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Bring back more

Ok It is Monday July 16 and it is Time for you to . We want Season 2. We want more Cameron/Jonathan. Kay Daniels Mike Alvarez Dina Clark Jordan Kwon Gunter etc

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Please bring back the show we all love, Deception! I've never wanted a show back more in my life. This show is what is missing in TV. It's magic, comedy, adventure, and mystery. It won BEST new show of 2017/2018!

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Real fantasy movie, you know I mean? A best movie about magic

I didn't know that there's this article about . thank you for sharing your heart-felt opinion on this. 😊 Please reconsider to Thank you.

Dear , It is ok to make mistakes you are only Human . But Canceling a Great Show Like it’s so Wrong. But since you are human you can Bring it back like you brought back Quantico and Roseanne .

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anonymous asked:

Can you mix 3 ,38,117 for kay and Cameron? Great writing!

Okay, who ordered the triple scoop of fluff and angst. They include #117 – “Game’s over you son of a bitch! Tell me where (s)he is!”, #38 – “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”, and #3 – “Please, don’t leave.” Anyone? Anyone?

“Game’s over you son of a bitch! Tell me where she is!” Cameron yelled when he got to the front desk. For the past few days, he and Kay had been investigating the mysterious murder of a night janitor in a high-end energy drink company. Everything had been going seemingly fine until Kay went missing two nights ago. She had told Cam that she was going to go speak to the president of the company again to ask about some new evidence that they had uncovered. Cameron had offered to go with her but she said that it wasn’t going to take long, Cam wished he hadn’t listened to her, he would know if she was safe if he hadn’t.

The president of the company, Mr. Enerday played dumb, “Mr. Black, I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m talking about my partner, Agent Kay Daniels. She came to speak with you two nights ago and she never came back.” Cameron was in no mood.

Mike rushed up next to Cameron, “Agent Mike Alverez. We’re here because my colleague Agent Daniels came to ask you questions a few nights ago and she hasn’t been heard from since.”

Mr. Enerday shook his head, “I’m afraid I haven’t seen Agent Daniels, if I do, I will let you know. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

“Just a moment Mr. Enerday. If you have nothing to hide, you won’t mind if we look around. You have to understand that Daniels is one of our best agents.”

Enerdaay stiffened for a moment then relaxed, “Of course. Take a look around.”

Cameron quickly walked down the hallway, he had a feeling that he could figure out where Kay was. Mike called after him, “Cameron, wait up!”

Cameron slowed down for Mike to catch up, “Sorry Mike, I’m just-”

“I know but it’ll be easier to find her if we stick together.”

Cam smiled at his friend, “Yeah, I know.” His eyes suddenly caught a door that he hadn’t seen the first time he and Kay had looked around, “Hey Mike, you got my back?”

Mike raised an eyebrow at the out of place door, “Of course.” He had his gun at the ready for whatever was in there. They went through the door and were shocked by what they saw. The company building had this bright aesthetic to it but in here was dark, dreary and kind of rusty looking. “What is this place?”

“I have no idea but if Kay’s somewhere in this building, she’s here.”

Suddenly they heard frantic running, “Stay alert.” Mike warned.

They hid behind a giant wall of pipes when someone came running through, as if she didn’t know where she was going. However Cam recognized her, it was Kay but something wasn’t right. He ran after her calling her name, “Kay!”

He couldn’t hear what she said and he almost lost until she tripped… over nothing. Kay wasn’t clumsy, something was wrong. He got closer, tried to take her by the arm but she swatted him away, “Get away from me! I’m not some guinea pig!”

Cameron noticed that she wasn’t wearing the clothes she had worn two nights ago, she was now wearing an off white cotton dress and a dull blue cardigan. He had to grip her shoulders, “Kay! It’s me, Cameron!” When he finally got a look at her face, he was shocked. She still looked like Kay but there were scratches on her face, bruises on her skin, including her neck and a black eye was beginning to form. Her injuries were similar to what she

Kay blinked for a few moments as if she was trying to focus her vision but was failing. Kay carefully her hand and placed it on where she felt his hand was, “C-Cameron?” It was him, she could sense it.

Cameron smiled, “Yeah, it’s me, and Mike’s here with me”

“Mike?” Kay was silent for a moment as Cameron helped her to her feet, “We need to get out of here! Now!” She pleaded gripping his upper arms.

She tried to walk but she couldn’t keep herself steady, “Kay!” Cameron exclaimed as he wrapped one arm around her waist and took her arm and put it around his shoulders, “Kay, what did they do to you?”

“I-I don’t know, every time I started asking questions, they would just inject me with a needle and… then I don’t know what happened. I would just remember the injections. But every time I would wake up, I kept having trouble keeping my head clear and my eyes won’t focus.”

“Kay!” Mike called out, “Thank God we found you. Cameron was starting to go kinda nuts.”

“He-” Just then, Kay lost her consciousness.

Cameron to wrap his other arm under her legs and pick her up, “Mike, we need to get her to a hospital. Now!” Cameron said.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know but she said they’ve been injecting her with stuff” He explained.

Mike’s nose flared, “That son of a bitch.” Mike had his gun held up in front of him and motioned for Cam to follow him. When they got back out to the lobby, Mike pointed his gun to Enerday, “Put your hands in the air where I can see them Enerday!”

“What the hell is this!? You have nothing to tie me to that murder!”

“No, but I can arrest you for kidnapping an FBI agent and using her as some… guinea pig.”

Mike knew that if Cameron wasn’t holding onto Kay, he would have attacked Enerday but Cam did look furious, “You better hope to God that she’ll be okay or you’ll have to deal with a hell of a lot more than simple criminal charges.”

After Mike had brought in Enerday, he drove Kay to the hospital with Cam watching over her. Kay had been taken into the ER, still unconscious, leaving Mike and Cam in the waiting room with Cam being a worried mess. Mike placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Hey, she’ll be okay.”

“You saw those injuries on her, right Mike?” Mike could only nod as Cameron continued, “What I don’t think you saw was the look in her eyes. I mean she was having trouble focusing her eyes but… God, she looked terrified, I have never seen her like that before.”

“I can only imagine. Kay’s strong though, she’ll be able to pull through.”

“What the hell did they… inject in her?”

