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Makes a great Stocking Stuffer. Super Strong Gun Magnets from WhiteMountain. 3 Strong Magnets For Firearms, Handguns and Rifles (link: )

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isn't this much more in keeping with and ?? Why have you accused of leaking an important document and not demanded that document be seen by the public Otherwise what point could you ever have with these ? Tell us all

Instead of blaming for the & failures of filthy and corrupt government system we are forced to live under, why isn't demanding the PUBLIC see the contents of report ? watch this :

Salute to the brave soldiers that died, and more quality Bertstrips content. via /r/bertstrips

james bond - skyfall (fixed the black bars on sides) [3413x1920] via /r/wallpapers by [dasgudshit]

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Genre by genre Spotify playlists of the best tracks of 2019 according to Remix Rotation via /r/EDM

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Wind Turbines at Sunset [1600 x 1200] via /r/wallpapers by [HellsJuggernaut]

A Russian spy, an IRA sympathiser and a racist walk into a bar one evening, the barman says: "Good evening Mr Corbyn, the usual is it?" 😉

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A random field, on a random road, Victoria, Australia [5513x3675] [OC] via /r/EarthPorn


[FRESH] Freddie Gibbs, Madlib, El Michels Affair - NPR Tiny Desk 

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This is my pee pee 👉🍆💦😂 via /r/emojipasta
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This is my pee pee 👉🍆💦😂

This is my pee pee👉🏻🍆💦😂 This is my pee pee 👉🏾🍆💦😂 This is my pee pee👉🏽🍆💦😂 🤣T H I S I S M Y P E E P E E👉🏼🍆💦🤣

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