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The good thing in being is: i can do whatever i like, bc i have . 😂 For my is totally normal that ill travel there with my , which Ive as like my own .

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Here are my in the Zak Abel - You Come First ft. Saweetie [Official Video] more at and become a sing and rap duo!

My friends at the paint store have been saving old, dried up paint brushes for me instead of throwing them away. I have repainted them and will use them in some new pieces I am working on.

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My art at night with blue led spotlight 💙

Repainted little sister Frankie Stein MH doll.

Steampunk wings! Includes pictured clothes on her!

Buy her now for $47.00 + shipping!


2019 knick-knack repainting - the very large hummingbird edition.

Yes, I stood in the aisle with the seasonal garden statuary and chuckled at the very large hummingbird. While we do only have the ruby-throated ones in this neck of the woods - they’re definitely smaller than this knick knack. According to the internet - ruby throats are about 3.5 inches from head to tail. This knick-knack is 6 inches from head to tail. Yeah, it’s a big hummingbird.

So, I did some hummingbird research. It’s very hard to find a large hummingbird that isn’t a “giant hummingbird,” yes, that is a species of hummingbird. Anyway, I finally settled on the violet sabrewing. As it turns out, purple is my favorite color, and this one appealed to me. Also, the violet sabrewing is a big hummingbird - so, it works.


Super Mario 64 Repainted [Download]
Took me almost 3 months of lifetime.