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Kyoto University was ranked number 27th in the world in THE's World Reputation Rankings 2019

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Twitter now ranks your conversations based on who replies

Threaded conversations are some of the best interactions you can have on Twitter – with dozens of users chattering away 140 characters at a time. Unless you’re already in a conversation, however, it can be hard to tell if a tweet is getting a lot of social interaction. Now, it’s a little easier: Twitter has added a reply counter and a ‘conversation ranking’ to its mobile apps designed to push the most relevant discussions to the top of a tweet thread.

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Blog update:

I will be leaving on a holiday tomorrow morning (um, in five hours from now lol I SHOULD BE IN BED), and I won’t be having access to a stable internet connection until I’ve arrived at my destination.

The updates have all been written, reread and properly gif’d and should still trickle in at 12:00 CET every day, unless tumblr decides to be a dick and flags them in my absense. There are 10 updates left, so ten more days until #01 will be revealed. I will not be able to respond to comments or make adjustments in the meantime though. 

I hope y’all keep enjoying the series. It’s been a LONG two months that drained almost all of my creative juices, so with your blessing I’m gladly getting outta here to recharge my mental batteries by the time ESC2020 comes around. or JESC, if I feel like it.

Take care,


My updated MCU ranking post Far From Home:

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

2. Captain America: Civil War

3. Avengers: Infinity War

4. Guardians Of The Galaxy

5. Avengers Assemble

6. Avengers Endgame

7. Spiderman: Homecoming

8. Thor: Ragnarok

9. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

10. Captain America: The First Avenger

11. Ant Man & The Wasp

12. Black Panther

13. Avengers Age Of Ultron

14. Spiderman: Far From Home

15. Iron Man 3

16. Doctor Strange

17. Iron Man

18. Captain Marvel

19. Ant Man

20. Thor

21. Iron Man 2

22. Thor: The Dark World

(Still not seen Incredible Hulk)


Nothing suspicious going on here.

La FIFA actualizo el ranking de las selecciones de fútbol femenino tras el mundial en Francia

La copa del mundo en Francia finalizó con la selección de 🇺🇸Estados Unidos como la campeona al igual que en la anterior edición, la selección norteamericana mantiene su primer puesto en el Ranking FIFA; la siguen las selecciones de 🇩🇪Alemania y 🇳🇱Países Bajos (Holanda) con el segundo y el tercer lugar.

➡️En el podio de las selecciones de Sudamérica, se encuentra la selección de Brasil en el puesto 1, en el 2 Colombia, terceras las Argentinas y en el N°4 Chile.

🇦🇷 La selección Argentina logró ascender 3 lugares en la actualización del ranking tras la participación en la última copa del mundo, encontrándose ahora en el puesto N°34, y siendo en selecciones de fútbol femenino de Sudamérica, la que ocupa el puesto N°3.

🇧🇷 Brasil se posiciona como la mejor selección sudamericana en el ranking, ocupando el puesto N°10 en la tabla general; en esta última edición del mundial avanzó hasta Octavos de final donde fueron eliminadas por las anfitrionas, Francia.

La selección de 🇨🇴Colombia ocupa el segundo puesto en el ranking selecciones de Sudamérica, ubicada N°26 en la general; La selección colombiana ha tenido logros importantes en diferentes competiciones, obtuvo subcampeonatos de la Copa América femenina en las ediciones de 2010 y 2014, que les han bastado para estar en los mundiales de 2011 y 2015, y en los Juegos Olímpicos de 2011 y 2016. No obstante, no clasificó para participar de la copa del mundo en Francia 2019.

Por otra parte, es importante recalcar que algunas jugadoras de la selección de Colombia cuestionaron en febrero de 2019 el manejo de la Confederación; las integrantes de la selección femenina mayor, Melissa Ortiz e Isabella Echeverri publicaron videos en sus redes sociales donde expusieron las precarias condiciones que habrían tenido que vivir en el equipo, denunciaron que no había viáticos para ellas y que en varias ocasiones tuvieron que sacar de su dinero para pagar los viajes y asistir a los entrenamientos o a las convocatorias, también señalaron que usaban uniformes usados, con talla de hombres, y que les dieron un pago incompleto por quedar quintas en el mundial de Canadá 2015, cuando Felipe Taborda dirigía al equipo, y tras por lo cual se apartó a la jugadora Daniela Montoya del club, por hacer público el incumplimiento. Incluso, la jugadora Yoreli Rincón narró que el pago por haberse coronado campeonas de la Copa Libertadores femenina con el Huila, el 2 de diciembre de 2018, “tardó tres meses y 15 días, “exigimos nuestros derechos, que nos paguen por nuestro trabajo”. El equipo de la selección masculina de Colombia publicó un comunicado respaldando a sus compañeras, James Rodríguez, referente de la selección mayor 🇨🇴 lo hizo público en sus cuentas dando apoyo a la lucha del combinado femenino en el país.