Almost as if on cue, a nurse walked out of the ER, “Kay Daniels?” Mike and Cam both stood up and walked over to the older lady, “She’ll be fine. She had been given an unhealthy amount of non-FDA approved drugs but we managed to flush most of it out of her system. Unfortunately, because of the drugs, we could not give her any pain medication. All she needs now is plenty of rest and we’ll need to keep her here for a few days for observation just until all the toxins have been eradicated from her system.”

Mike nodded in understanding, “Thank you Nurse… Rose” Reading her name tag.

“Can we see her?” Cameron asked.

Nurse Rose nodded, “She’s being taken to a private room now, I can show you the way.”

Mike patted Cam on the back, “I actually have to report back to Deakins now and make sure our new friend goes behind bars. You go on, tell her I’m glad she’s okay.”

Cameron nodded as he followed the nurse to where Kay was. “So what is your relationship with the Ms. Daniels?” The nurse asked with a kind tone

“Oh, uh… I’m just a friend.”

“Just a friend?”


“Then she’s lucky to have friend like you, I happened to noticed you when you three came in, you wouldn’t stop until you made sure she would be alright.”

“I care about her, I wanted to make sure she would be okay.”

The nurse stopped in front of a door and opened it, “Thanks to you, she will be. I’ll be back in a little while to check up on her.”

Cameron walked into the room and saw Kay lying on the bed with her eyes closed. Her skin was no longer a sickly pale and her cuts and bruises had been cleaned up. we walked over sat on the chair next to the bed and took her hand. “Kay? I know you probably can’t hear but… I’m glad you’re okay.” He took her hand in both of his brought it close to his lips, “I’m so sorry that you had to go through… whatever it is you went through. I know you must be in a lot of pain but it’ll be over soon, I promise.” He then kissed the palm of her hand.

“Hmm?” Kay began to stir. After a minute, she cracked open her eyes and saw Cameron seating next to her, not having noticed that she had woken up, “C-Cam?”

Cameron couldn’t help but smile, “Kay?”

“W-where am I” She tried to sit up but her headache got in the way, “Ugh, and why do I have such a nasty headache.”

“Do you not remember? You’re in the hospital.”

“The hospital?”

“Yeah, you went to talk to Enerday and then you went missing… for two days.”

“Honestly the last thing I remember is walking into the Enerday building.” Kay suddenly looked down at her arms and saw that there were many needle holes, “What happened to me?”

“You were drugged… a lot. So much that hospital is reluctant to give you pain medication.”

“That explains the pain. How did you guys find me?”

“We found this hidden section of the building that didn’t seem to match up with the rest of the building’s theme… then we found you as you were trying to run away, you said something about how you weren’t some guinea pig and then.. you fainted… straight into my arms.” Cameron smirked trying to brighten her mood, “You know if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Kay smiled but felt pain as she did so, “I must be a total knockout right now.” She muttered sarcastically.

Cameron shrugged, “Makes no difference to me. You’re still the same strong beautiful woman you’ve always been.” She blushed at the kind words. Cameron smiled that she seemed like she would be fine and back to her old self in no time, “I’ll go see if Nurse Rose has anything at all she can give to help with the pain”

He stood up and was about to leave when Kay gripped his hand, “Please, don’t leave.”


“I… I’d just feel more at peace if you were here with me.” Kay pressed her lips tightly, “Just until I can fall asleep?”

Cameron smiled at her as he sat back down. The two continued to talk and Cam even preformed a few card tricks for her until Kay fell asleep. Cam would have left but he stayed a little just to be sure that she would be okay. When Kay had been woken up by a nightmare involving her kidnappers, Cameron calmed her back down and hugged her until she stopped shaking. He then proceeded to lie down next to her claiming that if it happened again, she could just grab onto him like a teddy bear or body pillow. Kay soon fell asleep again with her head against Cam’s shoulder and her arms wrapped around one of his arms while his other soon pulled her close as he fell asleep as well. Kay didn’t have any more nightmares that night.

When Nurse Rose came back into the room to see how they were doing, she saw the two in their sleeping embrace. She quietly closed the door and let them sleep. She could bend the rules just this once.

I swear that these stories won’t all take place in a hospital!

anonymous asked:

Can fou do numbers 28 and 29 please

Please bear in mind that I try to do these in order but sometimes I just get inspiration for some quicker than others so some of these upcoming stories were asks from a previous prompt post that I had posted and you guys had asked for, and I just got a story idea for it now. I’m glad you guys are so patient because I’d rather be able to give you quality over quantity.

Alright, now today’s magic numbers are… 28 – Proposal Fic and… 29 – Wedding Fic. Oh these two are a nice combo. Enjoy!

They Knew

He knew. From the moment they met, he knew that there was something special about her. He knew that even though they had known each other only a short while, she was someone he could trust with his life and someone whose friendship was just as important as the friendship of his team.

She knew. From the moment they met, she knew that there was something different about him. She learned quickly that he was trustworthy so when she felt that she couldn’t trust him anymore, it genuinely hurt her. He quickly became her best friend and in turn she also gained close friendships with his team.

That’s why that after Cameron had gotten out of prison and they were able to clear Jonathan’s name even if they weren’t sure if Johnny would ever come back to them, a bet was started. Of course, Cameron and Kay had no idea about it and that was that the bet was about how long it would take for Kay and Cam to stop trying to kid themselves and start dating. Jonathan had won that bet right away because the night he came home, he had bet that Cameron would ask Kay on a date while they had one of their private conversations on the balcony that very night. Johnny knew his brother well because that is exactly what happened. Without feeling like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, Cameron asked Kay out, to which she responded with long-awaited, “Yes.”

After a fair amount of time, everything changed one night as Cameron and Kay cuddling on the couch in Kay’s apartment and Cameron was scrolling though her DVR trying to find something to watch. Kay had begun to nod off when her boyfriend exclaimed, “Isn’t this my history of magic special?”

“Yeah… like I said, there was nothing else on.”

“Yeah but, you told me that a while back.” Cameron suddenly sat up from his spot causing Kay to sit up as well, “You actually recorded it.”

Kay smiled, unsure of what to make of her boyfriend’s comments, “Yeah, so? I mean, I can admit it now, I wanted to learn more about you and when I saw that they were gonna show this, I thought, why not?”

“And you kept it?”

Kay laughed, “I don’t see how this is such a big deal. I thought you were cute.”

Cameron smirked, leaning in, “You thought I was cute, did you?”

Kay smirked back, “Uh-huh but don’t act so cocky.”

“Oh really?”

