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I need so much positive vibes right now so here's a lovely review of my latest pre-order (March 15th release) "The Talent of Oliver & Tom" Thank you so much to my dear, wonderful for posting a review. Love you ❤️🌈😍

Our lemon 🍋 birthday 🎂 guessing station is open and we are charting guesses! Don’t be shy. HSD teachers, give your classes a peek and make a guess. The more the merrier! 📚

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09 | Broken Keyboards

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“Hello?” you answered your phone hurriedly without even checking the caller. Someone had called you just before you were about to leave, you wanted to sigh at them but the voice at the other end of the line forced a smile on you.

“Dumpling, will you be meeting your editor today?”

“Yeah.” You tore at your lips. “I’m about to leave right now.”

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I’m reading a little something different from all the intense books currently in my life. 📚📚

I started reading Paper Girls Volume 1 last night and I really enjoyed the first part of it! Maybe I’ll become a fan of the series? 🙌🏽

Have you read this Graphic Novel? Are you a fan of Graphic Novels?? 🤔📚

Insta: @daylafm

Welcome To The Library pt. 0

After an extended absence, the library doors open. The faithful readers who have lined outside the wooden doors, down the slim path next to the sheer drop, start as the carved wooden doors creak. They seem to open on their own, no visible force behind this change. Mutters rise in the crowd, amazement from those who have never seen the bookshelves carved from stone, rising to the ceiling, filling the cavernous space with endless books. The once-regulars mumble, “It’s about time,” as they push passed. 

 Gielsing lays in his familiar spot by the door, an immense presence that blows smoke over the small crowd falling over themselves to get to the stacks. A few cower under his gaze as they scurry by. Once they pass the dragon, they’re met with a comforting sight. Frazzled hair, books under each arm, the eager Librarian directs people through the immense cavern to the books they’re looking for, apologizing for the long absence of the library.

Sonya Blade and Cassie Cage getting a sensual massage from their SO would include:

Note: This is NSFW, don’t read if uncomfortable 

  • Working as the general/commander and being a workaholic, Sonya desires a massage so bad but she never admits even ask for one. When she comes home after an hour workout, she normally does before coming home. Her arms and back are aching, Sonya tiredly closes the door leaving her gym bag on the floor. She goes into the kitchen to grab a snack more so a granola bar before heading upstairs to her room. However, she doesn’t expect the dim lights or candles placed around the room. Their anniversary still hasn’t come yet neither is valentine’s day. 
  • Sonya agrees to receive a massage and to her SO shock, Sonya was convinced easily. She removes her clothes; she’s now naked as she lies on her stomach covering her private area with a towel. Her SO starts with a head massage and Sonya immediately relaxes. She groans as her SO moves into her arms and shoulders; her back is sensitive mostly right above the buttocks. Going to her Buttocks, Sonya feels spoiled with their new moves. By this point, Sonya knows this is a sensual massage before a foreplay. 
  • By this point the towel is completely removed and Sonya pays no attention to it. When her SO moves to her legs, Sonya is very pleased when they stroke her thighs and calves since they’re also one of her sensitive spots. If her SO wishes to dominate Sonya but never could, this is their moment. Sonya is highly aroused now laying on her back while her SO gives her a foot massage. Her SO moves to her hands, Sonya grabs them and pulls them into a make-out session bringing them on top of her. It’s a game over when their hand reach between her legs. 

