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Loved your presentation ! It's absolutely about people, users, community... humans! ❤️ "You're choosing humans." "You need to know your users." "A11Y is about human rights!" "Be a welcoming community!"

Olá pessoal, saiu vídeo novo lá no meu canal no Youtube, no vídeo de hoje fiz um react da banda conferem lá, se inscreve, deixe seu like, comenta e compartilha... Desde já agradeço pela atenção de todos...

spent an hour installing old version of devtools. I can choose the one I need now

3 horas buscando el porqué, tenia un ':' en ves de .active ; _ ; 🤯

First time setting this up on my own, it worked like a charm. Cant wait to plug that into my react components, its going to be fun!

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”Men” Despite a man's plight, certain traits shine while demand queries--according to Adlers’ theory: ”Admire Men of genius. Envy Men of wealth. Fear Men of power: but appropriately when you can ”Trust” a Man of Character.”✍️🏽

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Join the Atlanta Web Performance Meetup Group on 9/4 as Niya Panamdanam, front end developer at Rigor, presents "How to Write React with Performance In Mind." RSVP:

”Intuition”✍️🏽 Every inch of me wanted to ; the romantic affection was intense, but what was I up against? Triumphant was he, a future at his law firm & reviews from his peers--yet intuition holds me hostage in my fears.

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NSFW! Okay so, obviously the boys don't do CERTAIN things during a period because.. ew. BUT, what about just good ol period sex? Any takers in the Diaboys cast??

Laito: Why do you ask? Mm, I would give it a try…~


Yuma: Yeah, I suppose. She’s probably gonna end up bleeding somehow somewhere anyway, so why not?


Subaru: But, it depends on how.. heavy she is as well. I don’t wanna have to clean up the mess or anythin’.


RT @N_Tepluhina: (after 2 days of reading @reddit and @newsycombinator)
There are comments stating that @vuejs core team communication level could be improved. I believe there are ways we can do better! Please help us and post any suggestions on how we can improve our communication 😊


Ava’s Modeling Career EXPOSED! -My Inner Demons [Ep.5] | Minecraft Rolep…