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It’s amazing how much has changed with cashier training since I started at my store. I think I was bagging and training for a week and this was well over 4 years ago.

The last 2 weeks at my store I’ve seen 5 new cashiers and they each had all of 2 shifts each to train with someone before being able to ring for themselves.

Meanwhile today another new coworker had all of 1 other shift and because it was so busy she spent the entire time bagging. So instead of either putting her with me to train they put her on her own register when she had no fricking clue what half the buttons on the screen were. And instead of putting me on register to help with the lines I had to bag for her and basically talk her through every single thing.

Just… How?

I don’t mind training and helping new cashiers. But how hard is it to make sure they have the faintest idea EVEN how to ring or what to do before being thrown out there to fend for themselves?

Happy Thursday, my friends!

Please bear with me for the next few weeks. I’ve been tinkering with a new art program and I’m still finding my footing with it. If the art is somewhat less consistent than you’re accustomed to for the next few weeks, that’s why!

I stretched all my might to freakin reach that product hook at the top of the shelf. I’m even standing on a metal crate I found nearby, arms cramping but I couldnt fuckin reach it !!!

Punk guy passed by, stopped, and backed up. But all he went was like “Oj you’re short.”




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I just want to thank any customer who is either on their phone and hangs up saying they're at checkout or if they get a call they silence it or hell even if it's important and asking "do you mind if I take this?" Go right ahead man! Thank you for using your manners. But those who just come up, throw your stuff at me and hush me while talking on your phone passing me off like I'm some annoyance or just ignoring me. I go out of my way to drag out this transaction I've got 8 hrs and nowhere to go!


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Stop stealing makeup from Sephora/Ulta.

That’s illegal and drives up prices for innocent customers.

Steal from them legally. Open your own makeup store. Give crazy good deals. Steal their customers. When they go bankrupt, buy them too. Then work on rebranding. Sell them. There you go. You just sold three multi-million dollar stores.

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I remember one time my dad was talking on the phone with a customer service rep (That was definitely NOT from our area) and my dad was rambling with "I'm a long time customer!!!!" GOD FORBID he tries that now. That was before I worked a customer service job, he knows I will not put up with him blabbering anymore. IF YOU ARE NICE TO CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS, THEY WILL GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO THE BEST OF THEIR ABILITY.

Say it again for the people in the back!


More gripes with retail

When they crack down on you for “not reaching every customer” because apparently conversion’s low and the amount of sales don’t match the amount of traffic that’s supposedly come in.

First off, this is the start of the dead season. There isn’t that much traffic in the store.

Secondly, how much of that supposed traffic is actual traffic walking into the store, and how much is the traffic we already had setting off the sensors while browsing the front zone because they don’t know about the sensors? How much are customers kids running in and out of the store? How much of that traffic is not customer related at all? Like how much is employee related accidentally setting it off or walking in and out of the store to clock in or out, or even go on break?

And we can’t always get to every customer. Also, when we start bugging customers enough, they start to leave. We can’t become “the annoying associates” just because of conversions. Greet them, let them look around a bit, and then help. They don’t need us bugging them every two seconds. I know I hate when associates do that to me in other stores. So why would I want to do that to customers in our own store? We want them to come back, not walk out of the store thinking “they’re annoying and pushy, I think I’m going to avoid that store”.

Also, especially in a clothing store, I hate to say pricing has a lot to do with things. But it does. I’ve seen plenty of people walk in because they saw something while walking by, look at the price, and walk out, even with a sale going on(because the store is over priced and let’s be real here, the sales don’t really do much, and half of the clearance crowd still thinks it’s expensive).

Don’t blame the associates for something that isn’t our fault when there are clearly other factors that are in play here.

It’s not that we aren’t helping the customers enough.

It’s that they aren’t interested in the store, the prices, or the tracking isn’t only picking up customers and we’re counted as part of the traffic. It’s not like we have some special card or something to avoid setting off the sensors(especially in a mall where there isn’t a separate entrance employees can use to get into the store).

I’m awake and I’m tired. I have to work a 10 hour shift today and the idea that I essentially have to wait an entire day to be Allowed to touch any of my creative projects is sort of disheartening.

To look on the bright side, once I’m in college I won’t have to deal with the exhausting retail work I’m doing now! 😍

Customer 1: do you have money in your drawer for $50 cash back?

Me: I don’t think so.

Customer 1: don’t give me no I don’t think. That’s a yes or no question!

Me: …..

Customer 1: fine. Do you have change for $20?

Me: … Possibly.. 🙃🙃

Customer 1 walking away: fucking useless

Customer 2: hi how are you?

Me: *shrugs and shakes head*

Customer 2: how are you??!

Me: I’m ok.

Customer 2: don’t want to say hi to me?! You know what buddy go fuck yourself fucking douche *leaves items on register and storms out of store*

It’s only noon and I’m exhausted.