Kay raised an eyebrow, “Jonathan told me about what happened after you told me to have dinner with Isaac. That you were jealous?”

“Oh, did he?” Kay nodded with amusement. Cam gulped, “Ah.”

Kay leaned in closer, placing her hands on his neck, “Oh, come on, there’s no need to be embarrassed, especially now. I think that’s a really sweet story.”

Cameron looked confused, “You do?”

Kay shrugged, “Well, yeah. I mean, you told me to do it because you thought it would make me happy, even if it meant you weren’t.” She then gave him a light kiss on the lips.

“Kay… I just…” Cameron hugged her, whispering in her ear, “I love you.”

Even though it wasn’t the first time he had said it, Kay always felt her face heat up when he did, “I love you too.” She responded. Cameron was silent for a moment while he rested his chin on Kay shoulder when he seemed to decide something. He slid arms down around her, sliding a playing card in her back pocket, “Cameron, if you want to do something, you can just ask you know.”

Cameron laughed, Kay really had no idea what had planned. To be completely honest, he wasn’t quite sure about how he was going to go about this. As he pulled back, he said, “Just… wait here.” He got up from the couch and went to go get something from his jacket pocket, “Hey, while you’re waiting, why don’t you check your back pocket?”

“My back-” Kay turned for a moment and pulled out a card. It was an ace of hearts. Kay was confused but her confusion grew when Cam came and sat back down, holding something behind his back, “Cam? What’s going on?”

Cameron played innocent, “Oh nothing. Nothing at all.” He pulled his hand out from behind his back to reveal that there was nothing in it. “Oh but Kay… there seems to be something behind your ear.”

“My ear?” Kay was growing more and more confused. However her confusion turned to astonishment when Cameron pulled a ring out from behind her ear. She became speechless when Cam took her left hand, kneeled before her and held out the ring, “C-Cam? What are you…”

“Kay. When I met you, my life was a mess. My brother was in jail for a crime that he didn’t commit, I was losing my mojo which was starting to tear apart the family I had built the team and then you came into my life. I thank God everyday for having that plane disappear on you because if it hadn’t, we never would have met.”


“I wanna hear what you have to say but I need to finish this, I’m kinda thinking off the top of my head here”

Kay laughed, “Okay.”

“When you entered my life, everything was starting to piece itself back together again. You gave me hope, you gave me your friendship, your trust and later on, you gave me your love. You’re smart, you’re funny, I love spending time with you and the fact that you’re stunning is just an added bonus. I don’t know what you see in me but I know that I love you and you love me and I don’t any reasons keeping me from asking you this anymore; Kay Daniels, will you marry me?” Kay got off the couch and kneeled to Cam’s level, taking his face in her hands giving him a long drawn-out kiss, “Wait, is that a yes?”

Kay gave a slight laugh and nodded, “Yes Cameron Black. I will marry you.”

Cam grinned as he leaned in and kissed her again but quickly pulled back and he gently placed the ring on her left finger. He couldn’t stop smiling, “It suits you.”

Kay couldn’t stop smiling either, “Where on earth did you get it?”

“The Archive.” Kay furrowed her eyes as Cameron explained, “It’s my mother’s ring.”

“Your mother’s ring? How-how did you-”

Cameron scratched the back of his neck, “Johnny gave it to me the night I came home from our second date, put it in my hand and told me to shut up”

Kay let out a laugh, “He told you to shut up?”

“Well, I may or may not had been raving about the amazing time we had that night…. and I may or may not have told him that you were the woman I was going to marry one day.”

Kay’s eyes glazed over, “You’ve known you wanted to marry me since our second date? Have you been carrying this ring around with you this whole time?”

Cameron shrugged, “Well, not 100% of the time but yeah, pretty much.”

Kay kissed him again, “I’ve always found this sweet side of you very attractive” She said, biting her lip.

Cameron raised his eyebrows, “Have you now?”

“Very much so.” Kay sighed dramatically while smiling.

Cameron’s bright blue eyes suddenly turned a shade darker as he stood and Kay stood up with him, “Well then, we should do something about that, shouldn’t we my dear fiancée?” He remarked as he picked her up bridal style.

Kay laughed and played along, “Oh, but good sir, shouldn’t we wait until our wedding night?”

“Frankly my dear,” He looked deep into her eyes, “I don’t give a damn.” The two of them laughed as they went into the bedroom to… you know.

The next day, Kay and Cameron went to the Archive to see that everyone was there waiting for them. Jonathan was the first to greet them, “Hey lovebirds. So what was so important that you needed all of us here at once?”

“Yeah, I mean did you guys get engaged or something?” Jordan joked.

Cam and Kay both gave a nervous laugh as Kay lifted her left hand showing off the ring and placed it on Cam’s arm, “Or something.”

Everyone grew completely silent as their eyes grew wide. After a few moments, Cam gave another nervous chuckle, “So… are you guys gonna say anything or-”

He was interrupted by Dina, “That’s wonderful!” She went up hugged the two. “We were just waiting for this to happen, haven’t we boys?”

“That is true” Gunter admitted.

“We just have one important question.” Mike said, “When did this happen?”

“And who popped the question?” Jonathan added.

“Uh, well, it happened last night” Kay replied.

“And it was me who popped the question.” Cameron furrowed, “Why do you guys ask?”

That’s when Johnny fist bumped the air, “Yes! I win! Pay up losers, you all owe me fifty bucks each!”

“Wait what?”

Jonathan shrugged, “Oh, we had a pool going to see how long it would take for this to happen… in case it wasn’t clear, I won. I bet that Cameron would be the one to propose and it would happen in less than a year.”

Cam and Kay looked at each other in disbelief while Jordan said, “Although… should Johnny really be included in this? I mean, he is the twin, he might have an unfair advantage.”

Jonathan shook his head at his friend, “Your just upset because I won the pot… again!”

It was Kay’s turn to laugh, “Wha- again?”

Dina rolled her eyes, “Johnny also bet that Cameron was going to ask you out on a date the night he came home.”

“Well, then I guess our choice is clear then.”

“Your choice?” Johnny echoed.

Cam nodded, “Yeah, we were talking this morning about who we wanted to marry us… and we thought the best choice would be you, Johnny”

“Wha- me?” Jonathan didn’t say anything else, he just hugged his brother, “Why me?”

Kay smiled, “Well… really, if it wasn’t for you, we probably never would have met.”

