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Back from the printers and ready to roll. Get your copy of meat twenty-nine from

library has a whole shelf dedicated to (Next to the shelf for ”informational/fact books for youths). I have no words for how happy this makes me

When I come through...I come for everything!!!... ..."I'm living in the future so the presence is my past...My presence is a present...kiss my a$$" - Kanye West😍🥰🏳️‍🌈🔥 ...Dear God Your Sons Are Flipping The Script!!!...

We've almost reached peak male brainwashing. No more safe spaces, admit that we're misogynist, call ourselves , reject the , worship the , take blame for everything straight men do to women, admit our privilege, let women run our orgs, never complain.

📢🤖🚀📢 ➡️ESCUCHA el 5º episodio : Con ocasión del orgullo +, que marcó el 50º aniversario de las revueltas de , y se sumergen en la que explora y practica lo

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When I finished my internship in the Kindergarden/nursery school this June, one of the kids gave me this picture they drew.

I wasn’t outed in this internship. Sometimes when I feel really dysphoric, I go back to look at this picture and cry. But it’s a good, relieving kind of crying.

I think kids are magical. They see through the facades we adults put on, even though they often can’t express it.

Throw back to two years ago when I came out to my cousin by introducing her to my girlfriend.

Cousin: I heard everyone has a gay cousin and when a bunch of us were trying to figure out who it was in our family, we all thought it was our cousin Lora, who knew it was you this whole time

My number 1 wish for my birthday is, I wanna be friends with all nice gays out there and I want to let them kno how about my country etc. 😊


 ‘Fishy’ Nuée 2019 (Music Video) 

all I want to do is be an activist for the LGBT community but noooo “that doesn’t pay the bills” piss off Rhonda go vacuum your kitchen or something