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A Preamble : Hong Kong as a Leading Centre for Dispute Resolution in the Asia-Pacific region

Struggling to get your across the finish line? Here are 5 Essential Steps to Achieve Any :

A Preamble : Hong Kong as a Leading Centre for Dispute Resolution in the Asia-Pacific region

J-7⃣ avant la clôture de l'appel à solutions ! Solutionneurs, accédez à 5 opportunités d’innovation et démontrez la pertinence de vos solutions ➡

We get it; life sometimes gives you more than you can handle. Here are 7 ways to start over after failing on your goals. ()

Entreprises, J-8⃣ avant la clôture de l'appel à problématiques ! Vous avez une problématique en lien avec le bâtiment intelligent ? Candidatez dès à présent pour la transformer en opportunité d'innovation▶

How are those New Year's going? Do you feel fitter for 2019?✨💪 It's never too late to start! Check out our personal trainer programmes and find a fitness plan that suits you! ➡️

How are those new years going? If you dropped them already, don't worry - you don't have to wait until 2020 to start fresh.

don't just have to be made on New Year's Day. If you've been putting off writing your will, don't wait any longer sign up for our 2019 campaign here:

Don't let the smile fool you. I'm freezing. Lake Erie run, first day of spring, cold. I'm fine with that.

A Preamble : Hong Kong as a Leading Centre for Dispute Resolution in the Asia-Pacific region

It's not too late to rededicate yourself to your 2019 regarding weight and exercise. Here are a few tips on how to do it from a obesity medicine specialist.

Le nouvel appel à innovations du dispositif est lancé ! Vous avez une problématique de développement en lien avec les RH et l’emploi ? Candidatez pour en faire opportunité d'innovation

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My text book : The Resolution (or discrimination) is the minimal change of the input necessary to produce a detectable change at the output. When the input increment is from zero, then it is called the Threshold.

Me, an intellect : 🤗🖖




Ok this might suck, but when an idea comes into my head I just go with it! It took me a little over an hour but I’m proud. This is my first GIF set.

Ariana grande’s imagine x Star Trek Voyager (resolutions)

Inspired by @streepmulgrew because of your J/C obsession and your love of Ari. Also the design is inspired by  @leisylaura (I think she made the gif set with the lyrics from ‘she used to be mine’ which is amazing and my favorite).

My birthday was a good day! I had a fun time tasting different hot sauces with my husband and walking around by the bay. Now it’s time to really start focusing on my goals and resolutions. I don’t know what’s normal for a 27 year old, but I feel like I’m seriously doing it wrong. Sometimes I’ll think of random people from my past and look them up on facebook to see what their life is like now. I did this earlier today and found a girl from my old neighborhood is now the Chief Operating Officer of a theater company. I also know someone who is a professional photographer for a magazine, a registered nurse, a girl who works for the state of PA in deaf services, and a freaking scientist doing research for the advancements of cancer medication. These are all people I went to school with and knew on a personal level! They’re out there living real adult lives and I’m still working a minimum wage job in retail, chasing the dream of being a youtuber which has become so diluted in the toxic change that’s taken over the platform since my dream originated that it’s hard to feel proud being associated with it anymore. I still love making videos and there are creators out there who give me hope for the future of the website, but I still haven’t had the success I need in order to even start thinking about making a career out of it and at 27 it really has me questioning if I’m doing everything wrong. This is why my list of resolutions is really important to me. I can’t change the past so the best I can do is try to be better moving forward. I need to start making the better choice. I always find myself facing decisions. Just little things, like what to eat, or what to do next and I often find myself making the worse choice. I always know I’m doing it too. I pick the unhealthy foods, the lazy activities, the generally unproductive option when faced with a choice and it needs to stop! I sat down with my husband to plan out some meal ideas for the week and I’m really hoping to be able to stick to them. Figuring out my diet has been very hard for me over the past few years. I feel like I’m always hungry and combined with my impatience and lack of nutritional knowledge finding something to eat is a daily dreaded task. I wish I was as good as a friend I have from college who constantly posts beautiful pictures of the vegan meals and snacks she cooks or finds at restaurants, but I always find myself going back to the same handful of recipes or foods I already know how to prepare. I think it would help to have someone to motivate me. My husband knows how to eat well and is more educated about nutrition, but diet isn’t one of his current priorities. I understand he needs to use his time focusing on other things, but it does make it a little harder to avoid certain temptations at times. I wish I was better at keeping in touch and still had a close relationship with my vegan friend, but our lives drifted apart years ago and I’ve never been good at long distance friendships. It would be nice for some magical person to just show up in my life wanting to support and encourage all my goals, but until then 🤞🏻it’s up to me to keep pushing forward. Perhaps I need to start by not comparing myself to others so much. Or at least remembering that there are people worse off I could compare myself to as well. Although I really thought I would have achieved or at least figured out more by now, there are some things I’m proud of and I need to give myself credit for that. Even though it hasn’t worked out so far and maybe never will I haven’t given up on my dream of being in the entertainment industry and making youtube videos is honestly the only thing I’ve never quit. I cried my eyes out so many times feeling like my channel was never going to get anywhere and now I’m close to having 6,000 subscribers. Although it isn’t anywhere near enough to kickstart my career, I think it’s absolutely incredible that so many people have even taken a second to listen to something I have to say and I will never take that for granted. I did that on my own and that’s something I’m proud of. Though I’d have to say my biggest accomplishment so far in life was moving to San Diego. I don’t think about it much, but I guess it’s not often someone moves their entire life across the country with no family, school, or job waiting on the other side. I knew I wanted to live in California, so I did. I’m proud that I’m the type of person to go after what I want, I just need to learn to start doing that in a smarter and more productive way. I really hope to see progress throughout this year and by my next birthday start working towards  new and higher goals.


My ex wasn’t an avid user of Facebook, and neither am I, mostly due to the politics of the site. But while we were friends, we did connect on the site, though not interacting at all (for each other’s birthdays, we simply sent texts for the occasion). After we decided to split, I did stalk his profile until the new year, which became my only successful resolution.

Psychology states it takes 6-8 months to move on from a relationship, and March 2 was the 4 month mark from my last goodbye message. I finally unfriended him, without even stalking his page, and I feel a sense of sadness, but pride in my success to move on with my life. I’ll always have the memories, but I want that door locked tight.

2019 Simblr Resolutions!

Forever ago, I got tagged in this post by the amazing @hezzasims​ (sorry for not seeing it sooner OTL). I’m super jazzed to do this, and it was really sweet of Hezza to tag me! 

  • Start posting my NSB legacy! (I’ve been dying to share gameplay but really haven’t had the courage to do it yet)
  • Make a main blog for gameplay
  • Get back into CC recoloring and learn how to create meshes/frankenmesh
  • Make some friends on Simblr 
  • Keep my CC finds blog going with cooler content! 
  • Make and run a builds/interior decorating inspiration blog!

I tag @windenburgerloves, @sims4sue, @mmoutfitters, @simflaura-archived, and @theweebsimmer 

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Yup, that’s me in the video clip doing one of my favorite abs moves in our Tabata circuit 😄
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