“It was Kay’s idea really.” Cameron said.

“I thought why have some stranger be up there marrying us when it could be someone who we both actually care about. That is, if you’ll do it.”

Jonathan smiled at the both of them, “Are you kidding!? I would be honoured to marry you guys!”

They all talked about what the wedding would be as they went able their day as usual… until they got called in for a case.

A few months later…the day of the wedding…

“What do you think of this tie?” Cameron said as he fixed his crisp black wedding tux, “Kay got it for me last year.” The tie was a shade of blue that Kay said brought out Cam’s eyes, he only wore for special occasions.

“Cameron, you look great” Johnny said as he was sipping champagne in his minister clothing.

“Should you even be drinking that right now?”

“I like to be loose before I marry people; someone has to be drunk in order for it to be a proper wedding.” Johnny took another sip of his drink, “By the way, I can’t believe you chose Mike to be your best man.”

“You really expected me to choose between Gunter and Jordan?” Cam raised an eyebrow.

“Of course.” Jonathan smirked, “That’s a bloodbath I would pay to see.”

Cameron rolled his eyes, “So… you think you could check on Kay for me?”

“Uh, yeah, sure. You really haven’t seen her since yesterday?”

“Nope, she stayed with Dina last night, D’s all bent out of shape about the bride and groom not seeing each other before they walk down the aisle.”

“Eh, Dina’s old fashioned like that.” Jonathan got up from his seat, “Well, I’m off to go check on your blushing bride.”

“Johnny, you know how it took me to get Kay to blush and how quickly it wore off?”

Johnny rolled his eyes, “Then I’m off to find the non-blushing bride” He passed through the hall and got to the bride’s dressing room, “Hello in there.” He said poking his head the door.

“Hey!” Dina exclaimed in her maid of honour dress. It was a light lavender colour and had a sweetheart neckline with mid-length sleeves. The skirt of the dress was tulle and went just over the knees and she was wear matching pumps. Her makeup was done in her usual Dina-like fashion and her braided hair had been done into a giant braid that went over her left shoulder and she wore a sparkling headband.

“Relax D, it’s just me… Johnny.”

“Oh, alright, come in then.” Dina responded.

Jonathan walked in and sat down, “Hey Kay, your future husband wanted me to check up on you.”

“Hey Jonathan. Just a second, I’ll be right out” She called from behind the screen.

Jonathan turned to Dina, “So, you guys finally settled on a dress?”

“It took a lot of effort but we finally found a dress that was perfect for Kay” Dina proclaimed.

“Well, I don’t know about perfect… but I think it’ll work.” Kay said stepping out from behind the screen. She was wearing an elegant white tulle ball gown with an off shoulder neckline and long sleeves, the design was simple and the fabric glittered slightly in the sunlight. Her dark hair had been done into a chignon bun; the veil had been woven into her hair, and atop her head sat a tiny crystal accented leaf tiara. Her makeup was simple except for the red lipstick that Dina had insisted upon.

Jonathan’s eyes widened, “Wow, Kay, you clean up real well” Dina slapped him in the shoulder but he ignored her, “Just so you know, Cam’s gonna be crying when he sees you walking down the aisle”

Kay rolled her eyes, “I doubt that.”

“You do look beautiful Kay.” Dina commented.

Kay smiled, “Thanks Dina”

Just then Jordan walked in, “Hey guys,” His eyes landed on Kay, “Whoa Kay, that dress looks great on you.”

“Thanks Jordan”

“You know Cam’s gonna cry when he sees you.”

Jonathan raised his hands, “That’s what I said.”

Kay rolled her eyes again, “What’s up Jordan?”

“I just came by to tell you that everything is going according to plan in terms of lighting and music”

Kay raised an eyebrow, “Good to know?”

“Also Cam said he wanted to talk to you.”

“Ah. Sure.”

Dina stood between Kay and the door, “Oh no, the bride cannot see the groom in her wedding dress before she walks down the aisle”

Jordan raised his hand, “Cam said you would say that so he came up with a solution.”

Suddenly an arm waved from behind the door, “Hello.” It was Cam, “Look, I really need to talk to my fiancée before the wedding and I knew Dina would never allow that so… I’m going to be behind this door facing the wall so I won’t be seeing Kay before she walks down the aisle.”

Dina gave a deep sigh, “I guess that’s fine.” She clapped her hands, “Come on boys, I’ll get you into position” She then walked the door and turned to Cameron, “I’ll be back in five minutes, so no funny business”

Cam raised his hands in defense, “No funny business whatsoever Maid of Honour”


Jonathan threw his arm around Jordon’s shoulders, “Just know that I have the most important job at this wedding.”

“Uh-huh” Jordan replied, taking Jonathan’s arm off and walking away.

“Hey, don’t you walk away from me, I’ll marry you and me right now, I have the power.”

Dina rolled her eyes, “I’ll go make sure they don’t… marry each other.”

Kay laughed as she went to the door, “Cam?” Cameron waved his right hand for Kay to take. She intertwined her left hand with his right. They were both facing away from the door, “What is it? Everything okay?”

“Yeah, of course. I just wanted to talk to you before this whole thing started.”

“You wanted to tell me something?”

“Just that I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“You know I was kind of worried that you not seeing my handsome face this morning would lead you to realize you’re way too good for me and call this whole thing off.”

She gripped his hand tighter, “Cameron… that would never happen, you know why?”

“Hmm? Why?”

“Because I’m too stupidly in love with you.”

Cameron let out a laugh, “You are?”

“Of course. Your jokes aren’t really good.”


“But you make me laugh anyway.”

“Then I guess I’m fine with that… Hey Kay?”


“I’m not just stupidly in love with you, I’m insanely in love with you. Madly!”

Kay laughed her fiancée’s words, “Then I guess it’s a good thing we are marrying each other.”

Just then Dina came back, “Alright lovebirds, now I’ve got to do some finishing touches for Kay and Cameron, you need to take position. Your ceremony is going to start in less than ten minutes!”

Cameron smiled at his friend, “Okay Dina” He squeezed Kay’s hand one last time, “Next time I see you Kay, everything will be different.” He reluctantly let go of her hand and left. Cameron went to the decorated wedding hall. His team had done an amazing job. The benches were covered with light blue and lavender flowers and white ribbons and at the end of the aisle were two columns covered in lavender and light blue ribbons and bows, and white flowers. He nodded at everyone seated as a way to thank them all for coming. Deakins was sitting in one of the front seats on Cameron’s side where his parents would be. “Hey Johnny.” He greeted his brother.

