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¿Es más caro organizar un funeral en una ciudad grande o en una pequeña? Las estadísticas sitúan en el de precios de sepelios a algunas de las ciudades más grandes de Madrid. nos informa:

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Coimbra é a 4.ª melhor cidade portuguesa para viver (e não somos nós que o dizemos). A cidade registou uma subida, do 6.º para 4.º lugar, ultrapassando Cascais e Sintra.

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My ranking of episodes 11 of Doctor Who:

  1. Heaven Sent
  2. Turn Left & the God Complex
  3. World enough and time
  4. Utopia
  5. Dark Water
  6. The Crimson Horror
  7. Boom Town
  8. Fear Her
  9. The Lodger
Instagram Followers Ranking 2019

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Top 34 Yuri Anime

From mid-February to mid-March Akiba held a poll asking viewers what their favorite anime series were. Over 50,000 votes were counted and in the end, they organized the 34 entries by votes to declare which series was the most popular. While not including every yuri series, these titles do vary wildly from pulse-pounding action to salacious dramas and subtext filled slice of life shows. Of course, the eternal problem with popularity polls is that they only show what is, well… popular. So I have decided to organize the same 34 series into my own list, based on a mixture person preference, influence, and historical importance to the genre. Note that this list is not exhaustive, as there are more than just these 34 Here we go!

34. Kuttsukiboshi – No surprise here. While impressive from a technical standpoint, as this two episode series was written, directed, and animated by one may, Nayoya Ishikawa, this impressive feat does nothing to sate the deep loathing I have for Kuttsukiboshi. I found it not only nonsensical but disgusting and offensive at almost every turn.

33. Maria Holic – Ok this one has some funny moments and a solid opening theme but mostly it is about a cross-dressing sadist abusing the hell out of one of the cringiest characters ever written.

32. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid – ew

31. Seraphim Call – Certainly not the worst but age really took a toll on this anime. It is entirely lost to history, only obtaining 12 votes in the original poll.

30. Love To-LIE-Angle - FANTASTIC TITLE, gross series that was forgotten before it even finished

29. Kurau: Phantom Memory – whut

28. Hidamari Sketch – How did this below average series get as many anime adaptations as it did?

27. Candy Boy – 2007 - 2009 was weird. I actually like parts of this one, as it is really cute, but you have to turn your brain off because full out incest. I have not heard about this one since 2009 and that seems to be cool with everyone involved.

26. The Girl in Twilight – I had never heard of this before doing this piece, which says a lot about this anime’s cultural importance. But it is a good watch.

25. El Cazador de la Bruja – worth one good watch and that’s about it.

24. My-HiME – Raise your hand if you have heard of this one. That is what I thought, and yet it is #13 on the original list.

23. Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn – There is no real place to put this one and that says more about it than I ever could.

22. Blue Drop – Weird show, you should watch it, but not memorable

21. Simoun – This one is actually a sort of hidden gem but it is lost to history for most people.

20. Destiny of the Shrine Maiden – It baffles me how this mostly mediocre mecha series was so popular. That being said, the ending of episode 11 is some of my favorite directing ever.

19. Saki – Ya know, you never hear about this one but it is actually one of the most popular, and was #6 in the poll. It is basically a mahjong sports style anime so I have no idea how it is so popular but hey, lots of people swear by it. The ultimate you “love it or hate it” show for a lot of people strangely as well.

18. Netsuzou Trap -NTR – I held off as long as I could. While really popular I cannot stand this anime, my loathing of it is rivaled only by Kuttsukiboshi.

17. Sasameki Koto – A pretty well-known yuri series. The books are FAR better, but still an enjoyable watch beloved by many yuri fans.

16. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san – It pains me to not be able to place this one higher, as it is one of my favorites and so hilarious, but overall there are other series that just deserve to be above it.

15. Konohana Kitan – Adorable, just adorable.

14. Black Rock Shooter – It’s astonishing that an (admittedly awesome) character design can spawn multiple anime adaptations, a hit song, and its own franchise. The anime adaptation packs some good old-fashion emotional suffering and cool fights but nothing really beyond that.

13. Strike Witches – Far more popular and influential than it has any right to be. One of the most salacious shows on this list I always feel uncomfortable watching it but I do love the characters.

12. Yuri Kuma Arashi – The creators behind this were clearly not sober and probably could have used a cold shower for other reasons as well, but it is an INCREDIBLE anime with some of the best, although extraordinarily odd, writing.

11. Liz and the Blue Bird – Things are starting to get a bit difficult now, this one is actually hard to place. Being only a year old we are not sure of the impact it has but the movie is beautiful and stunning with some really bad pacing.