Originally posted by mikaeled

  • Like her mother (especially after her death), she is in her way into becoming the commander and has to work harder than ever. Cassie will gladly ask a massage from her SO as she visits the Spa when given the chance. When Cassie comes home, she wants nothing more than to go to sleep or spend a lazy night with her SO. She brought a takeout just in case if her SO is hungry laying it on the kitchen counter. Cassie is in awe when reaching to her room and seeing the setting. 
  • Cassie rushes into removing her clothes and lies on the bed, already excited. She doesn’t need the towels when handed to her saying she prefers to be bare; they are her SO after all. When her SO rubs her head, Cassie is already feeling euphoria. When they kiss her ears, she shivers. From the start, Cassie knows that her SO is giving her a sensual massage. Like her mother, she sighs and groans when her SO moves to her back and shoulders. 
  • When her SO moves to her buttocks at this point Cassie can’t hold it longer and begs them to do something. She’s laying on her stomach, gripping on the sheets while her SO starts finger her in a slow pace. Her SO may even go far into penetrating or giving her oral. Moving to her chest, Cassie is quite sensitive and moans if her nipples are sucked on or licked. At this point she pushes her SO down going on top straddling them. Any plans on sleeping are off as she and her SO engage in foreplay while they massage each other. Their bodies are mixed with sweat and oil.
False God - Asra Alnazar x gender neutral!reader

It got kinda abstract, hope you don’t mind. If you see any typos, please tell me. (AO3)

Warnings: none

Wordcount: 343

Request: hi, i’d like to make a request for arcana please. a songfic specifically. a one based on false god by taylor swift. it could be either an asra x reader or julian x reader preferably the reader would be referred with gender neutral friendly terms

You and Asra had met many years ago, and if you couldn’t remember when due to your memory being shady at best, you couldn’t imagine wanting to be without him. You had quickly become friends, and then not long after, a couple. 

Your feelings for each other was intense to say the least, but also in a way very comforting. It was sometimes a wonder to have Asra next to you, and at other times it was more of a comfort. 

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Previously on Week 105 - Week 106 and Week 107

Week 105: 12 Jan 2020 - 18 Jan 2020

I forgot to click on the Twitter button so this is for both posts. Whoops.


~ call boss about availability


~ write


~ read and finish Wayward Son before I read Conference of the Birds

Haven’t finished Wayward Son but I also haven’t start CofB yet so win.

~ get Conference of the Birds and cry

Yes, on the 18th in fact. I made my cousin walk up to our mailbox with me in the dark for it.

~ drink water daily


Week 106: 19 Jan 3020 - 25 Jan 2020

You may be asking yourself “Wem, why are you reviewing a week that isn’t over yet?” and the answer is that it is over. I’m late. There’s one more day. My only goal technically is post a piece on Saturday.

I didn’t do more than read really.

Week 107: 26 Jan 2020 - 1 Feb 2020

Jesus it’s almost February. Gross.


~ call boss

~ write more

~ listen to The Last Wish more

~ Read Wayward Son

~ drink water

Previously on Day 899 - Day 906 and Day 907

16 January 2020 - 24 January 2020

Hello! I finished a thousand page book!

It was Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. I enjoyed it. I’ve also read bits of Wayward Son and listened to bits of the first Witcher book. Excited.

16 Jan - 899

Goals: listen to 30 minutes of the witcher book and read ten pages

Progress: I have no idea if I did this. I didn’t track any pages.

17 Jan - 900

I can’t believe I missed day 900 I was doing SO WELL

18 Jan - 901

Sometimes, I read multiple books

19 Jan - 902

Sometimes only one

20 Jan - 903

Mainly Shadow of Night

21 Jan - 904

I’m trying to get through my current reads so I can read Conference of the Birds

22 Jan - 905

I’m nervous

23 Jan - 906

But everything makes me nervous 👀👀

24 Jan - 907

Goals: Read lots of Wayward Son!

anonymous asked:

Can you write a yandere john wick with his female s/o trying to escape?


Summary: Ring ring…

Description: N/a

Pairings/Characters: John Wick/You
Word count: 1,717
Warnings: None.  





The breathing of the man before you was quiet. Calm. Soothing. He was in a state of peace, a small loop of dreams playing through his head. You couldn’t tell exactly what he was dreaming of though, with his eyes moving under his eyelids, you watched as his hand twitches softly.





