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Nada mejor que disfruta de un 😎 😆

When it comes time to steal your mother bathtub because it has jets and you put to much bubble bath in it that the bubbles over flow! My inner child is happy! This Psychic Medium needed it!

i belong here! Thank u for inspiring me to try harder each day.. thank you all of u guys for making me realize my progress..(ups&downs) Thank You God for surrounding me with amazing helpers. My vibe attracts my tribe!

This is the current view at the Club, with the sun setting across the lake and shadows being cast. Sit back, get a drink, and enjoy 🙂

Relax and fall asleep until your phone falls on your face and breaks your nose & take a selfie with the bloodstained sheet mask on

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Taking a Mental health day by myself. Been having a lot of weird dreams this last week or two, and they all have been pointing to the same thing. Interesting. It’s time to recharge my energy and shift it in a new direction- a clearer path. Been craving ‘nese for the longest time and I finally got some! Working on this #gryffindor #crochet blanket. It’s gonna be HUGE! Also, trying out this new show on #HULU #LightAsAFeather. It’s cool so far. Have y’all seen it? What do you think? These things may seem simple to most ppl and really not that important, but making things, favorite foods and spooky stuff are all parts of me. When I drift off into a darker realm, sometimes I forget about pieces of myself-which leads to getting lost in that Darker space. These dreams I’ve been having were a message to snap myself back into the light and reconnect with myself. Remember, it’s always the little things that matter. If you have been feeling disconnected lately, get some of your favorite “feel good” food, watch your favorite movie or get back into a hobby you love. Get in touch with yourself again. It’s ok to take a day for yourself. After all, you are important. ❤️. #mentalhealth #loveyourself #selfcare #reconnect #youmatter #art #create #relax #foodie #love #effyourmentalhealthstandards #metime #sushi #spooky #energy #dreams

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The calm sea.


#beach #sea #seaside #sand #gentle #relax #peace #rest #seaview #quiet #meditation #calm #relaxing #calming #love #favouriteplace #sunny #water #nature #beachwalk #peaceful #contemplation #sound #bestill #loveit #beautiful (at Cullercoats)

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I found this picture on Varietea - a page on fb that delivers a variety of teas to your door.

I’m drinking tea because tea makes me feel better. It’s actually pretty relaxing having a cup of tea. The problem is, when I’m feeling bad, I drink lots of tea, but then all the caffeine hits and then I just look crazier than before 😂 maybe I should invest in some caffeine free tea…


🔥💪👉 Repost Via @jhondistrito - #programa #relax canal #47ame dale @alemanproduct @fiftylapauta @blazemusicnet @abelitomusiccom @djgnezkyprod (at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

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