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After Amazon, Facebook and Google are rolling more Shopping features to move towards a full funnel experience & add more value to retailers.

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Yenilenmiş Perakende Metrikleri ve KPI'lar Eğitimi ile 2019 yılında işletmenizde ve kariyerinizde fark yaratın. 23 Mart Cumartesi Macro Retail Akademide. Başvuru için;

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Trop grand, trop chronophage, trop exhaustif : l'hypermarché n'a plus la côte. On lui préfère aujourd'hui «les commerces de précision, très segmentés»

📉Mathilde Lion détaille et analyse les tendances de consommation du marché de la beauté Français. Des achats plus mesurés et des ventes encore en recul... via

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What to watch: Ted Baker's profits slide, Next warns on year ahead, and Bank of England rates decision
A branch of Ted Baker stands on Regent Street on December 06, 2018 in London, England. Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Here are the top business, market and economic stories you should be watching today in the UK, Europe and abroad:

Ted Baker’s profits slide

Fashion brand Ted Baker (TED.L) has reported a 26.1% drop in pre-tax profits to £50.9m for the year to January 26. Revenue was up 4.4% to £617.4m in the period.

Acting chief executive Lindsay Page said: “Ted Baker has continued to grow across each of the brand’s distribution channels despite difficult trading conditions across a number of the group’s global markets.

“This resilient sales performance again reflects the strength of the brand, the talent of our teams, and the quality of our collections.”

The results come after Ted Baker lost its CEO and founder Ray Kelvin at the start of the year. Kelvin took a leave of absence in December after reports of inappropriate workplace behaviour, including “forced hugging.” An independent investigation is ongoing but Kelvin agreed to resign at the start of the month.

Next warns on the year ahead

Retailer Next (NXT.L) reported a 0.4% fall in pre-tax profits to £722.9m for the year to January and said the high street is set to remain “challenging” in 2019.

The group said it expects profits to “blahally” decline by around 1.1% to £715m in 2019, despite forecasting higher sales as online trade continues to offset high street woes.

“Our core strategy remains unchanged; focus on our customers, products and profitability, continuing to build on the capabilities of our brand and Online Platform and returning surplus cash to our shareholders,” chairman Michael Roney said.

Bank of England rates decision

The Bank of England is due to make its latest interest rates decision at 12.30pm UK time today.

The central bank is expected to hold the main interest rate unchanged at 0.75% amid continuing Brexit-related uncertainty.

“Short of passing the deal, getting a long extension, or revoking article 50, the UK will leave without a deal just over a week from now, with another rejection of the deal by MPs likely to up the stakes even further,” Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets, said in an email. “Against this backdrop the Bank of England meets today and it will be little surprise to anyone that they will leave monetary policy unchanged.”

It comes after the US Federal Reserve held interest rates unchanged on Wednesday evening and signalled that it is unlikely to raise rates again this year.

Pound confused amid Brexit madness

The pound has been particularly volatile over the last 24-hours amid continued Brexit uncertainty.

Sterling fell just over 1% against the euro late on Wednesday after Theresa May blamed MPs for the failure of her deal, signalled she would not ask for a long Brexit extension, and ruled out calling a second referendum. The pound was slightly better against the dollar, supported by dollar weakness following the Fed decision.

On Thursday morning, the pound was flat against the euro at €1.15 (GBPEUR=X) and down by 0.2% against the dollar to $1.31 (GBPUSD=X).

“Though sterling steadied somewhat on Thursday, the currency remained in a bad way after Wednesday evening’s Tusk telling-off and May’s delusional statement to the nation,” Connor Campbell, an analyst with SpreadEx, said in an email.

Allied Irish Bank summed it by headlining their morning note on currency markets: “New day, but same Brexit mess.”

Goldman’s UK charity gives £19m

Goldman Sachs’ (GS) UK charity donated £19.8m to charities spanning the arts, education, humanitarian relief, and sport last year, accounts show.

Accounts filed with Companies House this week show that the investment bank’s UK-based charity, Goldman Sachs Gives, donated £19.8m to various charities in the 12-months to 30 June 2018. The charity made 628 grants in the period.

The biggest grant, worth £2m, went to the University of Cambridge. Goldman also gave half a million pounds to Cambridge in America, which supports the university and its alumni in the United States of America.

European markets

European stock markets were mixed. Britain’s FTSE 100 (^FTSE) was up by 0.4%, Germany’s DAX (^GDAXI) was down by 0.2%, France’s CAC 40 (^FCHI) was flat, and the Euronext 100 (^N100) was flat.

