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Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies

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How To Make French Toast: This recipe is all served up with a selection of fresh berries Maple or golden syrup. How tasty!!

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A quick tip for cooks, whether or not you make things from scratch or not.

Try and keep fresh herbs in your kitchen. I prefer to keep parsley, mint, and basil in the very least on my windowsill because I can just pop off a few leaves and throw them in my ramen or soup or what-have-you and it’ll turn everything into a delicious work of art with little to no fuss and puts a little more green into your diet. (A sprig of mint in your chili or spaghetti sauce cuts down on the acidity, for those of us with sensitive stomachs)

Another good thing to keep around is an aloe plant. They’re very easy to care for and are great for when you burn yourself on the stove or a hot plate. As long as you water everything every few days and give them plenty of sunlight, you’re kitchen not only looks a little brighter, but becomes a little bit of a garden, too.

If you’re having trouble finding these plants for a decent price, try going to your local grocer. I found my aloe plant for $5 mixed in with the flowers; it was a little small but it’s nearly quadrupled in size in less than five months.

You may also find plants during the summer at your local farmer’s market. They can get a little pricey there, but you’re more likely to actually get a healthy plant.


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Who more love sweet potatoes 🍠???


Rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, find out why these starchy, sweet root vegetables are so good for you and discover the best ways to cook them.

Nutritional value of sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fibre as well as containing an array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium, and they’re a good source of most of our B vitamins and vitamin C. One of the key nutritional benefits of sweet potato is that they’re high in an antioxidant known as beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A once consumed. Add a drizzle of olive oil just before serving to increase your absorption of beneficial beta-carotene.

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Koshary — Lentils and Rice with Tangy Tomato Sauce

A typical dish prepared during fasts in Coptic Egyptian communities. You may substitute one layer of pasta for a layer of rice. Serves 6.

2 cups uncooked rice // 1 pound lentils // 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil, divided // 1 Tablespoon crushed garlic // Two 16-ounce cans of tomato sauce // ½ cup water // ¼ cup vinegar // 1 medium onion

Cook rice according to directions. Rinse lentils and put them in a pot, covering them with water. Bring to a boil, then simmer on low until almost all water is absorbed and lentils are well cooked. Add extra water if more time is needed. To make the sauce, saute the garlic in 1 Tablespoon oil until golden. Add both cans of tomato sauce and simmer 10-15 mins. Add water and vinegar and bring to a boil. Remove from heat immediately when boiling and add salt to taste. Slice onion in thin, small pieces and saute in remaining 1 Tablespoon oil until brown and crispy.

The dish should be arranged as a layer of lentils (on the bottom), followed by a layer of rice, another layer of lentils and another layer of rice. Sprinkle fried onions and sauce on top before serving.