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presents the preliminary results of our study funded by investigating the effect of on adherence to treatment!

Hoy tuve un epic dream: HabΓ­a una marcha pacΓ­fica, inmensa de Santos, estaban Buddha, Ghandi, Calcuta, Quetzalcoatl etc. Mientras los jinetes apocalipticos salΓ­amos de la Universidad y los topamos de costado. Lol PrΓ³ximamente harΓ© el diseΓ±o en Digital Wallpaper. & .

Gonna go lay under the tree to you that I’m a gift 🎁

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A positive team flourishes. A negative team is no longer a team myself daily

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KH Dream

I had a dream last night that ReMind came out so I started playing it as Sora (I think in Second Form) but it was hard to tell bc it was dark like Dark World but it wasn’t nasty and ridden with heartless, it was peaceful, just underground or something with a pocket of water across the landscape. It started that way so Sora didn’t know where he was and neither did I. A new cutscene started playing similar to how Sora stumbles in the Rock Titan boss fight with an earthquake but these rocks start moving and forming a barrier. I see a blue glow over it and I realized as soon as the rocks started parting that this was a new world. ATLANTIS! I saw the blue lights and the big boulders that start to float in the sky. I started crying, literally tears in my eyes because of how happy I was and the excitement flowing into me that I’ll get to see Milo and Kida and everybody in the Kingdom Shader!! 

Needless to say I woke up but I never realized how much I wanted that world in Kingdom Hearts until now, I really doubt we’ll even get a new world in ReMind unless it’s a new area of a world we already know and especially Atlantis given that we already have The Carribbean.

Day Sixty-Eight

A bunch of my APUSGOV students are interning/volunteering on different presidential campaigns, which is totally awesome, and I’m SO grateful to all the staffers who have encouraged and empowered them. But, sometimes, it leads to some funny moments in class. Like, this morning, I caught a few of the students who work for Pete Buttigieg sneaking campaign lit to their classmates (clearly, it wasn’t actually very sneaky) in an effort to get a few more commits, so I texted the local field organizer to tell him the hustle is real.

I think it’s great, though. 

Meantime, the actual lesson I was teaching was about how bills become laws (or not). I got to make use of the entire Cavern of Learning, too, since Mrs. T doesn’t have a class that block. I gave students a set of questions about the legislative process, and taped the answers all over the room, so they literally had to walk through the process. They also identified all the ways a bill can be “killed.” It’s a good lesson, and it’s a bit different than what they’re used to doing, so it’s fun. I wandered around and fielded questions as they came up (lots about Senate procedure because Senate procedure is awesomely weird). I misspoke at one point, and realized it after class had ended, so I Remind texted a correction to everyone. 

Ahh, modern teaching…

And, all though I used the whole Cavern for APUSGOV, Mrs. T and I actually taught World and English separately today. In World, students had to take a content quiz and then could use the remainder of class to revise their book papers. In English, Mrs. T assigned the next part of this sequence- the research project- and went over how to give an effective project presentation, and then had students choose topics (they can choose anything that was addressed in the books they just read) and start research. On the next set of A-B days, we’ll reopen the wall between our classrooms so we can both be available to help students with their projects. 

What else? MfoL met during flex block and made some final plans for a voter registration drive next week. I spent my prep time Block 5 grading the APUSGOV classwork and the World quizzes. Aaaand then I went to practice, which was good fun!


Philippians 4:13 says “ I can do all things through Christ who strengths me.”
We have to understand that our #thoughts truly do #sculpt our #reality. I want to #encourage and #remind you to #findyourwhy before you try to take a step out on social media or with anything. And your #what will help you with how you #approach all the #reasons you are #passionate for what you do. In the end of all of this, what #mattersmost is you and how you will #interact and #impactothers ! So stay #grinditout through your #sidehustle to make your #dream a #reality
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Now the Fringe Rightwing is saying Ambassador Sondland is part of the “deep state”.

