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Day 109 Self Study to Web Dev! challenges at Completed! After i began learning . I feel like I'm back to square one with Redux 😅 Many tough, so learn, wow. Blog:

update: Basic <Page/> and <ActionBar/> components being navigated to by the root Frame (which is not yet wrapped as a component). Plenty more to be done (e.g. onwards navigation), but glad I now have a foundation working – this was a tough one.

Finalmente o último personagem foi revelado oficialmente confirmando os rumores de que Frost estaria no game como uma Cyber Ninja! Konfira nossa reação! Acompanhe-nos nas demais redes sociais: @consolecomcafe

This is awesome advice, and it doesn't just apply to . "Learning React? Start Small." - my implementation, fwiw:

Creative Tim React Bundle save up to 70% on 6 Awesome Products That Will Help You Develop Faster & Easier Personal or developer license

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REACT (Rotaract East Africa impaCT) project happening right now in Burundi. A Tanzanian Rotaractor representing us largely in this Big Project out there🔥🔥🔥👏🏽

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anonymous asked:

NSFW Yui, what's your cup size? And if she doesn't want to say it, anyone else know?

Yui: Wh-Why would you ask such a personal thing-!? I’m not telling you!

Ayato: Hah, you heard chichinashi, she ain’t telling you and neither am I. That’s information for only us to know…~.

Laito: Nfu, there would be no fun if you knew ev~ery~th~ing about us and our Bitch-Chan, would there~?

anonymous asked:

How would teh SM and T boys feel about a lengthy thin S/O?

Shuu: Fine? While I’d prefer someone curvy, I do not mind… It all comes down to skill, in the end, anyway~.

Kanato: Hm? Well, if it does not affect them very much in terms of them being my doll… then it shall be fine with me, okay? Teddy agrees, too.

Laito: I do not see what is wrong with that. All body shapes are wonderful in their own way, you know~. I could definitely use this to my advantage.

Yuma: The two perverts have a point… They’ll be skilled somehow and in some place, and, maybe, it might make up for anything they’re lackin’~.

Azusa: It should… be fine, whatever body-shape… they are. It does not define… them as a person. I… don’t see the point in these… questions.

Shin: As long as they are mine and submit to me like a good human should, then I do not necessarily feel the need to highlight these points.

anonymous asked:

Reaction please; What if all the guys had a s/o who never smiled or laugh in front of them because she thinks that her smile isn't pretty enough, and they've heard from other people that her smile is gorgeous and can make anyone fall in love with her, just from that smile, so one day, get very desperate and try to do anything to get her to smile or laugh. At the end of the day, they couldn't but by accident they do something hilarious, which gets her to laugh and they finally see her smile.

Shuu: There we are. Finally, I see your smile. You know, something about it makes you glow. You should let me see that smile more often… I like it.

Reiji: I was starting to doubt I’d ever see this side of you, a side I knew you had. But, finally… I must say, it was worth it, even if it was at my own expense.

Ayato: Ah, so it finally worked… You need to smile more often, ya know. In fact, I order you to smile more for me. If you don’t, then Yours Truly won’t!!

Kanato: There! Now, stay like that for me, doll! Keep smiling… forever. If I have to, I will sew the edges of your mouth up permanently for you to smile, okay?

Laito: Why did you ever doubt yourself? Your smile is beautiful, Bitch-Chan~. Just like every other little thing about you… How about I prove it to you~?

Subaru: …You’re actually smiling? G-Good… and keep smiling, understood? In a world of horrors like this one… you need to keep strong.


Ishq Ka Raja | Addy Nagar | Hamsar Hayat | New Hindi Songs 2019 | Audio…

anonymous asked:

NSFW- S boys reaction to S/O saying the safeword during kinky sex?

Shuu: Are you sure you want to stop? Don’t you want to feel good~? We can stop if you’d like, but you’re going to regret it later… So, what will you do~?

Reiji: Hmph. Just when I thought you deserved to be spoilt with this kind of thing…I am a man of my word, though, and so we still stop, okay?

Ayato: U-Uh… Just hold on a little longer. It’ll feel good in a second for you, like it is for me… I don’t wanna stop. Not yet. You can’t make me.

Kanato: Hm? I couldn’t hear you properly, doll. That wasn’t the safe word, right? You wouldn’t dare try to stop me now, would you…?

Laito: Nfu, I’m afraid there is no stopping now, Bitch-Chan. Besides… give it a few more minutes and you’re going to be begging for more~.

Subaru: Sh-Shit… was that the safe word? Uh, okay, we’ll stop… …Better? Are you all right? D-Did I hurt you accidentally? 

anonymous asked:

How do the boys feel about their lover being a vegetarian?

Reiji: That is their choice, and therefore I expect them to be able to make their own food. If they require assistance in cooking, perhaps I will lend a hand.

Ruki: Indeed, I agree. Most of what we eat comes from what Yuma produces, so it should be no problem for them as a vegetarian.

Yuma: Exactly! They have no excuse not to like the food I grow!

