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Can’t wait to be back with our friends at Jellystone Park in Pierceton, IN tomorrow morning! Get ready for a very special Father’s Day concert. 🖤

We came across these amazing figures of and by a custom figure artist! All we. Can say is wow!

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Our God is still in the business of redeeming and transforming broken hearts, minds, and lives. Watching Him do it over and over again is the great joy of all our days. He makes all things beautiful, and He does it all so well. His masterful creativity knows no bounds.

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Bought this doorstop for the hubster from , in just a few days he’s stripped back all the black paint & dirt, and completely it

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I had the version, of the (when I was a kid) – which – along with the version, of (a version, of )… as well as (Don't remember who made that one…) ! 😎

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We loved our trip to Coratia!

Please watch and like our vlog, just here:


2019 knick-knack repainting - the very large hummingbird edition.

Yes, I stood in the aisle with the seasonal garden statuary and chuckled at the very large hummingbird. While we do only have the ruby-throated ones in this neck of the woods - they’re definitely smaller than this knick knack. According to the internet - ruby throats are about 3.5 inches from head to tail. This knick-knack is 6 inches from head to tail. Yeah, it’s a big hummingbird.

So, I did some hummingbird research. It’s very hard to find a large hummingbird that isn’t a “giant hummingbird,” yes, that is a species of hummingbird. Anyway, I finally settled on the violet sabrewing. As it turns out, purple is my favorite color, and this one appealed to me. Also, the violet sabrewing is a big hummingbird - so, it works.

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Super Mario 64 Repainted [Download]
Took me almost 3 months of lifetime.