Asian markets were mixed overnight. Japan’s Nikkei 225 (^N225) closed up by 0.2%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index (^HSI) was down by 0.8%, and China’s benchmark Shanghai Composite (000001.SS) was up by 0.3%.

What to expect in the US

US stock futures were pointing to a mixed open. S&P 500 futures (ES=F) were flat, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures (YM=F) were down by 0.1%, and Nasdaq futures (NQ=F) were flat.

Companies reporting in the US later today include:

Clocked in two minutes early because, well why the fuck not. As soon as I walked out onto the floor, a group was standing at the register, and the younger guy went “well it’s about fucking time!” So I had to immediately check out a bunch of people who think I’m bad at my job, even though I was clocked in early, had JUST clocked in that second, and was doing the job of the person who was due to clock out in two minutes.

A few days ago, I had an extremely rough day. It was the first beautiful day outside in months. The store was extremely busy, and after a couple hours, I noticed people walking in with coats and umbrellas. Customers were getting more and more rude and impatient as they came in, like it was directly correlated with the weather. It really wore me down this time, as it felt like I hadn’t had a single polite person in hours. Like it was deliberate or something.

I decided to tell my boss about it a couple days later when I saw him. I told him that I couldn’t believe how much energy it was taking me to be perfectly pleasant all day, and that no one was “vibing” off me or reciprocating my fake good mood.

Later that day, after my boss has clocked out, he came to my register to buy a few things. As I was ringing him out, he said, “just so you know, your customer service skills are absolutely exceptional. The best asset to this team, by far.”

I seriously wanted to cry. He had no idea how much I needed that.

I rang out a woman whose total was no more than $40 maybe. She handed me a “$10 off” coupon, as well as a “20% off” coupon.

I said: “Hey, just gonna let you know, these two coupons can’t be used in the same transaction. You can use them both, but it’ll have to be two separate orders.”

C: *extremely bitter blank face* “They do it for me all the time here.”

Me: “I understand that, but they’re not supposed to. You can stack some coupons, but these two specifically can’t be used together.”

She stared at me with a disgusting look on her face. She didn’t speak, she just stared really awfully. This lasted for about thirty whole seconds, where eventually I became so uncomfortable I just had to be like: “I……. don’t know what else to say?”

C: “Show me on the coupon where it says that.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t. It’s just our policy.”

C: *waving her coupon in my face* “Show me.”

Me: “I’m telling you it’s not there. It’s our policy.”

Me, over the radio: “[supervisor], can you come here for a minute?”

C: “Do NOT call your friend over!! Show. Me. On. The. Coupon. Where. You’re. Lying!!”

She smacked her hand on the table after each word.

My manager came over: “Yes? What’s up?”

Me: “Well….. she wants me to show her on the coupon where specifically it states that we can’t stack these coupons.”

Manager, to the customer: “Ma’am, since these coupons are what we refer to as ‘transactional’ coupons, which take discounts off your entire transaction, only one can be used per transaction. So if you split up this order, they can both be used, just not on top of each other.”

C: “Oh, okay! Thanks!!” *completes transactions as normal*

And that’s retail, I guess?

I was given a direct order by my boss to accept a woman’s online-only coupon, throw it away, and just give her our in-store coupon code instead. After we finished her transaction and she walked away, I helped the next customer.

Me: “Hi! How are you today?”

C: “I forgot my coupons, so if you could just go ahead and type the discount in there, that’d be great.”

Me: “Unfortunately we can’t do that, the coupon is part of our loyalty program through emails. Customers have a hard time using their cell service to open email coupons, so we confirm that they’re signed up, and if they are, we use our coupon code.”

C: “I’m signed up. Just type in the code please.”

Me: “I’ll need to confirm that. Can you load your email and show me the subject header? It’s okay if the coupon itself doesn’t load, I just need to be sure you got the email.”

C: “My coupons are at home, I don’t have email.”

Me: “Unfortunately we can’t honor physical paper coupons unless you actually have them with you at the time of purchase. Sorry about that.”

C: “Juat type in the code.”

Me: “We don’t have the code. The code is individual, as your coupon bar code is different from others’. The only reusable code we have is for our email coupon, and since you said you’re not signed up, I can’t honor it.”

C: “…’s just…….. I’m having surgery tomorrow…… so I’m easily distracted and forgetful…… I forgot my coupons because I’m on my way to my dad’s funeral. He died of cancer. It’s been hard. You really can’t discount my order a measly 20%?”

Me: “No.”

Call me insensitive, but even if she *was* telling the truth, why mention that ONLY when you want a coupon?

