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Driftwood & turtle

Le caméléon casqué, il se distingue par le casque imposant qu’il a sur sa tête. On le trouve principalement dans les forêts chaudes.⁣ .⁣ .⁣

今日はここです♪ 早く着きすぎた(゜゜;)

My new little lady arrived last night and my god she is stunning.. she’s also in deep blue so when she sheds she will be even more beautiful 😍 ❤️

Are you brave enough to come and hold Bertha at our event? Eric & Friends petting is a FREE attraction so come and visit them, they have spiders too!

Check out this 3D picture of my lizard Haku! Hope you all get the chance to relax and enjoy the sunshine just like Haku. What are your plans this weekend? . . .

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Tarentola gigas


Oligodon purpurascens



Found me??