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After spending forever in , I went to be re-sorted and now i'm a

Re-did my house sorting on (I was a Slytherin before) And now I’m in ! 😱🦅 In my mind, I’m both 💙🦅😜🐍💚

So much productivity these past days :D I decided to draw Lance from the amazing fic I'm currently reading, Lion's Chains by 💙❤️Artist Lance going to con in Ravenclaw outfit!!! I had to draw this 😍 Link to the fic:

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My husband and I celebrated our 2 yr wedding anniversary with professional photos...of course we incorporated our love of the boy who lived and the world that created 💖

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Honored to deliver the speech for 👩‍🎓 | "It is not our abilities that make us who we are; it is our choices." -- Professor Albus Dumbledore, who taught me at 😉🧙‍♀️ | 📸 by sister

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Your regalia should reflect your academic experience

-- Got an invite to and they were able to pull my info from . :D Straight to for me!

Enhorabuena a la Casa por ser la ganadora del día de hoy de nuestra nueva "La búsqueda de los horrocruxes"

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Another thing I just heard

“This is my patronus”


The seven (and others) at Hogwarts

So I keep seeing posts about the seven demigods at Hogwarts and their houses, and I disagree with nearly all of them, so I wanted to just share my opinion.

Percy: Hufflepuff (second: Gryffindor)

Percy would be in Hufflepuff for several reasons. The first one is pretty obvious; his fatal flaw is loyalty, which is, like we all know, a Hufflepuff trait. Lots of Hufflepuff traits don’t seem to fit to Percy, but they actually do. Hufflepuffs are mostly very friendly and accepting, which Percy is. People often think Percy would be a Gryffindor, but really the only argument for this is his courage, but I’d like to point out that most heroic things he does are out of loyalty. Percy is also patient and hard-working, even though he pretends not to be. He does always try his best and works hard (in school for example) it just mostly doesn’t work out. 

Annabeth: Slytherin (second: Ravenclaw)

I know everyone is going to come up and say “What do you mean, she’s obviously a Ravenclaw” and of course, she has lots of Ravenclaw qualities, but imo she fits into Slytherin better. When you look deeper into Annabeth’s character, you can see that even though on the surface she’s genius daughter of Athena, she’s a lot more than that. Annabeth’s fatal flaw is pride, and the thing she wants the most in the world is to be remembered. She likes learning, of course, but she is extremely ambitious and prideful. She’ll do anything to help herself or a friend and won’t hesitate to break the rules. She is extremely resourceful. 

Jason: Hufflepuff (second: Gryffindor)

Yes, I would sort Jason in Hufflepuff. Jason is hard-working and loyal, he is also definitely someone you can trust. He is extremely humble and doesn’t brag (an does NOT think he is better than Percy). He is definitely brave and has a strong moral compass, so he could also be a Gryffindor, but it just doesn’t fit as well. 

Piper: Slytherin (second: Gryffindor)

This one is a bit harder, and I’m really unsure if this is the right house, but anyways. Piper is actually ambitious, just maybe not in the sense you might think. She is very determined to be remembered as something else than just a pretty face, and she wants to be on the same level as everyone else. She wants to be just as strong as all of her friends and is ready to train for hours to achieve her goal. She can sometimes make questionable decisions for her or her friends, and doesn’t really care about rules. She also hates to be controlled (see: ToA 3) and wants her freedom for everything.

Leo: Ravenclaw (second: Slytherin)

This one is also pretty hard, especially for second house. It seems pretty clear to me that Leo is a Ravenclaw. He is definitely very smart (he did really advanced Maths when he was small, built the entire Argo II, repaired Festus…). He is very curious and actually loves learning about the stuff he finds interesting, at some point in HoH (or was it MoA? Or even BoO?) he just bolts out loads of facts about Archimedes and stuff. He isn’t very wise, but that’s literally the only Ravenclaw trait he doesn’t have so…

Hazel: Hufflepuff (second: Gryffindor)

Does this even need much explaining? Hazel is loyal and trustworthy, and ready to do anything for her loved ones (like sacrificing her place in Elysium for her mother). She is also very patient and hard working, no question there. She’s also very brave, which is why I put her second house as Ravenclaw.