10. Sakura Trick – Full of fluffy fanservice, and pretty popular. This is one that almost every yuri fan will enjoy.

9. Maria Watches Over Us – The show that revived the sister-love story, a lot of the most popular yuri would not exist if not for this gentle diamond.

8. Yuruyuri – A yuri somehow becomes one of the best slice of life series of all time. Its fame is well deserved, as the memorable characters and dynamics can be enjoyed for many, many viewings.

7. Bloom Into You – What started as a run of the mill yuri series became one of the most well-loved. One of the biggest anime of last year and a darn good yuri to boot. I wonder how we will look back on this one a decade later.

6. Citrus – DEAR GOD. I know how controversial this series is for many people and that some of you want to grab pitchforks right about now in response to me placing this high on the list but hear me out. Whatever your feelings about Citrus, and there is plenty of valid criticism to make, it is a very influential and popular anime. It scored the top spot on Akiba’s list by over 5000 votes. For me, it holds a special spot as the first real review I ever wrote (thank you, Erica, for the opportunity).

5. Sweet Blue Flowers – We are in the top five now, yet I still feel that I have placed this series far too low. It is one of the most grounded yuri series and ten years later its impact on the genre is still clear.

4. Strawberry Panic! – This was my first yuri and will always be special to me for this. But, there is no doubt that this series is actually worse than a lot of the ones lower than it on this list. I can almost feel the seething rage directed towards me for placing what can realistically be described as an aging, parodied, melodrama so high.Yet, as I gaze through my strawberry colored glasses, I see that Strawberry Panic has a magic to it. For so many in the American community, it holds a special place and I have heard my story with it reflected so often that I just started writing it on a speech bubble on the inside of the glasses I wear at conventions so that I know what people are saying to me when my mind wanders off. There is a reason it is nicknamed the gateway of yuri.

3. Kase-san and Morning Glories – A simply stunning, beautiful, and realistic story, this OVA movie is unlike any yuri before it. It holds nothing back in its yuri in its realistic depiction of a lesbian relationship. Kase-san is the best anime to come from twenty-gay-teen it just might change the genre forever.

2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Speaking of changing a genre, PMMM, my favorite anime of all time, did something truly incredible. Not since sailor moon as such a social phenomenon sprung from a magical girl series. The perfect writing, postmodern use of tropes, philosophy, and just pure awe-inspiring nature of the show has not been forgotten years later. The legacy of such a widely celebrated series is nothing short of god-like.

1. Revolutionary Girl Utena – Was there ever really any doubt? This series defined what yuri is for a generation. It is one of the defining works of LGBT and feminist media and possibly one of the most important pieces to come out of 90′s anime. Yuri, as we know it may not exist, were it not for this legendary series.

Well, that was fun but exhausting. Of course, this list is not perfect and I am sure that you more than disagree with me in a few places and I would love to hear them. Send me an ask, post a reply, tag me on twitter @HolyYuriMother for the love of the great yuri goddess! I want to know what you think, what series do you love? What anime do you hate? What nonsense thing did I say that just deserves to be torn apart? I want to know!

You can check out the original list on Akiba.

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Supreme Ikebo Voice Actor Ranking

1. Miyano Mamoru
2. Suwabe Junichi
3. Ishida Aikira
4. Ikeda Shuichi
5. Yamadera Koichi
6. Nakamura Yuichi
7. Sakurai Takahiro
8. Kaji Yuki
9. Hayami Sho
10. Otsuka Akio
11. Midorikawa Hikaru
12. Kamiya Akira
13. Koyasu Takehito
14. Ono Daisuke
15. Fukuyama Jun
16. Tsuda Kenjiro
17. Hosoya Yoshimasa
18. Nakai Kazuya
19. Kobayashi Kiyoshi
20. Seki Toshihiko
21. Umehara Yuichiro
22. Hirata Hiroaki
23. Yamada Yasuo
24. Nozawa Nachi
25. Okamoto Nobuhiko
26. Tomiyama Kei
27. Otsuka Hochu
28. Genda Tessho
29. Wakamoto Norio
30. Fujiwara Keiji
31. Seki Tomokazu, Kosugi Jurota
33. Saito Soma, Namikawa Daisuke
34. KENN
35. Nakata Joji
36. Suzumura Kenichi
37. Ginga Banjo
39. Koyama Rikiya
40. Suzuki Tatsuhisa
41. Aoi Shota
42. Furukawa Toshio
43. Morikubo Showtaro
44. Sato Takuya
45. Shimazaki Nobunaga, Masuda Toshiki
47. Eguchi Takuya
48. Nojima Kenji
49. Kakihara Tetsuya
50. Hatano Wataru
51. Shimono Hiro, Ono Kensho
53. Takahashi Hiroki, Tachiki Fumihiko
55. Nishiyama Kotaro
56. Masuda Yuki, Yoshino Hiroyuki
58. Kajiwara Gakuto
59. Yashiro Taku
60. Suganuma Hisayoshi

