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Compulsory electrical checks for all rented properties expected to become law 1 April 2020

PARC PLACE APARTMENTS HOMES FOR RENT 234 UNITS, MIAMI, FLORIDA S.F UNIT TYPE MARKET RENT 625 1’/1 $1299.00 800 2’/1 $1499.00 1200 3’/2 $1699.00 Evelio Vergara- -305-652-7858

. 1 bed mini- apartment. Fully equipped and furnished. No VAT, pay in USD, COP, short or long stay. Bookings. +(57)3106882435. Starting in November 2020.

We now have 3 Rooms available over in Hindley, all double rooms with en-suite bathrooms. For more information click on the link below. 😃⬇️

FOR RENT IN FRANCE - BEAUTIFUL VILLA WITH SEA VIEWS Stunning 4 Bedroom Villa with Sea Views in Vence - Villa de Veyas Weekly Rental: From EUR 4020 to EUR 6180

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Make sure your lease is black and white. The tenant should understand all terms clearly. Protect your investment and be prepared -

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If the default Tonys host says that abt you, you should automatically get the Tony. 🤨🙌

Carry On/Wayward Son Musical Song Recs

Okay, so I’ve been listening to a lot of musicals recently, and here are some songs that fit perfectly with Carry On/Wayward Son.

“What is this feeling?” - Wicked. I’m starting at the beginning plot wise. Literally this could be their first night together as roommates. Baz as Galinda wondering why he was put with someone with literally no manners or class in any sense of the word, but also feeling a little off and thinking it just has to be complete and total hatred (Oh honey, you’ll find out soon enough what it really is (It’s love)) Also Simon thinking his new roommate is so stuck up and annoying in his “perfect” posh voice and mannerisms. (Oh you poor disaster) Also associating all these feelings with hatred.

“Waving Through A Window” - Dear Evan Hansen. A boy singing about how he feels it’s better to go unnoticed than to make a fool of yourself. Just a Baz song about how no one knows who he truly is and how he feels as if he can never tell anyone.

“Portrait of a Girl” - Bare: A Pop Opera. I’m so glad I get to talk about this underrated musical. It’s very clearly an Agatha song. It’s about a girl who feels as if the only thing that people see about her is her beauty and no one cares about who she really is. If that isn’t Agatha at the beginning of Carry On I don’t know what is.

“Apex Predator” - Mean Girls. Just a song about how a girl rules the school. It just reminds me a lot about how Simon thinks of Baz’s popularity at the beginning of Carry On.

“I’m not that girl” - Wicked. This one is too perfect. It’s a girl singing about how she is hopelessly in love with someone that could never love her back, and how she knows that she would never be the kind of person that he could like, and that she shouldn’t dream about being in a relationship with him because it will only break her heart. It’s literally Baz venting about being in love with Simon but he’s in love with Agatha.

“I Love Play Rehearsal” - Be More Chill. It’s just a girl singing about her interests. Christine just reminds me a lot of Penney okay.

“Everything Else” - Next to Normal. Yay another underrated musical. Just a girl ranting about her parents while playing the piano. Just reminds me of Baz ranting about his family while playing the violin.

“As Long As Your Mine” - Wicked. Just two lovebirds talking about how they don’t care about how their relationship could never last as long as they have each other in the moment. Just Simon and Baz their first night in a relationship talking through the logistics of it.

“Without You” - Rent. Two people after a breakup going through the fact that they don’t think they could live without the other person. Just Simon and Baz throughout Wayward Son ngl.

“Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye” - Anything Goes. Yay another girl ranting about being in love. Just another Baz song. It’s what I think is going through his head when Simon tried to break up with him. Realizing now that he should have known that nothing as amazing as what he had with Simon could last. Also, Cole Porter was gay and he supposedly wrote this about a relationship he had with a man, so it’s what he would have wanted.

“Only Us” - Dear Evan Hansen. Two teens trying to forget the past and live in the moment with one a another. Just the conversation we wanted Baz and Simon to have throughout Wayward son. Baz just tell Simon you love him please!!

This probably made no sense, but thanks for listening to me rant about musicals and The Simon Snow series!

I hate to annoy you but….

I need money

And bad

I lost my job a week ago, although I have a second job I am not getting enough hours to pay bills, rent, and for food. Plus we have a show coming up and we need supplies asap.

This is what I have so far.


Rent, which is the reward plus, is $350.

Money for food and has is the reward checking. Which as you can see is $0.

All I’m looking for is $200. So even $1 helps!

Please share as well. I’m a month behind on rent and we are eating one(1) meal a day.

My PayPal is

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Random Soft Marker Concepts Part 1:

Every December Mark brings Roger over to his family’s place in Scarsdale to celebrate Hanukah. It’s usually only for one day, because Mark can’t handle being around his family for much longer. But he genuinely enjoys seeing them.

Mark’s family is surprisingly accepting of him having a boyfriend. Especially his mom and sister Cindy. His dad is the least accepting out of the family. But that’s really not much of a surprise. He’s unaccepting of Mark’s life from the fact that he wants to make films, to the fact that he’s bisexual.

Mark’s family(especially his mom) bombards Roger with a thousand questions. And he slowly understands why Mark never answers her calls. Mark may love his mom, but she’s incredibly overwhelming at times.

Mark and Roger both have an amazing time mostly. They eat, and Mark catches up with what’s going on with his family.

There’s this one moment where Mark’s dad makes a homophobic comment about Mark, maybe calls him a slur. Roger almost fights him. Mark barely manages to hold him back.

But overall they enjoy themselves and Roger is happy to celebrate with Mark, and is happy to learn more about the traditions Mark’s family does for Hanukah so that they can do the same when they get back home.

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Dream Roles for Lesli Margherita

  • Casting Goals:
    • Miss Hannigan in Annie
    • Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes
    • Erma in Anything Goes
    • Rose in Gypsy
    • Mazeppa in Gypsy
    • Madame Thénardier in Les Miserables
    • Miss Trunchbull in Matilda
    • Mrs. Heron/Ms. Norbury/Mrs. George in Mean Girls
    • Marya Dmitriyevna in Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
    • Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress
    • Judy Denmark in Ruthless!
    • Sylvia St. Croix/Ruth DelMarco in Ruthless!
  • Once Upon a December:
    • Fanny Brice in Funny Girl
    • Ado Annie in Oklahoma!
    • Maureen Johnson in Rent
    • Norma Cassidy in Victor/Victoria
  • Fly Into the Future:
    • Madame Morrible in Wicked

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So many Mimi’s!

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Pet Shop Boys - Rent

Musicals I recommend! I like rock musicals mostly, so be warned .

- Trail to Oregon (Starkid)

- The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals (Starkid)

- The Lightning Thief (four words. better than the movies.)

- Six (look i like it okay? i know it’s not for everyone)

- Rent (a classic)

- Spring Awakening (just the music tho. i did the show and it traumatised me, but it’s still good.)

- Betelgeuse (it slaps)


- Next to Normal


Rent the Musical

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