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2020, a new year, with some new Red Special builds. Are you planning a build this year? Plans and parts sources available on

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Love You Qqueen. So beautiful 🖤 and Lucky People i Llove this Have a Picture 4U AT 🌊 A Picture is not the eye 👀👁sorry baby ❤️💙◼️◼️🍸💃

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The was heard saying: “In many years, when will be old and full of experiences, he will come back, he will come back to me and say ‘Grandma, you were right!’”

あ、これはほんのしばしの休憩タイム・・・ちっこいゆきだるまさんは疲れてすやすやしとります~。 ちなみにQueen来日中どすな。ペンちゃんのお母ちゃんはソワソワしとります。 ひゃ! (ペンスケランデブーブログより)    

Mercury, the world's finest tribute band will be back at BWMC on Friday 13th November. Tickets online at

و جمال قدسي لا يعاب ...كل هذا في التراب👑

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Today in history 22 January / 1901 Queen Victoria of England died after reigning for 63 years.

Help me wish my Queen a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The love I have for you, words can't describe! I love you more then anything in this world. I'm gonna make you proud Momma! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🎂💜

En los esperamos este 29 de febrero y 7 de marzo para disfrutar de Tributo a 🙌🏼🎤

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She may not be a Princess or Queen, but she’s my Queen! I’ll always support her✊🏿❤️ Princess Diana would be proud

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Mary gifts Freddie one of those huge full-body pregnancy pillows. Freddie thinks it's the greatest thing ever but Jim wants to run it through the wood chipper. He also refuses to admit that he's jealous of a freaking pillow talking his place.

Jim hated that fucking pillow.

He couldn’t believe a pillow had usurped his place. Freddie spent so much time cuddling the damn thing. Jim would come into their room to find Freddie cuddling that full-body pillow, purring and half-dozing, as relaxed as he ever got these days.

It had been sweet of Mary, it had been a thoughtful gift, and she meant well. Freddie was delighted with it. Jim still wanted to burn the damn thing and demand to know what Mary had been thinking.

“I want to bury that damn thing in the garden,” he grumbled to Joe.

Joe, the traitor, burst out laughing.

“You’re jealous of a pillow!” he cackled. “Jim! Buddy, that’s just sad.”

“I’m not jealous,” Jim snapped.

“You’re dying right now,” Joe said. “You hate that pillow.”

Jim remained quiet.

“It’s a pillow, Jim,” Joe said, still grinning. “It can’t hurt you.”

Maybe it was Alpha instincts, and maybe it was just Jim. Either way, he hated that a bloody inanimate object could help Freddie more than him. Was he happy that Freddie was relaxed, and finally sleeping more? Yes, of course he was.

That didn’t stop him from having happy daydreams about burning that pillow to ashes.

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Could you do Roger/Freddie/Brian with Roger and Brian comforting Fred when they hear or see some gossip about how their relationship is the only reason Freddie is in the band?

“Fred, they’re full of shit,” Brian insisted. Freddie tore the paper to shreds, red in the face and snarling, but there were tears in his eyes. Yet another article, another front-page headline insisting that Freddie was only in the band because he, Roger and Brian were in a relationship. 

“I’m sick of this,” Freddie said. He threw the torn-up shreds onto the floor, tugging at his hair. “I’m so sick of no one taking me seriously, I’m not your toy!

“We know,” Roger said gently. “Of course you’re not. Freddie-”

“They just can’t handle the idea that I’m good at what I do,” Freddie snarled. “They can’t handle that I’m not following your orders every minute of the day, they-” He cut himself off, taking a deep breath. “I hate them,” he said, voice cracking. “I hate them so much.”

“Me too,” Brian said. He went to Freddie and hugged him tightly, Roger quickly following.

“They’ll see,” Roger promise. “We’ll make them see.”

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Brian and Freddie raising Theo. Is this okay to ask?

Of course!

I feel like Brian would really throw himself into the role of Theo’s dad, but he’d second-guess himself a lot. Is he over-stepping the boundaries? Can he really tell Theo what to do? Is he doing a good job? What if Theo hates him?

Brian, like Jim, would be a very steadying presence. He’s the type of step-parent to sit with Theo and help him with his homework again and again, and not lose patience once. Theo already loved him as an uncle, and he’d be very young when Brian and Freddie get together, so Theo would have an easy time accepting Brian moving in, whereas he was quite wary of Jim at first, since he was a stranger.

Brian would fight anyone who insists that Theo isn’t really Brian’s. A lot of people would point out that Theo is Roger’s (supposedly) and accuse him of “stealing” his best friend’s son, and doesn’t it bother him raising another Alpha’s child?

As far as Brian would be concerned, Theo is his, no questions asked and Brian loves him. He’d worry like crazy, but he’d happily look after that kid.


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Theo first calls Roger “Dada.”