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Cierre de año de la , Marcelo Regúnaga presentó las actividades realizadas por la Comisión de : módulos disponibles en y la oferta de cursos sobre públicos estratégicos que llevan adelante la y sus miembros.

The emotional charge of this video, the lyrics, the screams, certain scenes that, inevitably, come to my mind... This is so incredibly painful and yet so powerful.

| Imagine una red de redes invisible para sus usuarios. Un tejido de red global interconectado, sin fisuras, transparente y sin ninguna diferencia en la experiencia del usuario

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เดี๋ยวนี้เขาไม่ ละป่ะ อยากแดงก็แดงเลย

Fine 925 Sterling Silver with Gold Plated Pearl Cage Pendant Design Gift for Christmas and Thanks Giving for Akoya Pearl Oyster Locket by jenpearlqueen

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Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~ Midterm Exam Answers

I don’t know if anyone did this already lol but I can’t seem to find any guides or walkthroughs, especially written, regarding the midterm exam answers in Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~ by Cheritz except some videos in Youtube. So I figured I just made one through trial and error. I made the questions fall under categories, namely: CHARACTER QUESTIONS, FEMALE LEAD CHARACTER QUESTIONS, ABOUT THE GAME, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE and CHERITZ. Questions under category are not alphabetically arranged though.

I still have to check and update if there are questions I missed in the game (it’s my first time playing it after i finished Dandelion hehe and i’m stil at Lance’s route). Also, please tell me if there are wrong answers/errors. Thank you~


(X) – False/Wrong

(O) – True/Right

Character Questions

(X) The school nurse Mr. Yujin’s most precious skeleton model is called Elizabeth.

(X) Shinbi is a singer.

(X) Red is a doll made with a magical girl theme.

(X) The cafe Tei works at is called Star Room.

(X) Red calls Tei ‘boss’.

(X) The cake Yeonho likes is cabbage cake.

(X) It’s Red who’s cooking at the CG where we first see the Nameless dolls as humans.

(X) The transportation method Yuri most uses is a cargo truck.

(X) Red’s most favorite character in the action hero show is Blue.

(X) Shinbi’s a man.

(X) Of the five dolls, Yuri and Tei are part of the adult line.

(X) Soi lives with her parents.

(X) Yuri has a talent for playing the harp.

(O) Tei likes antique books.

(O) Red and Tei are in the same class.

(O) Tei and Yuri share a same room.

(O) Lance’s hobby is organizing notes.

(O) Among the five dolls, Eri bought Yeonho and Tei as used dolls.

(O) Mr. Hobin, Banjul’s manager, has a cat.

(O) Shinbi likes strawberry milk.

(O) Tei’s nickname is prince sunshine.

(O) Lance’s hair is color silver.

(O) Red likes chocolate.

(O) Tei was released as a premium limited edition.

(O) Yeonho can talk with animals.

(O) At the academy, Yuri, Tei, Yeonho, Lance, and Red are called the HOT5.

(O) Mr. Hobin is trying to quit smoking.

(O) Red’s hobby is playing online games.

(O) Tei, Yuri, Yeonho, Lance, and Red were originally dolls.

(O) The subject Yuri teaches at Crobi Academy is music.

Female lead Character Questions

(X) The type of smartphone the female lead character gets from Yuri is an Inphone.

(X) Red calls the female lead character ‘Pink’.

(X) The female lead character is the vice president in her class.

(X) The female lead character’s hobby is fishing.

(X) Yeonho is shorter than the female lead character.                    

(X) Yeonho calls the female lead character ‘big sister’.

(X) The doll the female lead character bought as a gift for herself on Christmas is Yeonho.

(O) The female lead character, Yeonho and Lance are in freshmen class N.

(O) At school Yeonho sits next to the female lead character.

(O) The female lead character never had a boyfriend before she met the HOT5.

About the game

(X) The flower drawn on the frame that hangs at the female lead character’s living room is a Korean pasque flower.

(X) The title of Nameless’ opening theme is ‘Yet I can’t stay’.            

(X) The name of this game is ‘No Name’.

(X) The pencil holder on the female elad character’s desk is rabbit-shaped.

(X) There’s a harp at Crobi Academy’s music room.

(O) There’s an action hero poster on the wall of grandpa’s room where Red stays in.

(O) There’s a piano in the music room.

(O) Most doll fans like to take pictures.

(O) There is only one Red doll in this world.

(O) Banjul’s tea that helps people sleep is called ‘ZZZ’.

General Knowledge

(X) Insects have 8 legs.

(X) Jupiter is smaller than Earth.

(X) Dandelion is an animal.

(X) The three primary colors of light are red, blue, and green.

(X) The crocodile bird is called the crocodile bird because it eats crocodiles.

(O) Whales are mammals.

(O) The ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ is a quantum mechanics theory.

(O) The biggest flower in the world is Rafflesia.

(O) One hour consists of 3600 seconds.


(X) The URL for Nameless’ web page is

(X) Nameless was made by Jelitz.          

(X) The fruit in Cheritz’ logo is durian.

(X) All workers at Cheritz are men.

If this helps, maybe I’ll post it to steam after I create an account sometime soon. Before that, enjoy!


I am thinking about hiring someone to do comissions next year for the rerelease of Red and An Icy Road to a warm Heart. As well as something for Lotus Ink. But this is largely going to depend on how much it costs and if I can fit it into my budget. I figure if I start looking now I can start setting money aside to hopefully get at least something done. Now I just need to find an artist(s) work I like.


The Official Lyric Video of BANANA FISH’S ED “RED” by Survive Said The Prophet is already out! 

I am seriously so in love with this song and this will make you love it more!

“Too close but far enough for me to see,

The vision of my eyes was fooled by no one only me,

I’ll keep my eyes shut,

Pull the trigger,

Forget to pray before we say goodnight.”