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🍇En el de los valores medios de compra de tierras de viñedos, la piamontesa no tiene rival: cuesta hasta 4 millones de euros por hectárea. La ley del mercado domina: poca oferta, precios exorbitantes

This year the aspirants have a second chance to improve their rankings in , learn how to in JEE Main April’19 by Mr. Ramesh Batlish, Centre Head FIITJEE Noida. Read the article published in The Pionee -

📹 Alejandro G. Iñárritu protagonizó uno de los mejores momentos del , ¿de qué se trata? Mira nuestro . 🔓

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🔜🔜 ¡Donde comienzan los sueños! en el año 2018 cuarto lugar y asociación con mayor progreso en el de

📹 Para entregas inolvidables de los , ninguna como la del 2017, en la que, por error, fue premiada. ¡Usted disculpe! 🔓

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〔Qing Chun You Ni / Idol Producer Season 2〕

—Top 9 as of Episode 6—

1. Li Wenhan

2. Jia yi

3. Guan Yue

4. Chen Youwei

5. Hu Chunyang

6. Lian Huaiwei

7. Yao Chi

8. Shi Zhan

9. Yao Mingming


4. Katya
This week we had two photo shoots. I decided to rank each shoot and then to write an average number.

I photo shoot - Posing on geometric shapes

Sasha K.’s photo is N5 for me. The photo is not bad but her working process was awful.

II photo shoot - Posing with bicycle

I ranked her as N4. I like her photo. She looks great. Her face is so beautiful I just have no words
Average number is 4.5.


5. Sveta

This week we had two photo shoots. I decided to rank each shoot and then to write an average number.

I photo shoot - Posing on geometric shapes

Sveta’s photo is N7 for me. It’s a strange pose and just not for my taste.

II photo shoot - Posing with bicycle

I ranked her as N3. This photo is one of my favorite during the whole cycle. They look amazing. And they worked very good. Well done!
Average number is 5.

Alright I have now finished Kingdom Hearts III, gods bless. As such after a long journey I have played all the Kingdom Hearts game and it’s time to rank them. I have played every game expect for one so lets get to it shall we? I am biased like all so your free to disagree. No Spoilers. Below are opinions and ratings out of 10

10. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

So, codded is the only game I truly hate and Yes I’ve never played it. I watched the cut scenes and Jesus it was so boring. Look, we visit the same worlds 3 to 4 times and that’s just too much. The story really has little to no purpose expect the last bit at the end and from what I’ve seen the game play is not great either. Just skip if you can. 3/10-Not even a good try.

9. Kingdom Hearts: Union X

I’m lumping Backcover into this as well, so I’ve downloaded the game and played it and it’s okay for what it is. It’s a cellphone game, I usually cant get more than 3 missions in till I’m bored though. You’re just tapping and sliding and cant really explore a lot. I find the lore bits the most interesting stuff and I love that but honestly it upsets me that there releasing such important lore onto a cellphone game of all things. It brings great mysterious to the series don’t get me wrong especially with the ending to Kingdom Hearts III and Backcover looks amazing but again important lore on a cellphone game? Really? 5/10-Ill play it when I’m bored.

8. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

This is a solid game in my opinion and yes I’ve actually played this one. I remember finding this in a sam’s club as a kid and getting so excited about it and begging my dad to buy it. And it’s good. The graphics haven’t aged well, but it is a fun game. The game play is meh to me at this point, and lets be honest the introduction and implication of Xion is kinda bad. They clearly created her after 2 and were really trying to come up with good reasons she wasn’t ever mentioned. I honestly think it’s a good story like I said it really fleshes out Axel, Roxas, and other organization members, and you get to play as them in the multiply player mode, nice touch, but the gameplay and graphics are far from desired so, it’s lower than some of the rest. 5/10-AverageTime. played it once that was enough.