Jonathan smirked, “Hey little brother. You ready?”

Cameron took a deep breath, “As I’ll ever be.”

The wedding music started to play. Johnny patted his brother on the back, “Good, because it’s time.”

As the music started to play, a little girl, one of Kay’s cousins’ kids was the flower girl and Mike’s younger son was the ring barrier. The little girl tossed the white petals on the ground as the guests gushed over her adorable attempts to toss the petals. Dina and Mike then started to make their way down the aisle, taking one step at a time with the music. Jordan and Gunter were both groomsmen and two of Kay’s relatives were the two other bridesmaids. That was all with the wedding party. Both Cam and Kay felt that there wasn’t more needed.

Once everyone had reached the end of the aisle, the wedding march began. There was just one problem… Kay was nowhere to be found. That’s when Cameron turned to Dina, “Uh… Dina? Where’s Kay?”

Dina was confused, “I-I don’t know. She was completely fine when I left the room. She said she would be right behind us.”

Suddenly whispers started to be spoken. Cam couldn’t wait any longer, “I’m sorry Dina, I know you were adamant about me not seeing her before she walks down that aisle but-”

“I get it. Go, see if she’s okay. We’ll be right behind you.”

Cameron ran back up the aisle, turned left, noticed that Kay’s bouquet was on the floor as if it had been dropped and he ran towards Kay’s room. The door had been closed. He knocked, “Kay? Are you in there?”

“Oh yes she is Cameron.” A familiar voice had made Cam’s heart drop, he threw open the door. The Mystery Woman was holding a sharp knife against Kay’s throat, “Hello Cameron, lovely day, isn’t it?”

Kay’s appearance had been slightly desheveled, as if she had been in a fight. Strands of hair had come out of her bun and her tiara was lopsided, “You.” Cameron growled.

“You know, I never was a fan of white weddings, always thought they could use a little colour.”

“What the hell are you doing here? Why are you trying to ruin Kay and mine’s wedding?” If he wasn’t so angry, he would have commented on how beautiful he thought Kay looked despite her dishevelled appearance.

“Go on Kay, tell him what you told me.” MW said pressing the cold blade closer to Kay’s skin.

Cameron saw Kay’s eyes glisten, “Cameron Black… I-I-”

“Come on Kay, it’s not that hard”

“I-I d-don’t love you Cameron.” She forced herself to say.

Cameron knew she was lying, he just couldn’t figure out why, “You’re lying Kay. I’ve known you long enough to know when you are lying.” He looked to MW, “What’s your angle?”

“Well, Kay is my bargaining chip.”

“I’m your bargaining chip?” Kay asked but immediately regretting it when she felt the blade dig into her skin slightly.

“What do you want?” Cameron asked trying to keep MW from doing something drastic.

“I need you and Jonathan for something.”

“Did someone call me?” Jonathan said appearing next to Cameron, “Put the knife down Lady, I don’t take kindly to someone trying to kill my future sister-in-law.”

“Jonathan.” MW seemed distracted for a moment so Kay took advantage of that. She kicked MW’s right ankle causing her to lose her balance but it also causing the blade to create a small but harmless cut on Kay’s throat.

Kay pulled out her gun from a holster she had hidden underneath her dress. Cam looked at her with amazement, “Seriously?”

“You’re not the only one with a few tricks up their sleeve” She said as she held up her gun to MW.

“You’re amazing.”

MW held up her hands in defense, “Now, now I didn’t come here to ruin your special day. I just came here a courtesy.”

Kay rolled her eyes, “Right, because holding a blade to my throat on my wedding day is a great courtesy.”

“Well, it was only for insurance”


“I knew Cam would come running for you.”

“Just cut to the chase!” Jonathan shouted.

MW rolled her eyes, “I need Cameron and Jonathan to get something for me and I needed Kay out of the picture.”

“What?” The three of them all said.

“I need Cameron and Jonathan for something. It’ll help solve the mystery behind Alistair Black and his colleagues from that photo. I’ll be willing to help the FBI and be at their beck and call for everyone they need to take down. In exchange, I cannot be arrested or tried for any of my… methods”

“Why would you need Kay out of the picture for that?” Cameron asked.

“She’s a distraction for you Cameron. I did consider just slitting her throat right there on the spot but then I thought, you’d focus your energy much better if you thought that the woman you loved had never loved you. Clearly, it didn’t work.”

“So you threatened to slit Kay’s throat to get to me.”

“Well no.”


Kay took a deep breath, “She threatened to kill you and Johnny, Cam… I couldn’t let that happen, not after everything the two of you have been through.”

MW rolled her eyes at the sentiment, “So, do we have deal?”

“No.” Kay said.


“Why on earth would the FBI trust you? Why should we trust you? Everything you have done, you’ve done for your own gain.”

“Take my offer Kay… it’s best to know when you’ve been beaten.”

Kay paused for a moment then lowered her gun, “…You’re right.”

“Kay?” Cameron questioned, wondering what was going on in his fiancée’s mind.

“It is best to know when you’ve been beaten… too bad you didn’t”

The Mystery Woman furrowed her eyebrows, “What?”

Just then, Mike, Deakins and some of the other agents that had been attending the wedding, burst in through the side door of the room that led into a separate hallway while Deakins yelled, “Hands in the air!”

Cameron smirked, understanding what had happened, “Maybe next time, don’t try to harm an FBI agent when many of her colleagues are close by and willing to fight for her”

MW raised her hands as Mike went through the room and behind her and cuffed her hands behind her back. She took another look at Kay, Cameron and Jonathan, “You’ll regret this.”

Jonathan scoffed, “Yeah… I think the only thing we will regret about this is the fact that this wasn’t done sooner.” And that’s exactly what happened; the Mystery Woman had no legs left to stand on after that day. She was locked away for not only the murders she had committed but for framing Jonathan in the first place. However, that good news came about after the wedding.

Dina had taken to get Kay fixed up again and they had started the whole thing over again… after the explained what had happened to the confused wedding guests. Everyone was in their positions once again, only this time when the wedding march started and everyone stood for the bride, the bride had arrived. Dina had managed to fix Kay’s hair and makeup to be even better than the first time, even managing to hide the little cut that was on her neck.

