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Damn! Seeing signing with TNT just giving me flash backs to Wcw Monday Nitro!

When it comes to the Four Horseman, Tully Blanchard's sartorial game was radically underrated.

This was amazing! If you haven't seen it yet, get on it!

A little something NEW for you all. Introducing our Honor the past tee available NOW online!

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Holy moley! Ummm... here’s a rasslin pic from about 20 years ago. I wish I still had that singlet. Can almost guarantee I was hammered, too. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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sanada-seiya  asked:

Woah hey can you explain how Zack almost got blacklisted cuz he said he was gay?

So this is based on translations of Shibata’s leaked texts, which I can’t read myself, and I’ve read slightly differing versions of what they said. I don’t know which is true, so I’ll just put them both.

In either case: Shibata, Zack, Nagata, and possibly other people were hanging out in England for a RevPro show/tour, before Zack was officially with NJPW. Then, either:

  1. Zack used the translate function on his phone to say “I am gay” in Japanese, and meant it sincerely, or
  2. Zack was fucking around with the translate function and used it to say “I am gay” as a joke.

There’s kind of no way to know for sure, imo, since this is based on Shibata’s mistress’ recounting of something he told her Zack did, which - when added to the language barrier - puts it at a quadruple remove. But regardless of how Zack personally meant it, the result was that many people from New Japan thought he was gay and didn’t want to work with him. Shibata, apparently, didn’t think it was a big deal, but some others did, and Zack had to backtrack.

And that’s all I know about that, but it honestly puts his comments about the handsomeness/distraction of fellow wrestlers in an interesting light, since whether he’s being sincere or not, he’s actively continuing to foster an impression that nearly got him shut out of the company before he even started. (And someone there is taking him seriously, because his comments get censored sometimes.)

axel-mania  asked:

πŸ’˜πŸ’™πŸ’œβ€ despy/zack Because I Can and diy are a little chaotic and angsty for these prompts

💘: who developed a crush on the other first?

Most likely Despy, but I’m probably also influence by fic, in which it’s almost always his POV with no indication of when Zack started liking him. But Zack’s immediately tactile and affectionate (in a way he also is with other coworkers) and gives Despy credit for his wins, which no one else in Suzuki-Gun has done in a long time (if ever?) and he falls hard and fast.

It doesn’t take Zack much longer, because you can see in their early promos that they have similar senses of humor and try their best to make each other laugh across languages, so they’re already close. It’s probably a matter of mere weeks from one to the other, but Despy is still first.

💙: who is more protective?

This weird feral cat, for sure. Partly because the Boss threw them together as a team and probably told Despy “Make sure my new son doesn’t get too roughed up before he’s used to the company”, and partly because Zack has a history of not taking cultural norms into account and nearly being blacklisted because he accidentally tells people he’s gay (not a joke. Actually happened). Also because Zack, while he can wrench your arm off in the ring, could be crushed like a twiglet in a bar brawl. Despy the judoka has to keep an eye out for him.

💜: who said “i love you” first? or, if neither has said it yet, who is more likely to say it first?

Zack. No question. I have very strong opinions on this, and they involve him deliberately using a more intense form of ‘love’ than Despy expects him to mean, thus brushing it off as a language barrier before he doubles down. Despy wouldn’t say it until Zack did, because he’s more reserved in unexpected ways and also doesn’t want to jeopardize the best thing he has going on in this faction. But he hears it, thinks very seriously about it for maybe 48 hours, and then tells Zack he loves him too.

❤: who is more affectionate in public? in private?

Zack is more affectionate in public because he can get away with it. People who know them are used to the way he acts, and people who don’t know them will see a tall gangly foreigner and hopefully not think too much of the way he’s draped over another guy. This is what he relies on.

Despy is more demonstrative in little ways, most of which are in private. Kissing Zack’s hand, buying him a vegan snack, sending him funny pictures.
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago - Chapter 1 - reason_says
By Organization for Transformative Works

My laptop has been nonfunctional for a week (and is now finally fixed!), which is why I’ve been largely absent and stifled my queue. But I was determined to get this fic posted in time, because today, May 20th, is the second anniversary of TakeOver: Chicago, when Tommaso turned on Johnny.

The past two years have contained some of the best storytelling I can imagine, and then at the end it… all came crashing down weirdly and upsettingly, with an incoherent blend of kayfabe and reality that doesn’t make sense from either side. I’ve been determined to make sense of it somehow, some way, and this is my attempt.

And so, a fic with the only title it could possibly have.

Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

Chapter 1: You might hold your breath

Summary: On May 20th, 2017, Tommaso Ciampa betrayed his tag team partner, Johnny Gargano, and put him in the hospital. Nearly two years later, after their apparent reunion, Johnny returned the favor.

At the two year mark, with Tommaso out indefinitely and Johnny as NXT champion, they’ve seemingly reconciled. But how?

(This is the first of three planned chapters, and is completely unrelated to my previous DIY fics, because they went and retconned canon on me. That’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll work with what they gave me and make it better.)

One nice side effect of having made so many gifs of my bro IRS is that I have a vast repository of snotty reactions for when people disrespect wrestling:

“You do know it’s FAKE right?”

“I mean, they’re not even real athletes.”

“It doesn’t even look that hard – I bet I could do all that shit.”

*starts to talk about MMA or some shit*