7. Kingdom Heart: Chain of Memories              

Omg, so I’ve played this on the Gameboy and the playstation2. Dear god, I use to hate this game. HATE IT. I understand why it was made this way but fuck no, I have permeant trauma now of me and my friend screaming at the screen while fighting Vexen. I hate the game play and the combat system. The saving grace of this game is the story. It was amazing, I really appreciate now. Even more after playing 2. Just Namine and the mystery of the organization. Man, I man still have nightmares but the story is at least solid. 6/10-Might actually play it agin.

6. Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage

This really shouldn’t count but screw it. This has lovely, this may as well be a demo but is was appreciated. Aqua is a favorite of the fandom and having a whole game that was just her? Yes please. It was nice having this tie into Kingdom Heart’s finale and I really did like it and the game play even it was just a preview of 3’s gameplay. Overall a good time and I love my baby Aqua *fangirl scream* 7/10 – Love has a face and it’s Aqua’s.

5. Kingdom Hearts

This was the very first game I ever played on my playstation 2. This was my game growing up. I love Disney and as I’ve grow older I’ve grown like final fantasy. This is a great game and I love it. Yeah, the controls are wonking and yes I hate some of the side missions. I was so angry while getting Aeroga but that doesn’t matter. Its fun and it’s a best selling for a reason. Where on the 10th game so it must be great? The fandom thinks so. 8/10- My first love.

4. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

This entire game is a freakin tease. Why would you name this 3D….I’ver never played this on the DS so forgive me. But this angered me when it came out, Everything seemed to be pointing at 3 but this came instead and don’t get me started on the Riku hate that I still have. But honestly after playing the game? I’m happy with it. The flowmotion is hella great and they have so many new worlds, I’m so happy and the combat and story are great (ignoring the obvious complaint everyone has cause yeah. 13 Xehanorts is stupid) but the only complaints I have are I didn’t like the dream eaters (I’m not here to nitendog), why is it on the freaking 3DS, and the drop system….why….Otherwise a soild game. 8/10- A really really nice dive into my heart.

3. Kingdom Hearts III

13 Years…..And was it worth. Yes? Like I had major fun playing it. The combat was great. Was there problems? Yes. But I loved playing it. It’s a good game and I will play it over some of the others easily, it looks amazing, sounds amazing, and the story. My most problems have to do with the pacing and the ending. Which leaves it at number 3. 9/10- 13 Years of waiting, complete.

2. Kingdom Heart II

Talk to any fan and usual this is their number one game. It is the golden standard of Kingdom Hearts and their right. It was the best console game for a long time and had the best combat with the drive forms,  action commands, and the combos. It fixed the gummi ships and had so many Disney worlds. I for also enjoyed Roxas stuff and generally like the story throughout, plus it’s the first kingdom hearts game I beat. Actually it’s the first game I ever beat. But, its not number one. 10/10- Love you so much

1. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

I love this game so much. I remember being so happy when my brother got a PSP. This was literally the only game I wanted, which to this day I have. I have such fond memories of this game and I love the characters so much. I love playing as Terra, Ven, and Aqua way more than Sora and Riku. The combats more fun and the story is just something I love. Making it my favorite, despite it’s flaws.

The Wolves Ranking

Note: Some names are nicknames

Alpha – Diablo (M) 

Beta – Hawk (M) (Main character)

Gamma (Founders) – Grayson (M), Raul (M), and Teo (M)

Delta (Messengers) – Lee (M) and Skylar (F)

Epsilon (Soldiers) – Diego (M), Hunter (M), Sage (F), Nathan (M), Maya (F), and Esmeralda (F) 

Zeta (Fighting specialists) – Mae (F), Jose (M), and Stone (M)

Iota (Medic) – Wren (F) 

Omega (Peacekeepers and/or other) – Roadkill (M), Neil (M), Aaron (M), and Coco (F)

Os técnicos mais bem pagos do futebol brasileiro
Renato Gaúcho e Felipão são os dois técnicos mais bem pagos do pais (Rodrigo Gazzanel/Gazeta Press)

Renato Gaúcho é o técnico mais bem pago do futebol brasileiro, de acordo com levantamento feito pelo Blog e que incluiu todos os grandes clubes do país. Com a renovação do contrato, depois da proposta do Flamengo, o treinador passou a ganhar R$ 900 mil por mês no Grêmio – o valor inclui salários e luvas, como são chamados os prêmios pela assinatura do contrato.