Cameron couldn’t take his eyes off of Kay as she walked down the aisle. She looked perfect. He began to tear up when Johnny whispered, “Cam, are you crying? I told Kay you would cry.”

“What? I- …shut up Johnny.” He whispered back.

“But I’m the one who will marry you guys, I can’t.” Johnny replied. Cam stretched his arm out for her to take as she reached the end of the aisle. When they were both standing side by side, Jonathan motioned for the crowd to be seated, “Dearly beloved,” He began, “We are gathered here today to witness the union between this man and this woman… and just in case you were wondering if you were seeing things, I do look exactly like the groom only better-looking.” Everyone laughed at Johnny’s joke. “Kay, you make my brother so happy and I couldn’t be prouder that I will soon get to call you my sister. And Cameron… I don’t know what Kay sees in you.” The crowd laughed again.

Cameron rolled his eyes in amusement, “Thanks Johnny.”

“Now I could stand here and try to tell you why these two love each other but how about I have them tell you? You guys have prepared your vows.”

Mike handed Cameron his notes as Dina did the same for Kay. Kay took a deep breath, “Cameron. When I first met you, I was living a lonely life but then came into my life and turned it upside down. I wasn’t willing to admit at first that your magic tricks and childishness made me smile. However you not only showed me that you could make me laugh but you also showed me that I could trust you, time and time again, you proved it. I don’t know what my life would be like now without you in it but I’m glad I don’t have to find out. There’s so much more I could say but I’ll leave it at this. I love each and every day I’m with you, I can’t wait to start this new life with you and… I love you with all my heart Cam.”

Cameron took a deep breath and cleared his throat, “Kay… first off, you look stunning… like you do every day. Kay. When I met you, I didn’t think that someone as amazing as you could have even existed. Not only did you give me your trust, time and time again but you gave me something so much better, you gave me your love. I once imagined what my life would have been like without you and it looked bleak! I love you more each day that I didn’t even think it was possible. I can’t wait to grow old with you, start a family and just be able to say the words ‘That’s my wife!’ to people. I love you so damn much Kay.”

Jonathan then cleared his throat, clearly choked up, “Could I-uh have the rings please?” He took the rings from Mike’s son and handed one ring to Kay and the other to Cam. “Now, I don’t even think I need to ask this but the law requires it. Cameron, by giving Kay this ring, do you take her to be your wife?”

Cameron smiled as he slid the wedding band onto Kay’s finger, “I do.”

“And Kay, by giving Cameron this ring, do you take him to be your husband?”

Kay smiled and slid the wedding band onto Cam’s finger, “I do.”

Cameron didn’t even wait, when the ring was on his finger, he took Kay’s face in his hands and gave her a deep kiss as Kay’s hands gripped his tux jacket. Jonathan quickly said, “Oh, by the power vested in me by the power of the internet and the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may uh, continue kissing the bride.” Everyone stood up and clapped for the happy couple as the kissing continued and Johnny slinked away, feeling awkward to be witnessing his brother making out with his wife.

Later, at the reception

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Jordan said as he got into his DJ booth, “Now, for the first time anywhere, let’s welcome Cameron and Kay Black-Daniels” Kay and Cameron walked in hand in hand as every clapped for them. “And now, Cameron and Kay are going to share their first dance as husband and wife.”

The music started playing as Cameron took Kay by the hand, placed his other hand on her waist as she put her other hand on his shoulder and they started to waltz, “So… we did it!” Cameron exclaimed to his new wife. His wife.

“We did!” Kay smiled at her new husband. Her husband.

“I think things went pretty well, all things considering.” Cameron joked.

Kay rolled her eyes, “Well, it is us. I don’t expect anything in our lives to go according to plan.”

Cameron spun her around, “Good thing though. Our lives are never dull.”

“I don’t think my life has been dull since I met you.”

Cameron smiled at Kay, “Yeah… neither has mine” He leaned his forehead against hers, “I love you Mrs. Black.”

“I love you too Mr. Daniels.”

“I feel like we are being super corny right now.”

Kay shrugged, “It’s our wedding day. Corny comes with the program dear husband”

Cameron grinned, “Understood my lovely wife.” They were silent for a moment, “So, how long should we wait until we have children?”

Kay laughed, “Cameron!”

“I’m serious! We’re gonna make some good-looking kids but we gotta plan these things.”

She rested her head on his shoulder as their dancing slowed down, “Let’s just enjoy today. Tomorrow is new day.”

He rested his head on hers, “I like that idea…” He then brought his head back up and Kay did the same and they looked deep into each others’ eyes.

“I love you Cameron Black-Daniels.”

“I know. I love you too Kay Black-Daniels.”

“I know.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him and he happily kissed her back.

They didn’t know what tomorrow would bring but they knew that they could face it together. They knew they had each other. They knew they had their family. They knew that and that was enough. They knew.

13 pages people! Maybe this should have been a multi-chapter story… oh well, hope you enjoyed it!

[Cameron and Kay have had their first fight as a couple and it… upsets Cam to say the least…]

Dina: Cameron darling, are you alright?

Cameron: [Turns around in his chair] Just looking some memories [Swipes through photos on his phone] Here’s a picture of Kayby at the petting zoo. Here’s a picture of Kayby at the pancake place eating a short stack. Here’s a picture of Kayby telling me to stop taking pictures of her short stack.

Dina: Cameron, what are you doing?

Cameron: That’s what she said when I took the picture… [Cries] I miss her so much!

Kay: I am not gonna answer that!

Jonathan: Oh, come on! Just pick one! Between Cameron, Dina, Jordan, and Gunter, if you had to, if you had to, who would you punch?

Kay: No one! They are my friends, I wouldn’t punch any of them.

Jonathan: Jordan?

Kay: Yeah, but I don’t know why!

Poor Jordan! XD

Officer: Hey, Kevin.

Mike: Did that guy just call you Kevin?

Cameron: Yeah, he thinks that’s my name.

Mike: Well, why don’t you correct him?

Cameron: Oh, it’s gone on way too long now. The first time he said it was just in passing so I didn’t say anything. And then the next time he said, “Hey Kevin, you want a donut?” And well… I wanted a donut.


Cameron: And now it’s five months later, the donut is gone and I’m still Kevin.

[One night, the team plus Kay and Mike get a little drunk and a drunken Kay reveals a secret]

Kay: When I was a little girl, all I wanted for my birthday was an Easy Bake Oven. I begged and I begged but my ultra-feminist mother didn’t want me conforming to traditional gender roles so all I got was a lousy set of legos.

