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Where's Your Head At ? 🇬🇧 Santa is a red.

Thala In Red😎😎 ஆறு கோடி பேர் ல ஒரு ஆள்...🤗 அந்த ஆறு கோடி பேர் ல முதல் ஆள்... 😎

To end the Thanksgiving weekend, a leaf with personality. I’m seeing a torch with wavy flames, but also a hand puppet with either a bull’s head on top or a pig with pointy ears. What do you see?

So I was a red head at work 😉❤️🤗 yeah I was cute lmao. But damnit this Prednisone is killing me!!! Let alone making me bloated 😡😒😩

Unfinished Business First.. A.S. The World Turns... A Beautiful Day... Head Strong.. 4^ × And ... 57. 7 Seal. [D]eal... GOD SPEED.. Green Means Go... ,, FASTER. Ludacris Speed...😉 🎱CP *!*

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