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Bring a group of friends to PARAS'10 and race as a team* to be in with a chance of winning the team prize! *Team entries are a maximum of 4 with the best 3 times counting towards the prize.

Renault will no longer power from the 2019 season! After , Honda will give engines to too. Hopefully this will be a more successful cooperation, than the one with McLaren.

3 Public Review Salman Khan Jacqueline Fernandez : Get First Cut Watch More >>

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Une de nos à fait sa star en cuisine. Sous une ambiance conviviale, accompagné de notre fournisseur, notre équipe est en pleine de l'une de nos d' "" 😋. Vivez à votre tour une expérience hors du commun

The most inhibiting thing for a who hates no one but is up for standing up for what's just and right is . It makes one feel as if one is committing a mortal crime when one speaks up about the realities of and .

Wow, what a presentation from Cherron Inko Tariah, Founder - "running a network is not easy, it is the most challenging thing but most rewarding and powerful", "underpromise over deliver", "people at the heart of what we are doing"

İster arkadaşlarını ister aileni al, gel! Kartaltepe Go Kart, herkes için eğlencenin adresi!

exists in various forms; , identity, and other social stereotypes. Such preconceived beliefs impacts the way we hire, the way we lead, the way we influence others. How can we overcome these biases?  

The Lord Mayor puts his stamp on the importance of focusing on race inequalities in society - 12.5% of population are BAME yet they hold just 6% of top management positions

[Metropolitics] Reviews | Miscounting Americans Correctly: Post-Truth as a Guide to Race and the US Census – Gregory Smithsimon reviews “Counting Americans” by Paul Schor:

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Hill Climb Racing 2 E190 Android GamePlay HDDrazzlook


The swiss whoop it up with alcohol-free beer and Eurotrash pop after the B2 #race #swisslife yesterday (at Saint-Gall, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland)

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hi, love your writing and was hoping you'd do a racetrack higgins x reader based of when he sees me form waitress. maybe she's a waitress or a dancer at medda's and has a thing for race but shy and thinks he doesn't notice her but he so does and just some cute happy love 'n fluff

okay I absolutely love Waitress and I’ve spent like three days thinking of this plot :)

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A/N: enjoy :) (This is a female reader by the way) and I made an OC, kinda. Just a random character I made up as the readers friend. This is also a modern AU

Warnings: weird creepy drunk guys, slight referencing to sex if you squint

“Look who decided to show up.” Maya, your coworker and friend, said once you arrived at the Diner. “You’re fifteen minutes late, what happened?”

“Sorry, Maya, I got stuck in traffic.” You said as she threw you your apron. 

“It’s fine. But there’s a group of drunks at table four.” She said, pointing to the booth and you sighed. That was one of the consequences of working the night shift at a diner in the city. You had to deal with drunk men late at night.

“Hello, what can I get started for you today?” You asked, putting on the fakes smile you could manage. The men were clearly way older than you, and instantly made you feel uncomfortable.

“Why why, you are a very pretty girl.” One man said, and the other men looked at you and nodded in agreement. You faked giggled, trying to hide how you actually felt. “You single?”

“Oh, well, actually, no, I have a boyfriend.” You said. You were lying, of course, but anything to escape where this conversation was going. “So, anything to drink?”

“Do you have any beer?” Another man asked. Who did he think he was ordering more alcohol from a family diner?

“No, sir, unfortunately we don’t.” You said. After about ten minutes of more of the men drunkenly flirting with you, they were able to order some food. 

“How was that?” Maya teased, and you glared at her.

“Please don’t make me do that again.” You said, handing the order to the chef, and Maya laughed at you.

“This is only the start of your shift, hon, you’ve still got five more hours of this crap.” She said. This was a normal night, Maya making jokes to make the job slightly less terrible, drunk men came in to flirt and eat a lot, which had its perks, because it meant that a lot of times, they’d tip you a lot. 