Cameron: Easy Bake… that’d be a good name for a band in the 70s.

Kay: [Laughs] It would… [They both laugh in their own little world]

Jordan: Who wants to lock them in a closet and bet to see how long it takes them before they start making out?

Kay: You’re cooking?

Cameron: [Proudly] Yes I am.

Kay: Aw [Kisses him] Are you sure that’s a good idea after last time? You looked really creepy without eyebrows.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a royal AU with kaymeron please and thank you

Okay, so this one also goes with the Fairytale AU that a lot of people asked me to do but that story has been split into 2 or 3 parts and Part 1 is more Royal AU while the other part(s) are more Fairytale AU. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a showman named Campbell Noir along with his identical twin brother Jameson Noir. They were known throughout the realms for their deceptions, their ability to create magic without having magical abilities themselves. Everyone was intrigued and fascinated by them… well, almost everyone. In the kingdom of Danica lived the daughters of a king, Kaeleigh and Carolina. They were both guarded day and night after the passing of the queen when both girls were young. However, one night Princess Carolina managed to slip past the guards and past her sister, when she was found the next morning, she had taken ill due to a potion she had been given by a mysterious figure. Her older sister, Kaeleigh was heartbroken when there was nothing the doctors could do for Carolina and stayed by her sister’s side until the young princess took her final breath. After finding the cause of her sister’s passing, Kaeleigh vowed to never have anything to do with magic of any kind again. Little did she know that another type of magic would be finding its way into her life which would come with a cost, after all, all magic comes with a price…

One morning, Cameron Black came into Kay Daniels’ office with a peculiar package in his hands. “Morning Kay.” He gave a dimpled smile as he walked into the room.

Kay smiled back at him, “Morning.” She then furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, “Not that I’m not glad to see you Cameron but what are you doing here? We don’t have a new case for you this week.”

“Actually, I think I might have one for you.”

She raised her eyebrows, “Really?”

“Well, I’m not sure if it’s FBI serious but I think it’s you and me serious” He said placing the package on her desk and sitting down in the seat in front of her.

“Me and you?” Kay asked as she got up from her own seat and read the note attached to the parcel, “It’s meant for our eyes only?”

“Apparently. I doubt it’s anything lethal or I bet the security team would have tackled me to the ground when I came in” He said with a chuckle.

She gave a grin at his little comment and motioned for him to help her open the box. Cameron carefully unwrapped it and Kay removed the tissue paper covering the item, underneath was a large leather-bound book with elaborate gold embroidery used to write ‘Sleeping Beauty’, “It’s… just a fairytale book?”

“Weird. It feels kinda anti-climatic if I’m being totally honest.”

“I will admit that it is weird”

Just then, Deakins walked into Kay’s office and wasn’t surprised to see Cameron there, “Good morning Mr Black”

“Morning Sir.”

“Agent Daniels, I’m glad Mr Black is here, we just got a call about case that the Deception team could very much help us out with”

Cam raised his eyebrows, “What’s the case?”

“You’ll see. Agent Daniels, tell Agent Alverez that he’s on the case as well. I will see you at the crime scene” With that, she walked out.

“Come on Cam, let’s go tell Mike to join us on the ride.” Kay said as she picked up her coat.

“W-wait, what about the book?”

“It’s just a storybook Cameron, I don’t think that there is anything too important in there.”

“I have reason to argue with that logic”

Kay rolled her eyes at the magician, “Come on now, you can ride with me”

Cameron smirked, “Can’t argue with that logic.” He followed Kay out the door. He was still curious about the book but maybe Kay was right and was just a storybook. However they hadn’t even opened it and what they did know that this was very different from the Sleeping Beauty Story they were used to. The very first page of the book had an illustration of a very familiar light-haired man with medieval-like clothing dancing with a very familiar dark-haired, mocha-skinned woman wearing a light blue gown…

In the kingdom of Danica, Campbell and Jameson arrive at the palace and await an audience with the king. When they are finally let into the throne room, they quickly take notice of the royals seated in the thrones. They noticed King Lionel himself sitting with a droll expression on his tanned face and the royal crown sitting on his head. His new wife sat next to him with judgmental blue eyes staring them down, her long blond hair had been done up into an elaborate bun with a golden crown sitting atop of her head. Next to her was a young lady who appeared to be her daughter with long brown hair and blue eyes and she too was wearing a small yet elaborate tiara on her head. However the person who caught Campbell’s attention right away was King Lionel’s own daughter, Princess Kaeleigh. She had long brown hair and wore a simple blue headband. She didn’t even pay any mind to the twins until she noticed one of them staring intently at her. King Lionel smiled at the twins, “Hello, welcome to Danica!”

Jameson and Campbell both bowed when the king addressed them and Jameson replied, “Thank you Your Majesty. It is truly an honor to be her in your beautiful kingdom”

Campbell added, “I never expected to be so amazed by such natural beauty” Making eye-contact with Kaeleigh, causing Jameson to not-so-discreetly elbow him in the side and Kaeleigh to blush.

King Lionel gave a hearty laugh, “Thank you for your compliments Gentlemen! As I’m sure you may be aware, I am King Lionel III. To my left is my wife, Queen Rodmilla. To her left, my stepdaughter, Cornelia and to my right, my own daughter, Kaeleigh”

Kaeleigh, Campbell thought. It was not the name he expected her to have yet it suited her well. Cornelia didn’t even look at the two and simply kept her eyes on the door they had walked through. Rodmilla gave a cold smile, “Pleasure, I’m sure. What, may I ask, are you doing in Danica?”

Jameson cleared his throat, “Well, as you may be aware if our reputation has reached your lands, I am Jameson Noir and this is my twin brother Campbell Noir. We are performers and we create illusions to enchant our audience.”

“How does that make you any different from the common wizard?”

Campbell spoke up, “Well, you see, my brother and I are not wizards at all, in fact, we possess no magical abilities whatsoever.”

“How fascinating!” King Lionel said with intrigue. “How about you two perform for our ball next week? We are in need of some new entertainment.”

Campbell and Jameson look at each other with surprise then quickly looked back at the king, “It would be an honour Your Majesty” They both said bowing to the king once more.

The king stood up from his throne and started walking down its steps causing Campbell and Jameson to quickly move to the side. As he walked out, he proclaimed, “I expect great things Gentlemen!”

