mistake most stores, tend to make is to overcrowd the window with a lot of details, colors, textures or products. Only if it is a special ocasion and you are going to claim about this changes severals days before it is going to work, otherwise people won’t understand and accept the merchandaising you made. So tend to be clear and simple!

#2. The second mistake is the opposite of the #1 one - really empty window space. 

So why it happends!? People are affraid to overdone the space and give too much information. It’s ok, but don’t forget about backgrond, informative graphic and correct composition! Customers need to know what  you’re going to promote, they want to know about it right now, here, in front of your window display, without coming inside.

#3. Pay attention to color!

When choosing a specific color or color combination for a window display, try to take into consideration how a specific color affects passersby, what moods or emotions they transmit, what gender they appeal to most and how contrasts or different tones can be used to make your customers want to go in. You can also take into consideration your brand’s colors and use tone variation.

#4. Some products are on sale? Show it!

Another big mistake people tend to make, is to forget to show that they have special discounts, offers, specific sales, and so on. It is one of the most important marketing tools a store owner can use to attract customers so don’t forget to put up a sticker, show it with hand drawn letters or in any way your imagination wants. It just has to be visible and specific/clear.

overdone but still ok!

artistic!! love it!

#5. Dirty (disordered) displays

It is unprofessional and a huge mistake to leave your windows dirty, not to mention products, mannequins or props unless there is a certain theme or idea you were going for, but even then, it’s better not to… It is just bad business practice and it must be taken care of accordingly.

#6. Bad timing

Another mistake in this area is to practice bad timing. If you plan a change for your window, let’s say a seasonal change, then be sure to take a few days before the unveiling and the date of the season changing to prepare the décor.

#7. Lights

One of the most important thing, the lights,- should be correctly installed and give a right direction

#8. Equipment

The use of equipment is also really important. Consider that today there are a lot of new ways for lay out. You can deal without use of normal mannequins and create an interesting enviroment in your own way. Just be creative, make researches if needed and don’t be afraid.

thanks for watching and stay tuned for new updates!