After three hours, you were ready to fall asleep until a group of boys walked in. ‘Great, another group of drunk boys’. But, they didn’t look drunk, they didn’t show signs of any drunk person you’d seen before. You stood up straight, and walked over to their table.

“Hello, can I get you started with anything?” You asked, smiling. What you expected were the boys to make uncomfortable jokes and have you want to crawl in a hole and die, but they were different. There were seven of them, and they all ordered sodas with ‘please’s and you were shocked. Usually at 2am, people were rude and tired, but somehow these boys had the most energy you’ve seen. This time, instead of fake smiles you put on, you put on genuine smiles.

Everyday after that, those boys came in. You liked them, they were kind, and tipped nicely. There was one boy you noticed in particular. He had blond hair, and a smile that could swoon any girl, including you. And after one night, the boy actually talked to you.

“Hey, Y/N?” He asked, pointing to your name tag. You looked over and smiled at him.

“Yes? Oh, was there a problem with the food? I’m sorry, I’ll just-”

“Oh no! There’s nothing wrong with the food, it’s great.” He said, causing you to smile a little wider. “I was just wondering, if, if maybe you wanted to go for dinner or lunch sometime.”

“Oh!” You said, your heart stopping for a second. “Um, sounds great!” 

“Great. Great.” He said, and the two of you started working out the details while Maya watched you, and the other boys at the table staring at Race. “By the way, I’m Race.”

“I don’t know, Maya. Maybe I shouldn’t go on this date.” You said, sighing in the mirror.

“What are you talking about?” She asked.

“Well, I don’t even know him. He could be weird, or he could call the waiter by his first name! You and I both know how annoying that is! Or what if he talks to fast and asks me questions about myself before I’ve decided it?” You rambled on.

“What has gotten into you?” She asked, applying more powder to your face.

“What if, when he sees me, what if he doesn’t like it?” You pathetically said. “He’s only seen me behind the counter, not real life.”


“What if when he knows me, he’s only disappointed?”

“Y/N, listen to me. You are an amazing girl, and any boy who can’t see that doesn’t deserve you.” Maya said, looking at you. “You are going to go on this date, and if it goes terribly, we’ll watch sad movies and cry, and if it goes great, well, you’ll have an even better night.

“Okay, okay.” You said, finally cracking a smile.

You walked into the restaurant at seven sharp, like the two of you planned. You expected to be early, and have to wait a few minutes for him to arrive, but he was already at the table. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be late.” You said, slightly embarrassed.

“No, no, I showed up early, because, because I didn’t want you to think I’d stand you up.” Race rambled on, and you were relieved. He looked, different. Normally when you saw him, he wore simple clothes, but now, he was dressed up slightly, and you didn’t feel as overdressed.

After the date, you were having a great time. After dinner, you and Race decided to take a walk back to your apartment. The two of you were sharing terrible work experiences.

“One time a guy slapped my ass. Normally, I wouldn’t be as scarred, except it was my first day, and I was sixteen.” You said, laughing. “So, you think you can top that?”

“Gee, I don’t know. I’ve never had to deal with that.” He said, and you smiled. “Except once a guy came in yelling about the headline, as if we had something to do with it. Like, sorry your upset about the world, but we can’t change that.”

“We’ve all dealt with crabby customers. Maya and I have a scoreboard and once it reaches 100, we go out and celebrate.” You said, causing Race to chuckle. “Well, here I am.”

“It was a real fun night, Y/N, I’d really love to do it again sometime.” He said, and you did the first brave thing in your life. You connected your lips to his, and wrapped an arm around his neck. He grabbed your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“Maybe, maybe you’d like to come inside for a while.” You said, and pulled him inside by his tie.
Red Bull to switch from Renault to Honda from 2019 season
Red Bull will split with Renault at the end of this season and use Honda engines for the next two years.

Team principal Christian Horner said: “This multi-year agreement with Honda signals the start of an exciting new phase in Red Bull Racing’s efforts to compete not just for grand prix wins but for what is always our goal - championship titles.”

2919 just got interesting!