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La premiará la innovación en sostenible. Edición 2020 del Concurso Europeo de Innovación Social.

ScanSource : Did you know that 74 of the top 100 merchants in the U.S. and 65% of all locations nationally offer Apple Pay? (via Twitter )

Here’s Where Consumers Want More Convenience When Shopping 🛒 Nine in 10 shoppers claim to be likely to choose a retailer based on convenience

Did you know that 74 of the top 100 merchants in the U.S. and 65% of all locations nationally offer Apple Pay?

Packing our bags for West Coast eCommerce next week! As Silver Sponsors and speakers at the event, we’re looking forward to a conference full of exciting and insights.

Construction Update The frame for Phase 2 is completed and construction continues for Market Street's newest retail hub!

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Okay, I legit had this woman come in and insult me over guacamole. I used to work at a Subway. This woman came in. Typically on a wrap or sandwich you get one scoop of guac and you can get more if you pay extra. I had this lady come through wanting 2 wraps with an extra scoop on each. No problem. i explained it would cost a little extra and she said that was just fine. She joked with me while i got her wraps down and i went to spread the guacamole on her tortillas. She asked me to spread it all the way to the edge and I explained that it would be wrapped and folded in a way it wouldn’t matter. She said she understood but asked if I could do it anyways. I told her sure thing and went ahead. So, as I’m spreading the guac on the first tortilla, some of it goes off the edge a little, not even that much. I’m in the process of fixing the mistake and putting more on to replace it and the woman starts screaming at me. She is yelling that I’m rude and that i did that just to be spiteful. I apologized profusely and told her it was an accident and that I was trying to fix it. She just kept yelling about my generation being rude and walked out calling me stupid. At this point, I’m fed up. So I just said, “Fine! Bye!" 

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customers complaining to me about how long they had to wait in the queue because i was the only person on till... like hardly is it my choice to be serving all these customers on my own.. why do they be thinking i’m in charge of the roster or something 🙄

The amount of times “you need to open more lanes!!!” gets shouted out me…


If I could, Karen, I would. I can’t make people magically appear out of thin air though.

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So this old lady comes up to me yesterday at work asking for Frosties, I politely tell her "sorry, but we don't have any more." She responded with the expected "can you check?" so I told her again, no, I know for definite we don't have any as I worked the delivery myself that day and knew for a fact there was none left. Her response? "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!" at the top of her 350 year old lungs. Literally screamed it at me. I was just shocked. She did the same thing to two other staff after me.


Trust us. We know what’s in the back and what isn’t. Plus if we lie to you, we know we’re going to have to deal with you again and once is more than enough xoxo.

The worst part about my job is the uncertainty of whether or not someone is being a creep. They can seem very innocent but still be subtly getting off to you even if all you are doing is standing there. I had some guy watching me from the DVD room while I did inventory, I just stood out of view and he would basically move so he could see me. I could have kicked him out but I’m scared to make a fuss with any of the customers when I’m alone on graveyard. Luckily he left pretty quickly.

pienerdxx  asked:

Today, I had a cashier shift. I've felt depressed about getting friendzoned, my mom getting cancer, hours getting cut to 2 or 3 days a week, and being told that the classes I want aren't offered online. I was at the point I was going to break down into tears, and then my coworker complimented my eyeshadow. The anxiety at that moment instantly dissolved and I found myself feeling happy and proud. If you feel the desire to compliment someone, do it. You can make their day.

Oof, I’m really sorry you’re going through all that. That’s rough. But I’m glad that that little bit of kindness helped you get through the day. It’s things like that that can really make a difference. But I do hope that things get better. Sending some love your way ❤


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“World’s Busiest Corner” by Jeff Stvan
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An exterior view of portions of Louis H. Sullivan’s Schlesinger & Mayer (later Carson Pirie Scott & Company) Department Store (1899, 1903-04) and Holabird & Roche’s Mandel Brothers (later Wieboldt’s) Department Store (1912), Chicago, IL