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¡Almudena, siempre ‘grande’!

With the new year upon us, our CEO David Hicks has been taking a look back over the past twelve months and sharing his thoughts for the year ahead: Thank you to everyone who has made it a fantastic 2019 at TribeCX

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Blessed Friday Dear Twitter World― Never does Nature say one thing and Wisdom another..... California, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

As one course in technology education for pre-service teachers ends today another course starts on Monday.

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Jayne & River…. Afraid


Winter Lake 47/52 2019 by amipal
Via Flickr:
Sheffield Park, Sussex, United Kingdom.


Mangroves water reflections with fluid bokeh.

Anne Kolb nature center , Hollywood , Florida .

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interesting. these are all things that I worry about. am I being practical or unrealistic? is it a sin to have or desire comfort? am I asking for needs, accommodations, or comforts that I can live without? is it better to deprive myself or am I allowed to indulge? where is crossing the line? what’s the balance between being responsible and miserly?

I have such an anxiety about money, and it’s deeply tied to issues in faith, race, and family. there’s so much to unlearn that it feels impossible to do the Right thing. I feel doomed to fail, trapped on all sides, paralyzed by the idea that I’ve already wasted all my time and opportunities: that I can’t be redeemed.

it’s a heavy thing. this card represents so many of my worries, the things I struggle with. I want to trust God with all of this. I want to be confident and not doubt at every single choice and turn that I’ve fucked it all up. I don’t want to fear criticism from my family, or perceive their disappointment. I want to trust. I want to believe. I want to have better, stronger faith.

Life is a Hedge

My Dear Blog,

Yes, indeed… life is a hedge. 

Last time I trimmed my hedge in the fall I recognized this strange connection.

It is incredibly difficult to do a perfect job at trimming hedge. The same is with life.

There is always one or other bump on the hedge that needs to be aligned with the overall hedge shape… and man… that is obsessive. In life, if everything is fine (good work, good life, good friends & family)…

you will always find something that is not as good as others and obsess about it.

You almost always overdo trimming with efforts and time. Same with life. Obsession to make it perfect steals all the time to appreciate it.


Decisions made in haste or impatience are usually not the best decisions. Always consider what the decision will cost you - good and bad. If you focus on the positive and not solely the negative (which magnifies it) - you may decide differently, wisely. Just because you think doing it this way will make it happen faster - doesn’t mean it’s the best way, and could in fact, destroy you. The enemy never sleeps. Watch and pray and trust God to lead you in the right direction.
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Business Hours by Tom Napier
Via Flickr:
Camera: Olympus OM10 50mm 1.8 Film: Fujicolor Superior 400, exp 03/07 Dev: Unicolor C41 Powder Kit. Scan: Epson V550

I wish I waited a few years to sugar because I am literally so jaded and cynical.

I do not trust anyone and have such a high standard, I’m left disappointed with most people and often times feel as though I am disconnected from my own age and socioeconomic group.

My thoughts and opinions don’t match anyone’s and when I want to talk about anything sugar related, I just let it go becasue I have no one.

I wouldn’t trade what I have, I just wish I let myself enjoy my youth first.