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طلبات إيس كريم الكويت كافة أنواع الايس كريم متوفرة لدينا ايس كريم للمناسبات والحفلات وأعياد الميلاد و حفلات التخرج في الكويت

Ihan eka Rasberry Pi asentamassa ja retro pie distrolla aloitettiin.

How am I only finding out about this now! Is this new? It is amazing!! ⁦

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Destroying a raspberry #bird #rasberry #pet

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I tried something new today.

A walnut chocolate tarte. In keto.👌🏼

The crust is a mixture from coconut flour, hazelnut flour, eggs and physilium husk. And the filling actually consists of two or three layers. I made a chocolate dough from butter eggs melded dark chocolate and soy flour. And a cream made from mashed raspberrys and dark chocolate melted together.

So the arrangement of the layers is (bottom up) crust, chocolate dough, raspberry mix, chocolate dough and chopped walnuts on top.

Et voila, une tarte au chocolat céto. 😁

I’m originally from Europe but I’ve been in America for 15 years, and my (adopted) American sister keeps sending me “Europe VS America” memes and honestly it’s hurting my feelings to be reminded that Rasberry punch is called “rootin’ tootin’ radical rasberry rave”