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So our 50,000thย job was a lovely Valentines postcard printed for Bistrot Pierre.ย Here is Becky and the lovely team at Bistrot Pierre accepting their goodies โ€“ congratulations team! * * *

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"Now we are really retracing our steps, both of us with our eyes glued to the side of the road."

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Nosaka’s Relationships

(with a bit of humor)

  • His Friends

Inazuma Japan but Haizaki, And the guys who wants to change the world with his point of view.

So, in the beginning of Ares, he had… One friend. His best one. Also his slave.

  • His Sexual Orientation

ZA WARUDO. Ahem. His huge harem is enough for him. Or, less original, he’s bi, maybe pan.

  • His bitches

First and best and slave one : Nishikage Seiya

Second friendzoned one : Mikado Anna

His sakka’s bitch : Kazemaru Ichirouta

His tactical’s and “I’m interested by you” bitch : Ichihoshi Hikaru

His non-truly bitch, steals by Haizaki : Miyano Akane

  • His Rivals

For the sake of Akane : Haizaki Ryouhei

For tactical things : Kidou Yuuto

And everyone who didn’t want to change the world, with him as its Emperor.

Thanks for reading !

If you would like to know the relationships of an other player, feel free to ask me ! I’ll do this for free !

anonymous asked:

Hi I hope it's okay to ask this. I love someone recently diagnosed with DID, and I'm forever willing to support them, but their alters have done pretty bad things to me (called me worthless and such). My problem is they (the alters) don't want me to hate them, and the doctor said I have to communicate with them fairly. I agree with all this! Really! But what do I do with my feelings? Cast them aside? I'm kind of lost and conflicted on this issue and could use guidance.

Casting your feelings aside is absolutely not the answer to this, and communication is essential in all forms of relationships regardless of whether or not one or both parties have DID. DID is just like any other mental illness in the sense that if somebody is doing toxic or abusive things as a result of it, it’s still toxic or abusive and needs to be recognized.

Please keep yourself safe, and I wish you luck. You are not alone.

This Wikipedia page has a list of domestic violence organizations around the world. As I don’t know what country you’re in, I felt that this would be the most productive way to provide resources.

- Danny (of Fugue System)

“Communicating fairly” doesn’t mean ignoring when someone is hurting you. You are never obligated to put up with someone insulting, belittling, or harassing you. Your loved one having DID does not in any way change that.

If your loved one’s alters haven’t hurt you in a long time and are making genuine efforts to heal and do better, that’s one thing, and you may want to consider giving them a second chance. Joining them for a few therapy sessions might help with this. It’s true that sometimes, people with any trauma-associated disorder can say very harsh things when triggered, and therapy can help the individual to find better ways to react. This doesn’t mean that you should cast aside your feelings; they need to be recognized, and your concerns need to be appropriately addressed.

If the cruelty is recent or ongoing, you have every right to be afraid of being harmed again. That the alters don’t want to be hated changes nothing, and if their therapist is downplaying or making excuses for their actions, that’s an issue. You may want to consider distancing yourself until you can feel confident that they won’t harm you again. If they make promises but then continue to hurt you or if you feel that you can no longer trust them regardless of the work they do in therapy, you may want to consider ending your relationship with them entirely. If you have a therapist of your own, this is something to discuss with them.

You deserve to be safe and surrounded by people who are kind to you.  We hope that you’re able to achieve this.

Take care,

Katherine of Those Interrupted

June 11th, 1973


Neurosis is that realization that you can control your behavior and that your behavior can either make you loved and alive or hated and threatened.

My father was the ultimate controller. He could approve or disapprove of me, of my existence. Punishment was the result of disapproval. Violence– threats– fear– hatred.

In the madness that was presented to me as religion [and which I later chose for myself in Catholicism]. God was given the role of authoritarian– the life giver– just as father dispensed approval. Except if I weren’t careful, I might wind up in a fiery eternal pit– death, suffering. 

So we spend our lives trying desperately, neurotically to get daddy– god– boss– mommy– wife– world– to love us– because withdrawal or lack of that love threatens our (my existence).

anonymous asked:

How can I get past the feeling that I need to leave a relationship because I have too many faults and the ex seems to be better than me physically/sexually? The person I am with was so in love with her that when they broke up, they (my s/o) tried to get admitted into a psych ward.

My S/O has tried to recreate/reenact romantically based events that they had with their ex with me. Should I be concerned? How do I get over the fear of comparison?

Honestly, this is not okay. Your S/O should not be doing this. This is emotionally and mentally damaging, as you have described. You do not deserve this kind of treatment and the only to stop that comparison is for you to end either your S/O’s behavior or your relationship. I don’t know your S/O but if they’re going to the extremes of reenacting events with you, it doesn’t sound to me like they’re going to change their behavior any time soon. Of course, it is up to you to be the ultimate judge on the situation but it is of my opinion that you should leave this toxic relationship. You deserve better than this and you should never feel like you have to compare yourself to others or live up to someone else.

