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How I’m Healing the Vulnerable, Rejected Kid Inside Me

I can literally see the pollen blowing in the breeze. And, y’all, I’m so over these allergies. I’ve been dumped in a lot of ways, but nature dumping on me this bad is new.

“Let’s take a photo together, Jay!” “Okay, just one.” 😐

Well today was interesting boyfriend has kindly advised he doesn’t wish to live with me until after three years my response start a new twitter account and see if there are any other amazing women who feel the same

สหรัฐฯเตือน’กัญชา’ยังผิดกฎหมายรัฐบาลกลาง เสี่ยงถูกปฏิเสธกรีนการ์ด

Half God of Warriors, Half God of Beasts, All around rejected monstrosity. I plan on making more Human Animal portrait art hybrids. Thoughts and ideas on this?

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Feeling stuck because you have fear of being ? Don't be because there are way more reasons to seek instead of avoiding it. »

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- Rats! You've received the dreaded "thank-you-for-your-interest-but..." letter. Here's how to respond VERY well and, maybe, recover the opportunity!

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o no it’s okay no sure u can break my heart again if u want to no no problem!

I keep telling everybody they should move on. Some do. But not us.

Steve Rogers. 

How the fuck does ANYONE just “move on” from losing on average half the people they know and friends and members of their family? How long has it even been since IW? Tony hasn’t run out of supplies yet so it can’t have been THAT long. 

Maybe some are handling it better than others but miss me with that “some people just moved on” shit. 

Thank you

Love is pathetic and exhausted.
It’s like giving energy out.
Give some space in your mind. Or even in your heart.
You show them how much you care.
Sending a message, say hi, asking about life.
how’s school, how’s work.

Or maybe, leave a comment on your snapgram trying to get their attention. 
Or maybe you just looking for someone to talk. 
You just want to tell about.
What’s goin’ on in your mind. You just want to let everything out from your mind.

Or maybe, just maybe, you need some bits of help.

But they just don’t care.
You might be not important to them. 
Sorry ‘cause you’re not.

You are neglected, babe.

So, stop trying.

Thank you, for show me the truth.

Update on Swiss Basic Income Referendum:

Seems to be old news 😢, because, according to Wikipedia: 

2016: The world’s first universal basic income referendum in Switzerland on 5 June 2016 was rejected with a 76.9 percent majority.

rubbed raw and rejected

everyone I’ve ever known talks about how amazing their first time was, and i kind of wish I had that kind of story too, unfortunately I didn’t.

my first wasn’t romantic or sweet.

well, I thought it was, until it was over, I was inlove, well what I thought was love at the age of 15, we had known eachother for what felt like forever, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know him, it was the summer before senior year and he was really the first boy to ever really notice me, for me, and not for my short skirt, and ripped tights and horrible choices.

and I honestly thought maybe it was meant to be, so i decided i would let him be my first, and i would be his, everything was planned to a T, the day, the time, and what I would wear.

so when the time finally came i was ready, ready to let go of that part of me.

now I won’t go into the details so let’s just skip to the end.

after we spent the rest of the night wrapped up in eachothers arms until i had to go home, the rest of the summer was like living a teenage dream.

when senior year rolled around, first day of school and there was, surrounded by his friends. when he looked my way, he turned his head and looked liked he seen a ghost.

He hadn’t spoke to me all day and when I finally got a text and to paraphrase it stated

“schools back in session which means we aren’t, we don’t roll in the same crowd, we’re too different, I’m sorry”

and just like that like my first time, my first love, and my first heartbreak happened all on the space of one summer

Not really complaining

I hate to sit and complain about my life, but my “dream” (not dream anymore to hell with it now) university, rejected me.

It is a process of a design assignment i have to hand it and it was rejected.

The first time i applied (last year) i got accepted however i failed My high school diploma, preventing me togo. This time i did not need my high school diploma and i was rejected.

I believe this is an obvious sign for me to not fuck with this uni anymore. So i will stop here and go and mess with something else, because this ain’t budging, and it keeps giving me a migraine.