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O' it's a Jolly Holiday with Mary! eBay auction of just in time for with the original by on ebay at

My friends at the paint store have been saving old, dried up paint brushes for me instead of throwing them away. I have repainted them and will use them in some new pieces I am working on.

My first Cambodian painting done at an art project using house enamel paints in primary colours only, painting over numerous under paintings. "Cowbai"

Need getting a in your or perhaps the outside of your ? We’ll take the hassle out of so you won’t have to deal with any mess or cleaning can just put your & have a and let us take care of everything.

My first attempt to customize a barbie doll. I wanted her to look like a bit vampire porcelain doll. I used acrylic paints and haberdashery clothes strip of different types.

I had tough day today but still managed to do some work today. Getting into next room it will be in colour 90YY28067

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Customised Smart Doll Eiji and partially-repainted Ringdoll Rinku

#3 , Unknown,Composition shoulderplate, fabric torso, 20 inches, 1940s

No markings

This doll has a brown original wig. possibly newly added red and white shirt, bloomers, and no shoes. She has crazed tin sleep eyes, real eyelashes, teeth and a tongue. She appears to be repainted at some point in time.


Super Mario 64 Repainted [Download]
Took me almost 3 months of lifetime.

i’m doing a solo super paper mario repainted in my spare time, it’s not going to be serious.

hell i don’t think doing a repainted is supposed to be serious

“fasten ass” is going to be in there, i don’t think the text after that is going to be there


Fashion Royalty Homme Repainted by AQUATALIS