Ayato: But being vegetarian is boring–

Stray Kids reaction to a Tall S/O

* this is honestly self-indulgent because I’m a giant T-T *

requested: yes by me


  • He loves your height
  • not for any specific reason really
  • just because he loves you
  • and didn’t date you because of your physical appearance
  • but that doesn’t mean it didn’t become something he loves
  • loves it when you wear things that accentuate your legs 
  • really loves it when you’re the big spoon because I mean 
  • you can actually cover all of him and it’s very pleasing
  • “I love you so much [Name], never change.”

Originally posted by kim-woojins

this gif is too cute I couldn’t help myself  **you’re hyunjin**


  • your height was so shocking to him at first
  • but now, it’s the most amazing thing
  • always comes to your defense if someone makes any negative comment about your height
  • he loves you so much he can’t understand why people are bringing you down like that :(
  • Literally loves it if you tangle your long legs around his legs
  • will 100% die if talk bad about your height
  • “[Name], come cuddle me!”
  • ^^ very common phrase with him because you need to cuddle him with those long arms and legs 
  • he DESERVES it

Originally posted by prodskz


  • oml this boy
  • will tease you about it nonstop especially if you’re taller than him
  • “[Name]! [Name]! Help!”
  • makes you think he’s dying with how he’s calling your name
  • only for you to run in there,
  • and he’s barely even reaching up for the cereal with a shit-eating grin on his face
  • “Jagi~ please help me get the cereal down!” 
  • definitely asks you if the weather up there is good 
  • You love him you swear, but sometimes you question if he has a death wish

Originally posted by kncwlee-archive


  • he’s the only one I can see that kinda has a problem with it sometimes
  • but he still loves you and probably hates himself if thinks anything bad about your height
  • but he’s like 5′6 and sometimes he doesn’t feel very manly when/if he looks up to you
  • don’t let him lie though he loves your cuddles
  • will 1000% be caught in the act of saying cute things to you in his while wrapped up in your arms
  • “[Name], I love you so much. My tall prince/ss.”
  • looks at you with much love you could never doubt him
  • even if he’s insecure sometimes would never let it show
  • even if you wear heels/platformed shoes

Originally posted by softchangbinnie

another one you’re gonna have to imagine  **you’re Felix**


  • Absolutely loves your height
  • whether you’re taller than him or the same height
  • love love love loves it
  • will demand you cuddle him 
  • and will demand to cuddle you back because he knows how nice it is 
  • and how rare it is to be covered when your the little spoon when you exceed 5′10
  • is never shy about how tall you are
  • literally shows you off to every one 
  • “Hey have you met [Name] yet! Aren’t they so tall and beautiful!”

Originally posted by cypodin


  • loves your height 110%
  • wants to be coddled by you because
  • why not??
  • He is your baby boy even if he’s older than you
  • he doesn’t make the rules yes he does
  • Will definitely use you as intimidation
  • “Yeah mess with me again Hyunjin! You see her/him? They’ll take you on for me!”
  • You’ve probably had to pull him aside a few times to not involve you in his messes
  • tbh I feel like he’d ask for a piggyback ride at some point or another

Originally posted by 167crn


  • a little awkward at first because like?
  • How can you be so tall??
  • falls in love with your height later on tbh
  • you can do so many things and it’s so nice
  • He can’t reach the top shelf?
  • You’ve got his back!
  • Another one to show you off to everyone he knows
  • “Look! There they are! My tall baby girl/boy!”
  • All smiles when he looks at you

Originally posted by mirohs


  • listen here he loves you and your tall self
  • loves if you pose for pictures because he thinks your model material
  • will lightly tease you from time to time but means no harm
  • compliments you at least once a day even if he doesn’t see you
  • will throw down with anyone that talks smack
  • Minho tried to joke with you once
  • once
  • Will always try to be the big spoon because he thinks you’d appreciate it
  • “[Name] come here and let me love you! Why? Do I need a reason?”

Originally posted by yngbok


  • heheheheh loves your height too
  • was a little awkward at first because I imagine he thought he had to be taller than his s/o for some reason
  • will happily accommodate for always being the little spoon
  • let’s be honest he’d be your baby boy even if you weren’t tall
  • Will get so shy if you kiss the top of his head
  • and if you ever call him your baby boy in front of anyone he’ll probably pout
  • “That was supposed to be a secret [Name]!!”
  • shyly compliments your height every chance he gets
  • “You’re so tall, it makes you look angelic!” 

Originally posted by hyyunjinn

Routing in React with hooks

Do you like experiments as we do? We are inviting you to the world of React experiments. How about routing in React with hooks? Are you with us? If so, check this material. 
The router module is published on npm and can be installed by calling npm -i hookrouter. It has zero dependencies and adds …

anonymous asked:

if you're still doing the name asks, could i get shuu, laito, ruki, yuma and azusa's opinions on the name siena? it's a place name/colour name, so it doesn't have a particular meaning lol

Shuu: I like it, it has a nice roll to it~

Laito: I think it’s one of my favourites thus far~ It’s quite beautiful!

Ruki: It’s an average name.

Yuma: A name is a name I don’t care … 

Azusa: I think it  … sounds pretty!

anonymous asked:

How would Shin react to his s/o wearing a revealing outfit?

