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Ermagerd it’s Le Chef! Also pretty sure that’s his blood on this.

Serious kudos to for being all-in. A really, really great ( and I don’t use “great” lightly) old school match.

Happiness is merch through the post, held by Mrs Foley’s baby boy

Probably the best house show I've ever been at! So much fun! (Pics in order of preference, not match order)

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I’m vaguely embarrassed about every storyline I’m into, but I’m not embarrassed enough to apologize or stop fixating. Not all heels deserve or even need redemption, but some of them could tell such good stories on the way there, and I want them to have the chance.

Sometimes I think “Maybe my interest in wrestling is finally waning, as I’ve been expecting it to do for two years,” but then I go to a show and am once again enamored. My local has some annoying fans, but I have never been disappointed with a show there, and I’m making friends with other fans as well. I got to see Effy and the Ugly Ducklings last night for the first time since July, which is too long to go without such delightful performers and I hope it never happens again. We have a good thing here.

I want to know, I really want to talk with someone and find out, why New Japan thought that making El Desperado a skeleton was a reasonable face persona. Did they ever plan for him to stay a face, or was Suzuki-Gun the plan the whole time? He was charming enough, he clearly wanted the crowds to like him, but he was an unnerving skeleton, so the reaction was muted.

The mariachi part I have no issue with, it’s dear to my heart and should ideally be a beloved character. But a mariachi in a skull mask with fangs is a hard sell, and it’s hard not to wonder if they were counting on fans not being into him so he had “motivation” to turn heel. Which is distressing even when I separate the actor from the character, because he’s really good, and given a less alarming appearance more people might have related to him as a face.

This is all moot, it’s four years later and he’s still a skeleton, but I’m honestly wondering whether this was the plan from the start. It’s easy enough to stitch together an interpretation after the fact, but it’s still weird.

poketin  asked:

black, gray, orange and lilac as well ;3c

Favourite wrestling move?

Ah man, I’m so bad at this. I can only barely recognize moves most of the time (I still can’t distinguish between a lariat and a clothesline, or a hurricanrana and a frankensteiner), so I only know the actual names if they’re routinely done by someone I like. That said, I really like sunset flips and octopus holds. (This tells you I am a fan of Hiromu and Zack, and also extremely basic.)

Who has the best finisher?

See above, unfortunately. I don’t register this a lot of the time, and I’m really not sure why! Because I’m so bad at remembering movesets, I am mostly joking when I say that my favorite finisher is Hiromu’s D, but only mostly. A triangle choke that you just refuse to let go of until your opponent actually passes out, and sometimes not even then, would be a fun move even if it weren’t called that

Best heel?

Mmmm this is hard. In my heart, either Ciampa or Suzuki. I have to define this as “Best at being a heel”, not “Heel I love most”, because in that case I’d never be able to choose. But Ciampa and Suzuki are scary and hateful in the ring, and I never tire of rooting against them. Alexa Bliss is also very good, but she’s been tied up in Rousey’s crap for so long that I actually stopped watching the show, so I can’t judge her properly. She’s amazing at being awful, though.

And I’ve already done lilac!

poketin  asked:

blue, pink, white, copper!!

Have you ever seen a show live?

I have! I’ve been to a handful for my local promotion, PWX, and I’ve also been to Raw and Smackdown once each. Because I started with small shows, I prefer that, but maybe that would change if I had access to more large shows. It just feels like a better time all-around when I can actually see the wrestlers’ expressions, and when I know my cheers or boos are reaching them. I wish I could go to more shows, but without a car and with a local that only has shows once or twice a month (half of those out of town), I take what I can get.

Favourite wrestler?

Hiromu, Hiromu Hiromu Hiromu. He’s been my favorite since the first time I saw him, and he will be my favorite for the rest of my life or until I find out he’s secretly awful or something. He’s amazing, in and out of the ring, with his energy and enthusiasm and spirit. I love the way he wrestles, of course (and I’m worried about how he’ll adjust for injury when he’s back), but I also really admire the effort he puts into his character.

I know he was given his gimmick, but no one made him be in love with a belt, or get a cat to help with the grief of losing the belt, or give that cat a family and make the son a wrestler. No one made him turn Ospreay into a cat. No one made him say “Let’s make love again sometime” in the middle of the ring to a guy who just tried to kill him. That’s all Hiromu, and I love him.

Dream match?

Right now, Candice/Ciampa. Putting aside the rest of my wishes for that story (because I’ve written about it at length and it’s embarrassing), I just want her to ballsplex him in a WWE ring. Give me this, and much else is forgiven.

