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Tumbleweed is a cliché of the Old West Films-Reality they're actually quite dangerous during a drought, because they can suddenly burst into flames & bounce around causing an out-of-control blaze to grow even larger. going with flow.❗️

' Senõr McKee? One would be very worried as an iRish person, or indeed a Frõnch Allemange or Nederlander in B/c does not prohibit the employment of All Foreigners in the Civil Service of has MANY of these un-Foreseen

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Join Respage and Other Innovators at OPTECH18 with Keynote Speaker Melissa Schilling. Stop by booth 930 tonight thru Friday! Our team cannot wait to introduce the newest AI to multifamily.

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Hell is a state of . What might be hell for some could be for others. , and and if even then you can’t shrug off the , well, use some style . Tell them, 'Tel Leva Jaa - Go to Hell'.

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I bought this when I was away a few months ago with my husband. It's quirky but has great meaning behind it.

When a grounds-keeper is murdered in the flower bed beside her cottage at a retirement center, Abigail Billings decides she wants to know who did it. Mulch Ado About Murder by Martha Lou Rogers

Calling all bar, restaurant and interior designers. My lighting ideas might be something quirky, original and different for you available here: via

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Sci Fi/ Horror Jacket

The hand sewn patches are all newspaper stories about aliens/ zombies/ monsters/ vampires all different types of sci fi characters.
Label says Large but i would recommend it fits a UK size 8-12 best.
Model shown size 6.

perfect for any Horror / sci fi geek !

Uk : first class- one day delivery after postage
World wide: Internationally tracked air mail, with code 3-5 days.

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Teapot bird feeder teacup bird feeder garden ornament yard decoration outdoors decor quirky tea time gifts bird lovers gift FREE UK SHIPPING
Vintage china teapot and teacup bird feeder, garden ornament. Repurposed teapot, teacup, saucer and two wood wall lighting sconces (electrics removed) My creations are unique and can not be repeated exactly the same. China is drilled and secured with metal fittings. Wood is painted
Vintage teacup table lamp home lighting teacup light bedside lamp quirky bespoke home decor gift FREE UK SHIPPING
Vintage teacup table lamp, home lighting design. Quirky bespoke lighting, cottage chic home decor. Created with matching vintage fine china teacups, saucers and a side plate by me with each lamp being unique and can not be repeated. Light shade is new and so is the electrical

Excited to share the release of my new single ‘OKAY OKAY?!’


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The journey in finalising this was probably my most stressful yet, but every moment has taught me well and been wholly worth it.

It’s incredible what you can achieve when you just keep pushing, keep pursuing your desires. 

Nothing worth having is easy to pin down, I truly believe that.
Teacup candelabra 3 arm blue candelabra, candlestick tea light holder shabby chic wedding decor vintage home decor FREE UK SHIPPING
Beautiful teacup candelabra candle tea light holder. Vintage teacups and candelabra repurposed into quirky wedding, tea party and home decor. This item can not be repeated although I can make similar in style including teacup chandelier electric lights every one is unique. So when