[ Próxima nota: “Continuación de la liga profesional de fútbol femenino en Colombia; tras un 2019 marcado por denuncias por falta de derechos y malas condiciones laborales y acusaciones de acoso sexual por parte de una jugadora de la Sub 17 Colombiana, se tomaron medidas judiciales, los acusados (DT y preparador físico, fueron apartados de sus cargos) y ahora, la selección se prepara para los Panamericanos”. ]

Después de la selección de Colombia, se ubica Argentina en el puesto 3, y en el cuarto lugar de selecciones sudamericanas está la selección de Chile; la misma, subió un puesto en el Ranking FIFA con respecto a su posición previa al Mundial en Francia, que a pesar de no pasar a octavos por sus derrotas ante Suecia y Estados Unidos, lograron sumar en su victoria sobre Tailandia.

All 9 Original Naruto OPs Ranked

I just ran through all the original Naruto Opening credit sequences to determine which is superior! For reference these rankings take into account the music a little, but mainly the focus on the editing and directing of the animated sequence that goes with it. With each OP I included my loose thoughts about why it is where it is. I only linked a video for the #1 OP, but if you want to see where I’m coming from with the others, you can find them all over the interwebs. Lets get started! 

#9: OP1 (ROCKS)

  • The first OP of the show does not hold up when compared with future OPs
  • Not a fan of the song; Really kills the pace of the fight scene
  • The best part is when it showed Sasuke and Sakura being vigilant and then Naruto being asleep.

#8: OP6 (No Boy, No Cry)

  • Most of the character shots and poses in this OP tell you nothing about the character. Like Shikamaru has his shadow move and that’s it.
  • The group shots are even worse, everyone having the same pose. If this was your first time seeing Naruto, none of these characters would be unique at all.
  • Only good part is the beginning with the rain.

#7: OP3 (Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni)

  • Music is extremely annoying, but does fit the earlier bits quite well.
  • Loved the early part where they were children, then it awkwardly transitions into their grown up forms.

#6: OP7 (Namikaze Satellite)

  • Pretty solid all the way through except for the very end which devolved into group shots that showed nothing of the characters.
  • The high saturation bits early on definitely showed some style

#5: OP9 (Yura Yura)

  • Gets bonus points for being the most stylized OP of the whole series.
  • While the silhouetted fighting is cool, it doesn’t showcase any individuality of Naruto as a character.
  • The same goes for the group shots they cut to, no individuality to the characters just the same or similar poses for everyone.

#4: OP2 (Haruka Kanata)

  • Music is pretty good for the most part except for when it increases in tempo only for the OP to have slowly moving poses.
  • Did not like the stills for the first 3rd of the OP.
  • This OP is really saved by the amazing sequence where the different teams pop in to the beat of the music.

#3: OP8 (Re:member)

  • This OP gets some serious bonus points for being the only OP to show everyone’s signature jutsu! Yeah, the only one.
  • Besides that, though, the rest felt unremarkable (not bad just unremarkable)
  • The exception was the introductions of each team which showcased one person’s power then lead that into a group shot. That felt the most inspired of everything here.

#2: OP4 (GO!!! (aka Fighting Dreamers))

  • Scroll motif goes down as one of the best ways to get away with static character shots.
  • The ending sequence is legendary
  • The only part that holds this OP back is the part with the titular “Fighting Dreamers”. For some reason they cut on “Dreamers” not “Fighting” so it feel disjointed and what they’re cutting between is just static shots that aren’t even that interesting.

#1: OP5 (Seishun Kyosokyoku)

  • Honestly this OP is pretty close to perfect. There wasn’t even a contest.
  • Things I particularly loved: 
    • The music felt perfect for the running sequence at the start
    • The part where Sasuke’s hand drops his headband
    • The part where they changed it half way through to incorporate Lee and the sand ninja coming into the fight. 
    • Orocimaru’s head turning into a silhouette which encompasses all his lackeys posing in unique ways.

Beats last season.

