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Now accepting Nominations for PBL Alumni of the Year! Does your chapter have a PBL Alum who has helped contribute to the success of PBL on the local, state, and/or national levels? If so, nominate them for this award! Nominations are due March 1.

At Alexion, badging is an easy way to recognize colleagues who are living our company values and serving patients around the world. In 2018, as part of our Rewards and program, we awarded >5,800 badges. We’re proud to honor their work this .

Giving praise is one of the best ways to engage, motivate and inspire teams. What gets recognized gets repeated. Here are six elements which will help you give better positive feedback.

The painful accident in 💔💔 The vehicle – including its registration plates – was completely charred and the man was burnt beyond 😔😔

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Employees who consider themselves part of a team always achieve their goals faster #EmployeeEngagement#EmployeeRecognition

This is what we are all about! Chad read some amazing comments about Joel in Millwork from our customers! Badge time...Well done, Joel! Thank you Chad for taking care of our associates!

is not just simply "Walking on water." Faith is justified through experience already experienced. is derrived in the of this process. Get in the Know:

Recognition is really important for everyone and I love to see it in action. This postcard arrived this morning. Well done bud

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A shift is occurring. An upheaval. Old accumulations are falling to their death like rain. Something above penetrates like light of the sun. There’s intuition without really knowing why, but who cares! The courage to follow has arrived. Like an earthquake, everything personal is being rattled by divine vibration. It’s like anxiety, but not- that’s too lacking in purpose. With a sense of what happens next, let me just hang here in the midst of this glorious instability for the moment.

Thinking about what to illustrate for the calendar made me think about Elfquest and you know, there is one thing I still don’t get.

So TimTam explained why Cutter and Skywise had a very special connection, right? I mean from adolesence they were brothers in all but blood. They even knew each other soul names. I absolutely despise the «Timmain’s soul broke off and through Cutter recognized Skywise.» I still loathe this reveal with every single fiber of my being despite how neither Skywise nor Cutter are my favorites. It just ruined a core part of Elfquest for me, even if I was already mostly falling out of fandom, and have been for years.

But here is the thing. If that explains why Cutter and Skywise was recognized and that it was a fluke…

… what does that mean for Geoki and Dart?

Hell, what does that mean for Dart in general?

For those who forgot, in Siege of Blue Mountain Dart meets Geoki, a human boy, and they instantly have a connection and know each others names. Either Cutter or Skywise (can’t remember who) even comments on this. Later they both almost die together because of Kureel.

This was done by Wendy. I can fully accept if this wasn’t planned to use the TimTam thing yet but this is still part of canon.

Dart also recognizes Shushen and Kimo (though the latter was retconned) at a later publication.

So what is the deal there? Because there definetly isn’t anything to suggest they have specs of other souls mixed in there.

The Misidentification of Asian Americans

Apparently, we all look the same.

Stereotyping Asians is not a new thing. In fact, it’s extremely common. We’re all bad drivers, eat weird food, are model citizens, and all look the same. That’s just the norm in the American society. 

However, 2018 going on into 2019 has brought upon us a new wave of Asian recognition. With such big accomplishments for Asians as a population such as the success of Crazy Rich Asians, kpop becoming more widespread in America, and the surge of Asian American politicians running for different government systems, it’s not surprising that Asians as a general group have become more proud and outspoken about our achievements. It’s a huge step from being just minority side characters in entertainment, or the living with the titles of so-called “yappies” living within the United States. Although this is very good, our accomplishments are still being washed out by the media and not as pronounced as they should be compared to the accomplishments our other racial counterparts have made.

For example, just recently People magazine published an article featuring a picture the cast of Crazy Rich Asians attending an awards after party. The caption accompanying the image, however, contained false information on the identities of the actors.

Pictured above: Tweet posted from actor Ronny Chieng referring to the misidentification of the cast in the People article.

This occurrence sparked outrage among the Asian community, not being able to believe that such a notable publishing would be able to misidentify such important and relevant people in the entertainment industry.

Actor Remy Hii also goes on to note that this problem rarely, if ever, occurs with actors of caucasian descent.

From this, us as an Asian community would be undeniably put off. If we are going to work hard to see our goals accomplished, but then go unnoticed by the public, why work as hard? Does the media not care enough to even see how different we are as humans? Will we ever get the recognition we deserve, or will we continue to be trampled as a minority group among all others?

Despite the ignorance expressed by the media concerning ethnic groups, we persevere. We must continue this “asian wave” despite the problems we face going through it.

Only then can our names, faces, presences and work be recognized.

Sydney Nguyen | February 14th, 2019 | 11:08 PM

So, today’s Valentine’s Day, and I asked myself, what do I want my fellow aromantic kids to know? 

I want them to know that there’s nothing wrong with who they are. They’ve been told that there’s only one way to love, but that’s a lie. So they don’t fit inside a box, a box of flowers and pink hearts and stuffed teddy bears? So what? They’ve got broader feelings in their hearts, feelings that don’t have to be limited, or cookie-cutter perfect, or as recognizable as holding hands.
I want them to know that you don’t need to date someone to show them you care. You don’t need to date anyone, in fact: you can just love everyone equally, and that’s OK. We’re told that we need someone to be complete, but here’s a secret: we don’t need other people. We want people, maybe, but we don’t need them. Not in that way.   

I want them to know that their color is green. On the color wheel, green is the opposite of red; red is the color of romance, and we are aromantic.   

I want them to know that they aren’t ‘missing out.’ All forms of love are beautiful, vibrant, exquisite, and kind. They’re kind.   

I’m writing from the heart, guys, from this small green heart that didn’t feel whole until I realized there was nothing wrong with me. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just a kid who wants to be me, to be free and love freely. Freely, in colors that aren’t just pink and red and ‘we’re an item’ colored.
I want all of you to feel that same love; just shout it from the rooftops. You’re valid. You’re beautiful. I know it’s complicated, I know it’s not all clean edges and perfect form. But we’re gonna be okay. I just know it. We’re gonna be okay. 

Green hearts, everybody. Peace.

International Day of Women and Girls in science

I’m so happy that there is a day to remember all the women and girls in science. Back when the world was a man-dominated world, women weren’t acknowledged for many things including their contributions to science. Many women went without recognition.

I am inspired and influenced by many female scientists, but the biggest role model of mine is Mayim Bialik.

I hope that some day I can inspire other women as many scientist ladies have inspired me.


I need someone to draw my OCs.


Because I suck at drawing.

I have the descriptions and everything, just message me.

It is for an original story that will be posting on Wattpad, quotev, and Archive of our Own when I finish it.

I will show off your work if you submit it.

I will follow you on everything if you submit work.

Thanks for helping a struggling writer that can’t draw for shit! 😁

They face each other, the Negro and the African, over a gulf of three hundred years – an alienation too vast to be conquered in an evening’s good-will, too heavy and too double-edged ever to be trapped in speech. This alienation causes the Negro to recognize that he is a hybrid. Not a physical hybrid merely: in every aspect of his living he betrays the memory of the auction block and the impact of the happy ending. In white Americans he finds reflected – repeated, as it were, in a higher key – his tensions, his terrors, his tenderness. Dimly and for the first time, there begins to fall into perspective the nature of the roles they have played in the lives and history of each other. Now he is bone of their bone, flesh of their flesh; they have loved and hated and obsessed and feared each other and his blood is in their soil. Therefore he cannot deny them, nor can they ever be divorced
—  James Baldwin, “Encounter on the Seine: Black Meets Brown”, from Notes of a Native Son, pg. 124-125