O palmeirense Felipão e o cruzeirense Mano Menezes aparecem logo depois, embolsando R$ 800 mil, cada. Atual campeão brasileiro, Felipão fatura R$ 500 mil mensais de salário e outros R$ 300 mil de luvas. Seu contrato com o Verdão ainda inclui um auxílio-moradia de R$ 11 mil por mês.

No acordo com Mano, além dos altos vencimentos, chama atenção o custo de dois de seus fieis escudeiros: o auxiliar-técnico Sidnei Lobo e o preparador físico Dudu Silva, os mais bem pagos do país. Parceiros do gaúcho há longa data, eles faturam R$ 160 mil por mês, cada.

O corintiano Fábio Carille, que voltou com muito moral da Arábia Saudita, é o quarto do ranking. Ele ganhava R$ 300 mil no Parque São Jorge antes de se mudar ao Al-Wehda. Para conseguir repatriá-lo, o Timão banca R$ 500 mil mensais de salários e R$ 200 mil de luvas. Na capital saudita, ele ganhava R$ 800 mil por mês, livres de impostos.

Jorge Sampaoli no Santos e Abel Braga no Flamengo embolsam praticamente a mesma coisa. Com o detalhe de que o argentino tem seu salário fixado em dólar, ou seja, sujeito às oscilações da moeda americana em relação ao real. Já Abel terá direito a prêmios milionários em caso de conquistas de títulos.

Na sequência, aparecem o atleticano Levir Culpi, com vencimentos de R$ 400 mil; o botafoguense Zé Ricardo e Rogério Ceni no Fortaleza com R$ 250 mil, cada; e o colorado Odair Hellmann e o tricolor Vagner Mancini, com R$ 200 mil. Já Fernando Diniz, do Fluminense, e Alberto Valentim, do Vasco, recebem R$ 180 mil por mês.

De acordo com o Cadastro Geral de Empregados e Desempregados (Caged), um técnico de futebol no Brasil ganha em média R$ 7.987,95 por mês, por uma jornada de trabalho de 41 horas semanais. O levantamento foi feito com a inclusão de 957 treinadores brasileiros durante o segundo semestre do ano passado.

1º Renato Gaúcho (Grêmio): R$ 900 mil
2º Felipão (Palmeiras): R$ 800 mil
Mano Menezes (Cruzeiro): R$ 800 mil
4º Fábio Carille (Corinthians): R$ 700 mil
5º Jorge Sampaoli (Santos): R$ 610 mil
6º Abel Braga (Flamengo): R$ 600 mil
7º Levir Culpi (Atlético-MG): R$ 400 mil
8º Zé Ricardo (Botafogo): R$ 250 mil
Rogério Ceni (Fortaleza): R$ 250 mil
10º Odair Hellmann (Inter): R$ 200 mil
Vagner Mancini (São Paulo): R$ 200 mil
12º Alberto Valentim (Vasco): R$ 180 mil
Fernando Diniz (Fluminense): R$ 180 mil

* valores incluem salários e luvas

Ranking Femenino, segunda gala.

¡Otra semana más os traemos el ranking final! ¿Está vuestra favorita en el TOP6? Si no es así, ayúdala a conseguirlo.

Aquellos que estén en negrita significa que están en el TOP6. Aquellos que estén en cursiva son personajes no jugables. Y aquellos que estén tachados, son los expulsados.