  1. Lord El-Melloi - I like Reines.
  2. Fruits Basket - Comparison charts.
  3. Vinland Saga - A decent manime.
  4. Uchi no Ko - I am a lolicon.
  5. Machikado Mazoku - TBS Kirara.
  6. Precure - Where do babies come from
  7. Enen no Shouboutai - Where SHAFT went.
  9. HenSuki - Imazaki’s storyboarding.
  10. Pokemon - League atmosphere.
  11. COP CRAFT - GONZO without GONZO.
  12. Boruto - I remember my Naruto cards.
  13. Kanata no Astra - Has a brown loli.
  14. Kimetsu no Yaiba - ufo Jump.
  15. Aikatsu - Japanese fluent Russians.
  16. Kemono-tachi - Better with Nancy.
  17. OkaSuki - Mom tits.
  18. Accelerator - As QUALITY as III.
  19. Re:Stage! - Discount idols.
  20. DanMachi - Hope Hestia sticks.
  21. Maou-sama Retry - We want the Rem audience.
  22. JyoshiMuda - I self-insert to the bad artist.
  23. Takagi-san - “Takagi-san me!”
  24. Arifureta- Hope at least the blonde girl’s cute.
  25. Given - Homo band.
  26. Kitarou - Revenge is good, kids.
  27. YU-NO - How do we balance the heroines
  28. Tejina-senpai - Laugh and fap to Senpai.
  29. Granbelm - Poor man’s Madoka.
  30. Dr. Stone - A loud and dumb man.
  31. Pirakarako-chan - SD cannibalism.
  32. PriChan - PriPara was 5 years ago.
  33. Symphogear - I’m too far in to leave.
  34. NHG - Early 2010′s Oonuma.
  35. Isekai Cheat Magician - I don’t like Kirito.
  36. Ensemble Stars - Template boy idols.
  37. Sounan Desu ka? - Get hard over survivors.
  38. Dumbbell - I don’t like the gym.

Power Rangers Series Rankings (IMO)

1) Mighty Morphin (1994-95) - originals are always the best

2) Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004) - Tommy returns for his badass story

3) Power Rangers Zeo (1996) - epic beginning and great story

4) Power Rangers RPM (2009) - darkest series with lots of great actors

5) Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006) - fun twist, but would’ve liked more focus on Rangers beyond Nick

6) Power Rangers in Space (1998) - great villain, cool story, features a teenage mutant ninja turtle crossover

7) Power Rangers S.P.D. (2005) - futuristic, Jack and Skye gave such an interesting dynamic as they both learn from each other

8) Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003) - kind of ripped off TMNT with the master gerbil but the Rangers were great

9) Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (1996) - weird arc, but has some awesome moments involved in time travel

10) Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008) - RJ and Don are amazing

11) Power Rangers Time Force (2001) - really cool story, Jen makes the show

12) Power Rangers Wild Force (2002) - weird story but some good characters

13) Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999) - bad acting but cool plot with some twists

14) Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai (2011-12) - bad acting with good action

15) Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007) - really interesting plot, terrible acting

16) Power Rangers Turbo (1997) - I’ll say it, I hate Justin

17) Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce (2013-14) - horrible wannabe Mighty Morphon

18) Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000) - the worst thing I’ve ever seen, horrible characters, nonsense story (why the hell are they fighting demons?!)

Have not seen yet:

Power Rangers Dino Charge/Super Dino Charge (2015-16)

Power Rangers Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel (2017-18)

Power Rangers Beast Morphers (2019)

Aprende a quererte, aprende que tú siempre debes estar por delante de todos. Que nadie tiene el derecho de tratarte mal y dañarte. Y si alguien lo hace, tienes el derecho de alejarte y volver a vivir, vivir contigo mismo, empezar a conocerte y a quererte. Aprender que en este mundo eres solo tú, que los amigos se van, el amor se acaba y que eres solo tú.