Frank: Hufflepuff (second: Gryffindor)

I have a lot of these XD. It’s also pretty self-explanatory for Frank, I’d say. He is very loyal and accepting, and he has a very big heart. He is very humble and will do anything to protect/help the people he loves. He is also honest and hard-working. The reason his second house is Gryffindor is the same as for Hazel.

Nico: Slytherin (second: Gryffindor)

I’d say this one is also pretty obvious. I have seen a few posts sorting Nico into Hufflepuff, which got me very confused. How is a boy who betrayed several people (even though he didn’t mean it in a bad way) a Hufflepuff? He does have a few Hufflepuff traits though, not going to deny that. He is very determined and ambitious, he tried for ages to get his sister back, even though people always told him it was impossible. He doesn’t let other people get him down, and hearing something is impossible just makes him want to do it more. He is ready to do anything to achieve his goals, even betraying people who trust him. He is also very manipulating and good at talking people into things (he convinced Hades to help in book 5).

Reyna: Slytherin (second: Gryffindor)

Reyna is very ambitious and determined. She is also very prideful and doesn’t want to be seen as weak by anyone, she doesn’t let anyone see her emotions (similarly to Nico). She has great leadership qualities, something many Slytherins have. She wants to be rembered, and is also very good at manipulating people into doing things. She is just a perfect Slytherin in my opinion.

Will: Hufflepuff (second: idk Gryffindor?)

Will is definitely a Hufflepuff. He is loyal and caring, which is why he is a healer/doctor. He is very friendly and patient (you have to be as Nico’s boyfriend XD) and just the perfect Hufflepuff. I’m not sure about his second house, because he doesn’t appear much in the series but he is pretty brave in ToA so I decided Gryffindor.

Grover: Hufflepuff (second: Slytherin)

Grover is very determined and hard working, he is also very loyal and trustworthy. He is patient as well, and just generally fits well into Hufflepuff house. I think his second house would be Slytherin, because of his ambition. People often forget how determined Grover was to find Pan, the god of the wild. It was deemed impossible, yet he was determined and managed.

I’ll stop here but I might make a second one with other characters (Thalia, Clarisse, Rachel, Ella, Tyson, Zoe, Bianca and others).

Sorting the Slashers

Jason- House: Hufflepuff  

Why: Obviously Jason is very loyal, especially with family. I also get the distinct feeling that more than anyone else that i’ll be sorting in this post, that Jason thoroughly believes that what he’s doing is good. That may swing him more towards Gryffindor for some people but to me it just places him firmly into Hufflepuff territory. After all he’s not doing it because he thinks its polite, but because he thinks its right. 

Micheal- House: Ravenclaw

Why: I know it’s a bit of a stereotype to make introverted characters Ravenclaws, but Micheal is mostly here because he seems to at least think out his kills and because out of all the slashers we have the least definitive reason for why with Micheal so i’m just kind of assuming that he does it because he likes to (See Brahms’ sorting for an explanation of this) 

 Thomas/Leatherface - House: Hufflepuff

 Why: I personally believe that Thomas would be a hat stall, eventually falling on Hufflepuff. I almost feel like he’s a more obvious Hufflepuff than Jason. He’s definitely more loyal, but I would argue that he’s less just. He is definitely hardworking though. 

Freddy- House: Gryffindor 

Why: No i’m not putting him in here because his dominant color is red. He’s in here because I feel like he’s a Gryffindor gone wrong, like at some point he was a young boy or man that was brave in the face of danger and ready to help but at some point it got warped. We see the glimmers of someone brave and chivalrous. 

Brahms/The Boy - House: Ravenclaw 

Why: I considered maybe putting Brahms into Slytherin but reconsidered and put him into Ravenclaw, the main reason for that being his lack of ambition. Yes Brahms is extremely intelligent but he doesn’t really seem to want to DO anything with it, he seems to be pursuing things solely for his own enjoyment, which I consider to be the most trademark Ravenclaw trait. Doing things because you like to and not necessarily because you’ll get something out of it. 

A Love In The Midst Of Chaos (III)

gif not mine

Part 3: Sherbet lemons

Warnings: language

Word count: 2,942


The street was empty and quiet. It would be peaceful if you didn’t know there was an unknown number of Death Eaters inside one of those houses.

You walked in slow steps, looking around with a calm, soft expression on your face. You had to look like an innocent girl walking down the street, after all. It was a nice morning, not too hot and not too cold. It would be perfect for a road trip with your friends to the beach. What a pity.