Rodmilla followed her husband. Cornelia got up from her seat and started to make her to the stairway but very slowly as if waiting for Kaeleigh to leave first. As Kaeleigh got up from her seat and made her way to the stairs, she was trying to avoid making eye contact with Campbell. Not because she felt uncomfortable or uneasy by him but because she felt her face heat up every time when she looked at those blue eyes. However, because she wasn’t looking where she was going, she didn’t notice Cornelia sticking her foot out causing Kaeleigh to trip down the stairs, landing on her side. Campbell and Jameson looked at what happened and were shocked, it was as if Cornelia didn’t realize they were still there. Even though it was only five steps, it still seemed to hurt a little. Cornelia simply made her way down the stairs and stepped over her stepsister as if she had nothing to do with it. When Campbell saw no one was going to help the princess get up, he made his way over, knelt down in front of her and held out his, “Let me help you Princess.”

“Thank you.” Kaeleigh spoke softly as she took the performer’s hand as he help, “Your name was Campbell, correct?”

Campbell smiled which made Kaeleigh’s heart flip a little, and she didn’t like it. Campbell playfully raised an eyebrow, “Will we have the honour of seeing you at the ball?”

Kaeleigh raised an eyebrow, “I’m afraid not, I have no intention of seeing your performance.”

Both of Campbell’s eyebrows raised up, “Have I done something to offend you Your Highness?”

Kaeleigh suddenly realized that her hand was still in his and quickly removed it, “Not at all, I simply do not like magic of any kind.” She quickly curtsied and walked away…

In New York, at the docks, Kay and Cameron were making their way to the crime scene as they got out of the car when Cameron spoke up, “So, do you have a full name?”

“What ?” Kay asked with confusion.

“Is Kay short for anything?”

Kay understood and replied with a quick, “Nope.”

“Really, I thought it was short for Kassandra or Kalyssa or something” Cameron stated.

Kay laughed, “No, my name is just Kay, been that way as long as I can remember.”

Cameron and Kay walked in sync as he said, “You know, I don’t ever met anyone named Kay before… then again, I’ve never met anybody like you before”

Cameron’s words caused Kay’s cheeks to gain a light pink colour. She then sped ahead a little towards Mike who was standing by the docks without there being a body nearby, “Hey Mike, so who’s our victim? Did the corner already take it away?”

“That’s just it,” Mike said, “There is no body.”


Cameron suddenly appeared next to her, “I see what Deakins meant when she said the Deception team should be on this case.”

Kay gave one of her ‘I know Cameron’ smiles, “That still doesn’t explain why on earth we would get called here on a case when there is no body or remains.”

Cameron very casually throws his arm around Kay’s shoulders, “Kay, Kay, Kay, what do I always tell you?”

Kay smirked, “Never go to bed ‘hangry’?”

“That. And that there is always more than meets the eye”

Kay rolled her eyes and tosses his arm back, “Alright then you look around here on the docks until the others get here and Mike and I will look around”

Cameron gave a slight pout, “Fine, exclude me. You’re gonna miss me when a sea monster attacks!”

Kay laughed making Cam smile, “Okay Cam!”

Mike and Kay walked towards an alleyway next to the rental boats place by the docks when Mike ask Kay a question, “So Kay, when are you going to ask out Cameron?”

Kay suddenly stopped in her tracks, “I’m sorry?”

“Oh, come on, you don’t have to hide it from me, we all see it. You and Cam keep dancing around each other but neither of you have done anything about it.”

“For the record, Cam and I are just friends.”

Mike rolled his eyes, “Uh-huh. You guys are awfully close for being just friends.”

“We aren’t that close.”

“Close enough that he can randomly hide cards in your pockets twice a day.”

“Okay, okay. You know what, I’m going to go check the other side of the building, see if there’s anything there.”

“Be careful!” Mike shouted.

“Don’t worry, I have my gun!” Kay shouted back as she made her way to the other side of the large building. She thought she heard something, it was almost like an eerie voice and with each step she took, the voice got slightly louder until she suddenly stopped and suddenly a spinning wheel appeared out of thin air. She felt nervous, not just because a spinning wheel came out of nowhere but she felt like something was dragging her towards it and towards the needle on the spindle.

Back at the docks, Cam just sat on the bench waiting for his team when he suddenly felt a pain in his chest, it slowly started to increase more and more until he got off from the bench and knelt clutching his heart until the pain slowly went down and he didn’t feel… anything.

He didn’t notice his team had driven up until Dina ran over to him, “Cameron? Are you alright?”

“Kay.” He simply breathed as he started running towards the boat rentals building ignoring the confused shouts of his team. He saw Mike and ran towards him, “Mike! Mike! Where’s Kay?”

“Uh, she went to the other side of the building, why?”

“Is she okay?”

“I-I don’t know she left about ten minutes ago and I was still looking for evidence over here.”

“Other side of the building, got it!” Cameron turned around and started running towards the other side of the building.

“Wait, Cam! What’s going on?”

“I don’t know!”Cameron said as he ran towards the other side. When he got there, what he saw cause his heart to just drop. Instead of seeing Kay standing upright with a gun in her hand, she was laying motionless on the cold hard ground. He didn’t even notice the spinning wheel. “No.” Cam ran to her and kneeled down and carefully picked her up in his arms with one arm supporting her head and the other around her waist sitting her upright. “Come on Kay. Come on, wake up” It seemed she had no breath. He took two fingers and placed them on her neck, there was still a pulse. It was faint but it was there. Cam didn’t know what to do for a moment and he simply leaned his forehead against hers just to collect his thoughts and breathe a sigh of relief that she hadn’t left him.

He didn’t even hear Mike run up to him until he asked, “Cameron? What happened?” Mike’s eyes suddenly fell on the spindle and spinning wheel, “And what is that?”

Cameron looked up and noticed the wheel the spindle on it and whispered, “I’m not sure…”

To Be Continued…

Jonathan: From now on, we’ll be using code names. You can address me as Eagle 1.

Jonathan: Dina, code name: “Been There, Done That.”

Jonathan: MW is “Currently Doing That.”

Jonathan: Kay is “It Happened Once In A Dream.”

Jonathan: Jordan, code name: “If I Had To Pick A Dude.”

Jonathan: And Cameron is… Eagle 2.

Cameron: Oh thank god.