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Great to see the message of your fantastic club spreading far! We found this during some peaceful time on the peaceful 🌈

β€œComing ⁠ ⁠!” And the impact on , , , ... ...and the impact on , , ...ushering in unprecedented choices by ! P.s.: and a nod to ( )

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Can u name all the LIES of ? Even if ur in good physical health or have great , it's critical to continue addressing ALL the LIES u learned in childhood. The journey to replace them with the takes time. Cultivate the TRUTHS daily!

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talking with me on his Tinder strategies, my first date and laundry game, along with tons of other material on the sexual marketplace for singles and relationships!

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No regrets, because you learned something. You’re better prepared to recognize what you need and don’t need. -Elana

Do you tell someone (that you’ve met once and don’t really know that well) that their partner cheated on them the day they got together (four years ago), and tried to cheat on them again this week? They’re getting married in a couple of months.

The Tempest

A Mother/Daughter relationship is a bond like no other. If you don’t believe us, ask The Journal of Neuroscience

“Mothers and daughters report deeper emotions, positive and negative, in their intergenerational relationships than fathers and sons.”

No matter your relationship to your mother, science goes on to say you can even blame your mom if you’re still single. Like mother, like daughter!

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A bit of advice? I have a friend who needs to break a lease to get away from his emotionally abusive boyfriend. The lease is around $1200 and he can't raise the money alone. Is there any sort of fundraisers for this kind of situation that could help?

The first thing I would recommend that he does it to speak with his landlord about this. Many landlords may offer a payment plan or waive some of the owed money for extreme circumstances. This is definitely an extreme circumstance!

My next recommendation is that he gets out of his home ASAP. Paid lease or not, he needs to get out. If he can stay with you or another friend until he gets on his feet, that’s great. But there are always shelters as an option! I just interviewed an advocate from a shelter yesterday on the podcast and that episode will be dropping Sunday, he might find it helpful to listen. Obviously, if he’s in real physical or mental danger, some planning will need to be done to get him out. Worry about the money later, put his safety first and help him get out. There is stregnth in numbers, the more who come help him move out, the better. The advocate I spoke to also explained how to get Orders of Protection as well.

Again- the most important thing is getting him out of there! He can worry about the money later. Have him contact the domenstic violence hotline if he needs to! He can call/text the line if need be.

The Puzzle Box

Sometimes I can sense it

When I quietly close my eyes

Like a mediation’s calm

It’s just a part of life

I can feel it in the stillness

That bond that doesn’t break

I can see it in my dreams

And even more when I’m awake

I’ve watched it grow each year

I’ve loudly cursed its name

But despite all this destruction

It’s strength remains the same

It’s the flame behind my smile

It’s the hope I try to ignore

And it’s the reason I’m somehow waiting

With a constant desire for more

So when you close your eyes

And the shadows spell out my name

Know that I see it too

Like a puzzle box, we are the same

Revisiting the Past

I’m not sure what else to call it when you get back together with an ex.

Back at the start of the year, I started dating a guy I had met back in 2017. We even recently decided to make it an official relationship and see where we can actually go in regards to a future.

I’ve always been an advocate of never saying never when it comes to getting back together with an ex or reviving a friendship. Some times, you’re just in two different points in your life and it’s time to not be as close, but as long as there was no big terrible thing (cheating, stealing, etc) there is no reason to cut a person off for good.

I honestly never expected to get back together with this ex specifically because of how we ended, but again - never say never.

I first met him online and we got together for coffee a week or so after messaging each other. This was back in the summer of 2017 and remember that we live in Florida. At first, we did well. We had slightly different schedules, but we would go out for coffee when we both had a night free to and tried to spend Sunday together since that was our mutual day off.

As time went on, it was hard to find time together - he used to not be the best with checking his phone or getting back to someone. In September, Hurricane Irma hit Florida. On orders from my mother (Cause it’s my mother), I drove home to Pennsylvania for a week to avoid the hurricane until I had to return to work.

When I got back….while my apartment was fine, my office building had a leaking roof that caused problems for weeks afterwards and damaged inventory. It was two or so weeks later that we were on another of our coffee dates and I just didn’t want to be there. But I also knew that if I didn’t go, I might not see him again for a few weeks with the way that our schedules were.

I told him that and we had walked away from each other upset over the issue.

14 months passed. Yes, 14, before we had another genuine conversation. I had moved to a new city two hours north four months after we had stopped talking and that following November I happened to be heading to where he was to take care of things for work.

So I reached out. And then when I was down again a few weeks later we got coffee and caught up. And now we are back together.

Sure, there is more to the story on why he stopped talking to me and what’s happened since we started talking again 6 months ago. But the point is that here we are, together again.

I’m not sure where things will go from here. I’m sure I’ll write about it some, but at the moment this feels so much more open and genuine than our first attempt. It’s something that is currently making us both happy - which wasn’t how it was before.

I’m not sure what changed to make that possible.But I’m not going to argue about it either.


If women don’t know how to do anything else, they specialize in completely fucking up a man’s day!! 😂😂😂 Shout out to the homie @desi4018 for the video!! Tag someone that would like my page or the things I talk about! ↗️ Turn on your post notifications!! Reach me with the info in my bio! #terryderon #passiveaggressive #paranoid #lovelife #dating #relationships #message #nolie #wordstoliveby #truestory #trust #respect #realtalk #imjustsaying #facts #truelove #accurate #reallytho #truthbetold #loyalty #straightup #factsonly #worstfeeling #lonely #trustissues #breakups

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It’s crazy how much time I spend trying to spread positive vibes to people with negative mindsets.

When we die you think there will be a statistics sheet?

1. Curved 72 times

2.3,798 memes sent.

3.6,256 smiles given

4.12,533 packages of HI-Chew consumed

5.119 unrequited love

6. 2 mistakes made 🤔

7. 2,821 times “oof” used


Does a fish ever see
the glint of the hook before
wrapping its mouth around the worm?
Is it a gnawing in the belly?
A taste for a thrill?
Ignorance of mortality?

Do I have an excuse?
There was no worm on your tongue.

What about a child’s inquisitive fingers
reaching for a stove-top glowing red?
Weren’t they already warned?
We are a stubborn creature but
pain educates–
some lessons need taught only once.

Except some of us are slow.
My fingers reach out to you again.
How much of me must melt away
before I respect what’s left?

Sometimes I find myself self sabotaging relationships for absolutely no reason. I still am unsure what my true motive is for this. Maybe I’m scared of the future, maybe I can’t trust and I’m protecting myself, maybe I just want to keep things interesting.

Hello and Welcome

I’m K here to save the day! 

I’ve created this blog as a space to share thoughts and feelings. I want to help others along the way, and I hope I’m able to make a difference :) 

Here you can ask for relationship advice (both romantic and platonic), share your stories, ask for mine, and so much more!

Lastly, let’s keep it clean. I don’t want any pedos, homophobes, transphobes.. none of that. This is a safe space!

Thank you!!! 💗💗