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Overall reduced operating costs, and a better environmental impact are just a few benefits of installing solar pv to your business. Click below to learn more or call us today on 051 364 054.

Visit South India’s largest Renewable Energy Expo to be held from, April 26-27, Hitex, Hyderabad. Click to register as a visitor: // For Conference Reg:

SolarWorld Trainer Will Help Solar Installers to Sell Manufacturer's Value Proposition Read Here:

City of launched the largest heat pump in Central Europe this March – NEW CASE of RES integration to be presented exclusively at the ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT '19 @Kristalnapalaca, May 14, 2019, at 9 am! Join us! (translation will be provided).

Check out our installation in this newbuild in Maidenhead comprising of an 8 port manifold & 850 metres of pipe.

, energy companies, and grid operators are exploring ways to employ technologies to improve the accessibility and efficiency of renewable energy technologies.

A single 2.5MW wind turbine can generate enough electricity to meet the annual needs of over 1,400 households, make 230 million cups of tea, or run the average computer for well over 2,000 years.

We're recruiting for a Senior Legal Counsel for a developer in Germany - the role will focus on the project development function for projects. For more details about the role or to apply please contact Dominic Wall;

From Fri 19th to Mon 22nd at midnight, every order over £15 will receive a free pair of organic bamboo socks when you enter the code 'socky'.      

Urja Solar Home Lighting System uses the sun's renewable energy to light up your home and you can charge your mobile phone also. The solar cells in the system convert the sun's energy directly to electricity.

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With solar charged rechargeable batteries.
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Elsa Mengistu, Director of Operations, Zero Hour

“I never was an environmentalist; believing science was just a thing to me, I didn’t have to pour over studies, be hyper-focused on climate change, or organize in environmental spaces to understand the need for action. It was just common sense to me. Then I got involved with organizing the global youth climate march in 2017 and climate action became part of who I am. I’m a 17 year old girl whose generation will live with the impacts of a humanity not thinking of the Earth and that’s why we need to shift to renewable energy, immediately. The time for change was yesterday, it’s also today, and it’s also tomorrow. We have all the science and technology to act according, all we need is the human will. We have everything we need to transition to 100% green energy, and if we want to preserve our world, then we should.”


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State Representative Maria Robinson

“As someone who has worked in the clean energy space for the past decade, I’ve seen first-hand how renewable energy technology has blossomed, both improving in efficiency while rapidly declining in cost. There is no technological excuse for refusing to enact 100% renewable energy, so why is there a policy fight? If we want an energy system that is clean, secure, and affordable, we need to move to a 100% renewable system as soon as we can to combat the ever-looming threat of climate change.“

Chase Bjornson, Entertainment Manager and Green Initiative Coordinator at Logjam Presents

“The need for clean, renewable energy is absolute. Every day renewable energy is becoming more efficient, accessible and affordable while the negative impacts of fossil fuel dependence become more consequential. While oil companies spend millions lobbying the government to block climate change policies, the effects of climate change worsen and become less manageable everyday. Extreme weather gets more extreme and costly, temperatures rise and shatter records, droughts worsen, seasons change, people are displaced, polar regions melt, and oceans rise. All of these factors are dire implications of an uninhabitable planet in years to come. Almost all scientists agree that humans’ dependence on fossil fuels has amplified climate change, yet there are many individuals and groups in political power who continue to deny it. Shifting resources away from fossil fuels and into clean, renewable energy is the right thing to do for everyone and everything that inhabits the planet, now and forever.

Another fundamental issue that humans must face is our dependence on single-use plastic. Everyday millions of units of single-use plastics are produced and distributed, as recycling options for said plastics become less affordable, reliable and available. Plastic is filling our oceans and landfills where it eventually breaks down into microplastics, often 1/10th of an inch or smaller, that then enter the food chain through consumption by microorganisms and marine life. The recent discovery of a dead whale with almost nothing but plastic in its stomach (80 pounds of it) is a tragically perfect example. We need to ‘bring back the milkman’ by making re-useable/re-fillable containers the norm, and urge businesses and individuals to abandon their use of single-use plastics. In situations where re-usable/re-fillable options are not viable, we must seek to replace the single-use plastic items with compostable bio products.

Since 2017, we at Logjam Presents have been committed to eliminating single-use plastic at all of our music venues and at our restaurant by implementing mass-scale composting and recycling programs while shifting all of our single-use plastic products to compostable bio-plastics. In 2018 we diverted 160,000 pounds of compostable/recyclable materials from the landfill, 70,000 of which was compost. In March 2019 we received our first order of aluminum water bottles, thus eliminating single-use plastic served in our operations altogether.

If the human race is to continue on the same trajectory of fossil fuel and single-use plastic dependence, future generations will never experience the wonders of our natural world as we know it. These are global emergencies that demand immediate, unanimous action.”

Susan Rakov, Clean Energy Program Chair, Environment America

“It’s easy to look around and see all the reasons why humans struggle with change.  We see the existing infrastructure and think, how else could things possibly work?  We’re seduced by the stasis-enhancing power of "the way we’ve always done things.”  And we fear a future we can’t imagine.

I’m raising my voice for 100% renewable energy because change is required.  We need to set our cities, our states and our nation on a new path, away from fossil fuel dependency and the dystopian future that our oil addiction threatens, and toward a sustainable way of living.

By setting a goal of 100% renewable energy, with a firm timeline for adoption, we will create the space for the transitions that are needed to make that goal a reality – transitions of technology, infrastructure, lifestyle, markets and more.  We will open up the possibility of a future we don’t need to fear.“

Nicholas A. Gradisar, Mayor of the City of Pueblo, CO

“The Pueblo City Council has committed to one hundred percent renewable energy by 2035.  I support this aspirational goal for the City of Pueblo.  I have driven an electric car (Chevy Volt) for the last six years and can attest to the performance and savings that can be realized from moving away from the internal combustion engine.  

I believe that renewal energy will become more and more competitive and that the technologies involved will advance rapidly.  Pueblo is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of solar and wind energy generation and I expect us to do so as we determine our energy future.”

Ethan Jodoin, Student at Michigan State University and Facilitator of Green Alliance at MSU

“Moving to 100% renewable energy has huge health ramification outside of climate change and carbon emissions. By limiting the fossil fuels we burn, we prevent cancer in communities living under smokestacks, we drastically reduce the rate of childhood asthma, and perhaps most importantly, we gain energy independence and stop partaking in wars over foreign oil.

100% renewable energy means a healthier, wealthier, and more peaceful united states.”


Flexible Solar Panel Output Test: Sunpower Cells After A Year vs. Traditional Mono Flex Panel

Solar panel technology is advancing each year, and new products like flexible … Read on to learn what a “flex solar panel” is, as well as how they compare to ..#solarenergy #solarpower #solar #renewableenergy #solarpanels