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WATCH and READ: A new study has found a disconnection between employee and employer in their expectations during the holidays. reports.

When you hear the word spiritual what words come to mind? Please note there is no wrong answer :) GIF for fun :)

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Color psychology

For the color palette of my pieces, I looked into color psychology and the different emotions that have generally / historically been associated with a certain color.

Even though color association also very much depends on the individual, I thought it would be a good place to start for figuring out the direction I want the colors to go.


= the color of optimism, associated with success and confidence –> stimulates the left side of the brain and helps with clear thinking and quick decision-making

emotions: enthusiasm, opportunity, positivity –> energize, relax


= the color of trust

- is thought to induce calm and convey serenity and peace –> instills confidence and inspires feelings of loyalty and responsibility

emotions: honesty, loyalty, inner security –> reduce stress, create calmness, secure


= the color of mystery

- strong and powerful, it covers, hides and implies that there is a barrier

emotions: power, control, authority, elegance

4. RED

= the color of passion and drama

- used to signify danger, courage, strength, and power

emotions: excitement, courage, attention, passion, energy


= the color of encouragement

= motivating and encouraging, in combination with red, conveys excitement, warmth, and enthusiasm

–> color of extroverts

emotions: optimistic, independent, creativity –> draw attention, express freedom

Contextual Poster on Vivienne Medrano - 2

Once she graduated SVA Vivienne then moved to California and began developing the pilot for one of her projects. In the meantime, she worked as an animator on the show “Too Loud!” A show about two kids with large heads and loudmouths working at a library, which was created by Nico Colaleo and hosted on DreamworksTV. 


During this time she also created an animated music video for Kesha’s “Die Young” which she accredits to boosting the popularity of her youtube channel.

With the rise of her youtube channel, she began production of her first Pilot episode for Hazbin Hotel. A story revolving around Charlie, the Princess of Hell, who has a dream to overcome the overpopulation of sinners via Rehabilitation instead of the yearly purge. The leadup and eventual release was a big occasion for the animation community and the industry as Vivienne was a big-name independent animator creating her own small studio and self publishing not just one pilot episode, but 2 pilots within 2 months. In late October 2019 the pilot for Hazbin Hotel was released and gained 10 million views on youtube within the first 2 weeks.

The reception was overwhelmingly positive, this being the first adult-targeted animated musical published by an independent animator.
To keep the excitement going she unveiled and released the pilot episode for Helluva Boss. Another mature animated show inspired by shows like “The Office” and co-written by offensive youtube skit maker Brandon Rogers who also voiced Blitzo in the episode. 

Many other well-known voice actors were cast in this pilot from powerhouses like Richard Horvitz who’s roles include Zim (Invade Zim), Razputin (Psychonauts), Billy & Harold (Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy) and many more. Erica Lindbeck whose most notable role is as Barbie in the made for TV movies in 2016/17 as well as many voice credits in video games and plenty of English Anime dubs. Brock Baker is the last of the main cast credits, his notable work is as an impressionist and a YouTuber, he is often dubbed “the man of a Kajillion voices”.

Contextual Poster on Vivienne Medrano - 1

For my Contextual Research Poster I chose the artist and animator Vivienne Medrano (also known as Vivziepop) as my subject. As someone who wants to create stories and lead groups to make them a reality she is an inspiration to me due to her being an independent animator who was able to create a small studio and create multiple Pilots.

But first, where she came from.
She is a Salvadoran-American, born and raised in Maryland, USA. She went to the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York and graduated majoring in traditional animation. During her education she created two animations.

First, her short film “Son of 666″  for her third year thesis in 2013.

Then her senior thesis film “Timber” in 2014 which won the 2014 Dusty Award.

Her unique style helped her garner a lot of interest which boosted the fan following around her webcomic “Zoophobia” which she started in 2012. It follows a human School Counselor with a phobia of animals who accepts a mysterious job which brings her to a secret paradise for all manner of fantasy creatures, cute and scary.


Although in 2016 she put her comic on an indefinite hiatus as she started working on other larger projects.


Possible virtual textile choices - CLO Library

Since I still haven’t really figured out what fabric from clo looks similar to the trench coat fabric I had a look in the clo textile book in school. The white textures are possible fabrics that I need to try out, however I am pretty sure I have tried the polyester taffeta already.
The grey wool fabric would be perfect to use for the 3 design (that I haven’t started with yet, but know what suits I have bought and will use for it). 

Crypto Fund Research: about 70 cryptocurrency hedge funds closed in a year

Crypto Fund Research reported that about 70 cryptocurrency hedge funds have closed over the past year, and the number of new funds has halved compared to 2018.

According to Crypto Fund Research, institutional investors continue to stay away from cryptocurrency funds due to significant market volatility.

“The market is definitely focused on retail investors and will remain so for the foreseeable future,” said co – founder of Coin Metrics Nic Carter.

The most cryptocurrency hedge funds – 28-were closed in North America. 23 funds closed in Europe and 14 in the Asia-Pacific region. At the moment, there are a total of 804 cryptocurrency funds, of which 355 are hedge funds and 425 are venture funds. At the same time, if 284 cryptocurrency funds were launched in 2018, this year the number of new funds decreased to 128.

“The fact that institutional investors have generally recognized bitcoin as an asset in just 10 years of its existence is a huge success, which no one even thought about 3-4 years ago,” said Spencer Bogart, a partner at Blockchain Capital.