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BIOPRINTS "...Cutting edge technology meets classic detective fiction..."

BIOPRINTS 99 CENTS TODAY "..a chilling sequence of murders, using biological manufacturing that left me turning pages well past when I should have gone to bed.."

Please take a moment to check out our newest author , R.J. Emery and his debut book, The Diarrhea Diaries, Trump’s Tweets that give us the Runs

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Please review indie author’s books.

Just a sentence is fine.

You don’t need a big and detailed critique.

Reviews drastically raise a book’s visibility on amazon.

They directly influence sales. Every review. I’m not kidding. 

It can take three, four, even five good reviews to compensate for the losses caused by just one bad review. 

Indie authors are less likely to be picked up. Reviews are recommendations that attract potential readers. 

Reviews can motivate authors, who often make little, or sometimes even no profit from what we do.

Every review helps. 

It only takes a few minutes, but it goes a long way. 

Please, on behalf of all indie authors, I’m asking you: review our books.