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Relaunch ! Relaunch ! Relaunch We have our bugs fixed and ready to go again with full speed! Employers can post jobs for free on our website and jobseekers can start apply jobs on our app. The app is free to download in Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

Hey everybody! I am re-launching my online store with a new logo! I am so excited to announce this news to all of my customers and fans. It will go live late tonight. Here's a preview of my new logo.

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...wäre gern dabei gewesen. Aber Jahres- vorbereiten, d , Fertigstellung und rund 10 pro Tag... Bin ja leider NICHT 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 Wie war es denn, liebe Mädels von ?

Greetings 👋 We’re super glad to be back in action, with lots of awesome stuff planned for 2019! Get ready for a , , and ❗️ Who’s ready?!

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Das der Deutschen umfasst Arbeitsgeräte und Apparate, die im Zusammenhang mit der Produktion, Bearbeitung, Sichtung und Vorführung von |en benötigt werden. Mehr erfahrt Ihr ab dem 21.01.19 auf der neuen Website!

A myriad of delectable multicuisine delicacies await your presence in a spectacular ambiance to spice up your taste buds only at Abids Bistro of Royalton Hyderabad Abids. Visit :

On with she is talking about rebranding & relaunching. She is the CEO of Diverse and Engage. Tune in now to hear from some of the amazing experts she works with and supports. Join us . is the hostess.

Upcycling using recycled materials has seen one of our shops transformed! We are so excited to reveal what we have done, so pop along to see a charity shop with a difference! prestoncharityshop

How’s your 2019 job search going? If you’re a woman seeking to your tech after a break & finding the gap hard to bridge, can help. Read more on & join us on 23 January for our information evening.

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Wir starten zufrieden mit der neuen Referenz zum responsiven von , dem Portal des FID AVL an der ins neue Jahr. Erfahrt mehr zur neuen Referenz unter: .

Wir können es kaum erwarten und haben sehr viel daran gearbeitet. Am 21.1.2019 geht die neue Website der Deutschen Kinemathek online!

THE SWIFT PROJECT will be donating the $65 dollars raised for the reputation era on February 13th. More details about our relaunch to come!

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I was looking forward to getting back into the series, being a long time fan. However, the writing is uninspired to put it nicely: the characters have no grit - no realism to them. The books structure and narrative is also a confused mess.

It is a shallow reading experience, not recommended unless you are more interested in the art work, as that is pretty good.

Tumblr relaunch! • 8th November, 2018

Hi all!

So I have a lot of liked posts that I didn’t know what to do with, so I decided to give this main blog another go. As of today, I updated my theme and set everything up, also my tags. Going to my Tags masterlist tab now can help you search among my posts more efficiently.

I hope y’all will like my content :D 

Have a nice day!



New website online!🎈 🦕(link in my Bio)
#website #launch #relaunch #martasevilla #martasevillaillustration #illustrationstudio #celebration #web #studio #creative #art #creativestudio (en Madrid, Spain)

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Pic @mattjonesphotographer
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if you follow my Tumblr you already know this but I figured I’d put it in a bright red YouTube video to make sure people aren’t selling themselves short - LITERALLY xD

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