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Ivory Blood Male Blood Python by Reptile Collective, $250

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Foto Fantastico! American Crocodile. Foto: Chris Gillette. Photographed with a Canon 80D, 10-22mm wide angle lens, Aquatica housing and Inon strobes.

Here's some throw back pictures of my first pair of Tegus Stan and Nancy!! These were the first big lizards I ever kept at home

Tortuga de Cuatrocienénegas (Terrapene coahuila) André João Grünwald Nuño Pozos Las Playitas, Bolsón de Cuatrociénegas, Coahuila. Vida libre

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Each year the countryside service aim to help one country park with a Service Team Day. Today we've been at helping with path surfacing and creating leaky dams. The leaky dams are great for and – at Sywell Country Park

a meter wide dam made up of willow stakes and a layer of branches, onto which soil is laid...
we start by wheeling on barrows of soil recycled from the path works nearby in the park...
we rake the soil evenly over the branches to create the layers through which water will slowly move...
fully covered with soil, another layer of branches will be laid; this technique mimics natural beaver dam building...

This pretty girl joined us last week, and will hopefully be out on encounters early next year once she’s settled in ☺️ She is a Burmese Python, and could potentially reach 15 to 20 feet in length! 😮

Show your animal❤️ how much you ❤️ them via participating in 1of PETPREP'S 12 Days of Giving(12DoG) events-all while having fun & learning more about for ALL ( , etc.) at the same time


So excited to see what these girls produce this year! Leatherback citrus and red trans citrus. Picking up a male this weekend @lonestarreptileexpos in . Come check us out!

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Suzie sticker because god I lover her so much 

Again, sorry for the dead air. As an apology, here’s my new baby!

Meet Solomon. A Mexican Black Kingsnake who I got Saturday at the Herps Austin Reptile Expo. Isn’t he tiny!

I was sorta on the fence when getting him because of his size (I’ve only owned one snake-Beans- and she was huge compared to Solomon when I bought her) and he’s currently on live pinkies.

Now, I get called a pinkie or live lover/sympathizer and it’s true to a point. As an animal lover the idea of feeding one living creature to another just makes me kinda sad. I’ve been so happy Beans has stayed on frozens, plus there’s the benefit that the food doesn’t fight back. PLUS finding live pinkies, fuzzys, and hoppers is hard for some people and they’re not always readily available.

I am luckily since I know 2 feeder breeders personally and at least 2 more animal supply stores that breed their feeders as well. So, I can promise y’all that I am going to feed Solomon at least 2-3 meals live so I know he’s eating and not overly stressed out from his trip. But, I will try to transition him to frozen. It’s easier to buy in bulk and the freezing process kills of a lot of the bacteria and such which gives me some extra ease of mind.

If Solomon takes to the frozens ~~Yay! If not, I am prepared to feed him live for the long run. It’s the circle of life and by taking in Solomon I’m responsible for giving him the best life I can and if that includings feeding only live, I will.

Dragon collab adopt finished :’) Pal sketched and flat colored while I painted this beaut.

They can be purchased here !

Thank you for showing love and support ♡♡♡.

A species of lizard native to the Hawaiian Islands, the copper striped blue-tailed skink ( Emoia impar), is now officially extinct. The species was once common throughout the Hawaiian Islands and is still found on other island groups in the tropical Pacific. The last sighting was in the Na’Pali coast of Kauai in the 1960s. But repeated field surveys on Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawai’i islands from 1988 to 2008 have yielded no sightings or specimens

Photograph: Chris Brown/USGS