~Shin Revealing Outfit Head Canons~

-Would at first be oblivious to everything, but as soon as he sees you he switches from sweet heart to a dog in heat in 5 seconds flat.

-Plays it down well, sits down on the bed and summons you over; at this stage he’s got a huge cheshire like grin on his face.

- Things are going to get beyond steamy

-It starts off as light touches but eventually progresses into something more rough and meaningful.

- Whispers small things like, ”You’re so beautiful~” or “You’re mine heheh~”

-”You should do this more often~ … Huh? Why wouldn’t I enjoy it? You’re mine and that’s never going to change~”

-Gives you lots of tender kisses all over before falling asleep, with his arms wrapped around you.

anonymous asked:

who are the favorite disney princess of the sakamaki bros?

Subaru: I’ve I’ve never watched a movie by Disney in my life, so I don’t have a damn favourite.

Reiji: Neither have I. In fact, I doubt any of us have. Am I correct?

Laito: I believe you are, but I’ve heard women go on about these Princesses before, although they tend to be more popular in Western cultures.

Stray Kids First Date

*titles are very hard I’m still not sure how to phrase them ^^*

Requested: no


  • okay so you know this boy can play the guitar
  • so like maybe he would take you out to a scenic place
  • like a little pond surrounded by trees or somewhere where there is quite a bit of nature
  • sings cute songs to you
  • and tries to get you to sing with him even if you sound bad
  • even walks you home afterward
  • and maybe even sneaks a cheek kiss

Originally posted by 3rachaz


  • late night picnic dates 
  • takes you to a nearby park
  • and packs something simple for both of you
  • along with the picnic expect to stargaze after eating while holding hands
  • and some deep conversations too
  • takes you home 
  • and like you’re probably expecting a kiss or smth 
  • but this awkward bean just like hugs you and says goodbye

Originally posted by huiracha


  • maybe like a cat cafe not even gonna lie
  • like imagine
  • you, him, surrounded by kitties
  • some nice coffee or tea
  • and little cakes or cookies
  • he’d still be sassy
  • “my cats are still the cutest”
  • will definitely tell you and show you his cats
  • because if you love him you’ve gotta love cats too

Originally posted by luvknow


  • maybe like a movie date either at home or at an actual theatre
  • mostly because he can be soft with you and not be caught
  • like all the lights are off and the only light being from the tv/screen 
  • and he just stares at you while you watch the movie
  • because honestly, I’m soft for that idea
  • he definitely would pull that cheesy, cliche move of yawning and putting his arm around you
  • probably blushes a whole lot after that and refuses to look back at you for a while

Originally posted by binnieseason


  • I think the first date with him would probably be a cute little coffee date
  • like he would take you to his favorite coffee shop
  • maybe even ask to order his favorite for you because like
  • he wants to share his favorite things with you???
  • and he hopes you like them like he does??
  • probably takes a cute selfie with you just to remember this moment
  • takes you for a walk in the nearest park afterward and does the swingy hand thing
  • lots of giggles and shows you his precious smile basically the whole date

Originally posted by skzd


  • an arcade date sorry not sorry
  • insists to pay for every game that night but like
  • let’s be honest he ends up playing more games than you and ran out of money
  • but like he’s too cute when he pouts so you give him more money 
  • he also blows this 
  • but!!!
  • he plays that little claw game to try and win you a stuffed animal
  • he probably doesn’t win one so you have to step in 
  • with luck, you win one in a few tries and give it to him
  • he blushes hardcore and hugs it to sleep that night with a smile

Originally posted by spearbin


  • takes you on a window shopping date 
  • holds your hand 
  • he’s probably the type to remember what really caught your eye
  • and buy it for you later either for a holiday or just because
  • also takes cute selfies with you
  • especially with cute filters 
  • smiles at you the whole time
  • and more than likely says something really cheesy like
  • “this is the best date I’ve ever had”
  • even though this might be the only date he’s ever had
  • I think he would almost say that he loves you on the first date tbh

Originally posted by binnieseason


  • photography date 100%
  • honestly, he probably wants to teach you how to set it all up because like
  • he wants to be close with you and share his hobby and his knowledge on it
  • will be giddy if you let him teach you even if you already know how
  • smiley the whole time 
  • makes you pose for him so he can have a cute picture of you
  • he might also take a couple pictures of you smiling and not paying attention to him because he thinks you look beautiful
  • also takes you out to eat somewhere because photography is hard work

Originally posted by abcdskz


  • I think a typical broke high school date 
  • like going on a walk somewhere and holding hands 
  • talking about the what’s been going on in your guys’ lives
  • he might get a little shy and blush 
  • definitely compliments you during silences because he feels awkward
  • he’ll more than likely loosen up after like an hour and become really goofy and cute
  • he probably ends up finding a playground or taking you to one
  • total k-drama moment with both of you on the swings
  • smiling and laughing about nothing 
  • walks you home if it gets too dark because Chan probably tells him to
  • tbh he probably had a briefing with the boys about what to do on the date

Originally posted by skzd