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I haven’t really figured out why it’s necessary to put your Harry Potter house on your twitter... but if anyone truly, deep in their soul of souls, MUST KNOW RIGHT NOW: My patronus is a grumpy af hedgehog or a cat.

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Das fällt nicht komisch auf, wenn ich Donnerstag zur media net Weihnachtsparty in meinem neuen Blazer auftauche, oder?

When each member of the Hogwarts Houses convenes in the YouTube comments section. Can we talk about how reflective the comments are of each House? 😂💙💛❤💚

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Proud to be a 💛 having many tests done on on different emails that I’ve had over the years 3 out of 4 tests say I’m hufflepuff and the other so My two houses are

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So like am i the only one who realized that Remus actually dated female Sirius?? Like listen

  • First thing first, Tonks and Sirius both were Blacks rased in simmilar households
  • Both could change into animal whenever they want
  • Tonks was Hufflepuff and Sirius was Gryffindor; both broke Black’s Slytherin lane
  • Both were fun and crazy (in good way); probablyay some point of their life they pranked Remus well
  • Both loved Remus to death and still do and he loved them
  • Both were always there for Remus, both helped him and both accepted him
  • Sirius and Tonks were so simmiliar to each other but so different and still loved Remus so much

(Feel free to add more)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters as Hogwarts Houses

Mario: Gryffindor

Donkey Kong: Gryffindor

Link: Gryffindor

Samus: Slytherin

Dark Samus: Ravenclaw

Yoshi: Hufflepuff

Kirby: Hufflepuff

Fox: Gryffindor

Pikachu: Hufflepuff

Luigi: Hufflepuff

Ness: Ravenclaw

Captain Falcon: Gryffindor

Jigglypuff: Hufflepuff

Peach: Hufflepuff

Daisy: Hufflepuff

Bowser: Slytherin

Ice Climber Popo: Gryffindor

Ice Climber Nana: Hufflepuff

Sheik: Ravenclaw

Zelda: Ravenclaw

Dr. Mario: Ravenclaw

Pichu: Hufflepuff

Falco: Ravenclaw

Marth: Gryffindor

Lucina: Gryffindor

Young Link: Gryffindor

Ganondorf: Slytherin

Mewtwo: Ravenclaw

Roy: Gryffindor

Chrom: Gryffindor

Mr. Game and Watch: Hufflepuff

Meta Knight: Slytherin

Pit: Hufflepuff

Dark Pit: Slytherin

Zero Suit Samus: Slytherin

Wario: Slytherin

Snake: Ravenclaw

Ike: Gryffindor

Pokemon Trainer: Ravenclaw

Charizard: Hufflepuff

Ivysaur: Hufflepuff

Squirtle: Hufflepuff

Diddy Kong: Gryffindor

Lucas: Hufflepuff

Sonic: Gryffindor

King Dedede: Slytherin

Olimar: Ravenclaw

Lucario: Hufflepuff

R.O.B.: Gryffindor

Toon Link: Gryffindor

Wolf: Slytherin

Villager: Hufflepuff

Mega Man: Gryffindor

Wii Fit Trainer: Hufflepuff

Rosalina and Luma: Gryffindor

Little Mac: Gryffindor

Greninja: Hufflepuff

Mii Fighter: *insert your house here*

Palutena: Ravenclaw

Pac-Man: Gryffindor

Robin: Ravenclaw

Shulk: Gryffindor

Bowser Jr.: Ravenclaw

Duck Hunt: Hufflepuff

Ryu: Slytherin

Ken: Slytherin

Cloud: Gryffindor

Corrin: Hufflepuff

Incineroar: Hufflepuff

Bayonetta: Gryffindor

Inkling: Hufflepuff

Ridley: Ravenclaw

Simon: Gryffindor

Richter: Gryffindor

King K. Rool: Slytherin

Piranha Plant: Hufflepuff

Isabelle: Hufflepuff

~This is a real conversation I’ve had~

Ravenclaw: If you had to cross the ocean, using only techniques from the bible, what’d you do?

Gryffindor: Part the sea like Moises.

Hufflepuff: Build a boat like Noah.

Slytherin: Turn it to wine like fucking Jesus.

Ravenclaw: There really are three types of people….