32. There it was. 

“There,” you whispered as you scratched your nose, covering your mouth with your arm. You didn’t know if you were being watched, you couldn’t take risks.

“Got it,” James’ voice resonated on your right, “There’s a bench across the street, at the corner. You can sit there and watch over the area while I get closer.”

“Be careful,” you said, playing with your hair this time. 

You felt the Cloak slightly brushing against your leg, which meant James was walking away. That was your cue to go sit on the bench and wait.

You opened the book you had brought and pretended to read it, discretely looking around from time to time. You didn’t expect the street to be crowded, but you certainly didn’t expect it to be that deserted either. You hadn’t seen anyone there since you sat on the bench, which wasn’t a good thing, because that way you would draw more attention to yourself than you would like to. 

The minutes were passing by slowly. You remembered to turn a page and did so, actually reading the first lines this time. It was an interesting book, you realized in surprise. 

The house where Corban Yaxley had been hiding wasn’t small. It was quite big for Hogsmeade’s standard, and you wondered if Yaxley had given the right location to Marlene. Why would he choose such a big house? Maybe he thought no one would suspect of such a lovely home.

You lost track of time, doing the same thing over and over: read a few lines and look around, read more lines and look around, turn a page and look around… Your head was starting to hurt, but you kept going. The mission was far more important than your well-being at that moment. You just wished James would be back soon. 

Too distracted by the lines you were reading, you didn’t notice when a man approached the bench and sat by your side. You were totally caught off guard, trying your best not to look scared. 


You swore to God you felt your heart stop beating when you recognized the man. 


It was the bartender from the Hog’s Head pub.

You began to sweat, your heart, motionless before, now pounding inside your chest.

The man was casually looking at the street with his hands inside his coat pockets (and you were sure he was holding his wand there), but he didn’t do anything. He didn’t even look at you.

What were you supposed to do? Warn James? But how? 

And what was that man doing there? If you only suspected before, now you were sure: he helped the Death Eaters. And maybe he was a Death Eater himself, you couldn’t know. Unless… that was a very unfortunate coincidence.

“Lovely morning, isn’t it?” you tried to sound as sweet as you could. 

The man looked down at his lap. 


“You live nearby?” you asked in the most innocent tone. 

He finally looked at you and you prayed to every divinity, begging to not be recognized. 

It was dark in the pub the night you went there and you didn’t order anything, but still, he could remember you somehow. It was a small but existent chance. 

“I do. There.”

You refrained a gasp when he pointed at Yaxley’s house. 

“Such a… beautiful house,” you tried to act natural, but your mind was working on full speed. Why was he telling you so easily?

The man didn’t reply and you involuntarily started rocking your foot. The fear was building up inside your chest, but you knew what you had signed up for. 

“Do you have a family?” you asked, again trying to sound casual.



You gulped. Why was he there with you? 

You started to worry about James. Had they got him? Had they sent that man to get you too? You slowly closed your book and put one hand inside your coat’s pocket, holding your wand tightly. The man seemed to watch your movement out of the corner of his eye. He moved his hands inside his pockets and you held your breath instantly.

“How old are you?” he asked suddenly, making you frown. That was a really random question, but you saw no harm in answering.


“Fuck,” he whispered, looking down.

“Excuse me?” you raised your eyebrows.

The guy took a deep, long breath and moved his hands out of his pockets, rubbing them on his legs. You felt a little bit less tense.

“Look,” he said, eyeing you, “I know what you’re doing here. I already expected someone to show up at my door.”

He looked around before continuing, you being too shocked to interrupt him. 

“They’re not here. But I know where they are and I can tell you with one condition.” 

You nodded slowly, not quite able to form full sentences.

“You’ll save my family. My wife and kids. Yaxley and the others took them weeks ago. They are being used as a guarantee that I will help with the kidnaps and tortures. I don’t know if they’re hurt or not, I’m not allowed to see or hear from them. It’s driving me insane.” 

“Why are you telling me this?”

“You’re part of the Order of the Phoenix,” he stated, it wasn’t a question, “I was told Yaxley would give my location to your interrogators as if it was their hiding spot. And then I was supposed to… lock in whoever showed up here and call them.”

“So they would torture the person to get info about the Order,” you completed, not needing to say out loud that they would also kill the Order member.

