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Feeling the mid-week slump? Check out our 5 simple steps for a great new year to boost your motivation.

It's that time of year when everybody is bursting with positivity and the excitement of starting a new year. It seems to be the time to declutter, clean, plan and organise. What's on your list to do?

With the start of the , many people’s minds turn to making new year’s , as do many companies, including those in the ...

Nous sommes en #2019, une nouvelle année pleine de nouvelles ? Il est temps d’acquérir de nouvelles pour rester dans toutes les situations. Voici les compétences à maîtriser pour briller :

Already struggling with your New Years Resolution? Push the "reset" button on your thoughts about resolutions with our podcast episode! You may be surprised!

Take a look at Anne’s beautiful sprung dining chair. Traditionally upholstered and finished yesterday in yummy yellow velvet with a classic braid. 👏🏻 for details of all our courses.

New year new adventures. Ready to teach, ready to learn, ready to write, ready to fly. This year: finish another book, keep moving, be present. And you? . #2019

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2019 Resolution: embrace my curls! Feel beautiful always, with our Curl Defining Cream and say goodbye to frizz. Find it at a salon near you!
What’s your 2019 hair resolution?
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Standin’ on my own two feet by connie kells
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I thought I’d upload this picture taken on Sunday to make it a hattrick of 3 pictures of Asha from this session with the same background but different poses. I love Asha’s standing poses they just make me smile. I only get her to do this when taking pictures it’s something she doesn’t do much and she always has a smile on her face when standing for a photograph which is contagious

Day 15: Thankful for spa pedicures and over-the-knee socks. I love baths so much I had just stocked up on bath bombs before my surgery. A pedicure was the closest thing I could get and it was worth the million $. Massage chair, aromatherapy heated neck pillow, and an hour long leg and foot massage followed by some deep dark purple gel polish for these pale winter toes.

January 15th Goals Update

Guys, I’m doing sooo good. Like, really good. Classes started yesterday and they are INTENSE. I have 5 classes this semester and all but one are combination lecture/lab so they’re about 6 hours long each. I’m gone from about 9am to 8 pm Monday through Thursday just for school. I also work. No phones in lab, but I’m hoping my professor will let us get some pics in our scrubs today before we get any biohazard stuff out (my mom wants one cuz I’m only almost 30 🙄.) Anyway, goals:

Goals 1: Health and Fitness- I haven’t weighed myself today, not sure if I will since I just did on Sunday, but I feel good. I’ve been eating really well. I ate too much at my husband’s Christmas party Sunday but it was all nutritious so I’m not mad about it. He cooks at the country club so I was fo sho eating that fancy dinner. They’re super cool and label all of their meat/dairy/allergens in all their dishes, so I had a lot to pick from. I’ve been getting home dead tired but hungry so I’m glad I proactively bought some good snacks. Any suggestions on light savory bedtime snacks is appreciated!

Goal 2: Waste Reduction- I still feel like I could be doing more but with how crazy the semester is/will be I’m not sure I’m ready for that challenge. Of course I will always take the least wasteful option that is presented to me, but I can’t add on things that take more time right now. We don’t have a bulk store where I live and I was planning on making biweekly trips to the one an hour away but I won’t have a day off until Spring break 😬

Goal 3: Food Expenses- I’ve bought 1 thing. I got hungrier at school than expected yesterday so I grabbed a salad. It was marked $5.29 (still expensive) and came out to $7.49 at the register. Working in retail, I will never complain to another retail person, so I guess that was my “not prepared tax”. Other than that, I have one more portion of the puttanesca, 2 burrito bowls, a couple black bean burgers I’m putting together tonight, some “meatballs”, mashed potatoes, and steamed green beans for work this weekend and I’m going to make some snack boxes with almonds, grapes and some triscuits.

Day 14: Grateful for our home. I worked really hard making this one the way I needed it to be. I immediately painted the walls and scoured the internet to find the perfect furniture on Offer Up and Ikea. Auston was a great contributor too. We basically started from scratch which was really nice. The only large items he kept was a record cabinet and his guitars. I had nothing but a dresser. There’s still work to be done (like I mentioned before I’m working on getting rid more things) but I love being here. I love all of our stuff and all the space we’ve kept. It used to be hard for me to stay at home and sit still but these days it’s all I want. I keep it clean, I light a candle and cozy up with my husband.

The photo below are two plants he bought me today; a Peruvian cactus and a string of pearls.

promising myself this year to do things that push me out of my comfort zone and scare me. things that’ll help me grow both mentally and physically. to do things that I’ve wanted to do for so long but have been afraid to because of judgement. to learn to share my feelings and let others know how I feel. to find the words to describe my emotions instead of ignoring them and forcing things down. to ask for and accept help when I need it. I aim this year to make myself much better than I was last year.