He was breathing. A strange thought. This man, he’d been through hell and back. Gunshot after gunshot, beating after beating. Wasn’t he the one to be giving and not receiving? You laughed at the silly joke. This man… John Wick… He was odd, a quiet fellow who stuck to himself. And yet, here you are now. His known status of, ‘loner’ was quickly stripped away from him the second he met you. With his assets, knowledge, and power… How could you get away? Well…





That’s how. He was asleep, if not knocked out. His body lay on a soft white bed, blood dried around his face and the smell of whiskey still staining his breath, you watched him breathe. Every motion he took, every breath, every twitch, everything… It was a step further from your freedom. This man could wake up at any second, he could make you stay, he could keep you here and not let you go. Damn him, damn his name to hell.

If you could just get up, have the courage to leave, to ditch this bastard goodbye… But this urge to watch him, this feeling of dread of him waking up was strong. You wanted to watch him die. The thought of this man being gone forever… It helped you sleep at night. Even when he would hold you, tell you of his mistakes, his loved ones gone… You felt for him. But… For him to take the sorrow of his loved ones out on you? That’s where he’s mistaken. He did not need you. You needed him to let you live your own life. You needed him to drop the thoughts of keeping you, the thoughts of having you as his own… You needed him to let you go.





His breathing was calm, collected, smooth.

You could get the pillow and suffocate him right then and there. He was vulnerable, free sport. You could take your revenge on this man. Take your life back at any given second… So why don’t you? Why do you hesitate? Why don’t you stop wishing and start doing? You could be free. So why wait? Why not just end him. It would be easy. He was wounded. His body was beaten and bruised, bloodied and sore. You had a chance to take back what he stole. You had a chance of life again. So… Why don’t you? Why don’t you get this over with and do the unthinkable… Kill, John Wick.


No, of course not.

You were not him, you were no killer! You were pure of heart, you were something of innocence, something to be preserved. How could you even think of killing him? He’s been a protector, a shelter for you… And you think of repaying him by taking his life? Disgusting.

So you needed a different salutation. A new way out without someone getting hurt… Why don’t you just… Run? Hide away, seek the shelter of the police? Get a way out without losing lives. It was the harder route, but it was the most forgiving.

You had a plan now. Get out, run away… So why were you still sitting there? Why were you sitting and staring at this man like you wanting something from him? You knew you despised him, you knew you wanted him dead… So why linger? Was it… You knew you’d hurt him? Was that it? He had told you his life story, over and over, spilling his guts to you like he knew you’d listen. You knew this man inside and out. All his scars, all his sorrows, all his hardships… Everything. All because he told you them, he showed you them.


No, this wasn’t about him.

You needed to get out, get out and leave this man in the dust.

“Goodbye, John.” You said in a hush, the look on the resting man’s face never changing. Getting up, you strode towards the door, the smell of whiskey and iron slowly leaving you as you opened it. This was it. This was when you said goodbye to the person you never wanted to meet. This was when you took your step into freedom. It took all the courage in the world for you to even think about escaping him, and now that you had the chance… Why was it so easy? Why were you so scared of just getting up and walking out the door? This man was out-cold, he couldn’t harm you… You should have done this months ago.

Out the door, you went, out the door and down the elevator. This stupid, godforsaken hotel… They allowed him to keep you, they allowed this to happen… Why? Were they afraid of him? To speak up about his captive and tell him the truth? Of course, they were… They must have been terrified.

Down the elevator, it opened and you started to take your first steps out into the lobby without him. But the very second you walked out that damn door… It felt like all eyes were on you. An unfamiliar face. No one knew you, he’d always keep you in his room if he was working. He’d never show you to the world unless he needed to take you out. With his house gone, he had limited options on where to stay. So when it came to you showing your face to a community full of killers? It was like they could smell it on you. Your fear, your lack of comfort in the situation.

Walking out into the lobby, you took slow, nervous and steady steps. You needed to stay alert. You didn’t know what these people would do…

“Mrs. Wick.” The sudden voice of the front-counter man broke the unnerving silence, making you jump at the name. Flicking your head around, you looked to see the dark male. His glasses pressed firmly up the bridge of his nose, staring at you like you were a lost child, “Is… Everything alright?” His accent was thick, the confusion in it raising brows around you.