Had a customer pay with a bunch of gift cards. This is fine, but they wanted to swipe them through the card reader one immediately after another. I have to press the “gift card” button and wait for the machine to load before they can swipe. So after multiple “hold on not yet….. I know you already swiped it…… swipe it again….. no it won’t charge you twice….. don’t do the other one yet……”

They said “thank god that’s over!”

Me: “Yeah!! Those gift cards dropped your final total to $1.67. Are you using another gift card or a regular debit/credit card?”

C: “Regular card.”

Me: *presses credit button*

C: *repeatedly swipes another gift card*

Me: “That’s…… uhhh…… press the red X on the pin pad for me -_-“

A man and his daughter came to my register. The father was extremely impatient with his daughter. I didn’t know the context, so I just brushed it off at first.

F: “Put it down. Put your things down. Put your SHIT on the FUCKING COUNTER.”

Me: “….heeeey how are you guys today? :)”

F: “Just check us out please.”

Me: “Allllllrighty…….”

*beep boop beep*

Me: “Alright your total’s gonna be $73.52”

F: “Fucking WHAT!?!? This is FUCKING RIDICULOUS! *looking at his daughter* What the FUCK is wrong with you?!?”

D: “…….”

F: *slams fist on the counter while paying*

At this point, he’s obviously extremely aggressive, but our managers are coming down on us about using our “signature” pushy sales tactics.

Me: “Allllright, what’s a good phone number for coupons?”

F: “Fucking keep it. Whatever it is you’re selling, I’m not buying.”

(Obviously that’s not true or he wouldn’t be at my register spending $75)

But, sadly, our managers want us to get three “no”s before we give up.

Me, already terrified: “Are you sure? Our exclusive offers are relevant to your purchases—“

F: “NO!”

D: “Please…. just skip that…..”

Me, needing one more “no”: “Our system looks you up by your phone number and logs your trans—“

F: “FUCKING….. NO!!”

Me, to myself: “okay, glad that’s over”

Me: “Alright, do you want your receipt with you or in the bag?”

F: “Just put it in the fucking bag!!!! My GOD!!!!”

D: “Please, just put it in the bag……”

Me: “…….okay……. have a good day guys?”

These stories scare the shit out of me. Again, I don’t know the situation, but the way he talked to his daughter/me suggests he says and does much worse things when they’re not in public. I grew up in a similar household, and I know when not to “poke the bear,” but we also HAVE to push sales and loyalty programs. I feel bad for the daughter.

Two adjacent vacant stores at Bethlehem, PA Westgate Mall. The first one, a small space with that weird floor pattern, was a specialty shop that offered vacuum and sewing machine repairs (and if that doesn’t sound like the type of thing that only exists in dead malls, I don’t know what does). The second store space is much larger and formerly housed a botanist for a long time. It really is a great space for a botanist, given that it is a long, well-windowed store that offers high visibility from both the mall interior and the parking lot. The former owners of the Westgate Mall, City View LLC, planned to demolish these two store spaces as well as the mall hallway that they are attached to as part of their plan to turn this section of the mall into an open-air strip mall. With demolition expected, the two tenants were evicted from these spaces in 2016 (the florist relocated to a part of the mall which had by that point already been converted to an outdoor strip mall; the vacuum and sewing place closed entirely).

However, the renovations at Westgate dragged on for a few more years with no more progress on the demolition of these now-vacant stores. Then, in 2018, The Bon-Ton Stores went out of business, leaving a big department store vacancy at both the Westgate and Palmer Park Malls, both of which owned by City View LLC at the time. This of course was a huge setback, and City View apparently decided that they only could afford to do the necessary renovations at one of these malls, not both. So they kept Palmer Park and sold Westgate to New Jersey-based Onyx Equities in October 2018. It is unknown whether Onyx still plans on following through with the incomplete renovation at Westgate.

Yesterday, I made a customer /very unhappy/ because I wouldn’t open a container of egg salad for her to “sample.”

The egg salad lives on a shelf in my department, not behind my counter. It is not part of the items I can give samples of.

The egg salad gets specially delivered/stocked by a guy from that company/distributor (ham and chicken salad too).

This person was incensed that I would /refuse/ to open a package for them, even after I told them it was a vendor item and specially stocked.

I’m pretty sure they opened it somewhere in the store to try and just left it somewhere to rot.

I do not work in a delicatessen. I work in a corporate-funded deli where everything comes pre packaged for us. Yes, even our “fresh made” stuff.

