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Retail ecosystems are becoming the norm but incorporating products & services from outside needs careful data sharing. A key reason API Management is critical. My perspective here -

Eleciserve -Providing bespoke retail electrical solutions across London and the South East. Contact us today ➡️ .

On episode 66 of the Paper Planes Podcast, Simon speaks with the Head of Marketing at City Beach, Mike Doyle. Discover how City Beach has adjusted to change while keeping with their branding. Stream the podcast here.

An interesting article looking at the apparent paradigm shift from department stores and multi-brand retailing to a new model where wholesalers look to focus their attention on selling their products within their own stores.

Vancouver- based sustainable shoe brand, Native Shoes, is launching a sneaker made of fully plant-based and biodegradable materials, which can even be composted at the end of its life. 🌱👟

News: Majid Al Futtaim is set to open its first stores in . In the coming months, we will seek to respond to evolving customer needs and cater to the growing demand for modern in and its surrounding areas.

Thriving garden centre chain teamed up with in order to advance their technology. Read about their journey together here and why they chose the AURES YUNO...

🎺 Prêts pour le ! Un parcours interactif pour découvrir les de en Europe avec les experts des solutions venus de Belgique, du Luxembourg, d’Italie et de France

Magasins connectés : quelles sont les attentes des consommateurs français ? Profiter d'un environnement shopping de plus en plus connecté, alliant physique et digital ! via

E’ arrivato il momento, per il settore , di investire sempre di più nella . Questo implicherà investimenti a lungo termine per raggiungere gli obiettivi essenziali come una migliore .

LEASED ✅ • 34 Glebe Point Road, Glebe • 238 Oxford Street, Paddington • Shop 32/23 Norton Street, Leichhardt Please contact me on 0424 323 323 for further information.

5 mega trends: 1) Connected brand (customers expect you at every touchpoint) 2) Voice 3) Physical & virtual reality will blur 4) Video analytics 5) Machine learning Ravi Bagal, Head Worldwide Business Development, Consumer, Amazon Web Services

’s indicative selling for To get these rates on your phone give a missed call on - 8955664433

Visiting the National Plant Show today. We are on stand 6 right on the way to the restaurant area.

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somehow i’m working in the twilight zone of retail

everything is done by hand

the scanner is used for nothing

everything has barcode unless it doesn’t have a price tag

time doesn’t exist

we control nothing

our sales make no sense, we know this, it’s controlled by corporate

the temperature is controlled by corporate

the managers make announcements to the customers

we carry items no one has ever seen

nothing is on sale

everything is on sale

you must have change but you cannot ask for change

no really, you have to sign stuff if you ask for too much change

like the heck am i supposed to do karen? people need change and i have no money in my drawer. what do you want me to do? money doesn’t just appear at of thin air. i’m a cashier not a magician. yes i am still mad about this. 

you arrive unnecessarily early before your shift, you don’t leave until an hour after your shift ends

the stockmen don’t exist

the managers don’t exist

no one has any power

corporate controls everything

cameras watch your every move

corporate knows all

corporate is all seeing and omnipresent

corporate hates everyone

corporate apparently doesn’t know how humans work

corporate apparently does it’s best to make life difficult for the employees

customers come in just to yell at people

customers have receipts for items that don’t exist

nothing exists

nothing is real

nothing except the impending doom of corporate

do people expect retail employees to have the capability to teleport? because sometimes it seems like it. 

also the ability to lift things supernaturally? like, yes ma’am, i a 120 lb girl that has no muscle definition can lift that table twice my size for you, like people legit think that’s possible?

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we're remodelling our store and i hate the customers....our lights to turn on were taken away to update and this lady was like "well how am i supposed to tell you're here" and i was so tired i smiled brightly at her and said "well i usually think checking to make sure a person there is a GREAT start"



If you see a lot of people in line AnD YoRe in A RuSH!! Dont FuCKing get in line if you KNOW it’s going to take awhile to get what you need!!! Just please….

Look at the line if you’re in a rush and dont blame us if it’s taking too long for us to serve you. We are doing our best. Thanks.

I’m preparing my profile on a job site, apparently you get more hits if you add a photo of yourself… So do I use the photo of me with a throw over my face (wearing my glasses on top so it’s obvious it’s my face) or the photo where I’m wearing full bee-keepers attire?

Best Buy will dedicate store space to 'smart' gym equipment

Best Buy thinks it might have another way to remain relevant in the face of online shopping: diving head-first into smart fitness technology that often benefits from hands-on time. The big-box retailer has launched a fitness initiative that includes selling a variety of connected fitness equipment (more on that shortly) and, importantly, the retail commitment to back that up. Over 100 stores will have dedicated fitness spaces by the end of 2019, with in-store and home visitation staff receiving “special training” to help you understand the hardware.

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I feel like this shouldn’t have to be said, but people seriously seem to forget this:

It is NEVER okay to threaten employees at any store you’re shopping at. Just because something doesn’t go your way, or someone doesn’t immediately drop what they’re doing to find something that YOU lost, does not give you any right to threaten or harrass those who are working.

I’ve dealt with many problem customers, but never have I actually felt like my life was in danger. However today, someone felt the need to threaten to shoot me and my fellow coworkers over something that we had no control over. They left their wallet in the parking lot, and when they came back it wasn’t there.

If something is lost in the parking lot and another customer picks it up and decides to keep it without our knowledge, there is absolutely nothing that we can do. Do not sit there and follow us all over the store, threatening us, or other customers over your irresponsibility. You just make a fool of yourself.