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65% of SME's for a want to try alternatives... would you:

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کھیل کےمیدان میں پاکستان دشمنی بھارت کومہنگی پڑ گئی انٹرنیشنل اولمپک کمیٹی نےبھارت میں مستقبل کےایونٹس کی میزبانی پرہونیوالی بات چیت معطل کردی

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And yes, I do give a big, red ZERO to , , , because they're not my genres, never going to be. Zero is to make it easier to sort (unless you're a Vanity. Then you're nothing to me.)

My 1200+ publisher master list. Be a hero, not a zero. (Looking at you Defuncts, , and who only like people from the geographic region of (nice place, but I'm not moving there).

So, I thought I would clear out my photo gallery a little bit and I want to share with y'all the photo of my old High School crush😍❤!!! At first I thought she loved me as a bf, but sadly as a friend😞. I'm fine with it a little bit though

Flametree rejection Time to rejection: <30 days Reason: Generic a lux? My thoughts: Expectations not met. Rejection needs fire and brimstone. More flaming required.

When trying 2 achieve your dreams, you will face rejection. It is a truth of life. The only thing you can do is persevere and keep pursuing your goals one step at a time. I will not stop.

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Penguin Ireland rejection Time to rejection: <100 days Reason: Generic My thoughts: *holding flowers* I want to thank the academy for this rejection. It means a lot to be rejected by Penguin. *blows kisses*

Odyssey Books rejection Time to rejection: <7 days Reason: Generic My thoughts: Been a long while since my popularity meant for anything. (This is the one that specifically NEEDS to know how many followers you have.)

& - This amazingly fun and cute emoticon was rejected. What can a do to deliver this content to their small following? :p Remove the [x]? Change the color? .

সলমনের ছবি থেকে বাদ দেওয়া হল পাকিস্তানি গায়ককে

" In honor of Rejection Week, I hereby reject the “side hustle”—or “second job,” once you strip the term of its post-recession rebranding."

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Beggared princes and despised monarchs are among the most miserable of men; but here was our glorious Redeemer, in whose face was the nobility of Godhead itself, despised and spit upon, and mocked.

Charles Spurgeon





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The Good and The Bad


Okay TMI(I) post two! I will state the bad first because I want to get that shit out of the way. Okay so I was friend with this really cute girl and me being the dumb one fell for her! I was thinking since she IS pansexual……she MIGHT BIG emphasis on MIGHT like me. I also thought there was this other girl that liked her and I don’t know if she does I’m not talking about her! Anyways, so I asked my crush out in class (I know how romantic😍 I had my first kiss in a School bathroom I’m not the best when it comes to being romantic) and she said and I QUOTETH uhhum “I’m really flattered BUT (A HUGE ASS ‘BUT’ THERE) I like the friendship we have.” Now I have gotten rejected multiple times before but this one hurt. Well maybe not that much but it still hurt. The other thing was she sits next to me in both my English and Social Studies class. So it was awkward just sitting there barbeque sauce on my titties lmao sorry! Blushing like a fucking tomato! She was also trying to be nice about it too but I just didn-I couldn’t deal with that at the moment. 'Ya see when I get rejected I kind of get salty (Don’t judge I’m workin’ on it) so I also just phshed away entirely. Sure there were small chats here and there but they were RARE!

Ahh any who on to the good news one of my assistent teachers was out today SO there was a sub in for her; the sub she WORKED IN KOREA FOR I FORGOT HOW MANY YEARS BUT SHE WORKED THERE I THINK IT WAS THREE YEARS IDK! AFTER SHE TOLD ME THAT I WAS LITERALLY JUMPING OF THE WALLS HAPPY! So I was like “okay okay thank GOD I found someone else who likes or atleast likes Kpop and the Korean culture!” She’s an EXO fan so yeah I don’t listen to them but I was neutral about it and so wss she when I fangirled.

I swear I was hugging the SHIT OUT OF HER! The period was almost ending so she promised during enrichment she promised me she would teach me some Korean phrases to say. Later on I came back to the class and she got cupcakes and papers so she could teach me Korean. The cupcakes were for eating. It was extremely fun! And since she was a sub she wouldn’t be coming back till she was needed so I died a little inside but, I can manage.

I got to fangirl and look at pictures of my idols oh and listen to music. It was a win win at the end of the day!

Some Korean phrases I learned;

  • I love you= Saranghay(yo) you add the 'yo’ for if you are talking properly. You would say 'saranghay’ to your best friend or someone you’ve for a while.
  • Hello= Anyeonghasayyo
  • Kareoke= Noraybãng
  • Pocky=Peppero

To introduce yourself is;

  • Jaw newn (your name) yeo yo

Meaning; My name is ________

She wrote some other term in Korean but, I don’t know what it means. Also I’m pretty sure she’s my best friend now and forever!Ooooh and she said she knew all the lyrics to 'Spring Day’ by Bts. When she said that I SCREAMED!

Okay sorry this is long but, thank you if you are reading this! Saranghayyo!💜

~TMI(I) = Trinity’s Much Important Information