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Was just wondering if you have any links to recent--(last couple of years)--stats and information about violence/abuse or harassment against trans and non-binary people. I'm doing a research paper and I'm not sure where to start when it comes to looking for such recent and verified data.

Google scholar is always a good resource to use to look for academic papers and the like (which can be good places to find such stats). You can define year ranges and everything.

Another good place to look is queer organization sites news feeds (like PFLAG, GLADD, HRC, Trevor Project, ACLU etc.), as they tend to keep track of stats like those. Domestic violence and rape crisis organizations might be another good place to check.

You can also look through news reports and find out where they’re sourcing their numbers if they’re not just reporting a singular incident.

(These are USA based since that’s where I am and have the most knowledge of.)

HRC tracks fatal attacks against trans people. Here’s 2019′s.
This Center Against Domestic Violence compiled some anti-trans violence reports and resources.
PFLAG links some violence reports and talks about what they mean.
Task Force compiled a report on all sorts of anti-trans harassment, including medical.
The Association for Justice compiled a similar harassment report.
ACLU’s deadly violence is on the rise report.
USA Today reported the same as the ACLU with some sources to check out.

2012 and 2015 seem to be the last times a really big survey was done for these types of statistics. Sometimes you can’t always find more recent statistics, but you can use past knowledge and current trends to help draw relevant conclusions.

A lot of doing research is starting to learn how to verify data and find reputable sources. It is hard! But if you practice a bit, you’ll get there. Your Dictionary has a good 101 piece on how to start finding credible sources. Here’s a guide on how to use wiki to help you get started without relying on it as a source. If you’re looking through more academic papers rather than raw statistics, take a moment to see who funded the project to check for bias. For example, I’m a geologist, and trying to find papers on anything regarding the oil field is tedious because all the papers that pop up first are funded by oil companies who want results that say continuing to invade countries to deplete a nonrenewable resource can in no way end badly.
A good rule of thumb is to read everything critically. Think about potential bias, what may be being missed, how big survey size was, etc. Take everything with a bit of a grain of salt. Collect statistics from multiple sources. Draw your own conclusions.

Hopefully this will help get you started! This is a heavy and hard topic to write about. Take care of yourself. <3


Blubber Blabber

What a stupid pity party

I scolded myself for trying

I didn’t care about the holiday

until I saw the people smiling

being better than they usually are.

I told you she’s a fucking star.

The city in the winter is a lot less obnoxious.

Summer madness had me out of control.

Now smoking too many cigarettes in the cold.

Nothing further to report.

What are the Six Sigma tools
Six Sigma is a data-driven process that seeks to reduce product defects down to 3.4 defective parts per million, or 99.99966% defect-free products over the l...

What are the Six Sigma tools?

Six Sigma is a data-driven process that seeks to reduce product defects down to 3.4 defective parts per million, or 99.99966% defect-free products over the long-term.
In other words, the goal is to produce nearly perfect products for your customers.


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Mining company Hut 8 reported a profit for the third quarter of 2019

According to a report by canadian mining company Hut 8, for the third quarter of 2019, the firm earned $26.7 million net of interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, the company’s profit was $14.7 million.

Hut 8 managed to extract 1,965 BTC, the cost of which, taking into account the payment of electricity, pool commissions and other production costs, amounted to about $8.6 million ($4,363 per BTC).

Ceteris Paribus analysts analyzed the report in detail and noted that the figures do not include a number of important items of expenditure that significantly increase the cost of one BTC. According to them, if you take into account depreciation, lease of the site and other costs, the cost of mining one BTC increases to $7,100, which corresponds to the current rate of the first cryptocurrency.

“If in the near future the price of bitcoin will be below $7,100, they will be able to remain profitable due to the costs of the past period. In the report for 2018, they indicated the funds spent on mining equipment in the amount of $85 million, So this year the depreciation costs are so low. They also did not add infrastructure costs or mining servers, as their operational life is two years, ” analysts said.

However, in the long term, Hut 8, like other mining companies, will need to change equipment and incur additional costs. Because of this, the profitability of the business, provided the value of bitcoin is below $5,000 and the current competition, becomes negative.