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A rescued Siberian to make you smile.

ADOPTION UPDATE on King Solomon! Look at this gorgeous guy! Thank you for adopting a

2-4years Male - sweet - full shelter needs Wayne County 1600 Clingman Street Goldsboro, NC 27534 919-731-1439

2 DAYS LEFT to 2019! Get fired up for 3 days of action-packed live displays & demos by leading 🔥 & 🏥 brands at the plaza area. Watch out for thrilling new tech & innovations on combating fire through new tools & techniques at each of the live demos.

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Please click share and help Philomena find a loving family. She is sweet and loving. We believe she’s a French Bulldog/Pitbull Mix. About 4 years old she is spayed, vaccinated, negative for disease and microchipped.

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فیصل آباد: خوف ناک ٹریفک حادثہ، 3 افراد جاں بحق Read News>

My first time on a field trip to , my foster mom let me smell all the smells and I met new friends. I wonder if they are rescues like me! #

Tesla is such a cute hamster. We would love for him to find his forever home with that perfect someone very soon. Visit for more information & adoption applications.

Welcome Javelin! He is a young male Syrian hamster ready for his forever home. If you are ready to adopt his cute little guy please visit for more information.

This is my daily situation. Gizmo on my legs and Paige passed out next to them. Makes it hard to get off sofa, when needed.

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Lira don’t share. No way, no how. #lira #chiweeniesaremeanies #liradontshare #chiweenie #chiweenienation #spoon #chiweeniesofinstagram #rescue #rescuedog #streetdog #streetshit #rescuedogsofinstagram

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Flying foxes Love to eat native Australian flowers, they need flowering trees in the wild and ecological provide pollination. This flying fox girl has bone protrusions. Once she is healed and mating season is over- as her hurt body is not up to that activity, she will be released. I am grateful to Sharon and Trish for sharing their knowledge and all the extra activity they provided to teach me about Flying Foxes help me learn and photograph to show these remarkable and threatened wonders. Wish I could have written down all they said. Meeting rescued flying foxes and wallabies was an dream experience. Note that witnessing rescuing, I saw more pain, more death and compassion then I can show. I hope to edit to tell a more complete story. #flyingFox #PollenEaters #Caretaker #rescue #Australia #Guggenheim project @guggfellows (at Gold Coast, Queensland)

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Now we have numerous cases with #dogs in critical state.

Here is one of them. Meet Basik. He was found bleeding, heavily beaten by dogs and left alone to die. He is old and toothless. He could not protect himself. Now we can protect him and give a chance to #survive.
His fight will be long and difficult. State is critical but we need to give him a chance.

Please let’s try to rescue this sweet pup🙏

#donate #help #rescue #dogsifig #dogstagram #dog #dogsoflove #dogoftheday ogs

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This tiny wood mouse was rushed to the centre after being caught by a cat.

At first glance, it was clear that half of its tail had been degloved, as the bone was exposed. Luckily, upon further examination, the vet team found no other sign of injury.

The mouse has been put on a course of antibiotics and pain relief whilst we wait for it to become stable enough to survive an operation to remove its tail.

Mice can survive perfectly well in the wild without a tail, in fact, some species of mice actually shed the outer layers of skin from their tails to escape predation.

I just realized something.

My theory for Avengers The End Game was Tony had to sacrifice Pepper to get Soul Stone. 

But Pepper`s name is on that check in Spider-Man Far From Home trailer.

Who the hell they are gonna sacrifice to get Soul Stone? (There is a Rhodey theory but NOPE, I am actually okay with sacrificing Pepper in a weird way. So now it is someone else and I am panicking!)

My other theory was Steve was sacrificing himself so Tony would get the Stone.(They didn`t put Red Skull there for the kicks only. MCU is a good story teller, it is gonna be about Cap at one point.)

WTF Marvel. What is gonna happen with Soul Stone?

Who else has something left for the Soul Stone?

(A tiny voice is saying Tony is the Heart and Soul of the Avengers and he will be the one…  I am smothering it. NOPE. They would have him in an agonized pain rather than dead.)


Lorelai gives birth to her final litter of kittens -

FIVE kittens born yesterday and all are healthy!


Reposted from @abcworldnewstonight - BABY SAVED: Police in Little Rock, Arkansas, have released dramatic dashcam footage of a standoff with a man who opened fire during a child custody exchange in a Walmart parking lot — with authorities moving in after a police chase to rescue a child in the car and take that suspect into custody peacefully. @steveosunsami with the video #littlerock #arkansas #police #standoff #walmart #shooting #chase #baby #rescue #caughtoncamera #worldnewstonight - #regrann

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😃🐫 #happyhumpday #dog #happydog #happy #instadog #doglove #instalove #love #lovedogs #doglover #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rescue #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #lovewins #lovelife #life #doglife #instalife #lifeisgood #instagood #goodlife #enjoylife #enjoy #smile #wagmorebarkless (at Peekskill, New York)

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