Ideas to help you stick to your resolutions ✨Ideas para inicio de año.
Año nuevo es la época perfecta para renovarte, retomar proyectos no terminados e imaginar nuevos objetivos. Es un nuevo inicio. Me gusta mucho esta época, es como un reset de todo lo que pasó el año pasado. ¿Tienes algún ritual de inicio de año?
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I chatted with a friend this past weekend about resolutions for the coming year. While I listed my powerlifting goals I have had also thoughts as well.

I would like to see how my shoulder fares these next month. I am considering taking up Olympic lifting in the summer. I love the sport and it would be fabulous to be able to learn the moves and maybe compete there too. It all depends on how my body feels.

I am also considering another tattoo as an extension to the work already done. I would have to save up for it. There are always so many other things to spend money on. But I like the thought of something winding around my biceps to my elbow.

I want to get myself in the best shape of my life which includes changing body composition with more muscle growth. I’m thinking i might immortalize it in a series of professional grade photos. For my own personal use! An archive of my body as project.

New Year, New(ish) Me

With the New Year, I wanted to keep this tumblr in order to ‘track’ a lot of my personal goals and habits in a way that keeps things interesting. Most of my goals tend towards self-improvement. I want to be healthy and happy, which means paying attention to the physical, mental, and spiritual sides of me. Read more. Get in touch with that higher power. Workout more. Do more of what I love and less of what I don’t. I’m more likely to be a productive, beneficial member of society if I’m participating in activities I’m passionate about than I am as a 9-5 worker with a job for the sake of a job. 

January 9th

Updates: Nothing special enough to warrant an update, but if I don’t keep up with these I know I’ll stop altogether. So, here’s how I’ve been doing on my goals:

Goal 1: Health & Fitness-

Not bad; 8/10. I dropped my step goal to 7,000 during surgery recovery and have made a point of at least pacing around until I hit it. I think I’ve only missed 2 days and they were close. As far as eating, I’ve been in a deficit every day.

  • For non fitbit people, blue is under goal, green is “in the zone” and pink is over.

I’m not worried about the over days because they were only, like, 100-200 calls over and I’m set at a 1000 calorie deficit goal (I need to change that). I’m more concerned with the under days because IM AT A 1000 CALORIE DEFICIT AND IM NOT HITTING IT. That’s not good. Always eat enough to feed your organs, please. I’ve done the not enough thing before and I need to catch this now. I made my goal 35lbs in a year for a reason. Also, my calories haven’t been very nutritious. My 2 oldest brothers are in town for the same time in forever, so there’s been quite a bit of beer. So, 8/10.

Goal 2: Waste Reduction-

Eh, ok. 7/10. I’ve definitely been making an effort and doing more than I would have before, but there’s also more I could be doing. I feel like I’m at the “accumulation stage” (I just made that up) where I’m not buying anything new, I’m just waiting for things I can reuse to come my way; snack containers from old food containers that aren’t empty yet, etc.

Goal 3: Food Expenses-

Ugh, I started so good. When I first went back to work I had all my meals prepped and I was on schedule to prep the next week’s meals Sunday after work. Then, I had a meeting 2 hours away right after work Sunday (I got out at 5 and went straight there) and didn’t get home until 10. So I didn’t have any food made for Monday and I worked 11 hours and I ended up buying lunch and dinner. Prepping today and making my meal plan for next week when school starts. No fridge, just a very small lunch box to get me through 9 hours… suggestions are very welcome! Please!

So 2019 is here...

2018 wasn’t a good year for me overall, in fact it’s certainly the worst I’ve ever felt mentally and physically. So I’ve decided 2019 needs to be a year of mainly healing, but also growth.

I’ve never put real effort into new year’s resolutions, but this year I’m going to have a real crack at it. I could really go for it and make ten resolutions, but due to the lack of energy I have - from a mixture of purposeful sleep and deprivation and insomnia - I'm going to stick with three.

1. Focusing more on university. I know for a fact I have a better mental health day when I’ve spent an hour that day studying. If I can just push myself from day one, hopefully, I can keep my head above water more this year. That means a minimum of 12 hours studying a week; it sounds like a lot but it’s only really 2 hours a day for six days a week. Surely I can do that.

2. Eating healthier. I had considered going vegan in 2019, but since I was anaemic for most of last year I thought it best to stay as a vegetarian for now, and save drastic dietary changes for a time when my health is more stable. Also, I’m not quite ready to give up Cadbury's chocolate.

