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We have an exciting opportunity for Front-End who want to up-skill in . Our E-Commerce client are building a marketplace on the Blockchain. If you have experience in , preferably go to

Part(ner) of the (R)evolution. Am 11. - 12. März ist das Software Development Team von auf dem in vertreten. Als Partner sind wir mit einem vor Ort und freuen uns auf interessanten Austausch & spannende Vorträge.

D10: Animated tile layers and icons are synced up for maps project; now working on implementing a rewind feature for the animations. Also starting to rework an old project with for more hands-on practice. Hooray for learning!

Planning an exciting commercial or industrial project that requires expert advice and guidance? Our qualified, dynamic Project Management team have extensive knowledge of all types of electrical installation. Call us on 01782 818567.

【RE;ACT】 「Feeling Good」発売記念リリースイベント開催決定😊😊 ✨日時:2019年2月20日(水) 18:30~ ✨会場:アリオ八尾 レッドコート 是非お越しください!! 詳細はコチラ!!↓

I completed a by . I learnt a lot and it got me started in my job, but there were some concepts missing so I head jumped into a 2019 web dev course now. , and are on my list. What else would you add to a 2019 course? 🙂

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Comparison of state management solutions for React — (via @takethefake)

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What if their s/o isn't human and is of the demon or some supernatural race, rationally speaking: she could be stronger than them, so then how would they react their s/o being stronger than them?

Ava: Yikes! They wouldn’t handle it well at all


Kanato: Stronger than me…?! Not when I turn her into a doll–

Laito: Hmm~, I think it would be rather interesting…

Laito: Of course, until she tries to dominate me entirely. Then, I’ll make sure she can never do such a thing again.

Ayato: I’d never let my partner be stronger than me, at all! She’d be at the bottom of the pool before she could do anything!

Reiji: …We’d all find some way, even if we have to join forces, to rid ourselves of such a partner. 

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Headphones are the best investment one could ever made anyone who says otherwise can fite me. It's the best passive aggressive way to tell people to fck off. Shuu would relate to this (...I think)

Shuu: Unfortunately, around here, it doesn’t always work–

Ayato: Oi, Shuu!! You bastard - Where is my takoyaki?! You ate it, didn’t you!?

Ayato: Hey!! Quit tryna’ ignore me and answer the damned question!

Shuu: …See?

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Since literally every male in the series goes for a blonde, what is their opinion on brunettes? ( Í¡° ͜ʖ Í¡°)

Ava: I think if the boys fell for someone, it would come down to personally in the end rather than appearance. While their looks may be what draws the boy in, if she is unappealing to them personality-wise, she will be quickly discarded. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what hair colour they have.


Carla: I, personally, do not care for hair colour. As long as my significant other is obedient to me only, I will be satisfied.


Did Ari make you slide into a taken man’s dms? 👀 

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Hmm for the Sakamaki brothers, what would be your favorite Valentines day treat? Candy hearts? Heart shaped lollipops? Plain old chocolate? Or something else if you don't enjoy sweets?

Shuu: I don’t care for these things of things. I don’t have a favourite kind of Valentine’s Day treat… They are all practically the same, anyway.

Reiji: None of them. Not only are they all obnoxiously displayed in heart shapes and come with little cards, as if expecting you to give them to someone–

Reiji: -They are also horrendously over-priced. I refuse to pay twice the amount for chocolate that is not even for myself - although I rather dislike it, anyway.

Ayato: Well… Somethin’ big and expensive is always my favourite - it proves, when my admirer hands it to me, that they love Yours Truly.

Kanato: Favourite…? Yet, I like so many. Although if it were to come down to it, something like a lollipop is favourable as it lasts longer. Don’t you agree, Teddy?

Laito: Heart-shaped chocolates, of course~. It doesn’t matter about the treats - the real display of their love for me will be in the bedroom~.

Subaru: None - they are all disgustingly sweet. I hate super sweet shit, as you should already know!! I’d much prefer their blood for a treat.

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Ooc: Happy Valentine's Reiji-san. I made some brownies with semi-sweet chocolate. I hope you'll enjoy them with some tea.

Reiji: You should know, I do not often waste my time participating in human celebrations such as this.

Reiji: However, I accept your gift - it would be rude of me not to, after all. Thank you then, mortal.

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So I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day but I do appreciate the thought of it so I got you all something! *Hands off gifts* there now good day to you all!!

Kanato: What did you get Teddy and I, I wonder? You did get Teddy something too, didn’t you…? Don’t you love him, too?!

Yuma: Not a huge fan…? Ya still got me somethin’ though, so obviously it was worth-while this year, right? Thanks, sow~.

Azusa: Thank you… for this thoughtful gift… asker! I should have… gotten you something… too, but I didn’t… know you’d get me… something.