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Cold atmospheric plasma technology has been approved by the for use in a clinical trial. Cold plasma is currently the only way to remove microscopic cancer tumors after surgery.

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On the subject of concept development in design and research by Jonathan Grove, Director of Design Research at Nationwide Insurance

"SketchAndCalc is helping me to measure flare reaction of the skin. By using SketchAndCalc I can easily determine irregular areas and 0px; " tag="ulate the cm2. I can recommend this software." - J

We’re half way through our ' A Week in Focus' with the amazing researchers at the ! 👋Today we meet Chan Li who’s exploring the casual genes for developing disease & Renée & Joram who are using the Gut-on-Chip technology to study coeliac disease!

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Nuestro asociado en , . Tiene como objetivo proveer con productos de alta calidad a los investigadores, científicos, trabajadores del sector clínico y de la educación en dicho país. ➡️⬅️

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Paying for childcare is a significant financial strain for many American parents

Per My Last

This goes for really anyone who uses the Internet in any capacity, but this especially goes for avid Twitter users.

Always, aLwAyS, ALWAYS do research for yourself. Don’t just accept everything that’s thrown at you.

Twitter is really a cesspool of sensationalism, propoganda, and misinformation (aka alternative facts) and you will drown in confusion and lies if you don’t take the time to look things up for yourself.

Read past the headline.

Read past the quote tweet.

Read entire threads.

Don’t accept paraphrasing of someone else’s words. Go hear it from the horse’s mouth if you can.

That whole attack on the white nationalist bus incident got spread around for four whole days, reached millions of people, and yet a random on Tumblr had more integrity than those so called “journalists” to tell the truth that the white supremacists on the bus attacked the other people first.

Think for yourself. Research things for yourself.


I’ve watched re-enactments on TV before and always thought they were a bit rubbish. I recently discovered a variation called documentary theatre… I guess it might be closer to some of those investigative podcasts, which are as much about the journey of the reporter as they are about the story being revealed.

I’m thinking this is all very useful from a research point of view. In design, we are often talking to the ‘end user’, which is a kind of investigation which changes the researcher.

It also seems valuable to take the research and present back straight away in a digestible format, a story. Hence documentary theatre has become one of my new interests; I’m trying to hone journalistic skills to collect data, and then working on script writing skills to create a compelling narrative. I guess my final format will be a video, using images to offset the acted voices.

Why not user original voices? Somehow when a text is read back, it creates additional space around the content. I guess we can hear that something is not quite right, and it can compel us to listen more closely as we try to close the gap between ourselves and the story.

This is the start of a new journey. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Army develops cold spray technology to repair Bradley gun mounts

Repairing a 40-ton armored vehicle is a lot harder than having your car fixed at a neighborhood auto repair shop. Tactical armored vehicles require specialized repair procedures, which is very costly. What if repairing routine wear and tear on an Army vehicle was inexpensive and as easy as fixing your car? With funding from the Army’s Manufacturing Technology Program, a team of scientists and engineers from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory, Ground Vehicle Systems Center and the Armaments Center, as well as Bradley Product Manager and Red River Army Depot worked together to develop a cold spray process to repair costly turret gun mounts on the Army’s M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

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News Bite: communal extraversion (enjoys time with others and being part of a crowd) is linked with lower signs of depression and social dysfunction. Agentic extraversion (speaks their mind, takes charge) is linked with higher signs of mania and narcissistic personality disorder. These results encourage personality assessments in the clinical field.

Watson, D., Ellickson-Larew, S., Stanton, K., Levin-Aspenson, H., Khoo, S., Stasik-O'Brien, S. M., & Clark, L. A. (2019). Aspects of extraversion and their associations with psychopathology. Journal of Abnormal Psychology