  1. Kim Min Ji - 802k puntos
  2. Cho Sun Hye - 793k puntos
  3. Nam Ae Ra - 791k puntos
  4. Pakpao Mbela - 749k puntos
  5. Kwon Soo Yeon - 731k puntos
  6. Kwon Ae-Ri - 725k puntos
  7. Yu Eun Jin - 719k puntos
  8. Park So-Min - 699k puntos
  9. Huang Ji Sook - 697k puntos
  10. Ahn Sung Kyung - 690k puntos
  11. Song Bo Mi - 679k puntos
  12. Han Mi Young - 633k puntos
  13. Izumi Sayuri - 596k puntos
  14. Huang Ae Sook - 440k puntos.
  15. Yong Seoyun - 198k puntos.
  16. Yoon Aejung - 185k puntos.
  17. Hoshide Maki - 145k puntos.
  18. Um Hyemi - 118k puntos.
  19. Myung Ahseong - 94k puntos.
  20. Han Younghee - 76k puntos.
  21. Chae Gyuri - eliminada.
  22. Kong Ji Hye - abandono.
  23. Lee Jin Ah - expulsada.
  24. Sim Bora - eliminada.
  25. Janey Kim - expulsada.
Ranking Masculino, segunda gala.

¡Otra semana más os traemos el ranking final! ¿Está vuestro favorito en el TOP6? Si no es así, ayúdale a conseguirlo.

Aquellos que estén en negrita significa que están en el TOP6. Aquellos que estén en cursiva son personajes no jugables. Y aquellos que estén tachados, son los expulsados.

  1. Seong Chan Woo - 874k puntos
  2. Ahn Kang Joon - 821k puntos
  3. Kwon Han Bin - 784k puntos
  4. Fu Long Fei - 778k puntos
  5. Gyeon Jin Woo - 769k puntos
  6. Dai Qiang - 719k puntos.
  7. Han Ki Woo - 652k puntos
  8. Zeng Tao - 646k puntos
  9. Cai Jianjun - 639k puntos
  10. Joo Jae Ki - 636k puntos
  11. Oh Se Yoon - 516k puntos
  12. Ho Tae Yoon - 484k puntos
  13. Ho Tae Woon - 409k puntos.
  14. Son Jinwoo - 176k puntos.
  15. Joon Ho Jin - 150k puntos.
  16. Joo Kyungjoon - 123k puntos.
  17. Chu Mansoo - 101k puntos.
  18. Hwang Heechul - 98k puntos.
  19. Soo Hyungmin - 97k puntos.
  20. Seok Yongjoon - 87k puntos.
  21. Ho Jinhwan - 75k puntos.
  22. Kang Hyo Yoo - abandono.
  23. Yoo Kyung Wan - eliminado.
  24. Wong Youngmin - eliminado
  25. Liu Jiang Yu - expulsado.
Ranking Masculino, primera gala.

¡Vaya con esta gala! Nos ha tenido a todos pegados en el asiento durante tantas horas que ahora viene lo mejor, ¡el ranking!

Aquellos que estén en negrita significa que están en el TOP6. Aquellos que estén en cursiva son personajes no jugables. Y aquellos que estén tachados, son los expulsados.

  1. Ahn Kang Joon - 481k puntos.
  2. Kwon Han Bin - 475k puntos.
  3. Ho Tae Yoon - 474k puntos.
  4. Fu Long Fei - 464k puntos.
  5. Kang Hyo Yoo - 459k puntos.
  6. Seong Chan Woo - 457k puntos.
  7. Han Ki Woo - 451k puntos.
  8. Gyeon Jin Woo - 418k puntos.
  9. Cai Jianjun - 410k puntos.
  10. Ho Tae Woon - 404k puntos.
  11. Zeng Tao - 403k puntos.
  12. Dai Qiang - 391k puntos.
  13. Yoo Kyung Wan - 382k puntos.
  14. Joo Jae Ki - 379k puntos.
  15. Oh Se Yoon - 297k puntos.
  16. Son Jinwoo - 176k puntos.
  17. Joon Ho Jin - 150k puntos.
  18. Joo Kyungjoon - 123k puntos.
  19. Chu Mansoo - 101k puntos.
  20. Hwang Heechul - 98k puntos.
  21. Soo Hyungmin - 97k puntos.
  22. Seok Yongjoon - 87k puntos.
  23. Ho Jinhwan - 75k puntos.
  24. Wong Youngmin - eliminado (67k puntos).
  25. Liu Jiang Yu - expulsado.
Ranking Femenino, primera gala

