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2.0 to Be Released Soon With Eager Execution. By

Day LXVIII Started with React 16.6 - The Complete Guide: Getting Started section . Also spend some time working on my startup project BarON. I have set a release date Feb 1st 💪🏽

R4 D86 First part of the day I learned about Functional Components in as well as composition, this is all very new and very exciting. Later I devoted to regular expressions in JS, methods for the regex objects and string and metacharacters

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#javascript loop explained 📕
is a method for iterating over “enumerable” properties of an object. Iteration happens in an arbitrary order. Therefore, it should not be used if things need to happen in their defined sequence.

1) and Objects is the most straightforward way to loop over Object keys and values, since Objects do not have access to “forEach”.
2) and Arrays - possible but not advised
The “key” for values in an Array are the numerical indexes, so you could loop over all values. But not advised because it’s not guaranteed that it happens in sequence.
3) and Strings - possible but not advised
Each character in a string has an index, so you could loop over these enumerable properties.
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Here is a list of truthy and falsy values in #javascript.
You can always check if a value is truthy or falsy by placing a “!!” sign in front of it in a console.log, since it will convert your data to a boolean.
When would you need to use a check for truthy or falsy values? 📗

RT @codesandboxapp: The @reactjs team announced React Hooks exactly a week ago.

Since then we’ve seen a huge amount of new sandboxes created with React Hooks, 21,052 sandboxes to be precise!

In this thread we will highlight the most popular sandboxes created in the past week using Hooks. ✨🔥