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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Red yellow & blue Fordite stripe bead necklace

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This weeks wines on offer! Torrontes from Argentina and Grenache/Pinot Noir from France!! Come and try a glass if you need convincing.

Pomegranate Painting Kitchen Art Original Acrylic on Canvas gifts smallpainting acrylics

On today join Anita Manning where our and teams take their items to auction in and hope to make a profit. ⏰ 12.15pm 📺

本日もCLUB REDご来店誠にありがとうございます❗️❗️ 2月17日(日)ラストソングは、麗総支配人でした🤩⭐︎⭐️ またのご来店をお待ちしております!!! ✨☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆✨ ホスホス

Hoe komt het dat u op deze kwetsbare herten wilt schieten zie de doodsangst voor hun jong de kudde en hezelf stop kogels in hun kwetsbare lijven te torpederen stop weigeren te voeren noch anticonceptie te geven hoe wreed keer terug op uw schreden deze herten-ieder dier telt

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Red on the case

I split my combiner Rahkshi into three seperate beings. I haven’t made these in accordance to the actual lore or Rahkshi breeds but came up with this.

The blue is from an older, more primal breed that is driven purely by instinct and a lust for destruction, using their bare claws and talons.

The red is a more elite breed and uses blades in both hands and more brutal attacks versus the powers given to their cousin Rahkshi.

The white one is the adaption of the combiner moc to a single, smaller form. He’s kinda just adorable.