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hearing about Boltonโ€™s book.

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I just saw Laura Ingraham (she, a lawyer!?) on repeat the ridiculous assertion that "because President Z. denied he had been coerced, there was no coercion". In actuality, of course, President Z. would avoid defying at all costs.

This is how afraid liberals are of losing the election. Unsolicited stickers. I will NEVER vote Democrat simply because they try to indoctrinate. Shameful.

The self-righteous , formerly calling themselves is NO He has no allegiance to the ? He would throw you from your self made temples. You have defiled our and .

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Media: : "Far from showing anger over 's betrayal of his office, most senators are eager to be accomplices in his coverup ... Republicansโ€™ lack of outrage over the presidentโ€™s egregious misconduct is truly outrageous."

If this doesnt wake you up then you're a stupid piece of shit . 's party was the . Theย Federalist Partyย originated in opposition to the - Party in during President George Washington's first .

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Our nation, the United States of America๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ needs to restore the House Of Representatives to control. Dems are not capable of doing anything that honors our nation. adam schiff has proven himself to be a habitual liar. Is schiff able to receive or know truth?

is right about one thing: His defense team is boring . . . boring . . . more boring R they trying to keep their fans asleep? Wake up to

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The winds of change in have begun. We now have elected a to City Council it is heavy but 1 of 8 shows that is ready for positive change help we turn it into a Red Hurricane. We need your support. โ€ฆ

Help me get 8 voters to the County GOP Lincoln Dinner we need donors 8 at $250. You will help local voters to meet the GOP Candidates for 2020 and have a photo op with LT Govenor Patrick many El Paso voters can't afford tickets

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Who the Trump people think they are:


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Who they really are: 


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Democracy,โ€ a system
of the two party state in which both parties are controlled by the
same force, and whilst they may squabble over insignificant
issues, to give the impression of opposing one another, they
actually follow the same basic ideology, which is why the
inhabitants of democracies soon discover that it doesnโ€™t matter
who they vote for, nothing ever changes.

Unbelievable, the Fake News Media has a clear Anti-Trump / Anti-America agenda 😠 repost @donaldjtrumpjr *
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This video have such good points about President Trump not being guilty of quid pro quo oh, and of course we know that the domestic terrorist group the Democratic party is guilty especially creepy Joe Biden the pedophile and his drug addict son Hunter. This is a must-watch video sit down relax for a few minutes and watch this video. By the way please repost it everywhere on all your websites. And once again my personal thanks for caring about America. Where we go one we go all Q


Jalaram wishes a very Happy Republic Day to all.
#71republicday2020 #republican #republicday #india

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Austrian Economics Explained for Dummies (Ludwig von Mises)

Why does the government hate Austrian economics?  How is economics really philosophy?

This school of economic thought explains the boom bust cycle of our economy using simple deductive logic.  Using Praxeology, a branch of philosophy created by Ludwig von Mises.  It studies the economy by analyzing human action.  How does it work?  Tune in!

Anti-choice people are incapable of comprehending anything besides their own propaganda. No scenario, statistic or story will ever convince them that they are wrong.

Take anencephaly for example, a birth defect where a fetus develops without parts of the skull and brain. This can be diagnosed before, during, or after birth, however the majority of neonates with this condition die within hours or days after birth.

In the event that this birth defect is diagnosed while in utero, the pregnant person may have the option of getting an abortion considering there will be no longevity or quality of life for the fetus.

“Pro-life” people would rather this person carry this pregnancy to term, being fully aware that after going through a vaginal birth or c-section that the fetus is going to die shortly after rather then allow them to get an abortion.

That is what the pro-life movement is about.


They want to make people suffer for their decisions.


Senate Trial Update on Day 4 (Friday)

Yesterday was the closing of the House manager’s arguments. That means they have spent all their time to make their case against Donald Trump. House managers focused on a few key points. The first was the hard evidence that Trump pulled aid from Ukraine specifically to pressure them for a political favor. The second was spending some time on the obstruction of congress charge, which is what Trump did by blocking access to documents and witnesses. That is completely unconstitutional. The third is Trump’s aspirations to be a dictator and how his corruption threatens our whole democracy. They also took some time to explain that Joe Biden had done nothing wrong. 

Sources say that Democrats have likely swayed two moderate Republicans, but they need four to pass a motion to include more witnesses. Make no mistake, this entire trial is about the White House silencing witnesses, because they know very well that the President is guilty. The understanding is that if they keep out witnesses the White House will win, but if witnesses are allowed to testify, there will surely be a vote for removal. 

