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☀ Hiring: – Bilingual Spanish ☑ Apply Now ☞

Our client is looking for a Receptionist/Admin-Temp for an HR company in downtown. Job duties will include answering phones, assisting walk-ins, distribute payroll, post office runs, and data entry.

Ready for a career in insurance? Use your reception skills in this temp-to-hire and watch your career take off. Learn more and apply.

This pm I delivered 3 sessions @ surgery in all their are now trained & staff trained. Overheard a wishing a gentleman at the desk a belated 99th bday; it was such a lovely exchange between them. Me👇🏻🥰

Spending an hour on reception this afternoon at (cameo appearance by ) If you or anyone you know is interested in the volunteer role of Hospice for just half a day a week do get in touch! 💜

RECEPTIONIST NEEDED! An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Receptionist at Bletchley Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes working with an enthusiastic and friendly team.

Looking for a part-time receptionist position in Bristol? Greenway Community Practice is seeking a part-time Receptionist for 12 months.

📢 Front Desk Receptionist 🏢 ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος 📌 Athens - Κεντρικά Γραφεία

Supervise the reception operations to ensure consistently-delivered, exceptional customer service to guests as Front Office Manager Assistant at Meliá la Defense

Ever wondered how much our service may cost each month? Head on over to our website and use our handy quick quote 0px; " tag="ulator based on your average call volume each month.

iconic ad agency, amazing offices needs exceptional receptionist immediately. Working with talented people, you will fully utilise your great admin skills (and get a clothing allowance). Let us know if you want to hear more! Thanks.

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Anyone else have days where you need to scream 





I have no control over:

-The thermostat (Do I look like I know wtf to do with those things ANYMORE than you do? No. leave me the fuck alone I have actual work I’m trying to do)

-The parking/parking lot (Do I look like I go outside and direct traffic in between taking care of all the more than capable adults in this building?) (Nor is it my fault they are repaving and you have to walk far. We are at a GYM for fucks sake)

-The weather (Duh?)

-The amount of ANYTHING (’We’re out of towels”- Yeah I know. I can’t make the laundry move any faster and y’’all blow through what I gave you in 3 seconds)

I swear to god I work with toddlers sometimes.

Lame Jokes = No Laughs

I just remembered someone said one of the most lamest jokes.

“Is that tequila in that cup?” Asked the man, talking about my styrofoam cup by my desk.

I say, knowing it was a joke with a slight roll of my eyes, “no, it’s water.”

Woman who is the terrible comedian’s wife says, “that was a joke…” says something about if I had any peppermints but I told her I didn’t. She then says in response to the joke to her husband, which was actually humorous, “she says no, she can’t drink on the job.”

Or something along the lines.

I think to myself, I am literally incapable of pity laughter. If it’s funny, I’ll smile and laugh. If it’s not so funny, I won’t. It might be a taste in preference, like how I am not a drinker. I’m 25 years old and really not a huge fan of alcohol. I like other breverages and not unnecessary bitter acidic carbs.

It’s not my thing. But even if it were…I’d still not laugh unless I were an alcholic, I think.

Honestly, I like dad jokes and puns better than whatever that was.

I enjoying the last remnants of freedom, because I have working weekend and night shifts next few days. I hope the time will run quickly away and it will be monday morning soon. I’ll laugh at you that you have to go to work when I go out from work.

Don’t work in Reception.

So I’m a receptionist, and I have to decide wether or not to let folks in the building. We do a lot of outreach, so its fairly typical for us to get people who are homeless or on smth in our lobby and we are Not allowed to let them in without permission.

So one day I’m minding my business and a man walks in, asking to see the boss. I tell him he’s not available (he really wasn’t) and the guy gets angry. This guy (I'ma call him Fred) starts yelling that smth Very Important is in that office and he needs it. He then wants me to just let him in my bosses office (like I have that power). I say I cant, he curses at me and declares that he is Not Leaving. He sits, he sulks, then demands I let him in again. (No???) I just say no, he then demands to use the bathroom, even though we have a sign saying no public restrooms.

This asshole starts spitting on the glass, threatening me, and telling me to go get my boss Right Now. I panic, ofc, and get in the elevator intending to just hide on the top floor. Thankfully I did run into someone who could get him gone but I was terrifed…


Worked 3-11p. With out new computer systems it was a little nuts because some reservations weren’t transferred over correctly and then we had a ton of marines coming in that weren’t even on the roster. I’d say today was the first day I got my feet wet. The last two shift I didn’t do a damn thing since i knew they systems would be changed so it was pointless to learn. Had some marine hit on me. He was cute, but not really my type. Gave him my snap and that’s about it. I’m totally nervous for tomorrow’s shift since it’ll just be me and the manager who’s a bit intimidating. She’s have me do everything, which is fine.. just a bit nerve-wrecking when someone is constantly looking over your shoulder. Wish me luck..

Connect Your Supply Chain with Detailed Multimodal Inventory Visibility and Fully Automated Carrier Onboarding

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am applying to your open position for, “Receptionist” at your hyper growth tech startup company with immeasurable excitement! My doctor has recently diagnosed me with a “hyper growth” syndrome as well, so I think that finding this advertisement was meant to be. My position at project44 has truly been written in the stars.

A little about me: well, you hit the nail on the head with terms like positive and energetic. If you contact any of my references (attached as a PDF document) they can attest to the good vibes I bring to the office with me every day. I have a bit of a reputation for being the office baker and my vegan, gluten-free sweets never fail to impress. I have also finely tuned my skills at supporting the maintenance of an office and am incredibly tech savvy, however, my detail mindedness could use some work. 

I believe I could be a real asset to your team and would reception well. Both my phone and in person demeanor is pleasant and I enjoy sitting for all hours of the day. Being a part of a start up tech company like Facebook is so exciting for me and I have so many ideas to share with you - maybe soon the employee will become the employer! Previous employers have said I have some great ideas (again, references are attached in a PDF) and I would be happy to share the profits 50-50.

Thanks again for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

I don’t know if other receptionist are robots or maybe its the people that are dimwitted.

In the car dealership at any point of day, the receptionist is mainly needed 5%…As in, they’re not a salesperson. Just answer calls, take messages, and page people when needed. Duties there are not high.

I can’t understand why people enjoy hovering over my desk, being all quiet and not even greeting me.

Like, I greet you, of course…but do you really think I’m going to stare off into space where nothing eventful is occuring???? No, I’m not. Stop creeping about. Makes me wanna get snarky and shit.

Honestly, bitches need to speak. Fuck. Hate working as a receptionist where people have the most stupidest expectations.

I legit want to ignore all. Like, i must be fun to look at like the TV if you want to stare at me so long. Lol. Wow.

Dont be a creep. Its quiet already and nearly closing, just be civil and say hi. Shit is irritating. People forget MANNERS. And the fact that we’re all human, not in an insane asylum, so Im not going to stare into nothing until someone comes by.