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youngest Japanese winners

Loving "a day of " in LA. We are discussing the important role storytellers have in all aspects of social advancement: & much more! AND was able to see my former White House boss ! – at J. Paul Getty Museum

New Opening on AAIHS: Penn Program on , Science, and Society Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Pennsylvania () --

New Opening on AAIHS: Postdoctoral Associate in African American History, 1940-Present at Rutgers University () --

3/25/1931 in America, The : Nine African-American Teenagers, Ages 13 to 20, are Falsely Arrested in , and Charged With the Rape Two White Women on a Train:

If you haven't heard by now, is having their annual 5k on April 7 at 2pm. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ It's gonna be epic! Visit for more information or to signup!

Journalists representing television, print and online media, and social media, will participate in a panel about race and the Boston media at a free event tomorrow at the Paramount Center:

Official photos by have been posted on our Fb page, here are the highlights from the Awards Ceremony @movenpickaqabacity

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Race’s DJ name is Ravetrack

this made my day

It was actually two years ago, but today I remembered when I volunteered at a special needs pre-school for a semester. One of the four year olds in my classroom, like many, was autistic. He was middle eastern unlike his other classmates and was starting some kind of muslim school (i’m sorry, I don’t know the proper name) at the same time as this special needs preschool.

Our class started to learn the ABCs that year. While learning the english alphabet, the teacher stopped this boy’s parents one day and asked if they could give her a copy of the arabic alphabet. The teacher wanted to learn it, so the boy (whose autism has come with learning hurdles) will not get confused while learning both alphabets at the same time. It was the sweetest gesture to me and the parents were so impressed that an older, white lady wanted to learn arabic. They promised to bring a copy and help the teacher learn the proper sounds. To this day, I remember it and it makes my day happy.


Duathlon Ostia 2019

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Tory Islamophobia row: 15 suspended councillors quietly reinstated
Guardian investigation finds suspensions lifted despite apparent Islamophobia or racism
By Simon Murphy

More than a dozen Conservative councillors who were suspended over posting Islamophobic or racist content online – with some describing Saudis as “sand peasants” and sharing material comparing Asian people to dogs – have had their membership quietly reinstated, a Guardian investigation has found. The chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, Mohammed Amin, called on the party to publish a set of formal disciplinary processes after the Guardian found 15 examples of politicians who posted content that was deemed objectionable. The findings come amid growing concerns over the Conservative party’s attitude to reports of Islamophobia in a febrile wider climate, with the number of hate crimes against Muslims reported to have risen by 593% in the week after the attack on two New Zealand mosques.

Suspended for a whole week! That’ll show ‘em! This comes in the same week that saw islamophobic hate-crimes rise nearly 600% in the wake of the Christchurch massacre.

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People are gonna get sick of me saying this but I totally see Finch as having bipolar disorder and I love him for it. Also Race and Albert and Elmer hold those day time no drug raves and act crazier than they would if they really were on drugs.

hey op…..GREAT hc…..GREAT user….i love u

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I don't understand wtf white passing is in america. I live in europe (but i am latina) and i can assure you, 98% of the poc americans call 'white passing' would never pass where i live (also the concept of whiteness in europe is v different to americans and varies amongst countries, and same in latam) i've seen kim k, mariah carey, mena massoud, meghan marke and jade thirlwall given to me as examples of 'white passing' poc but to me- non of them pass at ALL? I don't understand america lol

Sorry if the quality of the races isn’t quite the best. I’m rushing them so I can get more out faster.

I’m really excited to show the races’ designs and features since I’ve gotten them finished but not yet uploaded. I hope you all enjoy the influx of art!

Also while I am here only 2 classes need finishing now and then some editing.

All that’s left is Monster Hunter & Bangarang!


+1 Endurance. 35ft Speed.

Shadow Beast (Can make its own shadow come to life and attack a creature within 10ft for 2d8 necrotic damage-costs a stamina point). Dark Walker (Can turn into a shadow for 1 minute, cannot be touched or harmed except by radiant or magic damage - costs a stamina point), & Demonic Form (Has 1d8 resistance to necrotic damage but 1d6 vulnerability to radiant damage).


+1 Brilliance. 20ft Speed.

Invoke Curse (You place a curse on a creature within 35ft, you choose an Ability Stat to curse, you will roll a 1d6 and the total will be subtracted to all of the rolls that creature makes involving that stat-costs 1 stamina point), Demonic Hierarchy (You can force creature within 15ft to kneel and take an optional 1d6 necrotic damage, they cannot get up until your next turn - costs a stamina point), & Devilish Charm (You can charm creature to follow your command for a round, creature makes a DC 16 Brilliance Recovery Roll, on fail they will do any task that fits in a round - costs a stamina point).

Size: Small.

Speed 25. + 1 Agility. First Aid (You can heal a creature for 1d6 HP + Brilliance Modifier to any Core Stat of your choice. This skill costs a stamina point. You are adept in Life Sciences). Small Stature (You can move through creatures any size larger than you. Also your base defensive stand is 11). Solar Powered (While in sunlight you recover stamina points faster. A short rest revives all stamina points. Also you do not need food or water. While in darkness you recover no stamina points).

Behold the time Mister Rogers got angry, I mean that-one-time-in-the-Bible-Jesus-flipped-the-table angry, and took action against the Ku Klux Klan. Even Mister Rogers knows when anger is valid.

Interviewer: When do you get angry? Where does Mr. Rogers draw the line?

Mr. Rogers: I was incensed by what the Ku Klux Klan did recently. I am hardly a suing person, and yet that just got my goat. Members of the Klu Klux Klan were giving out a telephone number in a schoolyard, and these kids were calling the number. There was a Mister Rogers sound-alike voice on it with terribly racist messages. I just saw red. And so we sued them and we won. Maybe it’s strange, but the only thing that really angers me is something that’s demeaning to somebody else.

Source: TV Guide, according to a source

Read the NYT article in the 1990 “Klan Is Told to Stop Imitating ‘Mister Rogers’ on the Phone


Elektrisierende Disziplin im Driftsport. Macht Euch bereit für den DRIFT LIMBO

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