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The designing of the kitchen is one important aspect of house making. If you’re making your dream house then you have to put efforts to make a good kitchen. For more details Please visit at : #

What do you think of Michael Phelps' kitchen design with custom ceiling & sky lights? Coastal Virginia Magazine's Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeler#dogoodwork

That is what we do and we do it very well! We keep you informed and up to date during the whole project!

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Forgot to post that we finally finished the ceiling in the dinning room and painted the feature wall (or whatever fancy term that’s supposed to be called lol). Hubs picked this dope lightish gray for the ceilings and the wall is the black I fell in love some time back.

There are 2 of his prints already up, 2 more of the Batman building coming as he thinks theme meets the need. We also picked out a super cool trident in a Tennessee shape, the state flag representing…. in a unique fashion.

It took us a few months, but finally coming together. I also hung the Life and Casualty print I had bought for my grandmother some years back, she sold insurance for them door to door to feed my mom and her brothers, she loved the print and now it’s in my living room, a reminder of her and her abundant strength. Feast your eyes -

Also, as a side note…. after 2 sleepless nights, Lilith cut her first tooth. Hurray!! 🦷


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Grinding and cutting our way through a demolition. #demolition #construction #remodeling

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My parents and I are remodeling the upstairs bathroom. I was joking that I wanted one of those dumb transparent toilet seats that look like they have fish and stuff in them and my mom threw her hands up and was like “I’m not going to question your design decisions any more.” Like umm??? Pls question that decision??!! Mother what aren’t you telling me???