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2019.06.18 を直してみた。 パイプを切って叩いて円錐形に。 あとは本体に溶接。やっぱり錆を落とさないとうまく溶接出来ないんだなぁ。 久しぶりなのと相まって酷い仕上がりに。 でもとりあえず直ったし修理自体が楽しかったから満足。

Part of the fun of running older hardware picked up inexpensively on is the once-in-a-while need to replace a hard drive. Tonight I installed a curious 1.8" drive on my HP 2540p. Then I installed a new version of . Success! Pictured: House Finch wallpaper.

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We brought the Winnebago in to be inspected.  I prayed that if it didn’t pass that the fixes wouldn’t be impossible and they aren’t.  A pitman arm, a carrier bearing, the front brakes and a couple lights, including reverse, were out.  We were surprised about the lights.  Must have been a couple died on us between us working on other stuff.  Now we’re REALLY glad we had that thing TOWED from where we bought it from.  We weren’t about to chance mountains with brakes we weren’t certain of.


The last item I picked up from Costco was this massive bag of almonds. I want to make my own almond milk and maybe even almond butter. I’ve never tried that before so hopefully I like it, but either way that’s what I plan to do with these almonds. In the future it’d be better to go to a bulk store and get the almonds package free, but I still consider this to be pretty good.