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and PACE Program graduate Laura loves being encouraged to learn and grow in a place she loves to live.

You donut want to miss tonight’s comedy open mic! Signups start at 8:30 with the show at 9!

As the old song goes: “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” But take some time to review your investment portfolio for possible growth and tax reduction strategies.

One fun and eco-friendly fringe benefit to consider is reimbursing employees’ bicycle commuting expenses. But the tax benefits aren’t what they once were.

The Section 179 deduction and bonus depreciation for business assets have been increased and expanded. Learn more about these valuable tax breaks.

The stage is getting set for this afternoons Reno Chalk Art Fest performance! Live TV News interview in a few... Fun times! ✌

Watch my latest . It’s the conclusion of my recent trip to my childhood hometown of , . I go there with my daughter to show her where I grew up... and to create amazing new memories. ❤️

Goodnight from our final AirBnB where we are having a super exciting night with Hulu and Grubhub. One more long drive and our own beds tomorrow!

Don’t forget! Saturday is our Harry Potter LEGO build event! While you’re here stop by our cafe from 2pm-6pm for Frappy Hour before the Nifflers take them all!

Thanks to , Reno Technology Academy is able to serve the community with hands-on-training and certifications in Information Technology. Learn more about our friends at Multnomah University at

Do you spend time volunteering for charity? While you can’t deduct the value of your time, you may be able to deduct some of the out-of-pocket costs. Here are the rules. #financial#irs

Everyone loves getting a pay raise but giving one can be a tricky task for most employers. A mindful, level approach is needed to reward employees without breaking the bank.

Thanks for having me at Ceol Irish pub in I’ll be back 7/19/19. 🤘🏽 – at Ceol Irish Pub

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Beautiful new and used bookstore in Reno, NV. They also had vinyl, art and bookish things, but mainly really well-curated books!


Check Out New Music By: @TheJuiceAfnfEnt

🔥🔥🔥COMING SOON🔥🔥🔥 THE JUICE - “BEEN PUTTIN ON” Starring @lil_denfenn_187 SOON ON THIZZLER…
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@originalfunko @disney Mickey Mouse 90 Years True Original vinyl figure purchased from @kd_empire in #sparksnevada #renonevada area. 12 different Mickey figures to collect; video shows Steamboat Willie figure. #mickeymouse #disney #steamboatwillie #funko #vinylfigure #90years (at K/D Empire)

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