Beetlejuice HC: Who would win in a fight(movie.musical.cartoon)

all right sheeple here we go


- movie BJ = unchained ferral

- will fight just to fight

- he is pretty strong in his abilities but when it comes to strength someone will beat him

- he can make stuff appear out of thin air so I wouldn’t be surprised that if he would drop a sword or big ass brick from above you and just finish the job right there

- he plays dirty, but if you can out smart him, you’ll win by a long shot

- do i suggest fighting though? no, stay far away man


- legally not allowed to kill, but will fight

- especially if Lydia is involved

- he is a literal guard dog, and will only attack if provoked…or if he just doesn’t like your face, depends on the day for him

- he is a prankster, so he will make sure if he wants to fight, to humiliate you in the process or make it more entertaining for him

- watch him turn into a large glass of ice tea and just knock you out, he will do it

- pretty easy to beat, if you just dodge him and hit him once, the cartoon rat will retreat

- unless, his friends(lydia) are involved, then you better watch it 

- …still pretty easy to beat though lol


- A mix of the other two

- will usually prank rather than fight…but will kill you if he’s pissed enough

- has tentacles and isn’t afraid to use them

- will posses you and make you beat yourself up or dance

- don’t test the rat boy, he has anger issues

- maybe he’ll let you live, maybe not but he’ll make sure you learned your place

- you could possibly beat him, very difficult- but take notes from lydia

- “get to his ego, then stab”

Ranking of how hard to beat:

movie: 6/10, can beat but be careful

cartoon: 4/10, will be able to beat, just hit him hard and keep Lydia out of it

musical: 9/10, you will have to work hard, but not impossible to beat


Now let’s say if you’re new to anime or want new suggestions to watch and not waste time (because there are mostly awful things out there), this is one useful method to filter likeable shows if you’re not bothered by following and score system. Provided by MyAnimeList site, this doesn’t state in any way than an anime is better than the rest because of its higher score it’s just that the older the show the more people watch it and it sums up!



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Ibope Repucom divulga ranking digital dos clubes brasileiros de julho

Com o levantamento deste mês, o IBOPE Repucom destaca o crescimento das bases digitais de Flamengo, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Atlético Mineiro e Santos. Os cinco clubes são os que mais cresceram no período e correspondem a cerca de 680 mil inscritos, 52% do total de novas inscrições nas contas oficiais dos clubes de futebol durante junho.

Devido à pausa dos principais campeonatos nacionais, era esperado que o interesse pelos clubes de futebol sofresse uma diminuição, um reflexo natural devido à ausência de jogos e consequentemente de novos conteúdos, ocasionando na diminuição de novos seguidores. O saldo total de junho ficou 26% abaixo da média registrada entre janeiro e maio de 2019.

Pelo sexto mês consecutivo o Flamengo lidera o crescimento do Ranking Digital no combinado entre todas as redes sociais. Neste último mês, os flamenguistas somaram 355 mil novos inscritos em suas plataformas oficiais, crescimento expressivo para o período de pausa para a Copa América. Enquanto a parada para o torneio continental de seleções fez o volume geral de novos seguidores diminuir no país, o crescimento do Flamengo em junho foi seu terceiro melhor desempenho no ano.

O clube da gávea também demonstrou sua força digital ao liderar o crescimento no Twitter, Instagram e YouTube dentre os 45 times monitorados. Na plataforma de vídeos, os cariocas obtiveram o melhor desempenho já registrado por algum clube na série histórica, foram mais de 98 mil novas inscrições no período, possivelmente motivado pelo desempenho do clube nas oitavas de final da Copa do Brasil e pela apresentação de novos membros da equipe.

No mês de junho, o Corinthians obteve o segundo maior crescimento geral na somatória de suas redes sociais. Neste intervalo, os corintianos conquistaram perto de 100 mil novas curtidas. O principal motor da evolução alvinegro vem sobretudo de sua conta no Instagram, a plataforma foi responsável por mais de 90% do resultado corintiano no período.

O Palmeiras permanece no TOP 5 crescimentos em junho. No período, os palmeirenses ampliaram seu saldo em 82 mil seguidores. A equipe alviverde também obteve destaque no YouTube, neste mês tiveram o segundo maior crescimento desta rede social e atualmente são donos do segundo maior canal dentre todos os times monitorados, a “TV Palmeiras”.

Atlético-MG e Santos foram outras equipes que também merecem destaque no Ranking Digital de Junho, ficando respectivamente em quarto e quinto lugar entre os maiores crescimentos. Os mineiros ganharam 81 mil seguidores enquanto os paulistas conquistaram 58 mil inscrições.

Midnight Cinderella Long-term ranking

But someone did the ranking category names all wrong. For the picture on the right they should be:

1. Handsome king loved by most girls

2. Prickly on the outside, softie inside

3. Cold but worm

4. The Wolf’s howl

Seriously now. Instead of making such a strange categories wouldn’t be better to make: Most handsome one, Most beloved, The one I would marry, My charming Prince. They woud mach so much better. Everyone vote on the guy they like the most anyways….