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cephorahhh  asked:

hi! saw your post about the readings, i could use some insight ha. just in general career-ness. my passion lies in helping people and i love the idea of studying herbalism. but i'm working at my family business...which is hard to break free from. thoughts?

Hi there, I’m glad you saw my post! 🖤 I hope I can hello you out with this situation in your life.

Here we go:

Follow your passion. Start learning as much as you can about herbalism in your spare time. Become an expert on it. Whenever you come across a new herb that you don’t recognize, study it. Learn everything you can about it.

When you show the universe that you’re serious about wanting to earn money from your passion, the universe will bring you closer to achieving that goal.

About the family business: stay until you’re able to find another job that will put you in an herbalist mindset. This could be a job around plants, working at a natural beauty shop, or I even see you selling your own herb mixtures for use in magic, once you’ve learned quite a bit.

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I hope this helps with your situation! 🖤


It comes in doses. The pain. But enough for me to notice… I’m still alive.

Blinking through my tears trying to find clarity. Trying to see again.

Trying to differentiate the beginning from the end.

The ebbing of the string pulling at my heart.

At this point that’s the only shit to keep me from falling apart.

-Sarah M Johnson

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 Psalm 119:22 - Remove from me reproach and contempt, for I have kept thy testimonies. (KJV)

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