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How much does an American pay (premiums, copays, deductibles, taxes for VA, Medicare, etc.) as a percentage of their income to the average citizen with universal healthcare (just the healthcare portion, to tuition free colleges, etc.)?

“NO tuition free colleges.” Sorry. I wish I could edit that.

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Yield Curve Spread during the GFC

I was just wondering why the 3month-10year yield spread peaked between 2007 and 2009 reaching almost 4% at a point, when that was essentially the epicentre of the crisis temporally? Was this as a result of the Fed’s intervention in markets to create an illusion of stability, the way they were intervening in equity markets?

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anonymous asked:

ive wanted to go to the doctors and ask about getting a diagnosis for over a year now but i havent been to the doctors since i was 8 (im 22 now) and i just keep putting it off. any advice on taking that step? thanks <3

So i would break it down into a smaller tasks. Each with a deadline. So first it would be “today i am going to research a doctor” then the next day “ today i am going to call” etc. I find with making phone calls. The thing that helps me (sometimes) is asking myself why am i afraid or not doing it. Often it is “I’m afraid to go to the doctor because I’m afraid of the outcome.” Or “ I’m afraid i won’t be able tp afford it, or I’m nervous that i am going to be judged” things like that. Sometimes(key word). Thinking about the why helps you kinda rationalize. “ I know I am afraid, but i know that having this appoitment can really impact my life and improve the quality of life.” Or “ I t is too important to not do this”

If that doesn’t work. (Which it won’t always). Ask a friend or a family member or anyone really to be your Accountability buddy. Saying “ hey, i really need to do the thing, can you text me about thia in two days to remind me to do the thing”. That sometimes help.

There is also a webaite called you can schedule appoitments online. It ia glorious when it works.

What effect would Andrew Yang’s proposed Freedom Dividend ($1000/month stipend to every adult American) have on things like inflation, housing prices, and rent?

I recently saw Andrew Yang speak and found his ideas to be intriguing, but I can’t help but wonder what effects (both good or bad) this version of universal basic income would have on the economy. Is there a general consensus about this?

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hey, i know you have a lot of requests, and it's totally okay if you don't get to mine, but would you mind making headers inspired by the quote in my title? "alis propriis volat: she flies with her own wings". thank you so much <3

hello! i sure can! i’m sorry they took me so, so long my laptop died and i didnt have photoshop! i hope you like them :) 

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How does an econometrician differ from a statistician working with economics-related data?

I’m interested in grad school working with data but the problems arising in economics fascinate me. So my ideal future would be using the power of statistics to data related to an economic issue/problem.

My only question, however, is that econometrics and statistics look very similar to one another and the difference seems as if it’s only a matter of the type of data. Would this be accurate to say? In what ways does an econometrician differ from a statistician working with economic data? Is there a difference at all? If so, is there a difference in approach or philosophy? Thanks!

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Rent control

New York City started using rent control after WWII in an effort to create affordable housing. New York City is known for high rents for everyone not receiving rent control, and for the small size of the majority of apartments. How has New York City’s policy of rent control created these conditions? Should cities institute rent controls to help lower-income households afford housing?

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anonymous asked:

hei! i am a native english speaker trying to learn norwegian, but i'm not sure where to start! i have some very basic vocabulary down but nothing close to being able to talk to people. i'd appreciate some help !

Hi! It’s so cool that you want to learn norwegian! 

I’d recommend taking a look at this post by @the-inverted-langblr, it gives a good overview of things you can do to work on and improve your norwegian! Also, here are some resources that might be helpful:

  • Duolingo - It often gets a lot of criticism from the langblr community, but in my opinion it’s a really good place to start in order to familiarize yourself with the basics of grammar, vocabulary and sounds.
  • Norwegian on the Web - Free online course by NTNU
  • Norwegian: An Essential Grammar PDF - Great book in English that clearly explains the different aspects of Norwegian grammar. 

If you’re having trouble, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll do my best to help you!

Hope you find this helpful! Good luck with your studies!

My Osteomancy Set

Osteomancy is my absolute favourite form of divination. I think it’s incredibly personal and much more intuitve than other methods I’ve come across.

The idea of Osteomancy is that each bone (your ‘bones’ don’t have to actualy be real bones. They could be found items or curios.) represents something, and the reading is interpreted through the space each bone occupies (whether it’s in a certain position, how close it is to other bones, etc.)

My current set is the msot basic set as I am still building it. As a Death Witch I have decided to have the set entirely made of bone and I haven’t finished collecting yet. But I thought I’d share it with you anyway!

The Set

Pheasant Femur - The Self

Sheep Knuckle - Love

Boar Tooth - Negativity

Large Hedgehog Jaw - Masculine Energy

Small Hedgehog Jaw - Feminine Energy

Small Shark Tooth - Wealth

Fox Tail Bone - The Craft

Large Shark Tooth - Health

Deer Vertebra - Family

The idea when you build your own set is that each piece has an incredibly personal connection with you. This can be a concrete reason or simply just a feeling. Trust your instincts.

If anyone wants to know more about Osteomancy (which I believe is underappreciated), feel free to message me to talk about it. I’ve also reblogged some information you might find useful.