Need I remind folks that the Ambassador donated $1 million to a Trump inauguration committee and then Donald quid pro quo Sondland to the Ambassadorship of the European Union where Donald tasked Sondland with um, shaking down Ukraine.

Wait, it all makes sense, Donald Trump is part of the deep state out to get Donald Trump, as evidenced by his appointment of Sondland!


When #shadow #work turns into playing in the #Dark. When you tired of #killingthemwithkindness and you gotta #remind or #make them a #believer. Throw a lil #hex #say a lil curse #lay a lil #trick
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Non so per quale assurdo motivo, fin da quando ne ho memoria la prima cosa che guardo in una persona sono le scarpe. Non ho mai pensato che fosse la cosa più importante, ma era comunque la prima a cui prestavo attenzione. Quella sera le sue scarpe non mi piacquero, ma non le ricordo. Ricordo solo che erano blu scuro, l'unico colore che non esiste nel mio guardaroba perché preferisco il nero. Immediatamente dopo ho notato i suoi occhi, senza far caso subito al colore che avessero. Brillavano di una luce diversa, e ho avuto paura. Ricordo che un brivido mi ha percorso tutta la schiena, e quasi come se avessi dimenticato che significava, mi sono sentita dinuovo viva. Quando rideva gli si chiudevano un po’ gli occhi ma da quella fessura si continuava a vedere quella luce, era ancora più bello. Dopo abbastanza tempo li ho guardati davvero, e ho scoperto che erano verdi con delle sfumature grigie all'interno. Erano gli occhi della persona di cui mi sarei perdutamente innamorata e che avrei amato più della mia stessa vita. Gli stessi occhi che mi avrebbero fatto stare male come mai mi era successo prima.

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Day Fifty-Six

My APUSGOV students reacted to the news that Governor Sanford had suspended his presidential campaign by wondering if it was something they said. I used my dryest tone of voice to remind them that correlation is not causation, but also reiterated the fact that both he and I were impressed with their questions. One of Joe Biden’s staffers paid them a visit today, and they put him through his paces. They also seriously misused the Remind app to text me commentary (like “So how about that Hyde Amendment?”) throughout this staffer’s presentation; they do that when we’re at political events, too. I should discourage it, and yet… 

My APUSGOV lesson was on the media, and it was a good one. With the primary coming, I have lots of examples of how candidates use traditional media and social media, how the media covers elections, what impact selective exposure is having. It’s all really obvious, they see it everyday. I touched on some of the things I thought they might be less aware of, too, like the use of data and social media algorithms to shift people’s opinions. I showed a quick clip about Cambridge Analytica that blew their minds a bit.

After APUSGOV, I opened the wall between my classroom and Mrs. T’s to create the Cavern of Learning. Mrs. T was in meetings for most of the World/English double block, but today was The Me Show anyhow (next time, it’s The Mrs. T show). Students read about the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide for homework, and today they did a group assignment examining statistics from 1993 and 2019 to see how much had changed. We had great conversations about how to interpret data- like, what’s it mean when the GDP per capita and the poverty rate are both high- and about what had happened in Rwanda and the surrounding countries. 

After that, students grabbed headphones and laptops, and watched an excerpt from Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children, a documentary about Romeo Dallaire’s efforts to eradicate the use of child soldiers, so they could see what the situation is like in Central Africa today, what’s being done and what isn’t… Plus, they’re familiar with Dallaire from watching Shake Hands With the Devil, so there’s a connection there. A bunch of them came up at the end of class to tell me they’d liked the lesson, and that the film was interesting, and that they learned a lot.

So that’s a win. 

I had a lot of grading to do during my prep block, but by then I was pretty tired- teaching solo in the Cavern, even when the lesson goes super well like I did today- is draining. So I got about half of my grading done, then hit a wall. I can finish it tomorrow, though. Next door, Mr. F was teaching his geometry students about angles by playing Dance Dance Transversal (if you don’t know what it is, this is a decent video explanation, but it’s basically Dance Dance Revolution without a  gaming system), so I went to watch. It was pretty awesome.