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No PSL, but at least you can catch some Ring of Honor wrestling on DSport in the meantime.

Who do I think will win big matches on WWE Elimination Chamber? Listen to PVDcast #182.5 to find out. I also touch base on my new project coming soon, AEW/All In 2, & more! Swing over to or 1 of other platforms to hear it! '

Congratulations to our wrestling team! These are some great action shots! If you get a chance come check them out by the main office๐Ÿ†๐Ÿคผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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Doing a benefit for our boy. Help us out and make this one of the most we have ever had. so we can bring awareness to helping a fellow wrestler and friend in need. .

do you know the answers....just a quick SMW QUIZ? and did u ever get rid of Bullet Bob? doing great for your legacy sir!!!

Todays the day!!!! Bring your appetite and look for the blue and yellow balloons!

GPS location for the Grand Opening! Looking forward to seeing ya'll there!!!

Today is the ๐Ÿ™Œ My favorite PPV from when I was kid! To celebrate remember everything is 30% off with promo code rumble19 til midnight!๐Ÿ”ฅ . Who's your pick to win it? .

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Tonight, Tommaso told Johnny "If you need me tonight, I’m here" while Candice was standing right next to them, and that’s all I need to say about tonight’s show.

(That’s not true, you know me, I have SO MUCH to say. But that was a moment.)


I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this video. It still makes no sense that they’re tagging without bridging the gap from the last time we saw them on NXT, but you know what, Raw gonna Raw, I can attempt to move past that. Since they are tagging, for whatever reason, the dynamic in evidence here fascinates and horrifies me.

Johnny is his old self. He’s not even acting the way he has been in solo interviews lately (cagey, smirky, smug, dangerous) - he’s just Johnny Wrestling again, cheerful and overwhelmed by circumstance, so happy to be here wrestling because he loves his job and his life. But then Ciampa speaks, and he completely shuts down. He’s muted, reactive, subdued… Like he forgot that Ciampa was next to him, or forgot that this isn’t the same Ciampa he used to know.

“Whether you call us DIY or not doesn’t matter; you will call us champions, you will call us legends, you will remember us forever.”

[long silence]

“That’s one way to look at it.“ And leaves without clarifying.

I’m actively in pain. Way too much of my life is spent thinking about this story, and even though the circumstances are strange, this is just… a perfect microcosm and I love them and am Concerned.

How did last night even come across to people who don’t watch NXT. I know there are people who watch the main roster but not the other shows, because I used to be one of them before I completely reversed that. People who don’t know who Ricochet or DIY or Aleister are, but were suddenly expected to cheer for these new guys based on a proud father’s introduction.

I can’t separate Johnny and Ciampa from my investment in their story, but if you don’t know their story, what did that look like? A vague reference in a promo to them having fought the Revival before (especially if you’re there live and not hearing commentary), two guys looking at each other uneasily as they enter, one grabbing the other’s wrist to raise his hand while the second guy looks like he doesn’t want to be there? Nobodies you’ve never heard of and who don’t seem to get along beating the Raw tag team champions the week after said champs were finally legitimized after months of terrible booking?

WWE is so weird, and Raw is the worst (on-screen) part of it.

Hey so I’m dead and I love them. All my meta is being funneled into fic lately, but I love them. I still don’t know how this fits with the last time we saw them together (when Johnny seemed to realize that Ciampa was moving too quickly for his comfort) or whatever they filmed to air Wednesday, but the looks and touches and practiced tags and meeting in the middle and Johnny looking intrigued and not nearly alarmed enough when Tommaso grabbed his arm. I love them, and nobody else.

One of the oddest things to me is when tag teams pretend their history is longer than it is. The Revival saying they’re childhood friends and they’ve had a dream for 27 years, when they grew up in different cities and never even had a match against each other, let alone tagging, until 2015. Johnny and Tommaso saying “This has been the dream for twelve years” and appearing to mean “This has been the dream for as long as we, as individuals, have been wrestling, even though our first contact was 2014”.

My theory is that everyone who does this is imitating Kevin and Sami, who actually do have the sixteen-year history they reference, even though most of it featured a mask. The Revival are kayfabing, their fictional backstory is just straight up not the truth, but DIY are merely exaggerating, and I don’t know, I feel like it’s equally impressive that they were as in sync as they were after only two years of tagging.

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helloo 22,23, 32,34,38

22. Most attractive man?

Hiromu. Hiromu. My absolute first ever impression of him can be summed up by this picture, and it has never changed: 

He’s beautiful and every time I look at him my heart starts beating too quickly. I have well-documented awful taste in men, but Hiromu isn’t part of that at all, he’s just objectively hot.

23. Most attractive woman?

Not to be a stereotypical gay, but I’m really bad at this. Asuka’s pretty? If I were attracted to women I’d probably be attracted to her? I promise I’m not playing this up, I just… do not know. Let’s say Asuka.

32. Best story line?

Right now the only story I have time for is DIY. It occupies most of my thoughts and several pages of docs. A friendship shattered by one party’s conviction that he would inevitably be replaced, and by his inability to convince his partner that the audience would turn them against each other - so the best thing to do, of course, is to turn before they make you.

Over the next two years, the arc careens from revenge to vindication to corruption as the avenging party gives in to his anger, thus giving his tormentor exactly what he wants, to the point of mimicking him in the ring and in promos. Johnny goes from friend to victim to enemy to puppet to doppelgänger, still holding fast to the illusion of free will and personal motivations (going after the NA title the week after Ciampa told him it was the title he wanted, as opposed to the title Ciampa holds).

This is the best story. I will hear opposing arguments, but you will not convince me.