¡Vaya con esta gala! Nos ha tenido a todos pegados en el asiento durante tantas horas que ahora viene lo mejor, ¡el ranking!

Aquellos que estén en negrita significa que están en el TOP6. Aquellos que estén en cursiva son personajes no jugables. Y aquellos que estén tachados, son los expulsados.

  1. Cho Sun Hye - 497k puntos.
  2. Pakpao Mbela - 490k puntos.
  3. Lee Jin Ah - 487k puntos.
  4. Kim Min Ji - 480k puntos.
  5. Huang Ae Sook - 460k puntos.
  6. Kwon Soo Yeon - 460k puntos.
  7. Huang Ji Sook - 459k puntos.
  8. Kwon Ae Ri - 440k puntos.
  9. Nam Ae Ra - 434k puntos.
  10. Song Bo Mi - 412k puntos.
  11. Yu Eun Jin - 390k puntos.
  12. Ahn Sung Kyung - 385k puntos.
  13. Chae Gyuri - 368k puntos.
  14. Park So-min - 364k puntos.
  15. Izumi Sayuri - 342k puntos.
  16. Han Mi Young - 339k puntos.
  17. Kong Ji Hye - 311k puntos.
  18. Yong Seoyun - 198k puntos.
  19. Yoon Aejung - 185k puntos.
  20. Hoshide Maki - 145k puntos.
  21. Um Hyemi - 118k puntos.
  22. Myung Ahseong - 94k puntos.
  23. Han Younghee - 76k puntos.
  24. Sim Bora - eliminada.
  25. Janey Kim - expulsada.

A comprehensive height guide of Ikesen-Ikerev-Ikevam husbandos.

Courtesy of Saku-chan~

A dedication to lovely idea factory @kouei116

1. Sirius Oswald & Takeda Shingen - 185cm

2. Lancelot Kingsley - 183cm

3. Leonardo Da Vinci & Akechi Mitsuhide - 181cm

4. Date Masamune - 180.3cm

5. Harr Silver - 180cm

6. Oda Nobunaga - 179.7cm

7. Toyotomi Hideyoshi - 179.2cm

8. Count of St. Germain & Seth Hyde - 179cm

9. Jonah Clemence 178.5cm

10. Jeanne d’Arc & Napoleon Bonaparte & Kyle Ash & Kennyo - 178cm

11. Sebastian & Fenrir Godspeed & Sanada Yukimura - 177cm

12. Sarutobi Sasuke - 176.7cm

13. Ray Blackwell & Zero - 176.5cm

14. Uesugi Kenshin - 176.2cm

15. Theodorus Van Gogh & Arthur Conan Doyle & Blanc Lapin - 176cm

16. Edgar Bright - 175.5cm

17. Vincent Van Gogh & Wolfgang Amadeus Ozamu Dazai & Mozart & Luka Clemence & Ishida Mitsunari - 175cm

18. Tokugawa Ieyasu - 174.1cm

19. William Shakespeare - 174cm

20. Isaac Newton - 173cm

21. Loki Genetta - 170cm

22. Oliver Knight - 145cm (Child Form)

How do you compare to your suitor?

How do your husbandos rank?

Me: Edgar, Mitsunari and Vincent are in the good range t-tthank god! 😆