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Juan Hildebrand, managing director, , on how shifting consumer behaviour is leading to innovative changes in retail design

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Ashford Designer Outlet, Kent. The second new Gant UK store opening in a big tent location designed by Richard Rogers @rogersstirkharbour within a year! .

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Cannabis culture is changing and cannabis retail design is evolving with it. Let's chat about how we can help your business stand out.

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Latest store for at Brent Cross Shopping Centre taking the Apothecary retail concept to North London

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Go back in time to the 1970s, the first of four pivotal decades explored in the x experience, celebrating Wrangler’s heritage & brand w/ modern style & fresh attitude:

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Zuo corp. Pop-up shop.

Design project: Agi Kuczynska, Hania Kokczynska, Jacek Majewski
Date: 2010
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Surface area: 27 m²
Costs (€): 10 000 €
Interior photography: Jacek Majewski

The designers were given the use of a small sidewalk space, which would normally be allocated to café ‘Miedzy Nami” in the summer as a garden café. A major requirement for the project was to use two interconnected office containers (dimensions 4.65 x 5.60 x 2.31m) that the investor had at their disposal. The metal insulated structure of the container was supposed to provide protection from the difficult weather conditions: heavy rain, snow and strong frosts (up to -20 ° C) occurring at this time of the year in Warsaw. The aim was to achieve maximum effect with minimum means, having a small budget and the use of the base structure of the containers. Another important task was to create a surprise effect when entering the pop-up shop. Small, inconspicuous object, as it seemed from the outside, was creating an “Alice in Wonderland” effect, to introduce the viewer to another world. The outer facade of the black cube did not announce what happened inside the pavilion. The containers were tightly “packed” in black canvas evoking an association with a magic box of a prestidigitator.


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Gk Gallery Project Submitted! Here are some brief visuals and CAD drawings to show my Gin retail design. I have called this space Midnight Garden, this is to represent the botanical side to Gin and also to enhance the luxury of the experience by creating a dark and personal space where your senses are challenged with smells, textures and sight. I feel like chosing to complete this project alongside work placement was really valuable for me as I was able to use some of the techniques I had observed on my work placement and inpliment them in my design process. In addition to this it helped me gain experience in completing a project more independently and I feel this will be valuable getting my ready for third year. With this project some other things I could have included would have been more research into the gin and wine customers, a more indepth analysis of the current space and more visuals. In future projects I would like to experiement with different visualisation methods and try out software such as vray.


Presentation Day! Today I was able to present my design to the client. This was just a brief 5-minute presentation of my design. Running through my design process from research to final design. After the presentation, I felt that I could have mentioned a lot more aspects of my design and why I did them. This would have given my chance to ‘sell’ my design. However, I felt at the time I felt a little flustered and missed out some key details, such as storage solutions and that I see the design working best as a space which users would most likely use in the evening, this would then solve some issue of lighting and giving that space the darker feel I imagined. Although I wasn’t quite so happy with my presentation I felt like the experience was really useful and I can learn from this. I also felt it was really useful to hear the feedback that the client and my tutors had this enabled me to adapt my design and final submission a little. Some of the feedback included adding annotations to my plans to identify every aspect of the design so it is easily understood. Another point was that the client felt that space upstairs wouldn’t get as dark as I had hoped so I might need to add a blind to block out some of the natural light coming into space. For future presentations, I will try to give myself a little more time to prepare and really think about what I was to say before presenting. This way I will be able to present my design with more confidence and be able to sell my design. 16/5/19


Materialization in retail

An afternoon at Bahnhofstrasse Zurich. Where do we discover good and bad examples when it comes to materialization for a retail space? Chosen materials- and surfaces strongly influence how a brand presents itself. 

I realised clearly that it is crucial to create a concept that is thought-through and rather long-lasting. One has to know exactly if the choice of a finish really makes sense. 

What is its function? What does the material tell about the brand? How will people get in touch with the materials and surfaces? How’s the maintenance? How will it react to mechanical friction (coat hangers on painted coating), to UV light, to people sitting or stepping on it every day? 

Pictures above:
Swarovski: Display split-up in too many different furniture
Apple: Good example, real material (solid oak table), elegant presentation that puts the focus only on the product.
Jelmoli (change of flooring) vs. Modissa: The change of material within the same floor is not easy, and not a cheap thing if you want to do it in a nice way. This example is ok, nicer than the metal rail you often see, but not as nice as at Modissa where the floor is high-quality and changes from the wood into carpet continuously.
Jelmoli (clothes rack): Depending on how the metal surface of clothes rack is treated determines how long it will look neat and how well it can withstand mechanical friction. That doesn’t make the right impression next to really expensive clothes.