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Here is my local troupe (minus director). I am in the Harry Otter shirt. We open in 6 days! So excited. It's been an exhausting, amazing journey with incredible people.

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Are you either looking for a new property or selling a property? Get in touch and list your details and properties completely free!

Are you either looking for a new property or selling a property? Get in touch and list your details and properties completely free!

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Are you looking for a house or condo either to rent or to buy? Check out this fantastic property website here in Thailand!

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This killed me😂😂😂

Will you light my candle?(Phan AU)

Read on A03

They were broke, but at the time almost everyone in New York City was, especially in this part of town.

The apartment that Phil shared with his best friend, (pj) was old, and ugly.

He would say that it did its job. The thing was though, it didn’t. The heat was off, there was a leaky ceiling and one lamp.

It was Christmas Eve nineteen eighty five, Him and Pj had been going around the building ripping off eviction notices from every door- ‘Free heat’

Was the only thought in their heads. Plus it would remove the sorrow from everyone else’s home.

Peej carried the metal garbage can up to their floor and through the loft doors, it settled in the middle of the room and was soon filled with eviction notices and then fire.

It kept the room warm, Pj did eventually leave for work and midnight did hit. So did a knock on the door.

Phil padded down the loft steps and to the door. There stood a boy- he had to have been at least nineteen. There was specks of glitter in his hair and a fishnet top over his chest. If Phil didn’t know any better he would’ve guessed this boy just left the club.

He was holding a small handle in his palm and looked up at him with big eyes, that Phil swore looked into his soul.

The boy bit his lip and smiled, put himself on his toes placing a hand on Phil’s shoulder and whispered ever so sweetly,

“Will you light my candle?”

Phil literally choked on his own words, he let out a soft, “come in, I have a match”

They walked in together- in the dark the fire had long gone out. He turned towards the kitchen and grabbed a match slowly walking back towards the boy cupping one of his hand around the boys’ and lit the match and candle.

The boy didn’t say another word and began to walk out with a small smile on his face, the candle illuminating the apartment in a small light- then it was gone.

“Oh it’s out again..” the boy turned, walking back to Phil and looked up with a shy demeanor.

Phil smiles lighting the boy another match and lighting the candle.

The boy moved the candle closer to himself,

“Your shivering..” Phil whispered, their faces close- so so close.

“They turned off my heat.” He mumbled, stepping back and tripping over himself only to be caught by Phil.

“-and I’m weak on my feet.”

The candle- from the movement was once again blown out and they were stood together, Dan in Phil’s arms, he held up the candle in between them.

“Will you light my candle?”

Phil looked into the brown pools of the boys eyes.

“I’m out of matches.”

The boy threw the candle to the ground and laid himself down on Phil’s crappy ass couch.

“What’s your name?” Phil whispered as he knelt on the floor, his face close to the boy’s

“They call me Dan.”

Phil let out a sigh, “ I’m Phil.”

The boy - Dan, sat himself up, his lips almost touching Phil’s and breathed out.

“Will you light my candle, Phil?”

Semi stressing out over the live TV production of Rent coming to the small screen soon. It was definitely one of my top three theatre experiences, and I feel protective of it. I really wish TV adaptations of Broadway musicals weren’t even a thing, I mean, the stage is sacred ffs! Why fix what’s not broken??

Naturally I watch them anyway, because I’m a masochist. I actually did like Hairspray and more than liked Jesus Christ Superstar. I thought Grease was better than anticipated, but Peter Pan was a hot mess, the Wiz was horrific and Carrie Underwood’s Maria Von Trapp in the Sound of Music scarred me for life.

And next, the most iconic show on the list, imo. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

ok i gotta ask - who is this country pretty boy in rent live playing roger? like did the whole creative team just forget roger’s eyeliner and black nail polish and sad shut in flannel pajama pants?


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buckysbrat  asked:

AHHH YOU LIKE RENT ALSO!?? I wanted to be Mimi in a production of it so bad for some reason when I was like nine 😂 I would sing all of her parts around the house and for some reason my mom was like “good for you, good luck” like she was fine with her daughter playing a stripper drug addict 😂 What is your favorite song??

I WANTED TO BE MIMI TOO OMG SKSKSKSKSK THIS IS AMAZING! That cracks me up about your mom lol! Gosh favorite song…hmm strangely enough I’m super partial to “Life Support” because the lyrics just kill me. And then “La Vie Boheme” legit makes me jam out and I love the reprise of “I’ll cover you” because it’s so powerful and I’m dying to do “Take Me or Leave Me” at karaoke because it’s ducking badass!


Watching RENT (for the hundredth time)

Me *sobbing*: poor Angel she was so pure and sweet and didn’t deserve to die she has no flaws. She was such a good person

Friend: she killed a dog

Me: haha oh yeah, eh it was only Benny’s dog. Angel was so pure and sweet and didn’t deserve to die

(Note: friend wasn’t saying she deserves to die just pointing out she was flawed like the other characters)

Looking for a place

About in November, my boyfriend and I decided it’s time we live together. We waited till the new year to start seriously looking, and actually calling around looking for vacancies. We live in a small town, it only takes 15 minutes to get all the way through. The town is very over populated so of course, apartments are expensive, more than they should be. At least going through a complex. Going through a realtor would work, but my boyfriend hasn’t been at his current job long enough and they won’t accept us. We have been calling people and going to offices every time we have a day off together, but everyone has such awkward hours, or won’t answer their phones it’s like they don’t want to rent.
onlyTveitforAaron on Instagram: “"Will I?" Rent - National Tour 2004 Aaron Tveit as Steve credit: 🔊: Tumblr (the mp3 is 2:12, check tumblr to hear the whole file) 📷:…”
33 Likes, 3 Comments - onlyTveitforAaron (@onlytveitforaaron) on Instagram: “"Will I?" Rent - National Tour 2004 Aaron Tveit as Steve credit: 🔊: Tumblr (the mp3 is 2:12, check…”