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So its probably nothing

But whenever Quentin is with Eliot his hair is pulled back. Whenever he is around one of his female love interests his hair is down. Whenever he is with both he has hair behind ear on one side.

Now maybe Im looking to much into it. But could the hair design team be trying to show his sexuality through his hair style?

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Perfectly sensible 

Incorrect Magicians quotes 55/?

I have the best idea!

I know what I want!  I want a spinoff of The Magicians made up of misfit timeline survivors!  We already have a Penny from time-loop 23!  You can’t tell me that there weren’t loops where Eliot, Margo, Julia, and Alice were the sole survivors! 

The misfit team can get together, then kidnap a Quentin about to be killed by the Beast to join them.  Jane thinks the Quentin died, and she starts a new loop.  No one is the wiser to the misfit bunch of timeline survivors as they travel the multiverse, drink, and swap trauma stories! 


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I was thinking about what Beast!Quentin said on episode 3x11, along with the information that they cast an actor to play Prometheus on the season finale, and also on what @kadyorloffdiaz said about the place our Marina has gone having a connection to whatever it is that Julia brings on Beast!Quentin’s vision, and I have a crazy theory:

Our Marina, from timeline 40, has gone to Tartarus, and this has more relevance to the plot than we could ever assume at first.

In Greek mythology, which seems to be used as a reference for this show and the books (I mean, so far we have Hades, Persephone, Bacchus/Dionysus, and Prometheus was name dropped this season), Tartarus is “ the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans” (source: Wikipedia).

This is definetely relevant when we remember that Prometheus was name-dropped by Bacchus back in episode 3x01, you know, that one with the endless party and that super dorky choreography by Jules and Q…

Well, according to IMDB, the actor Georgie Daburas was casted to play Prometheus in the season finale 😱

Which means that the show will probably delve into the myths revolving around the Titans, which include the story of how Prometheus stole the fire from the Olympian Gods and gave it to the humankind and how the Gods in return sent Pandora with her box to enact revenge on him and his brother Epimetheus (I mean, the accounts vary, but this is the most famous version, and a rather sexist one, so we can actualy expect it will be subverted by The Magicians’ writers somehow)…

Actually, the idea that unlocking magic will bring a source of evil worse than the Beast has some similarities with the myth of Pandora’s box…

Maybe, just maybe, in the show, the “fire” that Prometheus gave to humankind is actually magic, which would explain where does magic come from.

Bacchus said, on that same episode 3x01, that Prometheus was kinda involved with magicians, though he was presumed dead…

In the war between the Olympian Gods and the Titans, after defeating their enemies, Zeus locked the defeated Titans on the depths of Tartarus, so, if somehow the Old Gods locked magic there, maybe when Julia or whoever activates the key at the End of The World of Fillory (it’s The Magicians!!! visions of future might change…Maybe Julia pulls out a season 1!Quentin and gives the key for Quentin to use; she has shown some kind of fear of intruding in Quentin’s quest for the keys on episode 3x11, so, it’s possible…Maybe Jules and Q hold the key together, signifying their recovering friendship…Anything could happen), they end up unleashing the Titans in our world.

This would actually tie up so many apparently loose ends…

Like, maybe the person that Demon Todd mentioned that knew Quentin could save the day in episode 3x09 was Prometheus himself, who has been manipulating our favorite magicians this whole time, which would explain why Josh was trapped by the demon in the exact same party that Bacchus mentioned Prometheus to Quentin.

Tartarus in Greek mythology is also “the unbounded first-existing entity from which the Light and the cosmos are born.” (source: Wikipedia), which makes entirely possible it is the source of all magic, once it is the source of the cosmos itself.

I mean, our heroes, and humans in general, being just pawns in the games of beings more powerful than them is a recurring theme on this show…

We have to wait and see, but, if I’m wright, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, tbh, because I have never guessed a plot of any TV show, especially an unpredictable one like The Magicians 😅😅

Late night AU Queliot sketch from the recent episode of The Magicians— I’m still confused on what to feel about Beast! Q because one one hand he’s EVIIILLL but on the other… he’s really really HOT (and got 6 fingers lolwhot)


What did you what did you do to me? 

It’s my Shade. And I can live without it if I have to.Everything that you are feeling right now, I have felt grief, sadness,

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More in a reaction GIF style, the one I'm thinking of is "Royalty, bitches!"

Something like that? Hope its good enough! :D

Maybe Quentins son is the monster Julia is letting in. I’m pretty sure Eliot and Quentin remember him for a reason.

Man, I need to watch this season of The Magicians. I’ve been seeing way too many spoilers. Those new Quentin pics are hot though. 😍😍😍

Quentin doesn’t look like a snacc, he looks like a whole goddamn meal

So I meant to write a thing about 23!Penny and 40!Julia and then my hand slipped and it turned into a conversation between 23!Penny and 40!Quentin. For anyone coming across this in the future, I wrote it between 311 and 312, so it’ll probably be nuked by next week, but such is life. IDK maybe part of a longer thing, we’ll see.

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Ooo I like bad ass Quentin👀

Magicians fandom: “OMG when did Quentin get so attractive?” 

Me, in my third year of loving everything about Quentin Coldwater: 

Quentin Coldwater is the definition of bisexual disaster

Quentin “The Beast” Coldwater

Quentin: *licks his lips*