Keep me updated?

All the love xx

anonymous asked:

I wanna put myself out there and start dating and find a partner to spend my days with but I feel like as a trans male my options are so limited and complicated. I also feel like I need to be fully transitioned before I date someone because no one would want to date a trans person who isn't fully transitioned. Between the transphobes, the straight people, the people who fetishize trans people, and the constant coming out to people it's all so much. I wish there was an easier way.

Honestly, being open about being trans when you’re looking to date someone is going to help you sort the bullshit from the potential partners a lot easier. It’s really difficult and not something I personally have experienced (I got with my partner before the both of us came out, and they’ve been amazing since day 1), but it’s not impossible. You also don’t need to be fully transitioned, because if someone is dating you, it should be for who you are as a person and not solely on appearance.

You also could try looking into dating other trans people; I hear it’s a lot easier, especially considering you won’t need to define terms to them that most trans people already know and use commonly that cis people don’t.

Don’t give up hope though anon; you’ll find someone who’s good to you and good for you.

captainkusy  asked:

Ive got a weird question: do you think it‘s possible for people to be friends even when theres a strong financial imbalance btw them? For instance, friends of a friend of mine are able to attend a private university, own flats and can buy whatever they want all the time, like money doesnt matter. I come from a rather modest bg, far below middle class and whenever I interact with these people, I feel like Im denying my own identity. They dont understand my struggles. What do you think?

Not a weird question at all!

So, first of all, hanging out with different people who grew up differently to yourself isn’t “denying your background” unless you make it a point to try to actively stifle the way you’ve grown up in order to make other people more comfortable, which would be poor foundation for any kind of relationship.

The key to making any kind of relationship from platonic to romantic work is communication and understanding. You and your friends don’t need to sync up on all levels, you just need a common ground to work from and mutual respect. If you have no common ground and you’re not even trying to understand where eachother are coming from then like… you have bigger issues that disparate economic classes, you know?

It can be a little weird and even a little uncomfortable dealing with people who come from a wildly different experience from yourself but that doesn’t mean the situation is lost. It’s a normal (not good, just normal) thing to want to stay in your comfort zone and shy away from new stuff. Humans are curious but also skittish creatures and “weird is bad” is a great survival instinct when it’s you and the 100 folks in your group against an incomprehensible world but an abysmal way to behave with those within your society, you know?

I mean, I have friends from all over from all different economic classes, orientations, ethnicities, etc. I even have one whole straight friend! They make my life fuller and more importantly, broaden my perspective on a lot of things. The main thing is that we have respect for each other’s experiences so that not only are we always learning new things from eachother but finding new ways we connect. Like, I think the thing I’ve really learned over the last few years is that regardless of how different people from different groups and backgrounds may seem, there’s a fuckton of overlap in experiences and that is where you start from in understanding eachother.

So, what I’m ultimately getting at is that, yes, you can totally be friends with wealthy people without denying your background. It’s a little harder than dealing with people who know exactly where you come from but that doesn’t make it not worth doing so long as the people you’re creating bonds with are worth the effort. As for whether they’re worth the effort… well that’s up to you. Make sure they RESPECT YOU, that they respect where you come from and make the effort to understand you and your differences.

And… make sure you give them the opportunity to even be aware of said differneces. Like… that’s the rub, if you want to be cared for and loved in any capacity you have to deal with being seen.

*cue Tony Toni Toné* It’s our anniversarrrryyyy!

Thank you, listeners, for rocking with The Marital Mission Podcast! We truly hope you all are helped through our transparency and that God is using our union to show what He can do through two imperfect people.

Him: *Sends me a pic of himself in uniform, while in the middle of nowhere*

Me: “You’re so hot” 😍😍😍

Him: *Sends another pic with caption* “Actually I’m cold lol.”

Me: 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

I made my husband a valentine’s day card that says “I’ve taken a viking to you” and I really think he’s going to get a kick out of it. 

I also bought him two patches for his bags. 1 is a viking compass norse rune patch, and the other is a patch that says “do no harm, do know harm” and it has the medical symbol (he’s an emt) with a viking helmet and swords. 

I really hope he likes them. Nothing big, but something I thought of when I seen it and thought he would really appreciate them. 

I’d burn down the entire world just to see that man smile. 

if you can shower with your s/o, I say do it as often as you can! 

aside from shower sex being fun, there’s something so sweet and marvelous about sharing that personal space

scrubbing each other’s backs? running your fingers through their hair as you rinse out the shampoo? patting their damp cheeks with a fluffy towel?

yeaaaaah that’s the good stuff