34. Worst story line?

ANY story revolving around cheating or seducing someone’s partner or anything like that. Lana and Aiden, Mandy and Naomi, anything similar (Lana gets this a lot). It sucks and is sexist and is disrespectful to everyone involved, and I hate the thought of it. First of all, please let women have fights and feuds that don’t involve men at all, and second of all, please stop treating women as if their sexuality is the only thing that matters for their stories? It’s so terrible and makes me very angry.

38. Who would be the best to room with?

Are we talking an apartment situation, or like in dorms? Because there’s no good answer if we’re in a dorm, I refuse to go back to that. If we have separate rooms, probably Zack Sabre Jr. This is entirely based on our compatible diets and politics, although you’d better believe that if I ever get the chance I’m interrogating him on his actual views. I can be nice for the sake of a calm apartment, though.

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2, 7, 8, 16, 25

I’ve answered the other three, but:

2. What is your favorite wrestling promotion?

Honestly… PWX. Premiere Wrestling Xperience, my local. I love many promotions, but I have a connection to this one, and have made friends among local fans. The wrestlers are extremely good, the shows are fun, and every time I go I’m happier for a week afterwards. If I could never watch another New Japan show, I’d still have fun here.

16. Who has the best merch?

Definitely LIJ. Give me all the bears and mini-scythes and calendars my little arms can hold. I wish Bushi specifically had even a single shirt I wanted, but he still has masks and group shirts and is the best.

Deeply personally distressed that I have to forego local wrestling shows to save money for Mania week. How dare money work this way.

There are just so many good matches I won’t be able to see… I’d gotten used to saving during the week to afford one or two shows a month, but that short-term planning doesn’t buy plane tickets or hotel rooms. Goodness knows I’ll probably never make this type of trip again, that’s how I’m justifying it to myself, but I still feel bad about missing these very good shows.

Do you ever sit quietly for a moment and get annoyed that Ricochet has had sixteen matches on NXT TV and PPVs since he was signed a year ago, and got a title in his eighth, while Candice, whose signing was announced the same day, has had eight, only one on a PPV, and has never had a televised title shot?

Because I do. I’m frequently annoyed about it. I like Ricochet, he’s self-evidently great, and I know there are people who’ve shown up less than either of them in the past year. NXT is full and has a lot of possibilities to juggle. But the nagging certainty in the back of my mind that Candice deserves more than she’s getting is an obstacle to enjoying the show.
Phoenix - reason_says - World Wrestling Entertainment
By Organization for Transformative Works

And another, because I really like these people and their stories and I can’t stop thinking about them.


For @axel-mania

Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa/Candice LeRae

Rated G

There’s a fire burning inside Candice, and she isn’t sure she wants to extinguish it.
In One Piece - Chapter 1 - reason_says - World Wrestling Entertainment
By Organization for Transformative Works

I’ve never written a sequel or a multi-chaptered fic in my life, and yet somehow… this happened. Sequel to Don’t Care What Comes After, set the next morning.

In One Piece

Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa (Also Johnny/Candice, Johnny/Tommaso/Candice, and Johnny/Chuck)

Rated T

Set the morning after TakeOver: Phoenix

Summary: Starting a relationship isn’t easy. Renewing an old relationship when you’re also in another relationship is even harder, and requires too many conversations.

(Chuck is actually in this one!)

I go back and forth between “This is the most important story in the world, here are nine thousand words about it” and “Oh my gosh you care about a WWE story what’s wrong with you”, which accounts for the tentative tone of that last post. It’s genuinely significant for the story that they’re teaming together. That’s true whether or not the story itself matters. (It does. It does matter. It’s so good and I care so much.)

Assuming Halftime Heat counts as NXT canon - which it should, since it’s airing on the network - this is the first time Johnny and Ciampa have been on a team together since Ciampa turned. This seems like it should be significant? I know I’m… excessively invested, but this is… a big deal, surely.

I mean, yeah, they’ve been in four tags at live shows, but those aren’t taped and therefore don’t exist for the sake of NXT TV. This will be the first canon teaming since May 2017. That’s important to me, although I understand the promo is focusing on NXT as an entity and not the larger plot threads that led here.

I was going to apologize in advance for this post, but I haven’t hidden my priorities. The only thing I care about in the world is tag teams. If I care about anything else, it’s fucked up dynamics in tag teams.

I have room in my heart for one story right now, and it’s this one:

Nothing else matters and nothing else will ever matter.

That said: I want to talk about their gear.

Johnny was Phoenix, which is a) because they were in Phoenix and therefore b) surface-level nerd shit, but ALSO. Also. Even aside from the non-comics phoenix metaphor (what are you being reborn as, Johnny?), he was Dark Phoenix. He’s now, even more than when he was Venom, being taken over by a cosmic force no one can control. Venom’s a symbiote, that’s theoretically a fair relationship. The Phoenix Force doesn’t care who it takes, as long as you’re strong enough to contain it, and you won’t be strong enough forever. He’s burning and destructive and not remotely in control.

And then… there’s Ciampa. In a hero’s blue and gold. Considering his brown coat and the studs on his trunks, it’s Wolverine blue and gold. Wolverine, who loves Jean and is bound up with the Phoenix Force through her but will never belong with her. Wolverine, who knows Jean will always go back to Cyclops, who is loving and stable and most likely won’t get her killed, but who also knows she’s still drawn to him. (I want to see Candice in Cyclops gear, frankly, but I don’t think they’ll go that far.)

So… in this metaphor, Ciampa isn’t the force possessing Johnny, but he absolutely is in a fucked up and occasionally mutually-destructive relationship with him. It doesn’t quite map, but boy, it’s there.

(Also, Ricochet’s gear was fantastic, but it doesn’t fit in a larger metaphor. Always love Miles gear, though. Trevor Mann for Spider-Man[n].)