Star Wars Ranking:

I can’t remember if I’ve posted a ranking since I finally got around to watching Solo. In any event, it’s pretty much unchanged since watching TLJ:

  1. Return of the Jedi
  2. The Empire Strikes Back
  3. A New Hope
  4. The Last Jedi
  5. The Force Awakens
  6. Rogue One
  7. Revenge of the Sith
  8. The Phantom Menace
  9. Attack of the Clones
  10. Solo

10 films already? Wow (I refuse to count the clone wars movie since it was made for television and only technically theatrically released. If I add that I may as well start adding the Ewok movies and that doesn’t seem fair.)

Solo might rise with rewatches. It doesn’t suck but it feels the most flawed. The first half is a real drag. Otherwise, it’s mostly a list of preference and nostalgia, not good films and bad films. 

I honestly think I like Phantom Menace more than Revenge of the Sith but saying something like that tends to create strong reactions from fans since having opinions that don’t line up with what everyone thinks is Bad.

I think with time and more courage I might rank TLJ and TFA above ANH. But I don’t have the heart for it yet.

Top Five Oliver Stone Films

5. “Wall Street” (1987)If nothing else, Stone’s mildly dated yet still incisive look into the money men of America gave us the endlessly quotable line, “Greed is good.” That line, delivered by Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas), perfectly encapsulated life in the U.S. circa 1987 – a people fueled by monetary desires, fellow citizens be damned. “Wall Street” depicted a world of winners and losers without succumbing to cartoonish characterizations.

4. “Talk Radio” (1988)Stone is at his best when he’s angry. Or, at the very least, when his characters are angry. Few in his filmography are driven by rage like Barry (Eric Bogosian), a Texas-based talk show host who lambasts those calling in to offer up their opinions. “Talk Radio” is a riveting drama, sure. but it’s also a brutal examination of the American populace, especially the uneducated, bigoted, and dunderheaded.

3. “Platoon” (1986)Forget the film’s four Oscar wins. Forget the superlatives, the hyperbole, the praise hurled by everyone who has experienced this movie. It’s a masterpiece, that much is true. But why does it remain as indispensable as ever? The reasons vary, as will your mileage for Stone’s raw shot of war. It’s the cyclical nature of combat that Stone understands and presents to us. One platoon in, the other out. Together they form an unending, uninterrupted circle of battle, bloodshed, and death.

2. “JFK” (1991)It’s rare that the apex of an actor and director coincide, but it’s true in “JFK.” This is peak Kevin Costner and Oliver Stone. The three-hour thrilling affair serves as both a stunning judicial procedural and revealing snapshot of the era. Stone also manages to interrogate our own penchant for theories, myths, and conspiracies. Like the still-debated murder of JFK, this is a movie we can’t help but replay in our heads.

1. “Born on the Fourth of July"If "Platoon” is Stone’s strongest film about life during wartime, then “Born” is the feature that best understands after it. Tom Cruise turns in arguably his most achingly beautiful performance as Ron Kovic, a young man shipped off to Vietnam, only to return paralyzed from the waist down, facing a different kind of attack: anti-war sentiment and regrets over his own participation. In all its political and emotional complexity, Stone’s stunning 1987 masterwork is as revolutionary and timely as anything he’s ever made.

-Ranking all 20 of Oliver Stone’s {scripted) films, TheWrap, Sept 15 2016 [x]

ATP ranking on 15th April 2019

Novak retains his number one spot for the 247th week. He’s playing the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters this week where he’s defending 80 points (lost in the third round last year).


The Crows Ranked By Their Ability To Drive A Car

1. Inej Ghafa - she is a responsible driver (overall)

2. Wylan van Eck - easily distracted by other people in his car but otherwise…

3. Matthias Helvar - Gets angry way too fast (but at least he doesn’t kill you)

4. Kuwei Yol Bo - nervous, one unexpected noise and he almost yeets the car from the street

5. Nina Zenik - she is so reckless… especially when the time is limited and waffles are at stakes

6. Jesper Fahey - road rules are more like ideas for people who believe in them

7. Kaz Brekker - road rules are meant to be broken. Oh, and cars are great murder weapons.