“Yes,” he nodded, “But you’re so young… I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to do this anymore. I just want my family back and those monsters in Azkaban.”

“How do I know if I can trust you? How do I know that you’re not hiding them in there or that you won’t send me straight to the slaughterhouse?”

“Here,” he reached for his pocket and took what it looked like a necklace from inside it, “This is my family. My wife Carol, daughter Annie and son Charlie. I’m Mark.” 

He handed you the necklace, which turned out to have a reliquary pendant with a photo of him and his family, all smiling and hugging each other, the little girl laughing at her brother. 

“You can keep it until you bring me my family back.”

“This is a necklace,” you looked in his eyes, “I’m sorry, I’m sure it means a lot to you, but it’s no guarantee for me.”

“I know. I understand,” he nodded, looking back at the street, “But it’s all I have.”

You examined his face and how sad his eyes were. They had really dark circles under them, which meant he hadn’t been able to sleep right for a while, probably. His hands had bruises and one of his fingers had a big, long scar. He looked like he had been through a lot.

You took a deep breath and squeezed the necklace in your closed hand. Something in your heart said he was telling the truth. And how painful that truth was, you felt really sorry for him and hoped that those evil men weren’t hurting his children. 

Almost indistinguishable, you felt a cloak brushing your leg. That was your confidence boost.

“Look,” you started, “I’ll help you. Even if I have to do it on my own.”

“Thank you,” he looked at you again. You could see the smallest of glitters in his eyes, as if they had regained their hope after a long time. 

“But I need you to be honest with me and I need you to tell me everything you know. You can’t hide anything, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll tell you everything, …?”

“Petunia,” you said, “You can call me Petunia.”

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Demipan, non-binary, Ravenpuff, Aquarius, 90s mood board for anon

The Houses When Graduating
  • Gryffindor: the most likely to try and attempt a long distance relationship, is kinda upset because “omg we’re so old now how did this happen I’m still like 5″, has no clue what they’re going to do with their lives but doesn’t really care.
  • Hufflepuff: is always tearing up spontaneously ‘cause of nostalgia, super excited to see where life will take them but also kinda scared to move on, writes letters/gives presents to all the people they're going to miss.
  • Ravenclaw: so glad exams are over but already tired from thinking about all the work they'll get at uni, creates a whole schedule for their friends so they have no excuses for not keeping in touch, plans to spend the whole summer sleeping.
  • Slytherin: most excited about grad trip, doesn't really know what to do with all the free time they now have, first one to fuck up their sleep schedule 'cause who needs sleeps when there's no more exams? someone you never see cry but somehow ends up sobbing like a baby on the last day.
Glee Hogwarts House Sort

So this is an incomplete list, but I do believe it’s quite accurate.

Rachel- Slytherin

Finn- Gryffindor

Blaine- Hufflepuff

Kurt- Slytherin

Puck- Gryffindor

Quinn- Slytherin

Santana- Gryffindor

Mr. Schu- Hufflepuff

Brittany- Hufflepuff

Sam- Hufflepuff

Sue- Slytherin

Artie- Ravenclaw

Emma P.- Hufflepuff

Mercedes- Slytherin

Sebastian- Slytherin

What Would Have Happened if Dumbledore Told Harry

When Dumbledore dies, Harry gets really mad at Snape for, you know, killing him. I wondered what would have happened if Harry was told about the the ring and Dumbledore’s planned murder before hand.

Knowing Harry, he would have done everything in his power to save Dumbledore from the inevitable death from the ring. He wouldn’t have spent any of his time or energy on the Horecruxes, and that whole year would have been spent with no profit. Harry wouldn’t/couldn’t believe that Dumbledore couldn’t be saved until it happened. This makes it super obvious why Dumbledore didn’t tell him.

Even if Harry could accept it, he would have tried to stop Snape before the deed was done. Harry would have wanted to delay Dumbledore’s death as long as possible because he thought Dumbledore was needed alive (ironic because Dumbledore proved helpful in death when Harry was “killed”).

Obviously if Harry knew, Snape’s death and memories wouldn’t have been as shocking or tragic. The series had the whole “Is he a mean guy with good intentions or a bad guy with bad intentions?” going on, so this moment was important.

When I first read it, I was so confused and even mad when Dumbledore didn’t tell Harry what was going on. It was clearly the only option as I looked back and thought about it.