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Morning News - Shajar Beacon February 22, 2019

last 5 session unsuccessfully attempted to break 220. It could be a make or break point. Yesterday huge OI build up seen, holding below 220 may drag it down, above 220 - short covering rally expected.

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According to 90% of a decision to collaborate is made before the person reaches out to make contact with you. They've stalked you on social media etc. It’s now your job not to fuck it up.

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Almost every company today conducts some type of customer satisfaction/loyalty study. 5 tips to make sure your survey efforts produce a positive customer experience.

Three years into soda tax, sugary drink consumption down more than 50 percent in Berkeley

5th graders imagine they are colonists with internet access. What information would you to better prepare for they New World?

Congratulations to A/Prof Andrew Jackson for being selected into the UNSW 2019 Scientia Fellowship Program, he is one of 37 fellows selected out of 1,800 applications

1st graders using ChatterKids app to share their illustration and facts about their topic.

1st graders adding an illustration to their facts about a topic of their choice.

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What makes a good travel app?

Thinking about my travel app, I want to think of the aspects that makes great apps, great.

I began to sit and do some research, I downloaded a few apps and wanted to experiment with my own apps. Firstly, the main thing I want to focus on in my app is ‘communication’, this is such an important factor when it comes to a travel app, this can includes times for flights, hotel check in times, airport distances, city centre distances, hidden fee’s and other factors such as bed and breakfast. The communication is definitely a massive key in a travel app, when doing my research I found a specific area oth hidden fee’s and I wanted to think about how I can avoid hidden fees in my app, if it was a real thing. Whilst doing this, I found out hidden fees can come out from all different things such as: travel bag luggage, WIFI, parking and tourist taxes. I will consider this when planning my app, will I want an app that will include these factors? How can I make this app as simple as possible? This again, ties with communication and will all have a factor contributing to the overall quality of the app.

The next thing I discovered from my research was minimalism, I personally agree with this using travel apps in the past getting to the point is definitely one of the most important factors of a travel app, I used some travel apps such as Trivago and and they both made my user experience very minimal, for example an option of ‘where from’ and ‘where to’ which made the overall experience very pleasant. In terms of this, I will consider this when planning my own travel app as I will want the user experience to be simple but effective. This may include having a good quality search engine this may include: visible search bar, search results in an appealing format, ensuring the results are accurate and finally giving lots of options. I personally found this good with as I am immediately introduced to a search bar that allows me to decide where I want to go , where from and what dates I would like to leave.

As you can see from the screenshot I took from my app, the main page is very minimal below is places I have already booked, and I have the option to decide if I want to book somewhere else, I also like the friendly introduction to the app ‘welcome back, Rachel’ this give a warm welcoming feel to the app which again, is something I’d want to consider for my own personal app.

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here’s a photo of the final point of chaos of my desk with a nice filter :)

school has been quite a lot. i’m so close to being done my school year long science project! i just need to do my data analysis and clean up the lab report.

i’ve also been assigned a research paper for history last week. my topic is very interesting on its own, but the entire assignment is a bit overwhelming. i just need to keep pushing through the research and writing until i have my finished product (easier said than done).

i’ve been procrastinating studying for the oral competition i’m competing in for french, but hopefully this weekend i can really get to work. i also need to study chinese for the sake of studying.

my bujo is also coming along okay. i gave up on the year in pixels as well as this month’s habit tracker. hopefully for march i can get in better shape with the formatting. i just need to remind myself that the mistakes are what show that i’m learning in the first place.

that’s it for today! goodnight everyone!



Maybe some day I’ll remember to take pics while I’m in the lab 🙃 anyway! Did the first round of ITS PCR on the soil samples today! We ran out of time so we’ll run a gel tomorrow and next week start on the 16S and see about getting the 18S primers from the genetics dude in the lab.

People have been amazing about helping me with this project 💕 the lab coordinator kicked down surplus supplies for PCR from another project, the genetics dude is just giving me the primers for fungi, bacteria, and algae sequences, the recipes to use them and the suggested thermocycling cycles, and helped figure out how to reduce costs when it comes to sequencing, *and* because my mentor doesn’t have a lot of experience with sequencing, her husband (waiting on signatures for his PhD in microbiology) is the one walking me through all the steps.


Broke out my sketchbook and did some research sketches on the Samurai Jack art style. I just tried to copy characters and poses as they appear in official material to get a handle on the style so I could try applying it to some original stuff later (in the above post on my page).

The significant’s of bromeliads

Bromeliads hold a huge importance in my family. Some of my first memories as a child are of riding in Mum’s delivery van, or helping her weed the plants and getting scratches up my arms and legs from walking through the spiky plants. 

My mum has a bromeliad business, and is the president of Bromeliad Society of New Zealand. Her mother, my gran, was one of the first people in New Zealand to own varieties of bromeliads that are now very popular. 

My sister who’s two years my senior works full time for mum’s business growing and selling broms. One of my favourite things is that a new breed of bromeliad was created, and the gardener named it “Lucy” after my sister.

I pointed out this plant when walking through the nursery as one of my favourites without knowing it was named after her!

I feel as though exploring my heritage through gardens and plants cannot be done without including bromeliads as it is such a signifier to the women in my family.

I hope to create works that are reminiscent, personal and a little bit sad. 

My Grandmother was a painter later in her life, and into her 50s became a quite talented landscape painter. She passed away 2 years before I went to art school. It makes me sad that she never saw me pursue art or become a painter, and I can’t recall ever talking to her about painting even once.

I suppose I want this next project to create some sort of tribute, or perhaps reimagined memory, of a connection between myself and my grandma through our art. 

anonymous asked:

I have an pot who doesnt want to meet for din for our first meeting because of discretion.. we been talking for weeks and we have chemistry, but what should i recommend we do as a first meet instead? Or should i drop it?

What else would you do besides dinner? Coffee date? In my opinion, I can get my own coffee. I can get Paris to get coffee for me.

Does he expect to meet at his house or a private location? HA, no.

Tbh, I can only talk to a man for so long, the fact you’ve been talking to him for WEEKS with no clear plans of meeting is a red flag and he seems like a time-waster.

Negatives to Prints

I’ve chosen 6 images, I aim to transfer into prints. I aim to finish this by Monday afternoon - 25/2/19 - with research book almost finished also. The images that work out best will be the 3 final images to be submitted.

These images have been developed and then scanned into digital form.
The Making of GRAND: Sophia Collier's Artprize Entry
A shorter selection from this video is being played at the Grand Rapids Art Museum at the exhibition space where GRAND is located. It is a great overview of GRAND,…


Not really a presentation idea, as it takes too long for me to replicate, or even to get inspired by, but what a fine idea of a beautiful object…made out of a river. 

Sophia Collier carves out water out of an acrylic…