“Hmm?” You asked, knowing damn well what he said, “Oh, yes! I’m… Quite alright, thank you.” You breathed, pressure in your chest building. You fiddled with your thumbs, a bright, fake smile on your face, trying your hardest to put up a ruse, “Just… Going out for a late dinner, that’s all.”

“Does your spouse know? He was rather dazed when I saw him last. I’m sure he’d be more than happy to come with you…” He looked down at something on the counter, quickly bringing up a phone to his ear. A shock went through your body, the thought of this man ruining your freedom, destroyed in a matter of seconds.

“No!” You shouted, bringing your hands up to the counter, you grabbed the phone out of the man’s hands, bringing it to you, you kept it out of his reach, “He knows…! He knows. He-He told me I could. He-He said it was alright.” The stutter in your voice gave it away if the sudden shouting and panicking didn’t give it up already.


“I’m. Not. His. Wife.” The look in your eyes was of pure frustration, warning the male before you to watch his next words carefully.


“(L/n). My name… Is (L/n).” You said through breaths, the look on his face of slight understanding.

“Mrs… (L/n)… I don’t think what you are doing is wise.” The tone of his voice was concerning like he was scared for you.

“You haven’t a thing of what’s happening.” You barked, the fury and passion building in your throat.

“It’s not about knowing, Mrs. (L/n). But concern.”

“What in the fuck does that mean?”

“It means, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.” His words were cool, collected and understanding. Was this man… Trying to warn you?

“Get? GET myself into?!” The anger in your core was on the urge of exploding, the thought of this man telling you, you got yourself into this?

“Listen here you uptight, self-centered, PRICK, I didn’t get myself into SHIT! That dumb bastard upstairs didn’t give me a choice here. It was either kill the stupid bitch or get the hell outta dodge. Now, this person you’re oh so scared of, this person you were willing to allow to KILL and KIDNAP people, this MONSTROSITY of a man you praise with all your being is stuck upstairs, asleep, completely oblivious to me being here. I could be free, I could be safe! But you, ohhhhhh you, you have to be the one to interrupt that.” You got up to him, pushing yourself up the counter and faced him, “I could have killed him. I could have freed you from the stupid Baba Yaga. That’s the name, right? The person you’re terrified of? I. Could. Have. Killed. Him.”

“Is that so?” The sudden voice of an all too familiar man spoke behind you. Making every sensible living part of your body freeze. The chill struck your body instantly, the color draining from your face and fingers just by hearing his voice, “Thank you, Charon.” John stepped into your view, snatching the phone from your hand you forgot you were holding. Giving it to the man before him, Charon took the phone and put it in its holder. The sudden realization of what you did to yourself hit you like a bullet. The counter-man was the one to ring the phone, but you were the one to dig your grave.

Taking a second to look at you, your eyes widened at the look in his eyes. He looked… Hurt? Like you had just killed his puppy. But as that sorrow in his eyes faded, the frustration grew. Snatching your hand, he took long strides towards the entrance of the elevator, all the while dragging you with him.

Good luck getting yourself outta this one… Mrs. Wick.

I am reading the song of achilles right now and everything of it lasts so heavy on my mind and heart Achilles is a baby and I have to read of him telling how he killed the people and and then again being so in love with patroclus? And the war hasn’t even really started yet? We’re is his damn lyre let the boy be a musician

2 Puzzle Pieces

Word Count: 3109


Originally posted by flawsfroot

Fighting is an endless cycle with stages of predictability. You fight, you make up, you fight, you make up. Even if the reasoning for the fight is either different r the same reason, you still fight about it and then eventually make up. Making up time can vary. Maybe an hour, maybe a day, maybe even a week. Some forgiveness may even take years and history can be a representation of that fact but soon, making up does happen. And it is only a matter of time before the fighting starts again.

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