3. Reading books. I was inspired to do this by one of Pewdiepie’s recent videos. I’ll link to it at the end of this post, I’d recommend watching it for some intellectual inspiration. I spend most of the day staring at screens, and I don’t need scientific research to tell me that isn’t good - I can feel it having an effect on my mental wellbeing. Between studying on a screen, gaming on a screen, watching TV on a screen, blogging on a screen, and never mind looking at the horror that is social media on a screen, reading some fictional stories in a real book should be a great mental break. As Pewdiepie said it was for him.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to continue blogging this year, mainly for myself to keep productive and monitor my progress. Have a good day and I hope you make some effective new year’s resolutions and manage to keep to them. 

Pewdiepie’s video:

2019 Resolutions
  1. Read at least one book per season.
  2. Go to the gym or do some kind of physically strenuous activity at least ten times a month.
  3. Juice at least five times a month.
  4. Take Baby Dog on an adventure at least twice a season.
  5. Properly go on a date with Nathan at least once a month.
  6. Go on an alone trip.
  7. Clean makeup brushes on the first of each month.
  8. Try at least one new restaurant each month.
  9. Limit online shopping to once a month (exception being Christmas).
  10. Write for at least two hours per week & submit pieces to publications at least five times each month.

Are these lofty resolutions? Yes. But I can do them. Happy 2019!

🍀 Resolutions

🎈 Reminders

- Please keep in mind when choosing your classes for next year that it is important for you to have high grades, but please do not stress yourself out. Taking AP classes may be tempting but remember that your goal is to focus on art and mental health, and AP classes just don’t allow you to do that. If you really believe you can take AP exams, focus on art, and do the overwhelming amount of homework they give you, please do so cautiously.

- If you’re sleepy, please exercise. Don’t sleep. It’s not healthy and takes up so much time. It isn’t fair to do that to ourself.

- Even if you want to get a job and you’re old enough to, it may not be the best decision.

- Don’t feel bad if you’ve failed at keeping your resolutions. You still have time.

- You may hate school and you may have some regrets about the classes you are taking and some of your decisions from last year, but junior year will arrive shortly.

🍬 Priorities

* Draw more realism

* Do things for the sake of my health

* Keep my room aesthetically pleasing

* Stop screwing around in art class

* Take classes I want to take junior year

* Bring up my gpa

* Put boundaries in place

🌼 Less Structured But Still Important

* Take time to be rest each day

* Watch TV in healthy amounts

* Stop screwing around in art class

* Post art online more

* Bring up my gpa

* Eat less processed food

🍵 Timely But Please Don’t Stress

* Post comic updates biweekly at least

* Draw fanart at least triweekly

* Get my driver’s license August

* Eat less processed food

* Focus on vegetarianism

* Less sugar

* Study Spanish daily

* Cook more rice centric foods

🔆 Things I Want To Start For Fun

* Start writing music

* Have fun with my visual novel

* Drink more tea

* Have fun making outfit chords

* Start making meals for school

* Spend time on my album


* Begin rewriting The Legacies

* Decorate my room more

January 2nd

Two days into the new year. Here’s how I’m holding up on my goals:

1-health/fitness: Nothing yet. I’m still not cleared for activity other than walking to get myself around the house and other basics and my weight restriction is 10lbs until at least Monday at my post-op appointment. I ate pretty well today though and am on track with my water consumption.

Side note- check out the plant nanny app. It’s really good at guilting you into drinking water.

2-wastefulness: A couple things went my way and a couple not so much. I got a haircut and asked the girl to wash my hair with cool water. It’s better for it anyway. I also did an exchange for my Mom and asked if they had to give me a bag since I was going straight out. They said nope, so I skipped a plastic bag there ( I have reusable ones in my car and I never remember to use them in those situations 🤦🏼‍♀️). The not so good… at meijer I did use my reusable bags, but I got almond milk (plastic bottle), mushrooms (plastic tub), loose spinach (produce bag; it was dripping!), and tempeh (plastic wrap).The plastics are recycleable, so that’s something, and my thought process on the spinach was that I could skip the tub I usually get in favor of the bag (this time! Reusable ones are in the future!) and I’ll use the bag when I clean out the litter box tonight. Suggestions on the others are welcome!

My grocery haul :

3-food expenses: Not terrible. Between what I bought today and what I already had I’ll be able to prep 6 meals. They’re pretty healthy too, which will help with #1.

The tempeh and soba noodle stir fry with mushrooms and spinach I made:

I’m also making a stir fry with asparagus, mushrooms, peppers and rice and a smoky tempeh fajita bowl thing with peppers and onions.

ok so this year I actually made resolutions. I want to be healthier, so sticking to an exercise routine & eating healthier. I also wanna make time to work on more of my art and setting time to read because it makes me happy and I don’t do it enough. I also wanna learn how to deal with stress better & stop worrying about literally everything. I feel like I spend too much time planning and worrying and not enough time actually living.

so yeah, it’s a lot. I’ll keep you updated, but that’s my goal for the year. new year, new opportunities.