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โ€œThe poet-saint Narsinha says : "A man of God seeks not deliverance from birth and death; he asks to be born again and again." Viewed from this angle, Mukti (salvation) takes on a somewhat different form.โ€- Mahatma Gandhi

"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless." -

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It should be more than appearance and curves, substance is what has been lost. Everyone rather imitate what’s trending than accept what God paint brushed, but we all know everyone still will be picking apart their imperfections with a insecure caption.

I love the thinking.. The plotting. The planning. It’s one of the best things. It’s reassuring. // one Saturday morning

Tak Mungkin Tanpa Sebab

Kehadiran orang-orang yang kita temui dalam hidup ini tak mungkin tanpa sebab. Ia pasti selalu membawa sebab-akibat. Tak peduli seberapa besar akibat itu. Meski mereka tak pernah bercerita mengapa mereka hadir dalam hidup kita. Meski kita tak dapat langsung menerka akibat apa yang akan kita rasa setelah pertemuan-pertemuan itu terjadi. Tapi suatu saat, entah dalam rentang waktu yang ke berapa, kau akan memahaminya.

untitled 2/20

the blueberry girl is packing her bags.

she pulls on a stuck zipper, pulls out

her tongue. she hadn’t planned on

leaving this way, before the strawberry

sunrise even had a chance

to try, but sometimes the sweetness on

your lips begins to rot.

(who needs the apple pie?) when

your bicuspids themselves

are saccharine, blackened

like molasses dripping, the blueberry girl

tells herself she does not,

but it is only a sugar coated lie. never again

will she lie with you in orange creamsicle

sheets, never again will sweet words taste

so sour.

I’ll be honest. It actually SCARES ME that people are not comfortable doing things alone, that our society has brought us up to believe if you’re alone it’s because no one wants to spend time with you, and that it’s weird. I can understand having anxiety or something else which makes being alone difficult, but for the vast majority of people they miss out on things because they don’t want to go alone. “Really wanted to go ice skating but no one will go with me.” Take ya self on a gotdamn date and get comfy w ur own company, go for coffee, cinema, idc!!! Do something you LOVE and don’t be afraid about other people’s opinions because you can’t afford to waste time waiting for other people always!! Find a healthy balance between being alone and being with people.