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and long live the !

赤のベルトは来ないのかな? King Styleも見てみたい👨🏻❤️ 楽しみ

フレディの躍動感に一目惚れしてしまった写真が届きました✨ 長谷部さんのサインの証明書付き! とても素晴らしい展覧会でした。 ありがとうございました😊

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வலிமையாய் யாரும் பிறக்கிறதில்லை !!!

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During Hot Space:

John to Brian: there are approximately one million, ten thousand, three hundred words in the English language.

John: But I can’t string enough words together to properly express how much I want to hit you with a chair.

towards the end of the gourmet makes that came out today claire said they should smudge before they film the next one and recently my mom bought me some sage because i keep talking about how i need to do the same thing (i swear im not a very spiritual person but life just really be like that lately)…….like i stg we are the same person

Can I just say

It bugs me when people make something that isnt to do with something else, something else.

For example; “we will rock you is about gay pride!! Freddie wrote it about his struggles!!”

1) Brian May wrote it and as far as I know he is straight (as far as the “Freddie wrote it” thing goes)

2) it… isn’t… about gay… pride… it’s about the three ages of man. The boy who wants to change the world, the young man who thinks he is changing the world and the old man who accepts that he cant change the world.

I can recall Brian saying it on the audio commentary of music videos and Gwilym mentions it in a few interviews too!

What I love about Queen is that all their songs were so accessible to everyone. Freddie writes about love, not LGBT love (and as the others do not write about hetero love) but it’s about love. Love of my life, you’re my best friend, too much love will kill you, I’m in love with my car (…metaphors).

They’ve all written songs about rising up, just look at Radio GaGa (dont become some background noise), Spread Your Wings (spread your wings and fly away, far away), Flick of the Wrist (the OG disstrack. Okay, maybe not about rising up but it has that feel to it. Ooh, Death on two legs too!!) and White Man.

Or maybe you want a song to just sing along to; we are the champions, I want it all, I want to break free (could this also be rising up), a kind of magic!

Wanna cry? Who wants to live forever, these are the days of our lives, anything emotional on innuendo and Made in Heaven. As for deaky songs, our little funkster hasnt any sad ones really (friends will be friends or one year of love is the most I got rn) which reminds me!

Wanna dance? Boy have I got an album for you!! Actually, if you arent tok familiar with queen then our bassist John Richard Deacon was a disco dancing queen, so a lot of his songs are quite boppy!! Hot Space in ‘82 is very disco orientated though!

As said before, Queen are accessible to all. Please don’t limit their songs to something certain because all of them have said they when you explain songs, it takes the interpretation the listener has of it away… especially when it isn’t true. Yes, now we know what we will rock you I’d about but Freddie Mercury described it as a rallying song when Brian May brought it to him, an anthem. If you would like the backstory on not only We Will Rock You but We are the Champions then I advise the Rock the World documentary from 2017. It gives the roots and is overall great to discover more about Queen!

Now, in my final thingy exit thing, all the songs I mentioned were written by certain people in the group (queen is the only band to have all members in the songwriters hall of fame!) And here are the members and respective songs!

Freddie, lead vocals and most piano; Love of my Life, Flick of the Wrist, Death on two legs…, We are the Champions

Brian, lead guitar, backing vocals and genuine george formby impersonator and other instruments; we will rock you, too much love will kill you, White Man, I want it all, who wants to live forever

Roger, drums, backing vocals bass and guitar on some of his own songs and car; I’m in love with my car, radio gaga, a kind of magic, these are the days of our lives

Deaky (John), bass guitar and rhythm guitar on some tracks; You’re ny best friend, spread your wings, I want to break free, friends will be friends, one year of love and a few of his boppy songs include misfire, back chat and oh, another one bites the dust!


Thank God It’s Christmas (2011 Remaster)

okay lemme just say that it is CANON that at some point, Azira is in Crowley’s Bentley with him and Crowley pops in a Queen album, and subconsciously his powers make it go to ‘Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy’

because literally it is their song, just look at a few of the lyrics:

“Dining at the Ritz, we’ll meet at nine precisely

(One two three four five six seven eight nine o’ clock)

I will pay the bill, you taste the wine

Driving back in style, in my saloon will do quite nicely

Just take me back to yours that will be fine (come on and get it)”


“When I’m not with you

I think of you always

(I miss those long hot summer nights) I miss you

When I’m not with you

Think of me always”

and then Crowley only notices what song it is when he notices that Azira is actually listening to the lyrics and he internally panics. THEN Azira just ends up really liking the song, and knows it’s by Queen (which he knows Crowley loves), so he always puts it on when Crowley comes over, not realizing how similar the lyrics are to his 'friend'ship with Crowley.