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Dandruff shampoo and an adjustable wrench in the shower caddy; I live with

Imagine this, you wake up one day and realize your best friends are & ! That’s the life of a . πŸ’―πŸ‘ŠOSSSSSU πŸ‘‰Jiu Jitsu Is Life!

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If it is not about their p*n*s or lining their pockets with your money they will do nothing! This is exactly why need to step aside. As happens often in families the women must clean up the messes! Step up women! We need you!

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Stong men that shoot whipped cream into other men’s mouths?

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That's okay. Melania loves President Obama. ❀ She follows him on Twitter! Check it out yourself.

wow - the way tell you mum's story and the courage and understanding you share around is going to change everything. Respect and admiration - well done on

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Righteously in the paw-up position *cough* over self-acclaimed greatest team *cough* EVAH in the history of sport, aka San Jose-adjacent . 😷 hates us more than they love themselves, which is legit saying something. forever!

Western men, will you continue to sit idly by and allow your women to be ruthlessly raped, murdered and beguiled? You are the only one who can save her. Arise! Protect & cherish her once again!

Mia Khan takes his daughter 12km on his motorcycle to school daily and waits 4 hours till his daughter’s class ends. He’s uneducated himself and wants his daughter to be a doctor as there is none in their Village! In a world full of CHAI WAALAS, be a Mia Khan!

A Tweet I Agree with. Charlie, You Act like a teen age boy. Respect is for Hot Dogs at Baseball Games or over the fire in my Fireplace is the best

have NOTHING to do with . They are like gauges on the dashboard of a car and tell us when we are doing better or worse with in our . What do you think happens when we get cut off from THAT? It ain’t -

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Domonkos opening the OST show during Marie Claire Fashion Days!