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Resource: Racial Equity Tools for Nonprofits

Opinion: When Does A Book Become Over-promoted? | Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center

Opinion: When Does A Book Become Over-promoted? | Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center

Today is ! Have you taken part? We fully support the ethos for , , science. ๐Ÿค Register, join the movement, share your children's using . available year round๐Ÿ‘‰

Cerebral Palsy Sport has created a range of sport resources ideal for coaches, parents, clubs, and professionals working with those with cp and other physical disabilities. Available to buy from our online shop:

3000+ learners have benefited from the Level 1 Award in Mental Health & Well-being online qualification so far this academic year. Find out more at

This brand new book is comprised of teacher-tested activities that have been specifically designed for use with my Literacy & Learning Centers โ€“ but they can be used in any classroom!

Tip #6: The refreshed footer of our now includes additional such as the Plain Writing Act, Information Quality, and Open GOV.

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I started a network called @study-resource-net where I’m mostly reblogging (I’ll try posting too lmao) study related tips, etc. I thought it would be better to have just one blog with all resources instead of so many studyblrs just haphazardly posting or reblogging tips along with aesthetic posts or whatever. 

there are many people here looking only for tips and not anything else so it makes it easier for them :) 

if anyone is interested in being a mod for the network they can message me 

โ euphoria - zendaya gifs. โž

hey honey! below the cut you’ll find 50 (268 x 151) unedited gifs (aside from being sharpened) of zendaya as rue in euphoria. i decided to make these for myself for future reference but figured others might find them helpful too. please like/reblog if these were helpful or if you decide to use them to make icons, etc. ✿ 

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Melanie and I are working on a resource guide for teachers who want to use the bum drum to teach elementary school kids about consent. It’s definitely different from fiction writing, but we’re really excited to share it.

We’re calling it our “consent kit” and we hope we can promote it among teachers.

Let’s get that change going one kid at a time.

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Hello I'm interested in having music as a part of my plan. What music software is used in the music/recording/experimental classes? I ask this because I want to purchase whatever software on my personal computer as well. thanks!


To my best knowledge as a non-music student, notation labs in Jennings, our music building, use Sibelius and  the recording studios use some version of Pro-Tools. However, the prerequisite for our advanced electronic composition class list knowledge of either Ableton Live, Pro-Tools or Logic. For intro classes, it could very well depend on the preference of the instructor, so my best advice for you is to wait until you arrive at Bennington to figure out which one is the best for you both in terms of the work you want to create and affordability. The studios also have some version of these softwares available for free use, so you might not have to even spend your bucks at all!

- Summer ‘20

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Hi! I love your work, and I was wondering what softwares you used, if any, throughout your writing process? I know it shouldn’t matter much, but I always get stuck on where to even start translating ideas on lol

Thanks so much!

Literally 95% of my writing is done with my writing partner and we need instant, real-time access to each other’s writing, so most of my writing is done in google docs. 

I honestly don’t use a whole lot of writing software, actually. I don’t want to really pay for anything — writing is a hobby for me, and not something I’m pursuing in hopes of being published. Also the stuff that I do use, I often abandon because I’m flighty and finicky. I haven’t really found anything that truly suits my needs, and it’s possible that I never will, and that’s fine.

Websites I’ve used in the past with varying degrees of success (or rather, failures)… This list isn’t a recommendation because I don’t really use any of them anymore, but I’ve tried them out and hopefully this will give you a better idea of the resources out there. Maybe you’ll have better luck with them than I did.

All of these are generally free. Some have paid versions but they are all available to use without payment. Additionally, they’re all browser-based and don’t have to be downloaded.

Finally, there is a quiz you can take about what writing software is best for you. I checked it out, and I liked the questions that were asked about what you’re looking for. As a warning, it requires you to sign up and put in an email in order to get your results. Don’t take it if that’s not something you want to do — I didn’t get my results because of this.

If we learn to love the little things, we’ll be satisfied even if the bigger things never come

Let’s call this one food for thought