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How grows a Spring from sodden ground? When come the birds? When rings their sound? โ€ฆ

I am thrilled that ๐Ÿ’–A Mother's Heart was selected as the OUTSTANDING โ€œParenting/Family/Relationshipโ€ category winner! In the 2019 IAN Book of the year awards! โ€ฆ

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. ๐Ÿ”ž

โ€œKnowing the heart of The Father will give you the lens to love people and yourself well.โ€ - Jenn Johnson ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ

happen. The important thing is to remember that they don't have to mean the end to a . Learning how to work through can help you to your partner even when you disagree. Here are 7 steps to follow.

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Hi, it’s me, back again

Here to remind you that he’s not worth it

Hi, it’s me, your best friend

Take his old t-shirt off and burn it

Repeat after me, “I’m over it”

Yeah we’re so over, over

Repeat after me, “I’m over it”

Yeah, we’re so over, over


My heart filled with love.

The feeling I felt the first time.

Burning and alive.

For a year of having you and for more years to come.

I always pray to say how grateful I am.

That you are one of those answered prayers; I sincerely wanted to have then,

God say’s “Yes, my child, be filled with love fix yourself then prepare for what am I going to give you.”

Yes, we’re still at this time of growing up and learning.

I feel so inlove with you everyday. I know that there are upcoming challenges that we will face together to make our relationship firm and strong as time goes by.

More years to come with you. ❤

P.s. I lovee it when you feel so annoyed because of my attitude, sarcasm and the way I teased you everytime.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I seem to be attracted to really emotional people, and every time I start a friendship or relationship I get hurt because of it. What can I do?

Hi there,

Thank you for sending in your ask to mental health advice. I am so happy that you came to us for advice. I hope to help you as much as I can. Also, sorry for the late reply! We currently have a large inbox of asks but are working hard to lower that number.

I too am attracted to emotional people. I think one reason I am is because I feel like I can understand them and possibly help them. This is great and all but then I would get hurt or triggered by the things they would do. It’s hard having so much empathy.

I don’t think you should completely avoid people because they are emotional, because everybody can be emotional and may need a friend. I would say that you are more important, and you need to focus on yourself first. If you feel like someone is not treating you well or you are being hurt, then you need to have boundaries. You can even tell someone directly if they are doing something that is bothering you.

I know that you can get through this! Did you know that we have a live chat service that is available to anyone who needs it? To speak with someone, you can send in a request for one of the live chat admins to talk with. You can also check and see if an admin has already posted that they are currently online. If you feel like you are in immediate danger, please call emergency services and/or go to the nearest hospital. I also recommend looking at our “I have an Emergency” page. Feel free to send in another ask if you feel that you have any more questions or need additional help.

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“You’ve got a warm heart, you’ve got a beautiful brain.”