Favourite faction?

Los! Ingoberrrrrrrrrrrnables! De! Ja! Pon!

I love LIJ, so much, with all my heart. When I first got into NJPW it was through the Golden Lovers, and thus Bullet Club, but soon enough I thought to myself “This is ridiculous, I can’t go into a Japanese company and only focus on the faction that contains 99% white guys.” So I set about learning about the other factions, and LIJ were my first stop. I… never really moved past that.

I mean, no, I like Suzuki-Gun and Chaos, don’t get me wrong. And Taguchi Japan is good when certain awful people aren’t there. But LIJ have my heart, because they’re a ridiculous found family of goths who love each other. They’re just really important to me, I don’t know.

rosencoppice  asked:

cream, lilac, and teal?

Best gimmick?

I’m very biased, but I still say it’s Bray Wyatt. He’s been neutered over time, and I’m not overly fond of the real person, but a backwoods swamp-dwelling cult leader who is probably possessed by a demon but includes vaguely Christian references (singing hymns, talking about being his followers’ salvation) is just… the way to my heart. There’s nothing about that set-up that I’m not obsessed with. I was always going to love the Wyatt Family, and by gosh I hope they can do something decent with Bray again.

Best face?

I want to say Shinsuke just because his face is the best, but I know that’s not what this means. This is… a tough one, honestly. My favorite wrestlers are tweeners, and a backup favorite is kind of lost in his own head right now.

Becky Lynch was one of my favorite faces before they tried to turn her heel (and failed miserably). I insist that she’s still a face, but she’s a different character now, and while I still support her, I have some issues with the direction they’re taking. Pre-attitude adjustment Becky was also great, though, because she wasn’t saccharine or weak, she was just determined and loved the crowd and the crowd loved her. I don’t know if she’s the best face, but she’s so good.

Who has the best entrance music?

Oh, Minoru Suzuki, absolutely. He comes out to Kaze Ni Nare, which is - by the lyrics - a pop song about fighting your own battles and persevering, which is a very face concept, but this is the meanest man in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He’s terrifying and evil, and he’s been entering menacingly to an upbeat babyface song for thirty years. Even if I didn’t like the song - and I do, it’s very good - the sheer contrast would still make his entrance the best.

I hate that I’m in a position where (yesterday’s blow-off post aside) I seriously want to sit down and analyze the character and ring work of Chuck fucking Taylor. How dare he do this to me? I’m already a mess about him when he’s just a grabass grenade pervert* with clinical depression, because I’m weak for dirtbags with way too many teeth. Now I have to think about his deeper motivations and the meaning of his various manic grins?

I love Best Friends so much, they bring me great joy and embarrassment, but I started properly paying attention to them after Chuck almost killed Trent in February, so I’ve never had to deal with this before. I refuse to go into detail about my Thoughts, because are you kidding me, these assholes? Meta about these guys who can’t even keep their names straight and refuse to care about kayfabe?

Yes, apparently. I hate this.

If Chuck’s not better in time to flirt with Sanada next week, I will be so scared for him.

*Direct quote from the man himself

I have very strong opinions about Johnny Gargano’s story arc. This is just a placeholder post because I save my rambling for the groupchat where people can’t escape, but oh my gosh I think about it so much.

I try so hard not to be the person watching a show and only caring about one storyline, and it’s not that I don’t *care* about other people in NXT. I do, I care about their stories and character arcs and the effort they’re putting in. But I have a priority, and I can’t shut up about it.

There’s a signed edition of Shinsuke’s book coming out soon, a special edition just for Black Friday, and I mean… good, I love him, more Shinsuke content in the world, but also… our store has sold exactly one copy since it came out in August. To me. I’m not buying a duplicate, so I feel like these signed copies are just gonna sit on the shelf unappreciated, and that’s making me kind of sad.

I care Too Much about Johnny’s story, and I’m definitely reading too much into half the things he does, but you know what, it’s fine. I’m having fun and I am always up for hearing other people’s interpretations if they disagree with mine! So no one will be hurt, except me if my very specific fantasy booking doesn’t happen exactly the way I want.

I think sometimes I’m so self-deprecating/embarrassed about liking Chuck as much as I do that I forget that he’s like… a really good wrestler, actually.  It’s not that I ever think he’s bad, I just get caught up in his whole deal and end up distracting myself. Maybe being vaguely embarrassed to like a dirtbag is the truest way to be worked.