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appeared on 🇯🇵's TV last night. will appear on the same program next week. Next is you!

Even with a disconnect, my team didn’t give up and helped me carry the Rainmaker to the pedestal. Don’t know who you randos are but gg.

Kiva päiväretkikohde eläinten ystäville, sisustajille, lentokonebongareille, kahvittelijoille, peikkojen ystäville sekä monille muille – at Koiramäen Pajutalli

Reminder the opens at noon today. Come by to grab what you need for the Father's Day weekend! 😉 Or just come by for a pint of something delicious.

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Ranta-aitta on Porvoon uusin tulokas. Mikä ihana miljöö viettää päivää joen varrella nauttien samalla loistavasta ruoasta ja juomasta 😊

Y para celebrar nuestro K.O. nos fuimos a lo que quedaba de y solo por jugar las 7 partidas para rankear quedamos en 8vo lugar mundial de esa rotación. Lastima que solo nos alcanzo para las 7 partidas

Piston are pleased to announce that from Monday June 17th our new single "Rainmaker" will be playlisted on Planet Rock. Be sure to listen out for the single. Watch the official "Rainmaker" music video: Photo by Rob Blackham

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オカダさんのガウン姿、すごく好きです 2019.6.9 大阪城ホール DOMINION

仕事でケンミンショーは見られなかったけど、オカダさんが輝いていたと聞きました ✨✨ 2019.6.9 大阪城ホール DOMINION $$$

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Reboot Collab Jam! (Part 1)

25th PR Birthday Jam, Tribute from the canadain TV series: Reboot

Pinfildi Roberto: Enzo agent based from a official concept art

Valentina Tuosto @freelyfurryartisan: Bob

Raul Cestaro: Bob with Glich Cutter

Gianluca cestaro: Enzo

Andrea Chella: Phong

Peppebox: Bob vice xD

Barbara Ciardo: Hexadecimal

Luca Russo: Dot based from Funhouse costume

Andrea Scoppetta: Bob



この時間帯のもう1つのステージがオートロで、迷いましたが結局お風呂でやってみました(5/29 7:00~で、更新前)








I’ve been really into Ranked Battles lately, i’d say im getting better at them! I’m even a rank B- on the Rainmaker right now, but my team is NEVER where i need them to be!!!! Why cant i have a competent team for once? [sighs]

Just had two AWESOME rainmaker matches!!! Thanks to those amazing teammates who actually did their job haha

I tried to clear a path for them and protect them from the enemy

Both matches with 24 kills each! That’s the highest number I ever had??

yes my in-game name is Saltfish. It’s an African Dish and I have an OC based on that dish :D if you guys ever meet me in game then just add me afterwards or drop a DM and we can splat together!!