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the magicians s2 - first and last scenes (in order of appearence)

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“you have a brother of the heart.”

that’d be Quentin.

The warm night.

Eliot just finished the mosaic. He sat on the muddy surface and looked up at the starry sky. It’s Margo’s birthday. He smiles and whispers softly “happy birthday Bambi.” Quentin comes up to him from behind and pushes his knee gently into his shoulder.

- I’ll disassemble it, have a rest.

He catches a warm look and hears loud “Dad!”. Teddy runs up and gives him a sheet of paper on which is almost an exact copy of the mosaic.

- You’ve painted it!? - Eliot asks in surprise.

- Of course!

Q puts the drawing in a thick old folder with a hundred others. He turns and freezes. Eliot and Teddy frolic and laugh out loud. They play catch-up and Q’s heart contracts with emotion.

- Okay, it’s late, it’s bedtime.

- Dad, are you going to tell me a story today? - Teddy pleadingly looks at Elliot and he nods.

- Run and wash your face little slattern.

Quentin walks up to him and puts his arm around Eliot’s neck, pulling him closer. He gently kisses Eliot and feels that he hugs him tighter. They just stand there for a while and slowly kiss.

When Teddy comes back, and pulls Elliot’s sleeve, they break away from each other. Q stays to disassemble the mosaic. Eliot touches the hair of his son and tells a story about the courageous, unwavering and cool aunt Margo. Teddy listens enthusiastically and falls asleep a little later.

Q turns around and looks at his family in peace. He’s happy. He is so happy that this love and tenderness ache in his bones. They have family and home.

The night was very warm. The air smelled of peaches, and Eliot firmly cuddled him, gently kissing. Teddy slept by his side and the wind gently rubbed his hair.

15 150x150 icons from The Magicians

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Eliot ‘Do you seriously think I wouldn’t name you king’ Waugh, everybody.

what’s the point of greater good - Queliot & Wickoff


She waits until Penny’s back upstairs sleeping off the Monster induced headache, before going down to find Quentin.

She finds him stubbornly looking through the mountain of books, searching for any and every scrap of information on Enyalius they can get. He looks like he hasn’t slept since the moment weeks ago when Eliot managed to surface for those brief few moments to tell them he was alive. Hope’s a bitch that way.

β€œWe need to stop him Q.” Julia says, from behind him.

Quentin’s shoulders freeze in place and he leans forward, hands clenching the spine of the book he’d just been about to pick up.

β€œYou think I don’t know that?” Quentin says, his back still turned to her and voice strained with barely contained anger. β€œWhat do you think we’ve been doing this whole time Jules?”

Julia swallows and fights back the urge to just leave it alone. The grief and loss and rage that’s poring out of Q with his every breath is like ice to her own heart. He’s her best friend, it’s torture to see him like this and not be able to help.

But she needs to say this. The information Eliot gave Penny is too big. They need to talk about it, about what they’re doing.

β€œWe can’t let him bring back his sister, I know you care about Eliot but-”

β€œStop!” Quentin shouts and slams his fist into the table before finally whirling around to face her.Β 

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Look, I’m all here for Quentin and Eliot getting together, and happy endings, and looking at all of this from a positive angle. But, like, am I the only one who has spent the entirety of Season 4 with Julia’s words to Iris from 3x13 echoing in the back of their head?

“He’ll die not giving up.”

It’s all I can think about every time I see how much worse Quentin’s downward spiral is becoming, and I’m getting increasingly nervous.

Them: I don’t like this character.

Me: That’s cool, to each their own.

Them: I don’t like ‘X’ character on ‘The Magicians’


magicians as out of context parks and rec










dean fogg

I can’t stop thinking about that stupid quesadilla. Quentin made this, and while it was still hot grabbed it with his bare hands like my chaotic father taking a chicken wing out of a 400 degree air fryer, fucking plays hot potato with it from hand to hand, and then gets disappointed when he inevitably drops it. Someone help this man he is a beautiful disaster

I know I’m late, but damn, The Magicians is a great show.

Is Q gonna be too traumatised by Monster to be touched by the real Eliot?

I need the three of them to be in the same place and happy together. It’s a simple wish ya’ll


» devil in me | eliot waugh.

Eliot is a canonically gay man who canonically does not like sex with woman when in his right mind or when he has a choice, and suggesting otherwise doesn’t make you “woke” it makes you homophobic.

You want to complain about biphobia and bi-erasure take it up with the show. The show that won’t allow Quentin to verbally identify or find any man other than Eliot attractive.


Eliot and Quentin creating a spell together. 

I was rewatching season 1 and it got to this scene, where Q is trying to cure Cancer Puppy. And I thought how kind of beautiful this scene was filmed for these two characters. The close up of their hands as they do magic to the camera movements, such a lovely moment.
Timelines and Soulmates - Bellamy_goddamn_Blake - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Magicians (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Quentin Coldwater/Eliot Waugh
Characters: Quentin Coldwater, Eliot Waugh, Julia Wicker, Margo Hanson, Kady Orloff-Diaz, William “Penny” Adiyodi, Alice Quinn
Additional Tags: Set during the first timeline, Quentin and Eliot are soulmates, Major character death cause obviously they don’t survive the first timeline, Friends to Lovers, Quentin and Julia bromance

Based on a post I saw on tumblr where someone suggested that Quentin and Eliot had been together during the first timeline and that it was one of the things Jane Chatwin changed. Loosely based on season 1 since obviously it’s the first timeline and things will be different. I’ve still included some of my favourite season 1 Queliot moments and also thrown in some of my own. Quentin and Eliot pretty much hit it off from the start as Quentin never ends up falling in love with Alice.

My first ever Magicians fanfic and first time posting a fanfic to tumblr so I hope you guys like it!

You know what I’m looking forward to on The Magicians? Eliot and Julia bonding over their love for their favorite nerd Quentin.

I mean Quentin and Margo have such a cute friendship it would be nice to see the opposite form, especially since Eliot will be very grateful for how much help she was with getting rid of the monster (and keeping Quentin alive since she is pretty much who he has been hanging onto all season).