Get to know me! I’m currently a Fashion Business student at Columbia College Chicago, Class of 2019! I have a strong passion for Visual Merchandising. I’ve been doing it for over a year when I interned for Aviva Bree Inc. and now, work for her at Stylemax Chicago Trade Shows. Overall, I’ve been learning about Visual Merchandising since I’ve been in school for 4 years. My plan is to move to New York and work as a Visual Merchandiser for a luxury retail company. I can’t wait to see the world my creative side when working hands-on on projects!

This weekend I returned to my retail job after three weeks after injuring my way out of work.

There was a mandatory store wide meeting being held the morning I returned, and when I came in everyone saw me, smiled and exclaimed “Eric!!!”

After the meeting people started coming up to me saying they had been worrying about me and were asking if I had been doing well.

The icing on the cake is that they announced a 5% bonus based on our annual 2018 income! Not just for the executives, but for every employee in the company, down to us sales reps.

I love the retailer I’m a part of. I wouldn’t settle for anything else.

Blog #81 Call Center Theater: Terrible Personality

Customer: “Hi, so I’m on your website about to order a car stereo. It says once purchased it will prompt with the schedule to set up an install appointment. I just wanted to make sure that is correct.”

Me: “Yes, once purchased it should prompt for purchase.”

Customer: “So like it will have me pick my appointment after purchase and won’t do anything else?”

Me: “At store level we don’t have control of the portion but if for whatever reason you don’t get that screen you will receive an email.”

Customer: “So….okay so like if something goes wrong I would just call you guys.”

Me: “No, if something goes wrong you need to contact the number because they handle ordering issues.”

Customer: “Excuses me but do you work for the tech team?”

Me: “No I work for the electronic store.”

Customer: “What…..can I speak with someone else because you have a terrible personality!”

Me: “Okay, one second.”

The next man who calls me “baby” or “sweetheart” at work, I’m going to hit them over the head with my fucking doctorate.

But no. Better, I’m going to hit him over the head with my shoe. Why? Because it hurts more, and every single woman/female IDing person deserves to be treated with respect in the workplace WHICH DOES NOT INVOLVE calling me bAbY while I’m trying to do my damn job.

I honestly get unbearably queasy when I see asshole (older, cis, male) customers who are giving my coworkers a hard time and then, when I approach them with the exact same information, they get flirty with me because I’m wearing eyeliner and they’re terrible people apparently. Tries my patience, turns my stomach and wastes my damn time.

Just. Be. Decent. Treat people with respect. Call me friend, call me ma'am, call me sir, just don’t sweetheart me. Goddamn.

This has been today’s episode of Would You Do It With a Dude? and other deep questions for straight white males in a retail environment, analyzing and battling the ingrained belief that female identifying people offer an unspoken emotional/social service above and beyond their stated duties and how much that fucking sucks when we are already For Sale in so many ways and don’t make me get my shoeeeee

Little shopping

The virtual reality arcade was actually located in a mall. The mall was HUGE! It was an outdoor and indoor mall. So many awesome stores. One if the stores I love to shop in are: uniqlo, free hands, and another one which I forgot the name too. I love the total beach, bohemian, hippie vibe it has. Its just my type of clothing. I bought roughly 4-5 things. I even went to this anime store and got a little charm for my phone. I am a huge fan of lucky cat and rilakunna, finding a small cute charm made my day.

Theres this store called Box Lunch that has a lot of cartoon, anime, and video game shirts and accessories. They had zelda merchendise that I went crazy for. The navi backpack would have been cool but I honestly dont need a backpack. I bough this cute navi shirt instead.

This thing had me dying. A napping pod!! Haha, for ten dollars you can nap in this pod and charge your phone. I cant imagine anyone in Michigan using this.

A married couple around the age of 35 came to my register. I checked them out and said goodbye. They came back a minute later with a few small items.

Me: “Welcome back guys!” *beep boop beep* *states total*

The man tried to hand me his debit card. We have a card reader, and policy states we aren’t allowed to touch someone’s debit/credit cards.

Me: “Actually the card reader’s right the—-“

C: “We don’t need another bag” *waves card at me harder*

Me: “Cool, I’ll put these down in your other bag. But I can’t actually take your ca—“

C: “We DON’T need another bag!!!!!” *waves card even harder trying to get me to take it*

Me: “I understand that!! But the card reade—“

C: “WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER FUCKING BAG!!!! WE HAVE ONE!!!!!” *throws card to my side of the counter*

Me: “Your items are already in your bag!! If you’d stop interrupting and just listen—-“

C: “FUCKING waste of PLASTIC!!!!”

Me: *hands back debit card* “PAY WITH THE CARD READER PLEASE” *points*

C: *complies and pays with his card through the card reader* “I just don’t understand why everyone thinks we need two bags.”

Me: “Okay but… I never actually tried to give you two bags.”