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Non importa quanto il tuo cane sia ubbidiente, se non costruisci con lui un rapporto profondo e stabile, basterà una distrazione forte perché smetta di darti ascolto.

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A real man allows growth & prosperity to take place in a relationship. If they cared for you.. they would never make you feel inadequate or insecure.. no matter the circumstances.

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Let me be your hero

Every morning, you go to see your colleagues, your friends with a smile on your lips. You make sure to give yourself as much as possible so that maybe they will notice an image of you that gives you a little self-esteem, a little self-confidence. Woman, in spite of that, the hole is still there in your heart, the sidereal void is always there preventing you from moving - from moving with your feet, giving you this impression of running in the sea, this impression that prevents you to get rid of quicksand that binds your heart and your mind.
Woman, I’m not telling you this to remind you of this unpleasant feeling in your heart - woman, I’m telling you that because, I want to be the one who will get you out of this sidereal void, the one who will help you get out of this quicksand, I want to be the one teaching you how to run again. We all deserve a second chance, we all deserve to be saved, it’s true that doing it alone is good, but doing it with someone is better, so let me please you, let me love you and please let me help you, I want be your hero.

if someone could give me some advice that’d be great: 

I have this friend I’ve known for 2-3 years, but in 2019 I moved to another state. We’d text each other, but then she suddenly stopped back in September. I’d still text her roughly once a month, but get nothing in response. Finally, in December, I contacted her on Snapchat (which I hate for making plans because the posts disappear) and told her I’d come to visit during the holidays between certain dates (ex: between the 27th and the 29th). When I came out to visit, I messaged her saying I was in town, and that’s when she told me she was going to the east coast the next morning so we couldn’t hang out. I felt so embarrassed, like I’d done something wrong?

So I stewed for a while, and finally sent her a message asking why exactly she was icing me out. I fully believed she was mad at me and didn’t want to be friends anymore. But she sent me a message that she’s been in a rut with her life and self-isolating, and that it wasn’t anything personal. I asked if she still wanted to be friends, and haven’t heard back about it yet.

I’m really torn, because on one hand, I do still consider her my friend and don’t want to abandon her if she’s struggling. But on the other hand, I’m so tired of friendships where I put myself out there and try to be supportive while getting nothing in return. I always have to be the one to initiate, and I really don’t feel valued in those types of relationships. What should I do? 

Wait it out

Your roommate is mad at you
And I asked you what you were going to do 
You said you were going to wait it out
Let her simmer down in her own time
Cause you didn’t need her right now

And that’s fine
It’s practical
And lord knows, I’ve done similar

But I can’t help but worry
If I was the one angry and hurt and hiding

Would you wait it out too?

I think I’m becoming more picky with relationships the older I get because of past experiences with people and just life in general. I guess it’s also good that I’m not settling for just anyone. Gotta find that right person for me!

But still… I’m picky. Examples:
- I don’t like smoking, drinking, drugs, tattoos, or piercings (besides normal ones).
- I’m also starting to think I don’t want children of my own ever. They’re cute but it’s a ton of work, loud, and cost a lot to have. haha. Maybe with the right person, who knows…
- I’m not religious either…
- I’m mostly vegetarian now also, to top it off.

So all of those things summed up (among other things), it’s very difficult to find someone for a relationship! Who is wanting a serious relationship and who’s my type also.
I just need to find the ONE person who’s right for me. Hopefully that’ll happen soon… It has been a very long wait so far.


I want to just exist outside, you know? I want to be able to take walks through the forest and sleep in the meadow and think about what people have taken these paths before me and what stories they told, of fairies and of magic and heroes, and wonder if they are still here, alive, living on in the thick tree trunks that if you cut them up would show so many rings that you’d give up trying to figure out their age when the sun begins to set because you’re not going to finish counting today, and then I want to fall in love with life a little more everyday. 

“You never stop loving.Once you love someone honestly,truly,you will never be able to un-love them.You only find someone you will love more.At that time,your old love will not feel so strong,but it is a heart,it will never let you forget something that ever made you happy.“

- deinextraumfrau

Moving on

Can you promise to not hurt me? Can you promise me that I can be safe around you ? can I be caged into your heart? can you love me because I’ve never been loved by a man before?

Or is that too much that I’m asking for . Let me know , can you tell me when I’m wrong ?can you still love me when I’m angry? can you still love me when I’m trying ?

I want a answer , the truth is I just don’t want to be placed into a situation like before , I just want to be okay , most days I get so lonely and sad and the truth is I’m not okay , I just want to be happy I want to explore and be happy . I want to be with someone who understands me , who cares for me and sees my worth . I’m gonna take my time with you , I’m gonna try to open up with you but you’ll have to understand this is very hard for me cause I don’t usually do this unless I know I’m safe , if I know I can trust you and be so open with you that you actually understand why I am the way I am . I want to be able to come to you and be safe I want big hugs that shows that I really miss you and that I truly have you as my safe person the person that will love me at my low and support me at my high , be that person.. show me that you can be that person , show me that I can trust you and grow with you , let me teach you and you teach me . Ask me if I’m okay as the days go by , ask me if everything is alright . most importantly ask me if I’m happy and if I say yeah , and only yeah then you know I’m not because if I’m happy I’ll have a whole explanation. Get to know me like the real me because I’m hurting always have and I just want to be happy I want to go out more often explore , go to concerts, picnics , dinner , movies .. let’s cook , let’s watch a movie , sleep together and be so happy that it makes me forget why I was so sad and let you be more drawn to me , I ask that you elevate me into a better woman , I ask that you stay by my side even when I’m not on my feet I ask that you stay right by my side when the world is at war with me in my head . If there’s something you should know about me is that I’m very off , things replay in my head thousands of times when I’m lonely . Let me break it down , I’ve been through a lot with family , relationships and friendships and it’s kinda just hard trusting someone. But I really hope I can love , trust and be so open and comfortable with that when I tell you I’m going bad you understand that I need you more than ever , I want you to always be here for me when I feel like I have no one , I don’t want your money , I just want to be comforted I just really want to be wanted.

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