Today, (they’ve already started) the White House defense will begin it’s arguments. There are two telling points to their upcoming defense. One is that they have stated they won’t be using their full twenty four hours. Sekalow, Trump’s personal lawyer, said that “less is more.” I believe it’s obvious that they have very little to say in the Presidents defense, and that is supported by my next point. During what time they will use, they will spend a majority of their time likely talking about the Bidens, about the Russia investigation, about the Dossier, and Trump’s “witch hunt.” I suspect that they will spend little if any time actually trying to refute the arguments of the House Managers. The Defense has a vested interest in ending this as fast as possible. That way there is less time for one of the moderate Republicans to break ranks. If a motion were past to bring in witnesses, then this trial will go well into next week. The Defenses strategy is literally to wrap it up before too much can be said. 

On another note, during the trial as Adam Schiff was speaking, he announced that Russia has hacked Barisma holdings. He pointed out that Russia is still actively trying to interfere with our election, and we know that we cannot count on Trump to protect the American people. He would no doubt do everything to profit from Russia’s interference. 

I believe that this year our democracy is in more danger than it ever has been before, and I’m honestly frightened by what may unfold. 

Our Next President Will Be Really F***ing Old

In the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, 70-year-old Donald Trump defeated 69-year-old Hillary Clinton. The subsequent reactions to this result and the nature of the country since then don’t need to be discussed. They play out every day.

But, in the wake of it all, Democrats were preparing themselves for 2020. They knew they needed to line up a candidate to defeat Donald Trump and most have posed that as a top reason to vote for them as the primaries play out.

What we’ve also seen since the 2016 election is plenty of debate over generational issues: Baby Boomers blaming Millennials, Millennials blaming Baby Boomers, Generation Xers apparently just hanging out, Generation Zers just looking at their technology, me wondering what the next generation will be called since we’ve run out of letters. But what’s clear is we do have a spirited youth that are intelligent, politically and socially active, and whose votes and voices will matter.

Yet, here is where we stand: the Republican Party has aligned itself with the now 73-year-old Trump’s protocol even after desperately wanting to push him out of their primary years earlier. The Democratic field’s top candidates by polls currently are Joe Biden (77 years old), Bernie Sanders (78 years old; will be 79 on date of 2020 presidential election), and Elizabeth Warren (70 years old; will be 71 on date of 2020 presidential election). Mike Bloomberg (77 years old; will be 78 in a few weeks) has enough money to put himself in this field as well.

What is going on here? I’m not writing this with any political leanings one way or the other, but more from just a general societal perspective.

If you walked into any company and asked employees what they thought of any co-worker over the age of 70, I guarantee that a majority of those polled would say, “Why are they still working here?” And, yet, these are all the most viable candidates that both parties have fielded for President of the United States?

I’m sure I could be called out as ageist, but that isn’t entirely the point. It’s fine to field candidates that are senior citizens, but the notion that all the top ones are and that the parties chose to structure themselves in this way speaks to the fundamental problem and alienation that the younger generations felt after the 2016 election. They’ve become more vocal and more political and yet both parties don’t seem to be truly addressing it or caring about it.


                                            The future of America

Trump is already pretty majorly disconnected to the youth unless they happen to be conservative and then he’s unfortunately molding them into a really distorted view on Republican ideals or even faith. Biden has already shown signs of both age and an inability to relate to the current times whether it be with his viewpoints on marijuana or his touchiness with women. Warren and Sanders seem to have the most youth-backing and yet they are now locking heads for votes. It seems absolutely absurd that the voice that seems to be able to relate to the issues of the younger generation the most is coming from the oldest person in the field.

Trump loves junk food so much that he fed it to the college football championship winning Clemson team. His Twitter account doesn’t even need to be mentioned at this point as a sign of a concern. Sanders suffered a heart attack in October. Biden’s mental capacity in debates keeps coming under fire. We’ve seen from George W. Bush and Barack Obama how much a President can age in 8 years in office. There’s nothing wrong as a voter holding a concern for how old the leader of their nation will be and their health and yet this doesn’t seem to truly to matter to anyone right now.

One would think that the outlook of either party with a candidate isn’t just winning for 4 years but winning for 8. I don’t know that Trump could make it that far. I certainly don’t know that I feel that way about a mid-80s Biden or Sanders. So, it makes the vice president position all that more important and we’ve watched in the past how the frightening notion of Sarah Palin as president may have buried a campaign.

I’m not one to rally around and promote candidates or even my political preferences, but at a general level, it would seem that only focusing in on one age group and the most aged of them all for the highest office in the country doesn’t do a great job of speaking to the entire country. We have a minimum age limit of 35 which is good because that means an Instagram influencer won’t become our President which would be likely to happen. But it’s safe to question why we don’t have a maximum age and why our major political parties are slanting towards unbelievably older candidates.

They may be clinging to their final ways of shaping their worldview and, in the process, only further alienating a large youth population that is ready to take over.


Mark Levin Delivers His Opening Statement on Impeachment to Senate | Lev…